Homosexual Indoctrination
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Ma/mt, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Slavery, Gay, Science Fiction, Robot, Incest, Son, Brother, Father, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Teacher/Student, School, Prostitution,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Chris goes to an elite university in order to learn how to become a slave.


Chris sat quietly on the high speed train as he traveled towards university. In a few days, he would begin his college studies, hoping to graduate not just with a degree, but with a husband. His tiny, boyish, hands moved to click the introductory brochure application on his phone again. In this distant future, society had evolved into a world based on the Master/slave relationship. Each member of a couple either commanded or obeyed. Many slaves, whether boys or girls, were brought up from birth to know their place under the control of someone superior to them. Many accentuated this with hypnosis or some sort of technological mind control. Bondage, whether psychical or psychological had become so normalized it was barely discussed.

Growing up with his parents on a warm continent that many gay men and boys lived on, Chris had always felt submissive. The blond teenager had always behaved at home, being a good boy for his Father and the Lawyer's husband, an obedient homemaker. Chris knew his place was in the home and he would be an exceptional homemaker one day.

The university Chris would be attending catered to the needs of gay men and boys. While some universities divided Dominants and submissives, this one allowed them to fraternize together. A boy like Chris would be placed, as he read again, for the fiftieth time, in the submissive registry and be required to take certain classes. These classes included coursework in domestic service, grooming, sexual service, and other attributes which would make him more pleasing to a man.

Various sexual and psychological bondage techniques were also used at the university. In preparation for this, Chris' Father had begun hypnotizing him every week. For the past year, Chris had been tranced every Friday night to develop his submissive skills. The blond boy deeply loved his Father, who he had always been very close to, and felt a deep devotion to him.

Chris realized at a very early age that he was headed for a life of submission. He was a conformist, very agreeable, followed trends, and got off on how hot this made him feel. As their pre-university schooling came to a close, boys and young men alike made similar decisions. His best friend since grade school left right after graduation, falling in love and accepting being the brainwashed slave drone of it's Master. Their final year of schooling was spent hooking up, studying, and setting life goals. Class schedules were adjusted to accommodate paths chosen, with some room for change if needed. He met with counselors and spoke to other boys who were picking the same path he had chosen.

The blond boy's fathers were very old fashioned, the submissive in the relationship staying home with Chris and his younger brother. Being so close to his fathers had left him with a strong, aching, desire for a similar relationship when he got older. He wanted to be loved, romanced, and protected by a strong, successful, man. The slave wanted children, a big house, and a Man to please.

Chris was accepted into the university almost immediately. As he read more and more about their rigid social hierarchy and successful placement rates of submissives, he grew more and more excited. During the summer, the blond submissive boy took more interest in his appearance, running almost every day and shaving off all body hair below his shoulders. During the summer, he hooked up with a few young men at parties and dated a fellow submissive off and on, before the boy vanished one day with only a very brief phone call. No one took a deeper, or romantic, interest in him like he desperately wanted for his life.

At one point on their four hour journey, Chris got out of his compartment and walked out to the main part of the train to get breakfast. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a cute redhead boy who also wore the colors of their university. The boy smiled and waved at him with a soft, flirty, pale hand. They stared at each other for a few moments until Chris' coffee was ready, a deeply brainwashed "drone" slave boy serving his breakfast.

After he sipped at it, the cute redhead came over and introduced himself. "Hi, my name is Robby. I assume you are going to university too?"

Chris smiled at the soft hand shake of the boy. "Yep, I am a freshman heading in early for orientation."

Robby smiled back flirtatiously. "Me too! We have a big meeting for submissives after we get there today! My brother is a big star athlete, so I can't wait to see him too."

"Oh," Chris started, "that is good." He leaned in a little, his shy, private, nature overcoming him. "Are you on submissive track too?"

Robby leaned in, and whispered in his new friend's ear. "Of course, silly. I do theobedientboy weblog."

Chris' eyes lit up. theobedientboy was his favorite gay slave weblog, run by a pseudonymous boy his age. The blog called for even more rigid roles for men and boys, harsher penalties for disobedience, and explored the most recent advances in brainwashing. The boy also wrote about his sex life and beliefs about deep submission, which Chris really related to.

"Wow," he began. Before he could stop himself, he put a finger against Robby's hand. "Do you want to have breakfast together?"

Robby smiled, "sure."

Chris began to lead his new friend back to his car. When they got inside, the boys sat down. Chris stared at the cute red-haired boy and hugged him tightly. "Thank you so much, your blog has kept me going." Robby hugged him back, holding the blond boy as tightly. "I agree with almost every word you posted, I touched myself to your stories, your philosophy. I want to live it. I want to be like you."

Robby put a hand on the boy's face. "Aww. A cute boy who knows his place. We are going to be great friends." A moment passed before they kissed, leaning back against the soft couch they sat on.

Both boys giggled as their hands reached into the other's pants at the same time.

Robby leaned over and kissed his new friend. Both boys looked over at the door, making sure it was completely shut, so they could have some privacy. "A good boy pleases others, he makes them happy," the redhead began with another kiss. "He lives to please and give pleasure." With that, he gently pushed Chris back against the couch, knelt down, and slid the boy's pants down to suck his cock.

The red-haired boy quickly bobbed up and down, engulfing Chris' cock like a seasoned pro. Occasionally, he stopped for a moment and asked the blond submissive if he liked to please, which Chris nodded enthusiastically in confirmation. Finally, after the best blowjob of his life, Chris shot cum into Robby's eager mouth, the boy sucked it down to the last drop.

After taking a moment to clean the boy up, Robby hopped up on the couch and cuddled up to Chris. "Being a good boy is wonderful, isn't it?" He leaned in and kissed him gently. "I bet you are a little angel."

Chris blinked a few times, whether the post sex fog, or something else, he wasn't entirely sure. "I like being good. My Father's husband is so well behaved. I want to grow up and be like him." He blinked a few times. "I love to please and give pleasure."

Robby kissed him again. "Good boy." He lightly snuggled up to Chris, who was trying to get his clothes back on, "I have a lot of experience, so just follow my lead, little angel."

Chris stopped, mid-pant leg pulling up, and looked thoughtful for a moment. "I will follow your lead, I can learn a lot from you." Clothes back on, the boys snuggled tightly for the rest of their journey.

Robby pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket. "I have a surprise for you," he began, with a grin. The red haired boy pointed at the paper. "Look, we are roommates!"

Chris clapped and hugged him again. "That is exciting. I am going to learn so much from you."

As the train slowed down for their arrival at the station, Chris stood up and began to gather their bags from the the storage above. His target distracted, Robby turned away quickly and typed out a brief text message.

"Target found. Accepted activation of conditioning. Will please."


After arriving and quickly dropping their stuff off at their new room, Robby and Chris walked across campus. Robby, having visited numerous times to see his brother, seemed to know his way around really well. Chris followed, letting the obedient boy lead the way for him.

They were scheduled to attend a freshman orientation program in the early afternoon. As they entered, the boys were seated with other "submissive track" boys. Potential Masters, and those unsure, were placed in their own groups as well. Each group met separately to discuss what would happen during their first term. The process was, obviously, a bit different for each track.

For the first semester, everyone would take the same courses except for submissives, who took two additional courses in domestic and sexual service. Also, each submissive had to do an internship somewhere on campus. The handsome counselor who came out to address them spoke very eloquently about the programs available to both Masters and submissives.

Both Chris and Robby found themselves feeling very focused on the handsome man. He suggested everyone, especially the boys, take very careful notes. The blond boy looked around and noticed that every boy in the room wrote down the counselor's words almost before he could speak them. A quiet piece of orchestral music played in the background. Chris had no idea how easily he was falling under control of the university's administration. Almost immediately, he would have done anything they instructed him to do.

The boy's cock stirred at the sight of the head counselor. He was around 30 years old and had a handsome, young, face. As the hour passed, Chris began to imagine himself serving Him, sucking His cock, or tending to His home. Obediently, he and every other boy wrote down every word out of the counselor's mouth, making sure the notes were so detailed. The counselor made eye contact with Chris a few times, making him blush deeply. The boy had been on university grounds for two hours and was already diving headfirst into a life of submission and slavery.

After the head counselor finished speaking, he called five boys, including Robby and Chris, up to the podium to stay behind while the others left to meet their preceptors. Chris blushed, his cock stiffening a little at the attention, and strode up to the stage with Robby next to him. The other boys who stood next to them on stage were pretty cute and Chris noticed, even with the fog of obedience falling over him, how cute and tiny, a few barely hitting five foot tall, the boys were. Each boy had a notepad clutched to their chests, a happy smile drawn on their face.

After finishing speaking with another administrator, the counselor turned towards the boys, which got all of their attention right away. "Hello," He smiled, making Chris' mind, and will, melt, "My name is Mr. Andrews. I am head counselor at this university. In my presence, you will address me as 'Sir'."

"Yes, Sir," each of us obediently stated.

"Good boys." We all sighed, so happy to please. "I have kept you all here for a reason. Now," He began to reassure us, "in fact, all of you have the same preceptor, who will be waiting for you in His office." He looked directly at Chris, smiling softly. "Each of you has been picked to do your internship in My office." Chris felt a great joy tug at his heart. And cock. "I expect a lot of hard work from My interns, but I think you will also learn a lot as well."

He nodded to another administrator, who I was also from the counseling center. He took a remote out of His cardigan pocket and pressed a button, which brought a screen down in front of them. For a few minutes, He played with some settings and loaded a video into the movie viewer. Finally, he nodded to the head counselor again, which got all of the boys' attention.

"There is an orientation video you boys need to watch," the head counselor smiled and moved to the side for the video to begin. Cheerful music began to play and a bright pink spiral appeared on the screen. Chris stared at it, lost in the beautiful, soft, tones and colors. An authoritative voice told him to stand at attention and he did, like the other four boys. His mind emptied of all thought as the blond boy was instructed by the same voice to pay attention to the screen.

The next thing Chris remembered was leaving the auditorium with the other four boys, heading towards their Preceptor. Robby had been given the directions. Chris was still pretty unsure where anything was on campus, so he padded along behind him, looking at his little butt sway in a pair of green shorts. Along the way, he told them all about campus, pointing out different landmarks. Robby's brother was a senior, a star on the football team. The boy had been here many times to visit, emphasizing how masculine, strong, and domineering he was. Oh, how Chris wished to meet him sometime!

Chris and the other boys waited patiently in a queue by the Preceptor's door. He was the last boy to get in to see him. When the man closed the door behind him, the blond boy paused as this sudden fog of docility overcame him. He found that he felt completely at ease around him and waited passively while he pulled up the boy's file on the laptop in front of him. Finally, he spoke. "Please, sit."

"Yes, Sir," Chris stated as he sat down, hands in lap. It felt so ... normal ... to call him "Sir" and to wait quietly for instruction. His ease at submitting gave him such a great thrill. He knew at that point he would love the university. Chris did not ask for his Preceptor's name, he would only know him as "Sir" while at the university. He was in his early fifties, slightly graying with a still mostly brown goatee. He was very handsome and obviously had been doing his job for a long time.

After typing in some commands, He turned and faced Chris. "Do you mind if I already picked out your schedule for you?" The boy nodded no, accepting the print out he handed him. "you are submissive track, which means you have two additional classes plus your internship." He paused at my blush, thinking of the Head Counselor, grinned knowingly, and continued. "I am here to work with you and get you accustomed to the university. Therefore, I need you to always do as I say. Do you agree?"

He had not been conditioned yet to obey the Preceptor without question, but he still answered "Yes, Sir," because he felt so comfortable with him. He seemed to be taking a liking to the boy too, which was nice.

"Good boy. Since you are clearly a natural, I want you to meet someone." The Preceptor pushed a button on his desk, which swung open the closet door to the left of Chris. The most beautiful boy he had ever seen stood at attention in the closet. He had ear length brown hair, very pale skin, and the deepest blue eyes he had ever seen. The budding slave was drawn into the utter blankness of his face.

Wearing pink booty shorts and a t-shirt with "blowjob machine" written in silver script, the slave drone stepped out of the closet and curtsied very slowly. It blinked a few times, never taking its eyes off of Sir. "Master, how will slave obey?"

Sir's eyes showed great lust for the boy. He must have hand picked the slave for his use. Many professors and administrators would schedule slaves for various times of the day. Some slaves could end up being with a different Man for all non-class or study hours of the day. "slave, this boy here is looking forward to a life of slavery." He stepped forward, gently running two fingers over the boy's smooth face. "Being a slave is wonderful for boys, isn't it?"

The beautiful slave sighed and softly smiled. "Yes, Master, slave is so happy. slave exists to obey, Master." The slave turned to Chris, which made the boy blush. "you will love it, Sir."

Chris winced at being called that, which Sir definitely noticed. He stared at the boy for a long moment before continuing to speak. "I have an idea," He began, looking at the boy, and then towards the brainwashed slave, "slave, what are you available times?" The attractive slave recited a series of times automatically, with bright enthusiasm. Sir turned to his computer, looking up at Chris occasionally, for a few minutes, typing in brief statements a few times. Years later, Chris could recall looking back between Sir and the slave, imaging it's mouth being fucked by the Man. He grew noticeably hard at the mental image of Sir commanding both of them to kneel at His feet and take turns licking his cock.

The blond boy's daydreams about cock sucking were abruptly interrupted by Sir's voice getting his attention. "Here is what we can do. As your Preceptor, it is my job to make sure you are prepped for whatever future you have ahead of you. You are clearly destined for a life of service. Some man is going to be very happy." Sir waved a hand at the slave, who still adoringly at him. "slave," the slave curtsied low, "you will meet up at a time which works for both of you little cute boys. I want you to teach him the basics of service, how to be a very good boy."

The slave curtsied. "Yes, Master." It stared at him with a look of absolute adoration Chris wanted to learn to copy badly.

Chris shivered at how nice Sir was being. He looked at him, understanding the handsome man expected him to say something. "Thank You, Sir," the boy began, moving around a little in the chair, "for being so kind to me. I-i-i-i hope I live up to your expectations, Sir."

Sir smiled. "I think you will, especially with a nice slave like this one teaching you." He typed a few more commands into his computer. "I just sent your schedule for this year to your phone." Both paused as Chris' phone vibrated in his bag. "I hope you don't mind, but I laid out your schedule for you to maximize your potential." He motioned for the boy to check the schedule. It was very impressive. "I don't see any reason you'd have a problem with what I picked for you."

Chris blushed. "No, Sir. I will take whatever class you want me to, Sir."

"Good boy." Sir motioned two fingers toward him. "Come over to my side of the desk."

Chris only hesitated for a brief second before obeying. He came around the desk and stood before him. Without being prompted, he knelt down at his feet on the mat that sat on the side of the desk. The obedient boy looked up at him, smiling with a slight chuckle at how easily he'd submitted and been brought into line. The Preceptor petted him a little, which made him snuggle up to his black panted legs. Sir let the boy stay there, obviously knowing how good this made him feel.

Sir stood up and nodded for Chris to do the same. He shook the boy's hand, a strong, masculine, handshake. "OK, I think we have established how the Preceptor/student relationship will play out." Chris nodded quickly, and probably a little too enthusiastically for a orientee. He ran a hand over his pale neck, where a collar would go in a few months' time. "What a little angel you are."

Chris blinked a few times. His attention was drawn into The Preceptor as they stood there in his office. Chris didn't know it at the time, but would figure this out within the first month or so of the semester, "what a little angel you are" was a trigger phrase for him. It put him in a susceptible, focused, state where a man could condition him. Only important men, so to speak, were given access to these triggers.

Sir put his arm around the boy's shoulder as he led him back to the door. "I added a time to your schedule for our weekly meetings, and your meetings with that slave drone." His hand touched the boy's. "If you trust me, I can help prep you for the life after the university that you want."

Chris blinked. "Yes, Sir, I trust my Preceptor completely and will always follow his suggestions, Sir." Chris blinked again, completely unaware of how he said the conditioned phrase like that.

"Good boy," He said, with a pat on the boy's bottom. "Why don't you go settle into your dorm room? Your roommate is probably waiting to meet you."

What a great idea. Chris smiled, gave a "Yes, Sir," with a slightly, boyish, screech to his voice and padded away to find his dorm.


That evening, after Chris settled in and reacquainted himself with very cute roommate Robby, he took a walk around campus. He found the library, where two slaves worked in the stacks offered to find a book for him, or suck his cock. Interesting service. The head librarian was very nice as well. He picked up a map for his phone from there and began to explore the campus before curfew.

At some point Chris found he was lost, trying to find the gym, when he ran into a very handsome male student. Literally, he ran into him. The man was amused, and showed the boy that he was almost to where he had to go. He found him to be quite enthralling and attractive, tall and dark haired, and athletic. He seemed to be very interesting and was an athlete, which blew Chris away that he would even speak to the boy given his past as not being good enough for athletes. He told him that he would see him around campus, which made Chris blush a lot. Chris watched him walk away and was so blown away that the boy was still staring when he turned around before rounding a corner to get one last glance.

Two hours still before curfew, Chris went to a party for incoming freshman. His roommate was there with his older brother, flirting with all the upperclassman. At one point, he saw him on the lap on their start wide receiver, and then off to a back room.

Chris ended up wandering the large mansion. On the forth floor, he ran into his new slave friend from earlier. The beautiful boy recognized him and approached, hugging him tightly. "Follow me," the blond boy said to the slave, leading him towards a bedroom.

The slave closed the door behind them and Chris kissed him hard on the mouth. The slave returned the kiss and then knelt. "No, no, no, don't kneel before me." he immediately stood up, staring at Chris with the obedient devotion all slaves had on their faces. Chris took his chin in my hand. "i am no controller, I want to be just like you. Teach me."

They spent the hour before curfew practicing approaching a Superior, practicing how to speak in the third person, and how to keep your balls shaved. Chris was quite turned on after having a beautiful boy drone touching his balls, so he kissed him again and blew him. Slaves don't normally receive that kind of reward, but he couldn't help myself. As he sucked him off, the beautiful slave whispered little hints, ways to lick, where to rub my thumbs, how to breathe before swallowing. Chris drank the boy's cum and then commanded the slave to clean him up in the bathroom as the curfew bell rang.

After such an eventful, life changing day, it was time to go home and see my roommate. Chris entered the room quietly and closed the door behind him. The only light in the room was a small reading light by the end. Robby was under the covers, clearly touching himself gently, quietly muttering something to himself.

Without really thinking about it, Chris walked over to the closet and stripped his clothes. He lay them in the hamper, admiring his naked body in the door sized mirror as good as he could without a lot of light. Naked, he made his way over to the bed, the only one in the room, and slid into it next to Robby. He snuggled Chris, turned to face him, and kissed the boy's mouth gently. Chris took his absently semi-hard cock in his hand and slowly stroked it for about 20 minutes before he came all over the sheets. Robby buried his head on his roommate's chest and they fell asleep together, as they would every night that semester.

During their counseling sessions earlier, the boys were given a hypnotic suggestion to sleep together every night. Robby had been programmed for a few years, to be a sleeper agent for indoctrinating a number of boys, including Chris, during their university time. Also, more importantly, their minds were adjusted to never notice the will inhibitor that hung on the wall by the door, which kept them docile and fed subliminal messages every night about what good little boys they were. By the end of the first week of classes, both Chris and Robby were dutiful puppets for the university.

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