Posing for Mom's Art Group

by bamadude 55

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Aunt, Nephew, Squirting, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A guy comes home from college after finishing his finals and only wants to go to sleep. When the male model for his mother's art group cancels on them, he's asked to stand in and it leads to a raucous ending.

Chris Stone just finished a long week of finals and was looking forward to a quiet weekend at home before graduating from college. He was ready to climb into bed and fall into a deep slumber. Little did he know, sleep was not going to be on his agenda for a very long time.

He was pleasantly surprised to see his beautiful mother standing in the kitchen when he pulled in the driveway. She[d always been there for him whenever he needed her, and he'd made himself a promise to always be there for her, no matter what she needed from him.

When he came trudging through the door, Missy ran to him and hugged him tight. It had been a long three months since he'd been home and she missed him dearly. Her whole life revolved around her handsome son. His father left them while Chris was still in diapers so it was only natural for the two of them to be extremely close. With the help of her parents, Missy finished college and became a successful stockbroker.

Missy Stone was a self-made millionaire and a stone cold fox. She stood a statuesque six-foot tall with long flowing blonde hair that trailed down her back until it almost touched her tight shapely ass. Her breasts were a perfect 34CC and her deep blue eyes set off, her always well tanned body. She was every man's dream, including her own son.

Missy gave Chris a quick kiss on the lips and told him. "I'm so glad you are home, I've missed you so much. The house has felt so empty these last few months without you being here. How did your finals go? Never mind, that's a stupid question, you did great, I'm sure you did wonderful, just like everything else you do. Let me look at you. Yep, you are even more handsome than you were before you left. Have you been working out?"

"C'mon mom, I'm no different today than I was before I left. I do think I did great on my finals but I'm really worn out. After all of that studying, I'm looking forward to a good nights sleep." Chris told his bubbly mom.

Missy gave her son a quizzical look and asked him. "You mean you aren't going out tonight?"

"No, I'm really beat. I think I'm just going to take a shower and go straight to bed. I'll probably hook up with Danny and Jeff tomorrow and do something with them tomorrow night. Why do you ask?" Chris answered.

"Well, since you been gone I've started taking an art class and tonight is my night to host it. Don't worry about it, I'll call Angie and see if we can move it to her house." His mother told him.

Chris could tell from his mother's expression something was going on, so he asked her. "Alright, I know that look, what's up? Do you have some new boyfriend I don't know about?"

"Oh no, it's nothing like that. What's up is, well, tonight, we were going to, um, um, paint a nude subject. Oh God, I'm so embarrassed." Missy stammered.

Chris busted out laughing and said. "Is that all you were worried about? Shit mom, that's nothing to be embarrassed about. They do it all the time in art classes at college. Don't you change a thing, like I told you earlier, I'm exhausted. I'll be sound asleep by the time your friends arrive and I guarantee you nothing will wake me up."

Missy hugged her son and promised they wouldn't get too loud. She kissed him on the lips one more time except this kiss lingered a lot longer than a regular mother and son kiss. It took all of Chris's willpower not to pull his mother tight against his body and passionately kiss her back. They were staring into each other's eyes when the kitchen door opened and Missy's youngest sister Angie walked in. She squealed out, ran to Chris and hugged him. "Hey kiddo, glad to see you home. Have you been working out?"

"It's good to be home and like I told mom earlier, I've been to damn busy studying to have time to work out. What about you, you must be doing something because you look even more beautiful than the last time I was home." Chris told her.

Angie stood 5'6" tall and had strawberry blonde hair that flowed just past her shoulders. One of the main differences between Angie and Missy was the size of Angie's tits (44DD), they were huge compared to the rest of her body. Angie used to kid Missy she had freckles on her ass that were bigger than Missy's tits.

After the three of them shared some small talk, Chris excused himself so he could take a shower and head off to bed. Things were calm for the next hour or so until the rest of the ladies showed up for the class. Chris could hear them mingling around and decided to slip downstairs and grab something to drink before going to sleep.

All of the women were setting up their easels in the sunroom so Chris was able to sneak into the kitchen without being noticed. He just finished drinking a glass of orange juice when there was a knock on the kitchen door. When he answered it, there stood his high school English teacher Ms. Eddins. He suddenly wished he had put on something besides the raggedy old pair of shorts and tank top he was wearing.

He welcomed her while holding the door open for her to come inside. Once she had all of her stuff inside, she looked him over and said. "My oh my, you certainly have grown up into a fine young man. I always knew you would. Have you been working out? You look so much bigger than when you were in high school."

"Thanks for the compliment Ms. Eddins. No, I haven't been working out, but I must've been one scrawny guy back then because you're the third person to ask me that today. If you don't mind me saying, it's hard to believe, but you look more beautiful now than when I was in school." Chris told his sexy English teacher.

Blushing, she told him. "Well thank you very much and please, call me Brenda. I'm not your teacher anymore and you're not in high school either. Are you going to be attending our art class tonight?"

"No ma'am, I just came downstairs to get something to drink before it started. As a matter of fact, I'm late for my appointment with my bed. I just finished my finals and I'm exhausted." Chris explained.

Suddenly the phone rang and he heard his mother answer it. He started up the stairs when he heard her explaining to the others they were going to have to cancel the class because their model was sick. He felt badly for his mother but since there was nothing he could do, he went to his room and laid down.

The disappointed women were discussing when to have the next class, when Brenda suggested to Angie they ask Chris to be a stand-in for their model. Angie thought it was a great idea and went to ask Missy if she would be comfortable with it.

"Are you crazy? You want my son to stand naked in front of me and you, and a whole bunch of other women, so we can paint a picture of him. You've lost it girl." Missy told Angie.

Angie retorted. "It wasn't my idea, although I think it's a good one. Brenda is the one who suggested it. Don't you think the model we had coming was someone's son too? Besides, it's not like you haven't seen him naked before. Remember last summer when we came home late that one night and he was passed out in the lounge chair out by the pool. He was stretched out in all his naked glory then. Remember?"

"Of course I remember, but this is different. These are our friends we're talking about looking at him. I don't know, do you even think he will do it?" Missy asked her.

Angie grabbed her sister by the shoulders and said. "Of course he will, he'll do anything you ask him. He wants you to be happy, just go up and ask him already. If you want me to, I'll do it."

Missy decided it was best if she asked him, so she told the other women to wait and she would be right back. Chris was a little startled when he heard a slight knock on his bedroom door. When his mother came in, he could tell right away she was nervous about something. He asked her. "What's going on mom? What happened?"

Missy lowered her head to the ground and began pacing around his room. Chris could tell his mother was nervous and said. "What is it mom? I can tell you are nervous about something so just spit it out."

"Well, this isn't going to be easy so I'm going to come right out and say what I've got to say. Our model canceled on us and I will understand if you say no, but, but, what I'm trying to ask is, will you do me a big favor and stand-in for our model, please?" His mother stammered.

Chris exclaimed! "Whoa mom, I don't know! I've never done anything like that before! I'm not sure I could go through with it. I mean standing in front of you and aunt Angie and Ms. Eddins, what happens if my coc, err, I mean my penis starts getting hard. I just don't know."

"I understand, I told Angie I thought it was a bad idea. Don't worry about it son, they will understand." Missy told her son.

Chris quickly asked her. "Angie wanted me to do this?"

"Well, Brenda Eddins suggested you would be a nice replacement. Like I told you a minute ago, don't worry about it, they will understand." She answered him.

His mother was about to leave when he grabbed her arm and said. "Hold on, I'll give it a try as long as nobody laughs. If I hear one snicker, I'm gone. Do you understand?"

Missy turned around, hugged her son tightly, and told him. "Thank you son, you are the best. I can always count on you when the chips are down. Let me go tell the girls so they can get ready."

Before she left, and for the second time in the day, she gave him a long loving kiss. Chris felt his cock twitch as his mother ran her long fingernails down the length of his arm. His cock began to stir and he knew he was going to need some time to recover before he went downstairs.

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