The Romance & Submission of Kira Wetzel
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Slavery, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Robot, MaleDom, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Pregnancy, Body Modification, sci-fi mind control sex story, space sci-fi story

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Kira reflects back on how she became her husband’s slave.

Kira Wetzel sat back on the pillows in her hospital bed. The quiet early morning felt so peaceful for the girl, who had gave birth to her husband and loving Master's first child two evenings before. The pregnancy had been, more or less, uneventful and so had her labor. Benjamin had wondered if they would make it to the hospital as Kira's water broke and instinct told her their daughter wanted to meet them as soon as possible.

The tiny, five foot one, redhead reflected on the last year and a half as the overnight nurse came by to check on her. She had been a wallflower in high school; a plain girl who kept to herself. Her focus had always been more on her studies, plus boys weren't exactly banging on the doors to date her. Kira was pale, plain, and small breasted, which, at the moment, made her enjoy the added bust pregnancy had brought on so much more, so the girl barely dated during her teenage years.

All of that changed the night of her high school graduation. In the span of a few short minutes, the focus of her life completely changed. Now that she was aware, Mrs. Wetzel was happy it had happened. She was, beyond conditioning, deeply in love with Benjamin. He was a devoted husband, and now father, and a loving Master. A girl couldn't ask for anything more. He nurtured her and let the new mother enrich her life through the books she loved and the gardening she adored.

All of that was secondary now to the love she felt for their daughter. Kira really never had big career plans, other than an idle interest in perhaps teaching one day. As of a few days ago, her job could only be described as "homemaker." Now that Benjamin, who was a senior when she began at the university as a freshman, had been drafted to a professional team, they could afford to keep her at home with the baby. Any interest in a career that didn't involve raising children and serving her husband had drifted out of the redhead's mind during the long months of her pregnancy.

Today, mother and daughter would be going home. Benjamin would be back in a few hours, having had flown to his team's game after the birth to play on Sunday. Kira had insisted, knowing that the game was very important to the team. Game over, he was now flying home to take his wife and daughter home for the first time.

Despite the nurses', who Kira knew only meant well, constant prodding, the new mother felt good and was ready to go home. She wanted to begin their new life as soon as possible. The redhead was tired and, as she lay back watching the morning news on the TV in the corner, fell asleep and began to dream about the events that had brought her to this day.

Kira Stewart stood on the side of the room. Loud dance music blared out of a stereo as drunken high school graduates celebrated the end of their three year imprisonment at Elesidel Memorial High School. The red haired girl observed the antics of the football team, her friends from band, and many others. Crushes consummated relationships, cheerleaders puked, and generally everyone went wild.

Except for her. Kira was more the wall flower type, generally quiet and very shy. Her short, pixielike, frame made her seem like a tall child. Boys her age didn't go after small breasted, shy, girls who preferred books to booze. Despite this, the redhead wasn't bothered by the lack of attention men gave her. She got lost in her studies and own mind, often day dreaming about all the different lives she could lead in the future. Generally a bit of a slacker with only a 3.1 GPA, she imagined lives as vastly different as professional athlete, to homemaker, to lawyer, to teacher, the one she idled on the most, to web designer. None of them really held the pixie girl's attention for too long.

Kira sighed audibly, moving out of the way of a half naked girl passing by, and decided to take a walk upstairs. The house the party was at, the girl hosting it was named Brandi or Randi or Candi or something equally stupid, was three stories high and impressively furnished. On the third floor, the redhead found some peace at the lack of teenagers. She stood in front of a closed door and could hear her "family values" classmates very loudly fucking some girl. Whatever.

In another room, a bedroom, Kira sat down at the end of the bed and sat quietly for a moment. Suddenly, in walked Deanna Anania, the most beautiful girl in school. The Greek girl was dark haired, in large permed curls, with a very large chest and bottom. She was the head cheerleader and generally the wet dream of the senior class. The busty girl didn't look surprised to see Kira, which made Kira nervous.

"Oh, hey, Kira." Deanna began. "Oh my god, I don't think we have actually ever spoken. That's pretty funny..." Kira found it odd how this intruder to her mental peace trailed off, but didn't question it.

Kira just stared at her. "Hi, Deanna. Um, what's up? Shouldn't you be partying?"

Deanna sat down next to Kira. "Oh, who cares about them. High school is over. Most of them suck so much anyway." She paused momentarily, biting her pouty bottom lip. "I am going to college in a month. I have to go early for cheerleading and other training stuff."

Suddenly, the dark haired beauty changed the subject. "I heard you are going to the same university I am! That's why I stopped in here when I saw you."

Kira blushed, surprised the girl was going to a school with such high standards. "Yeah, I am going to the university too. I have to admit I am surprised you are. No offense."

Deanna smiled. Kira had to admit she was very sexy. "None taken," the cheerleader began, "but I am going there because my new boyfriend goes there. He is a senior this year and is probably going to pro football afterwards."

Kira nodded. "Oh, cool."

Deanna pulled a small pink mp3 player out of her purse. "Hey, have you ever heard the school theme song? They have a different one for men's and women's sports. It's pretty cool." She held it out to Kira, two pink tipped nails sticking it in the redhead's face, a pair of ear buds dangling from her hand.

Kira didn't want to, but she felt obligated because Deanna was being so nice to her. She stared at the mp3 player. It was bright pink with some kind of sticker on the back. In typed cursive silver writing was written Deanna name and phone number. Shrugging, Kira slid the white ear buds into her ears and tapped the play button with a finger.

From the moment Kira tapped the play button, the beautiful tones playing in her head overwhelmed her senses for a few seconds. Suddenly, they stopped, but then restarted, and played for another minute or so. To the redhead, they sounded like some kind of angelic orchestra, with harps, electric pianos, and various reed based instruments. When they music stopped, Kira found that she didn't want to move. Somehow, she knew there was more for her to hear.

After a pregnant pause, her own voice began to speak into her ears: *Hello, Kira, this is safe and you will be fine. This is you, from the future, letting you know how your life will turn out. Nah, actually this is a synthesized version of your voice helping to ease you into your new life. Please listen to this entire recording; failing to do so would render you a giggling windup doll. This recording has been prepped to send some seriously high powered frequencies into your brain. I bet you feel pretty calm right now, despite this? The only actual sound you are hearing is loud static, but to you I bet it sounds like jazz music, right? Besides what you are hearing right now from me, or yourself, uh, anyway, many other instructions are being sent to your mind via subliminal messages. Your beliefs, views, and behavior will be permanently altered. You will see no reason to every disobey or defy these new behaviors. They aren't so bad anyway.

A few beats passed by before "Kira's" voice spoke again. * ... So pay close attention and, I repeat, do not turn this off until it's over.* Kira stared straight ahead, her eyes glazed over. The redhead would do anything the voice, her voice, said. Her life was devoted to whatever it said, and, while logically it seemed like she should panic, the idea that she was being brainwashed by what she heard in the background did not bother her in any way. The brainwashed girl actively embraced these changes and refused to resist.

*At this point, your life as you know it is over. Let's face it, it's been pretty dull. Kira, you can be so much more! For now, just follow instructions and soak yourself in your programming. You now have a larger purpose and, if I am right, you are going to make a big difference in the long run.* Kira was excited. She had wanted to make a difference in the world, but always felt like she didn't know how. There was such much oppression, especially of women, and it was just ... hard. It sounded so simple now. Maybe she could make a difference.

*To do this, you need the love and support of a man. I know, a lot of Dudes are gross, but if you find the right one, he will make all the difference. Kira, when you found that man, and I have the utmost faith you will, you need to love him like he loves you, obey him in all things, the right man will know what is right, and devote yourself to him. He can help you make a difference. I know it's what you want. Let him be the public face and fully submit, so you can do what you know is right* It *was* what Kira wanted. What she'd really always wanted. How did this voice, it confused her to use a personal pronoun for it, her, whatever, know? She had to find the right man and submit to him. It was old fashioned, but made sense in this way that the redhead was still working out for herself.

*Kira, there is so much more for you to learn. Trust me. We will speak again like this every night, every time you run, every time you need it. A program has been emailed to your phone. After Deanna is done with you, please check your downloads and install it. Deanna is going to be your friend now. Which, by this time in your subliminal training, you already know. Take good care of each other. I love you. Now, it's time to wake up. At the beep, you'll wake up. An hour has gone by, but Deanna will still be waiting for you.*

At the toneless beep, Kira blinked a few times and came awake. She didn't feel any different as her pale fingers slipped the ear buds out of her ears, but she knew that everything had changed. After a long moment, the redhead remember that Deanna would still be there, and it made her smile to confirm her friend was sitting at the end of the bed, returning her smile.

They made eye contact briefly before Kira slid across the bed to hug her new friend. The girls held each other, tears streaming down the redhead's face. Deanna pulled away and flicked the tears away with a pink tipped nail. "Hey, friend. Do you see why I wanted you to hear that now?"

Kira nodded. "Yes, thank you so much." They hugged again. Suddenly, Kira had the urge to kiss Deanna, which she did very gently. The dark haired slave returned the kiss.

Deanna put her hands over Kira's, tan fingers hanging over pale ones. "You need to join the cheerleading squad, so we can cheer for the team together!"

Her smile made Kira melt. "Okay." The redhead pixie girl had never considered cheerleading before, having always been somewhat awkward and uninterested in sports. Knowing the man she was destined for played them however made it a focus of her life. She kissed Deanna again and squeezed her hand. "I have so much to learn from you though!"

"Oh!" Deanna began, "there is camp for us girls during July. We can spend the entire month training and getting ready. During the day, we will be given classes about pleasing and obeying. Cheer practice is in the afternoon."

Kira smiled. That made sense. In the distance, she could still here the party going on. An hour had passed. Briefly, she wondered if anyone had noticed that she or Deanna had been gone.

Quietly, they made their way out of the room and headed downstairs. Most of the party was either coupled up, or too drunk to fuck, so barely anyone noticed their hasty exit. "How did you get here?" Deanna asked Kira once they were outside.

"I came with a friend. Last I saw her she was in the swimming pool with a boy." It was strange, Kira thought casually, how detached she felt from her friends. Deanna was the only friend who mattered now.

Deanna motioned towards a van that was idling nearby. "Good. Text your parents and tell them you're staying with a friend." Quickly, Kira complied. "We are going for a ride. Does that concern you?"

Kira thought for a moment. "No. I trust Deanna completely." The redhead didn't notice how she spoke in the third person. She followed her dark haired friend to the van, which opened its side door for them and they entered. Inside sat a driver and another teenager, a stunningly beautiful blond.

Deanna hugged the girl, who Kira could not stop staring at. "Kira, let me introduce you to Annika." The blond smiled at her. Annika was tall, especially taller than the tiny redhead, and looked like a cross between a super model and stripper. Wavy blond curls dropped in front of a sun kissed face, with haunting blue eyes. A shirt a few sizes too small snugly held obviously augmented breasts. Her small, pink nailed, hands sat against long legs, covered only brief by a pair of pink booty shorts and wedge heels. Annika was a living, teenage, barbie doll.

They drove for awhile, making small talk as they went. The girls eventually arrived at the back porch of a building. When they got out, Kira quickly realized they were on campus! "We're on sorority row. Welcome home, Kira," Annika announced to her.

They entered the quiet house and stepped into a closet, which led downstairs to a room. "Strip," Annika commanded the redhead. Deanna nodded to her encouragingly. Kira slowly stripped off her clothes, dropping them in a pile at her feet. The busty blond stepped in front of her. "From now on, you will only dress how you are told." Kira nodded.

Out of the corner of her eye, she'd noticed that Deanna was also naked now. Before she could react to it, the dark haired girl had slipped behind her and slid Kira's ear buds into her ears. A new track played, which brought the redhead's mind to a halt. Deanna and Annika led her backwards to a plush couch, where the girl was settled down for the night. Next to her, Deanna snuggled up, slid her ear buds in, and fell into trance as well.

The next morning, Kira woke up bright and early to the sensation of Deanna running a manicured finger nail over her left breast. The erotic feeling surprised her a lot, but she smiled at her new friend. The redhead's eyes closed slowly as Deanna kissed her on the mouth. "Good morning," the dark haired girl breathed at her.

"Hi to you too." They made out for a minute before Kira buried her face in Deanna's impressive chest, crying softly at how happy and content she had become in the past twelve hours. Deanna let the girl cry, getting out pent up emotions was something she needed to do after her initial conversion as well. Women, she now knew, were systematically taught to be more emotional, socialized from birth. However, this sort of sappiness was nothing quite as cathartic as what Kira was experiencing now.

A few minutes passed before Kira would look up at her friend, gently kissing her on the mouth again. A slight grin came across her face. "So, uh, now what do we do?"

"Well," Deanna began, "What were you told last night?"

Kira thought for a moment. Suddenly, she remembered. "I want to make myself over so that I can be what He," she could hear the capital H in her mind, "wants of me." The redhead paused, squinting, but then looked up excitedly. "I have to look to you for guidance!" The girls hugged again.

Deanna kissed her again. "The best way to be like me is to be a good little girlie girl like me. I always was, but now I know that it is my place."

"I have neglected my feminine side for far too long." Kira said it automatically, but this time realized it. A good portion of her felt ... relief ... at embracing this. She took Deanna's hand when the girl offered it and walked over to their closet, which was conveniently filled with numerous clothes in their sizes. Kira giggled at that. Of course.

Instinctively, Kira knew that these clothes had been picked out to accentuate her more feminine attributes. He would want her like that. While Deanna dressed next to her, the redhead slipped on a snug pink t-shirt over a matching bra. Panties of the same color covered her bottom half along with a white denim skirt. White high heeled sandals slipped onto her, just the right size for the girl.

She did a spin for Deanna, who applauded and hugged her. A moment later, there was a soft knock at the door. The dark haired girl opened it to find Annika and another blond at the door. They came inside quickly, with a large bag in her hand. The busty blond turned to Kira. "Oh, good, you got dressed." She smiled widely. "It's time to get you cleaned up. Our sister here is going to do our hair and nails."

One of the girls who arrived with Annika set down to give Kira's hair a slight trim and began putting it in curlers. The other girl took her hands and began painting them a dark red color. The redhead was instructed to let them grow out, so she could get a nice design on them in the future. She nodded quickly, thrilled to acquiesce to the voice in her mind which announced He would want it.

Some time passed as the girls primped and girlied up Kira. She sat idly, chatting with Deanna about nothing in particular. The redhead lost track of the time, especially after a phone call that seemed to not go anywhere. However, when she finished the call, her hair was dropped to her shoulders in a pile of curls.

Deanna came over with a mirror. Kira was amazed by what she saw in return. Her hair dropped in curls to her shoulders. The girl's face was lightly made up to highlight her features. A smile was plastered over her small face, which made her mind fog over with acceptance. "You look fantastic, sis!" Deanna squealed in her direction.

Annika came into her visual space as well. "You are lovely. He is going to be so happy with you."

*He*. Kira felt a strong pang of desire go through her. Her life was to be devoted to Him. She blinked a few times. A name suddenly popped into her mind.


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