A Case of Mistaken Identity Leads to Incestuous Bliss
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young man fulfills his ultimate desire and ends up bedding his mother after they meet unknowingly in an incest chat room.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Mother   Son   Oral Sex  

My dad died when I was real young, I barely even remember him. For as long as I can remember, my life consisted only of me and mom (Cynthia Evans). She was always there for me and I tried to always be there for her. As time passed we grew very close, maybe a little too close.

We lived in a small one bedroom, one bathroom apartment on the outskirts of town for most of my childhood. The apartment we lived in was very tiny so we slept in the same bed. Everything worked out fine until I started high school and began dating. Times were tough growing up, money was always short but somehow mom managed to always pay the bills. Immediately after my 18th birthday, I went and got a job at the local manufacturing plant and worked the graveyard shift. The extra money was a godsend. We were even talking about moving into a bigger place, little did either of us know, our decision would be made soon enough for both of us.

Everything came to a head right after I graduated from high school. I came home late one Friday night after going on a date with Sally Jenkins. We had our usual make out session and as was usually the case, I came home with a painfully aching hard-on.

I knew mom was working late so when I got home, I went straight to the bathroom. In my haste to relieve myself, I forgot to close and lock the bathroom door. I yanked my pants down, grabbed some of mom's hand lotion and started furiously stroking my cock immediately. I needed some relief and quick.

I just started stroking my cock when I noticed a pair mom's soiled panties lying on the bathroom floor. I picked them up and placed them to my nose, her smell was intoxicating. My mind was a blur as I held my mother's panties against my nose and heatedly stroked my cock. Naked visions of my mother were flowing through my mind, when suddenly, I heard a loud gasp. Mom was standing in the bathroom doorway with her hand over mouth.

There's nothing more embarrassing than having your mother catch you smelling her dirty panties while you are masturbating. Mom ran from the room immediately. I pulled my pants up and quickly followed her, trying all the while to explain. She explained to me she understood what I was doing,, but I still should have at least had the decency to lock the door. We decided then and there, it was time for us to get a bigger place.

The next morning we went looking for a bigger place to live. Luckily, a friend of hers (Leslie Sampson) knew someone who had a small two bedroom house we could rent. It needed some work and only had one bathroom but it was quite affordable. After inspecting it, we decided renting it was a good idea.

Mom told Leslie we would take it and we set about fixing it up. After a new coat of paint and some minor repairs, the house was quite livable.

It was strange when we first moved into our new home because I'd never had my own bedroom. It was actually quite lonely without having mom lying next to me in bed. Pretty soon though, everything seemed to get back to normal except for one thing, I still couldn't get the intoxicating smell from her panties and the visions of her sensual, naked body out of my mind.

There was a tension between the two of us after the bathroom incident that never quite went away.

A year passed and mom got a promotion at work. She would have to work more hours but the money was good. I kept working the graveyard shift at the plant and going to technical school during the day. I was training to be a computer programmer.

I brought a couple of old computers home from school and totally rebuilt them. I gave one of them to mom and taught her how to use it. She seemed to really enjoy the computer and it didn't take long before she had learned how to pay our bills with online banking.

With working and going to school, there wasn't much time for dating. More and more; my sexual fantasies were focused on mom. Mom stood about 5 foot 6 with a slim figure and a very perky set of tits. She had long silky brown hair that flowed over her shoulders that set off her shapely ass to perfection. At the young age of 41, time had treated her well and I thought she was absolutely the most beautiful woman in the whole world.

The woman I wanted more than life itself was living under the same roof with me, yet I could not touch her. I was living a hell on earth.

On my 21st birthday, mom took me out to dinner. For the first time since she caught me masturbating, I didn't feel quite as much tension between us. We went to a little private club in town and had a really good time. After dinner we went to the local watering hole so she could buy me my first legal drink. After a few drinks, a slow song was playing on the jukebox so I asked mom if she would like to dance. At first she said no, but I was persistent and she finally agreed.

By the time we made it to the dance floor, the song had ended. I could see the disappointment in her eyes so I put a dollar in the jukebox and played some more music. When she gingerly laid her head on my shoulder, I was in heaven.

We were swaying to the music and everything was going great until I developed a hard-on. To my surprise, mom pulled her body even tighter against me. We danced close together for a long time that way until I leaned down and tried to kiss her. She pulled away with tears in her eyes and said. "I think it's best we call it a night."

We went back to the bar and finished our drinks without another word being spoken between us. I paid our tab and we went home to our separate bedrooms.

Distraught, I went online to one of my favorite websites. It was an incest role-play site, where people go to live out their fantasies. My username was desperateson20.

The previous night I left a message on the forum asking if any women would like to exchange erotic emails. Lucky enough there was an answer in my inbox. It was from a lady who's username was iwantmyson42. I looked at her profile and was extremely surprised to find out she lived in my hometown.

Her e-mail read like this. "Dear desperateson20, I would very much like to exchange erotic emails with you. I'm a sexually frustrated mother and have been, ever since I caught my son masturbating. His big hard cock is implanted in my mind. I am looking forward to your reply. Extremely horny, iwantmyson42"

I was ready to bust a nut when I read her e-mail. Almost instantaneously, I set about sending her my reply.

I wanted to make a good impression, so with careful thought, I began to type my reply. "Dear Mom, I have wanted you for such a very long time. When you walked in on me while I was masturbating, it was you I was thinking of. I was imagining your juicy lips wrapped around my big hard cock. I wanted to pull you close to me and give you all of the love you truly deserve. The gods have blessed you with the beauty of a goddess, and if ever given the chance, I would love to ravish you. I am dying to kiss your sweet red lips and taste your luscious full breasts. I would slowly kiss my way down your body until I reached your treasure box, the place from whence I came. I would pay homage to it with gentle kisses until my tongue finally finds your sensitive clit. I would then apply gentle pressure with my tongue, only to tease you a little before I moved in for the kill. I would suck and gently bite your clit until I had you moaning for my cock. When you were ready, I would place the head of my throbbing hard cock at the entrance of your inviting pussy, and ever so slowly, I would descend deep inside of you. With hard deep strokes, I would thrust my hard tool deep into your hot wet pussy over and over until our incestuous coupling was finally consummated. After our lovemaking session was through, I would hold you in my arms and never let you go. We would finally be one, together in love, forever ever after. I love you mom and I'm looking forward to hearing from you very soon. Love, desperateson20"

I sent my e-mail to her but I really didn't expect a reply. The last few times I sent emails to women who answered my ad, I never heard from them again.

I decided I would watch some porn and masturbate before I went to bed, when suddenly I saw my inbox flashing. I opened it immediately and got the surprise of my life. She'd already emailed me back. "Dear son, my pussy is soaking wet, ever since I opened your e-mail I have been masturbating feverishly. I need to cum so bad! What I really need though, is your big, fat, hard cock deep inside my sopping wet pussy. To hell with role-play, can you meet me somewhere tomorrow evening? I have only three rules, we both must wear masks and the lights in the room must be very dim; also, you or to be totally naked and ready to please me when I arrive. If you agree with my terms I will be excitedly waiting your reply. Love, your horny Mother."

Immediately I picked up the phone and made a reservation at the local Holiday Inn. Once I had the reservation I began typing. "Of course I can meet you tomorrow evening. There is a Holiday Inn on route 64, there will be a room key left for you under the name Bill Simmons. I will be on pins and needles until I see you tomorrow. I am looking forward to finally giving you the love you deserve. Love, your extremely hard, Son."

I was so excited I masturbated three times before I could finally fall to sleep. The next day seemed to go on forever. I couldn't wait to get off work so I could go home and get ready to meet my mystery lover.

I just got home from work and grabbed a beer out of the refrigerator when mom came into the kitchen. She was practically glowing. I told her. "Mom, what's going on, you look absolutely stunning!"

She touched me on the arm and said. "I don't know, maybe, it's because I have a date this evening."

I was floored. My mother had not been out on a date in nearly 5 years. Not only was I stunned, I was jealous too. I immediately asked her. "Is he somebody I know?"

"No honey, you haven't ever met him because even I haven't met him yet. Leslie from work set me up on a blind date. She said I needed to get out more often." Mom answered me.

I could feel my face burning I was so jealous. I exclaimed! "You mean to tell me, you are going out with someone you don't even know! He could be a rapist for all you know! Are you at least going to let me meet him?!"

Mom gave me a disappointed look and said emphatically! "No, you are not going to meet him! I don't grill you about the little floozies you date! Listen here young man, I'm a grown woman and I can take care myself! You are just going to have to trust my judgment!"

Before storming out of the room I yelled out! "That's fine but don't expect me to be here waiting on you to come home! I have a date myself and believe me; I plan on getting lucky tonight!"

I needed to blow off some steam so I went to my room and started working out with my weights. I was about 15 minutes into my workout when there was a knock on the door. It was mom and she wanted to talk.

I unlocked the door and told her to come in. When she sat down on my bed I began imagining holding her tight and ravishing her fantastic body. While my mind was focusing on all of the beautiful things I would love to do with my beautiful mother, I didn't realize she was already talking to me.

I was brought out of my daydream when I felt mom's hand touch mine. She motioned for me to sit beside her and then told me. "Derek, I'm sorry for raising my voice to you earlier. I know you are only concerned for my safety, but really honey, I am a big girl and your mama can take care of herself."

"I know mom, I think my problem is I'm just a little jealous. You are so beautiful and I guess I'm afraid I'll lose you." I explained to her.

I saw mom's eyes light up when I told her she was beautiful. She looked into my eyes and asked. "Do you really think I'm beautiful, or are you just saying it because I'm your mother?"

Immediately, he replied. "Of course I think you are beautiful! If I had a pick of any woman in the world to spend the rest of my life with, my pick would be you!"

Derek could see some small tears forming in her eyes and once again he could feel the sexual tension in the air. Their faces were only mere inches apart when he lowered his head to kiss her. Just before his lips touched hers, she turned her head and stammered. "Uh, Uh, I have to go. You, you have a good time tonight and be careful. I love you son."

He knew he'd blown any chance with her because she practically ran from the room. The thing about it was, he didn't want to just fuck her, he wanted to make everlasting love to her. Once and for all, he made up his mind, come tomorrow morning; he was going to confess his desires and love for her.

When his mother left the house, he was still pissed at her because she was still going out on her date. Suddenly he didn't really feel like going out to meet his mystery lover. He immediately went to the website from the night before to see if she was online, but as fate would have it, she wasn't online. As things would eventually turn out, he was going to be very glad she wasn't.

He knew he had to at least go to the hotel and explain himself so he took a shower, got dressed and headed to the Holiday Inn. After checking into the hotel, he went to the bar to have a few drinks.

Derek was about to head up to his room when he saw his mother's car pull in the parking lot. He thought, 'I can't fucking believe it, she came here to meet her fuck buddy. Fuck it; if she can fuck anybody she wants, I can too.'

He went upstairs and set about following all of his mystery lover's demands. After he finished turning all of the lamps on low, he pulled the covers back on the bed and quickly undressed. He turned the television on and started searching for an X rated movie to help him get in the mood.

When he finally found one that suited him, Derek lay down on the bed and began to stroke his cock. He was so excited it took no time for this cock to become fully hard. He began thinking he might go ahead shoot a quick load before his lover arrived when there was a sudden knock on the door.

Derek's mystery lover had arrived. He reached over to the bedside table and quickly put the mask he brought with him on. He was unable to see her real well in the dimly lit room but from what he could see, it was quite apparent she had a fine body. Without saying a word, she slowly undressed.

As she came closer to the bed, he started to say hello but she motioned for me to be silent. He had never been one to look a gift horse in the mouth and this time would be no different. The next thing he knew, she'd climbed upon the bed and immediately start sucking his my rock hard cock.

She took inch by inch of his cock into her warm inviting mouth while he moaned out in pleasure. Once she had all of his cock inside of her mouth, she began bobbing her head up and down his fat cock with such precision; he knew he wasn't going to last long. Each time her mouth descended on his elongated cock she would roll his bloated balls in her hand. She was giving him the most glorious blowjob he'd ever experienced in his young life.

Derek was holding out pretty well until she did something amazing, when she arrived at the head of his cock one more time, she took her tongue and tried to insert it into his piss-hole. It was an amazing sensation and sent him over the edge. He screamed! "Ooohhh my godd, I'm Cumming Mom! I'm Cumming in your mouth! Ooohhh, ooohhh, ooohhh nooo!"

Upon hearing Derek scream, she pulled her head from his cock and the first blast of cum shot straight up in the air and landed on his chest. As he looked down towards his chest, he heard his mystery lover shriek loudly! "Oh my god, it can't be! Derek, is that you?!" He immediately recognized the voice and pulled his mask off. It was his turn to exclaim as He asked! "Mom?! Is that you, mom?! You are my mystery lover?"

It was true, he and his mother had unknowingly set up a private tryst with each other. He couldn't believe it. He knew his mother had become computer savvy but never guessed she would go to an incest website.

He started to laugh but his mother did not see the humor in it. She immediately slapped him across the face and yelled! "How can you laugh, we just committed incest! We could go to jail if anybody finds out what we just did! Fuck me; I knew this was a mistake!"

She started grabbing her clothes to leave but he grabbed her and held onto her tight. He wasn't going to let her run away this time, it was time for him to put up or shut up. Derek pulled her tight against his body and kissed her roughly. She tried to pull away but he firmly held her in place and continued to passionately kiss her. After a few unsteady moments, her body betrayed her mind and she began kissing him back. She was now no more than a piece of putty in his hands.

When he finally pulled himself from their embrace, he looked deep into her eyes and firmly said. "Fuck the law, I have been in love with you my whole life and I don't give a damn who knows it. You are my soulmate! I know you feel the same way, why can't you admit it?"

Teary eyed, she looked up at him and said. "It's true, I do love you. I have been totally in love with you for a very long time. Still, it is wrong for a mother to love her son the way I love you. Besides, we could go to jail."

"We won't go to jail as long as nobody ever finds out. We can move away from here. We could go someplace where nobody knows who we are and all we have to do is change our names. Hell, we can even get married." He explained to her.

When his mother kissed him and fell into his arms, it was the only response he needed. He picked her up and carried her to the bed and gently lay her down. It was time for them to finally consummate their relationship.

Derek slowly crawled up between his mother's legs to do what he had dreamed of for so long. Like the dew on an early morning rose, her pussy lips were already dripping with her sweet nectar. When he brushed his tongue against her highly sensitive clit, she moaned. "Mmmmmmmmm, Yessssssss."

With his chin pressed against her wetness, he began to explore the place he had so longed to be. When he was absolutely sure he'd touched every area of his mother's slick hot cunt, he eagerly began teasing her clit with his tongue. While she groaned out her approval he could feel her hands pressing down on his head trying to force him deeper inside of her.

As she guided him to all of the right places, he began bringing her to heights of pleasure she hadn't felt in such a very long time. It had been years since she experienced a mind blowing orgasm. Continuing to suck on her clit, he began to energetically fuck her wet pussy with his fingers.

Grabbing a handful of Derek's hair and thrusting her cunt into his face she screamed! "That's it, oh no, ooohhh, oh nooo, I'm Cumming!"

When she came, her whole body twisted and contorted while she kept slamming her head up and down into her pillow. Her pussy began to flow as if a huge dam had burst. Derek's mouth was overflowing with her sweet nectar. Derek continued to assault her swollen clit with one sole purpose; he wanted her orgasm to last a very long time. He wanted her to remember their first time together as something special. He felt her whole body convulsing while he continued to attack her sensitive clit.

When he felt her body beginning to relax, he pulled himself from her treasure box to admire his handiwork. He slowly lifted his juice smeared face to his mother's mouth and kissed her passionately. She could taste herself on his lips and found it to be wildly stimulating.

He wickedly whispered in his mother's ear. "That was only an appetizer, now it's time for the entree. I've been waiting for this moment all of my life, now I'm going to make you forever mine."

Placing his steel hard cock at the entrance of his mother's forbidden pussy, he eased himself forward gently, making sure not to hurt her. As he pushed his large cock deeper into her sex, Cynthia knew their lives would never be the same. She was allowing her one and only son commit the worst sin against God and society, incest. The relationship they shared before tonight would be gone forever; they would now embrace a new one, one of two lovers lost in forbidden passion.

Derek began sawing his big thick piece of man meat in and out of his mother's volcanic cunt. He loved the way his cock felt inside of her hot, wet, velvety pussy. It was a feeling of belonging, from now on; she would belong to him and only him.

It had been such a long time since Cynthia had been with a man, she had almost forgotten the intense pleasures one could receive from another during the act of sex.

She grunted with each vicious thrust of her son's large cock. Her son was giving her what she had so longed for, a hard loving fuck. She would not be deprived of this pleasure ever again, Derek would see to that. They were on a euphoric ride of predestined fate neither of them planned.

Derek continued hammering away at his mother's soaking wet cunt. His thrusts were coming deeper and faster now; she could feel his body quivering with hers. It would not be long before both of them came. She pleaded with her son. "Hold out just a little bit longer baby, I'm almost there."

It was too late; Derek had waited too long for this moment. Instead of slowing down Derek continued to vigorously assault her pussy. With each stab of his steely hard weapon she drew closer to orgasm. When she felt the veins of his cock begin to throb inside of her she came violently and screamed. "Oh, oh, oh my godd here it cum's, you're making mommy cum again, I can't believe it. You are cumming in mama's pussy, mmm, hmm!"

Derek slammed his thick hard cock deep inside of his mother one final time and screamed. "Ugh, here it is mom; I'm cumming in your pussy!

His cock blasted inside of her like a meteor entering the earth's atmosphere and he shot spurt after spurt of scalding hot cum deep inside his mother's slippery cunt. As each spurt hit the inside of her vaginal walls it sent a pleasure burst through her body. As each tremor shook her body, she would squeal. "Mmm, so good, it feels so good."

When he finished cumming, an exhausted Derek collapsed on top of his mother. He kissed her gently and said. "I love you mother, I love you."

After he finally rolled off his mother and lay beside her, she looked at him and whimpered. "I'm so sorry it took so long for us to come together like this, but I promise to try and make it up to you each and every day for the rest of our lives. You were right, we are soulmates and if you'll have me, I'll be proud to be your wife."

The two incestuous lovers held each other tight and embraced. Through the years, as mother and son, they were there for each other, even through the hard times. From henceforth, they would still be there for one another, but this time it would be as lovers.

As they lay there, Cynthia could not help but notice Derek's big thick cock was still hard. She asked him. "Does it always stay hard like that after you have sex?"

"No, this is the first time. I think he really likes you. What do you say we have another go at it?" Derek asked his mother.

Smiling, Cynthia answered him. "I know I'm going to be sore in the morning; but what the hell, let's see if your old mom has what it takes to wear him down."

Cynthia rolled her son onto his back and began to tease his cock with her talented snatch. She straddled him and began to ease herself just past the bright purple head of her son's cock. When he thought she was finally going to slide all the way down to the base of his cock, she would quickly reverse her direction and pull herself all of the way off his cock.

Her deliberate ministrations were driving her anxious son insane with lust. His cock began bobbing around so wildly she would have to grab hold of it each time she began her descent.

Finally; unable to take her teasing anymore, he grabbed ahold of his mother and threw her on the bed. She was squealing with delight when he pulled her up until she was on all fours.

Coming from behind her, he aimed his painfully hard weapon at the entrance of her willing cunt. He would not be gentle like he was earlier. This time, he would give his mother a fucking she would not soon forget.

With one vicious thrust he drove his cock deep into her hot cunt. Once his cock was buried to the hilt, he withdrew until his cock was almost totally out of her and immediately slammed his worthy lance deep into her again. She moaned loudly each time he thrust himself hard inside of her slick cunt.

She loved the way his cock was tantalizing her clit. The friction he was creating with his thrusts was sending erotic pulses to her already overheated pussy. If she thought the first orgasm she experienced was overwhelming, she was in for a big surprise. The fucking he was giving her right now would end up being a mind-blowing experience for her.

Over and over Derek slammed his cock in and out of her. When he felt her body begin to tremble, he knew she was close to cumming but he wanted her to wait just a little longer.

He quickly pulled his cock from her pussy and told her pointedly. "Not yet my love, you will cum only when I am ready for you to cum. Do you understand?"

Cynthia weakly nodded she understood.

Derek loved looking at his sexy mother as her sexy, sweaty body began glistening in the moonlight from their intense incestuous fucking. She had a wild look in her eyes; it was like the look a mountain lion has right before it pounces on its unknowing prey.

Moving once again between her well toned legs, he aimed his mighty weapon at the entrance of her hot flaming cunt. Cynthia smiled at her handsome son as he began to thrust his hard cock into her well lubricated fuckhole. She had never felt more alive than at this very moment. Her whole body was feeling a myriad of sensations. Her pussy was practically on fire and with each thrust of his hard cock; he was bringing her closer to the brink of orgasm.

Derek was thrusting his cock into his mother's cunt with such force, she could hear his big balls slapping against her ass. Wanting more, she wrapped her legs around his ass and tried to pull him deeper inside of her.

The headboard of the bed was rhythmically banging against the wall from the force of their fucking. Over and over Derek kept viciously driving his cock deeper inside of his mother. For her part, she was meeting his thrusts with powerful thrusts of her own. It was as if, one was trying to outdo the other.

Between her screams of pleasure and the banging of the headboard against the wall, Cynthia feared someone would report them to the front desk.

Derek was still fucking his mother vigorously when Cynthia started flailing her head from side to side and Derek could feel her cunt muscles quivering and gripping his cock. Their frantic fuck session was quickly reaching it's end.

His body began to feel as if it might explode. Derek pulled his mother to him and slammed his cock into her one last time and screamed! "AIIIEEE, I'm Cumming!!"

When the first spurt of his incestuous seed splattered against the inside of her overflowing cunt, a sudden surge of unbelievable pleasure filled her body and she had a mind-blowing orgasm.

She screamed out! "Oh godd, right there, Ugh, Ugh, M-M-Mommy's going to cum! Mmm, feels so good."

Her screaming and moaning echoed off of the ceiling and hotel room walls. To stifle her cries, she bit down hard on her lower lip while her body convulsed beneath her son. With her thighs still wrapped around her son's waist, she began squeezing them so hard he could hardly breathe.

Finally when her orgasm finished, she released her son from the vice like grip of her legs. Gasping for breath she looked up at her son and said. "That was the most incredible experience of my life! You are an amazing lover!"

Thinking his cock was thoroughly drained, Derek collapsed beside his mother totally exhausted. As Cynthia lay her head upon her son's broad sweaty chest, she gently started stroking her son's spent cock.

Suddenly and without warning, Derek's body tensed up and he began to shake as his cock began to fire another round of spunk high into the air. Derek's mother continued stroking his extremely sensitive cock until she was positive he was through cumming.

Totally satiated, the two lovers fell off to a blissful sleep. Neither of them knew what tomorrow had in store, but as long as were together, nothing would ever come between them.

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