iCarly - iFound Bigfoot

by David Oberman

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Desc: Fan Fiction Sex Story: Another parody of the popular teen show iCarly. This time Carly goes out in search of Bigfoot and runs into much more than she could ever expect. The teen idol gets abducted, raped, and then taken by the legendary beast, only to be then offered to the beasts of the forest.

Part One

Carly Shay and Freddy Benson, both dressed in Dukes of Hazard garb, Carly in a pair of tight Daisy Duke hotpant shorts, come traipsing down the stairs from the iCarly studio looking for Sam who's sitting on the couch watching TV.

"Sam, what are you doing?" Carly asked her.

"Watching the news," Sam replies.

"You're supposed to be upstairs with us rehearsing for iCarly," Carly reminds her friend. "Let's go."

"No, wait," Sam says. "Just let me watch the next story. I think it's about Bigfoot."

"No one cares abou..." Freddy begins to say.

"BIGFOOT!" Carly burst out excitedly as she leaps over the couch, landing next to Sam.

"On the northern outskirts of Mount Baker National Park," the reporter on the TV says. "Two hikers saw something that at first they believed was a large bear."

"IT'S BIGFOOT!" Carly exclaims. "I know it's Bigfoot."

"Now, before you dismiss this sighting as another Bigfoot hoax," the newscaster goes on as the screen cuts to a video of the sighting. "Take a look at this footage that was taken by one of the hikers with his mobile phone."

The video shows an apparently furry creature lumbering through the leafy growth of the dark forest.

"THERE! YOU SEE!" Carly shouts out. "IT'S BIGFOOT!"

"So, was it a hoax?" The reported says.

"NO!" Carly replies sharply.

"Or was it Bigfoot?" The reporter goes on.

"YES!" Carly retorts triumphantly. "Discussion over! Take that, Mrs. Cuntwell!"

"Our fifth grade teacher?" Sam asked.

"Yeah!" Carly replies. "Don't you remember. We had to write a report on some rare creature. Well, I wrote about Bigfoot, and I worked really hard on it. And then Mrs. Cuntwell was all: 'Bigfoot isn't real, so you get an F'."

Just then, Carly's older brother Spencer joins the three teens in the living room.

"Hey! Hi guys," he says. "What's up?"

"Well, Carly just saw this Bigfoot story on the news," Sam replies. "And then went all OO-EE-OO-EE on us."

"You saw the Bigfoot video on the news," Carly responded defensively.

"People fake shit like that all the time," Sam tells Carly.

"Is this about the F you got from Mrs. Cuntwell?" Spencer asked his little sister.

"Maybe," Carly pouts.

"Kid, there's no such thing as Bigfoot," Spencer tells her.

"Oh, but there is such a thing as the beav-coon," Carly retorts.

"Yes, there surely is," Spencer replies.

"Err, what's a beav-coon?" Freddy asked.

"A creature that lives in Spencer's diseased imagination," Carly teases.

"I saw one with my own eyes," Spencer explains. "It's a creature about yea wide, and yea long. It has the head of a beaver and the body of a raccoon."

"The ... beav-coon," Sam replies.

"YES!" Spencer shouts out in triumph. "And it went H-E-R-R-R-R-R-R!!"

"Spencer, there is no such thing as a beav-coon," Carly retorts.

"There is too," Spencer retorts in defiance.

"No it doesn't," Carly retorts.

"Don't say that," Spencer pouts.

The next day at her school, Carly announces to all of her fellow students that a Dr. Sydney van Gurbin, author of a book titled 'BIGFOOT; TRUE OR REAL', would be on her iCarly show to talk about the creature's recent sighting.

Later that evening, Dr. van Gurbin made his appearance on the iCarly show and gave his expert support to the recent sighting. He even claimed that he had predicted that Bigfoot would make his appearance just where the two hikers had seen him.

Later after the show Carly continued doing her own personal research on the Internet about other Bigfoot sightings.

"Oh, check this out," Carly says. "It says here that in the past few years there have been over a dozen sightings of Bigfoot in the wooded area behind a hotdog stand called Robin's Weiner."

"Hey, I've hear of that place," Sam added. "They were recently featured on the Food Channel. Ryan Seacrest said if was the best hotdog he had ever had."

"So?" Carly says with a smile.

"Ryan Seacrest is never wrong!" Sam replies.

"Okay, look," Carly says as she jumps to her feet. "I want to prove that Bigfoot exist, you want to find a beav-coon, and Sam wants to go to Robin's Weiner."

"I do!" Sam declares defiantly.

"And?" Spencer says questioningly.

"Doesn't your friend Socko have an RV?" Carly asked her brother.

"You mean a recreational vehicle?" Spencer replies with a question.

"Yes," Carly answers back with her sweet smile.

"He does," Spencer answers.

"So, borrow it," Carly tells him. "And then let's go up to Mount Baker's National Fdorest."

"Say what?" Spencer responds.

"Oh c'mon ... Robin's Weiner!" Sam chips in.

"Let's do it!" Cary says encouragingly.

The following weekend, the iCarly gang are in Socko's RV heading to the national park in search for Bigfoot.

Of course, along the way they stop along the way to get some hotdogs at Robin's Weiner.

By the time they get to the park it is already dark as Spencer parks the RV for the night.

"And ... welcome to Mount Baker's National Forest!" Spencer declares to the gang.

Carly and Freddy let out a cheer at their arrival.

"Yea! Let's go find Bigfoot!" Carly says excitedly.

"Or the beav-coon," Spencer adds.

"No-o-o, Bigfoot is our priority," Carly reminds her big brother.

"B-i-i-igfoo-oo-t!" Spencer replies sarcastically.

They then unbuckle their seatbelts and move to the back of the RV where they find Sam asleep, slumped over the table, with a hotdog stuffed in her mouth.

"Sam!" Carly calls to her best friend. "Sam? A-h-h-h! She fell asleep eating one of Robin's Wieners."

"Gross!" Freddy replies.

"I'm going outside to check the place out," Carly says.

"Wait, I'm coming with you," her brother says.

As Carly and Spencer step out of the RV, Freddy is returning to the main cabin with his video equipment. But he sees that everyone is gone, except for the slumbering Sam, with a hotdog still in her mouth.

Freddy looks around to make sure that there truly is no one else around. He then stares down at Sam with a mischievous grin on his face.

'Well, Sam, ' he thinks to himself. 'This is my chance to get even with you for all the rotten things you've done to me these past few years.'

With that thought in mind he pulls down his fly, and then pulls out his juvenile cock. He then carefully pulls out the hotdog from Sam's mouth and replaces it with his own wiener.

Outside the RV Carly admires the beauty of the nature around her.

"Will you look at this," Carly says, taking a deep breath of the fresh air.

"Cough! Cough!" Is Spencer's reply. "What is that smell?"

"That's called 'fresh air' Spencer," Carly smiles back at him.

Suddenly the silence is broken by a blood-curdling yell.


They rush back to the RV where they find Freddy bent over in obvious pain.

"What's wrong?" Carly ask with urgency. "What happened?"

"SHE BIT ME!" Freddy yells out, his hands covering his crotch area.

"Aww, do you want me to kiss it better?" Carly asked sweetly.

"Err, okay," Freddy says as he removes his hand from his crotch, exposing his cock, which is where Sam had bitten him.

"FREDDY!" Carly shouts out in embarrassment.

"Well, she bit down on it!" Freddy says.

"And just how did that happen?" Carly asked, her hands on her hips.

"Err ... err," Freddy was left speechless.

"He stuffed that ... that thing in my mouth, that's how!" Sam cut in.

"Freddy, how could you?" Carly said, as she dropped her arms in disappointment to her friend.

"Well, she deserved it for all the times she beat up on me," Freddy said in his own defense.

"He does have a point there," Spencer chips in.

Sam stares Spencer down for coming to Freddy's defense. Spencer steps back toward the doorway in response.

"Freddy, will ... will you cover that," Carly says as she covers her eyes with her hand to avoid seeing his still exposed penis.

"Oh, sorry," Freddy says sheepishly as he tucks his sore cock back into his pants.

Now that peace was reinstated within the group, Carly takes them all back outside to make their plans for proving the existence of Bigfoot.

"Okay, I'm going out there to set up my cameras," Freddy says.

"Cameras? What cameras?" Carly ask.

"These are motion activated, infrared cameras," Freddy says.

"Ahhhh!" Sam groans.

"Anything that moves in front of it will activate them," Freddy goes on. "And then the images will be recorded onto my computer hard-drive."

"AHHHH!" Sam groans even louder.

"What's wrong?" Carly ask.

"My head hurts!" Sam repeats.

"How come?" Carly asked.

"His voice hurts my head," Sam moans, pointing towards Freddy.

Freddy is about to retort to Sam's taunts but Carly stops him with a hand on his chest.

"Just go set up your tree cameras," Carly tells Freddy to avoid the unavoidable argument with Sam.

Just then they hear a sound coming from deep in the woods.

"Carly!" The odious voice is heard calling out. "Carly!"

"Bigfoot?" Carly calls back out.

"How could Bigfoot know your name," Freddy says with a chuckle.

Just then a figure emerges from the darkness.

"Well, I didn't expect to see you all out here," the mysterious voice is revealed to be Dr. van Gurbin.

"Dr. van Gurbin? Hi," Carly says with a smile.

"You here to look for Bigfoot?" van Gurbin asks.

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