Welcomed Visitor
Chapter 1: Susie the cheerleader

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Pedophilia, Heterosexual, Fiction, First, Oral Sex, Petting,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: Susie the cheerleader - This is a story of a single guys encounter with his neighbors young and older.

It was a typical Saturday afternoon and I was just hanging around the house messing with my computer when the doorbell rang. "Now what" I thought to myself. Probably some salesman or religious pest, but, I went to the door anyways. I can usually get rid of almost anyone. I put on my best angry face since being interrupted and reached for the door knob tugging the door wide.

When I opened the door I wasn't greeted with either of them but the cute little girl from next door. What a pleasant surprise. She stood there with a big smile on her cherubic face and an order form in her hand totally brightening up my day. What a pleasant surprise.

Let me take a moment to describe me and her. First, my name is Gregory Thomas or 'Greg" to most people. I insist that everyone I know call me that even the kids. I am 26 years old, single, and some people say I am fairly good looking even though I don't think so. I currently don't have a love interest in my life so you could say I am footloose and fancy-free. Further, I have been attracted to teenaged girls ever since I was that age myself.

My neighbor girl (her name is Susan but we all call her Susie) is a very sweet youngster about 14 with the prettiest blue eyes and long blonde hair. She has that "peaches and cream" complexion without a single blemish anywhere. A total knockout if I say so myself. I have seen her growing up into a pure vision of beauty in a small package. When I see her out in shorts and a tube top I cannot help but notice her budding breasts and perfectly shaped lightly tanned legs. A little 'bubble but' rear end to die for. Everything about this girl is perfect. And to top it off she has a bubbly personality that makes you fall for her the first time she speaks.

She was dressed in a red white and blue cheerleader outfit which did wonders to make her look like the most desirable girl I have ever seen. The gods have been kind to me to place this divine creature right next door to me. She said to me that her cheer squad was selling cookies to raise money to pay for a trip to the state cheerleading competition. I am always a sucker for good causes but when the request comes from this little angle I was bowled over and totally powerless to say anything but "heck yes".

I invited her in to make her presentation and sell me some cookies. She took a seat on the couch and I sat in my favorite chair across from her. Sitting with her legs spread a little way I could see a glimpse of sky blue panties peeking out. Little did she know but she could sell me anything she wanted with no effort at all. But I decided to let her do her thing. So, there she sat telling me all about her JV cheerleading team and the awards they have won on the local level and that they had a good chance at winning the state championship. I had seen the team in several news pictures and really believe they have an excellent chance. They are a very talented group and every one of them totally gorgeous.

Having seen them on TV before, I asked her if she had time to show me a couple of her routines. She said "sure, I've got all afternoon but can I use your bathroom first." I didn't think anything of it and said "Yeah, go ahead." I didn't hear the toilet flush but thought nothing of it. She came prancing out and stood in the middle of the living room floor. She started her routines. Lots of cheers and hand slaps ending with a twirl where her pleated skirt lifted giving me what I hoped would be another glimpse of her pretty panties. Was I ever shocked to see that she had removed her panties giving me a look at her cute bottom and hairless pussy. She blushed a little but ended with a split on the floor. I was totally blown away unable to speak and just stared at her with my mouth hanging open. She said "you like?" What could I say but I gasped out "splendid." She jumped up, ran over and planted a kiss on my cheek and blushed again. Now I understood why I didn't hear the toilet flush.

Once I had myself back under some semblance of control I had to ask her "Susie, why did you take your panties off? Surely you don't do that in public do you?" As calm as could be she said "Goodness no, Never in public It's just that I wanted to make it a special cheer just for you 'cause I really like you so much." My mind was spinning a mile a minute now and it must be that she has a crush on me. She really knows how to get my attention.

Now that I think back on things it seems that any time I was out working on the house or yard she was out also and smiling as I waved to her and she waved back. She wasn't doing much more than watching me work.

One day last summer she and another girl her age were visiting me and asked for piggy back rides around the house. Well we alternated one and then the other dashing around the house. I told them they could steer me by turning my head which they did. They both had on shorts and while carrying them my fingers would slip up the leg of the shorts and into their panties touching bare pussy. They both did not object and seemed to hold on tighter when I did it. I did notice both of them seemed to be breathing kind of hard. They did a lot of whispering to each other probably comparing notes on how they were carried. Smiles abounded all the time.

Susie had been by a few months ago selling Girl Scout cookies. While sitting on the couch dressed in her Girl Scout uniform with the very short skirt she flashed me several times with a clear view of her panty covered crotch. Now I wonder if it was accidental or on purpose. Of course I signed up for ten boxes.

Back to the present visit- I explained to her that if she gave a show like that to men they might get the wrong idea and want to do more than just look. She hopped up on my lap and said to me "I'd like that. Do you want to touch me down there?" pointing at her lap. I know I shouldn't but I can only resist so much so I put my hand on her bare thigh below the hem of her skirt. She let out a soft "Hmmmm" which was my signal to proceed. I slowly caressed her thigh going higher under her skirt. All she did was snuggle closer to me with that smile and a dreamy expression on her face. Once my index finger reached her pussy she tilted her head back and kissed me directly on the lips. God, I was falling in love with this goddess of sexuality.

Stroking the slit of her pussy I noticed some dampness starting to form near the bottom. As I rubbed her I also noticed her legs moving apart giving me more room. Moving my finger up higher I felt the nub of her cliterous poking out. As I touched it she gave out a gasp of pleasure and started breathing harder. Her hips were starting to move back and forth in time with my strokes. This girl is really getting turned on and so was I. She had to notice the bulge in my pants pressing on her bottom. I bent my head down and gave her a kiss on the lips and felt her tongue coming out to play. I joined it with mine and we had a lingering French kiss. I wondered who had taught this kid to kiss but I thank them sincerely. Gradually my stroking went lower in her pussy until I reached her vaginal opening. She was really wet now and I could feel the heat of her arousal. I pressed my middle finger into her and found it went in quite easily while her muscles clutched rhythmically on my digit. She was now moaning quite a lot and getting wetter while I had my finger all the way into her innermost reaches. So much for her being a young teenage virgin. All of a sudden she broke the kiss and screamed out while her whole body became tense like a spring. I almost lost it at this point and creamed my underwear. I was truly on the edge. She shuddered and shook and called out "oh god Greg yessss"

As she came down from her orgasm she kissed me again then pulling away she said "Oh, Greg I've wanted you to do that for so long. It felt so wonderful, better than I imagined." Then in a small voice almost a whisper she said "Greg I want you in me right now." I was shocked that she would want me to have sex with her so I asked her "have you ever had sex before?" I was concerned that I Didn't want to take her virginity just in case she lost her hymen by accident. She assured me "Yes, I've done it with my brother and his friend before." I said "But I am a lot bigger than them and I might hurt you." That is something I never could do because I like her too much to inflict pain. She then shocked me again when she said "I'm not supposed to tell anyone but I trust you. I did it with my daddy before he went away and it only hurt a little the first time so it should fit okay."

I said to her "Doing it is a big step for both of us and I have to be sure you really want it so go into my bedroom and take all of your clothes off, lay on the bed and call for me. Then we can do it." Thinking that there is no doubt that I want to do it since I have fanaticized about making love to her for years and never thought it would come to pass. So I waited patiently listening for her to call me. It was only two minutes later that I heard her sweet voice call to me that she was ready.

I stepped into the bedroom and was presented the most beautiful sight I have ever seen in my life. The bed covers were pulled down and lying on the bed was Susie in all her glory as naked as the day she was born. Her pretty face surrounded by a frame of her golden blonde hair splayed out on the pillow. Her budding breasts puffed up about a half inch with very erect nipples poking up like pencil erasers. Oh how I longed to suck on those nipples. Further down a totally flat tummy surrounded her belly button. Then down to her pubis where her hairless pussy seemed to glow. I could almost feel the heat from the doorway. Then two perfectly shaped legs that many women would die for. It seemed her overall body was so soft and smooth with not a single blemish or an ounce of baby fat anywhere.

I walked over and sat on the side of the bed next to her and leaned down and gave her a quick kiss on her divine lips. Her eyes closed and she let out a soft moan while she squirmed around in the bed. It was at this point that I made a decision. This girl was too beautiful and precious to just have sex like wham-bam-thank you ma'am. This is going to be a moment to remember and not just a release of built up horniness. A quickie was probably what she wanted but I could not do that to her.

I told her that I had two things to say to her. I said "First off we are NOT going to have sex today." The disappointed look on her face almost made me tear up until I continued after a short pause "Susie, we are going to make LOVE instead." You should see her face brighten up like I was looking directly into the sun. That smile would brighten up any place it was turned on and make my day. I wonder if she realizes what awesome power she possesses with just that smile. Reminds me of the opening lyrics of that song "City girls seem to find out early, how to open doors with just a smile." My mental door was wide open and beckoning.

I had to ask her about something before we go any further. I surely don't want to get this young girl pregnant at such a tender age. "Susie, have you been having periods?" She answered "Yes, for over a year now and mom put me on the pill six months ago when she found out I was no longer a virgin" That's a load off my mind.

The next thing I did was to get her to roll over on her tummy so I could give her a nice massage to relax her. She promptly did and I started at her neck and proceeded to massage her back as I worked my way down her body. When I got to her bottom I had to dwell there squeezing and rubbing that heavenly part of her body. Spreading the cheeks of her bottom first kissing each one I then ran my tongue over her rosebud up and down several times. At first contact she let out a definite squeal and tried to lift her bottom for more. After the third lick I wetted my finger and pressed it into her back hole to the first knuckle and started an in and out stroke. The she came with another bang just like the one in the living room.

After some time I then proceeded down her legs. She gave out with a shiver and giggle as I got to the back of her knees. This is a sensitive spot on girls and as a side benefit is one of her erogenous zones. I could tell from her increased breathing rate and slight moans.

Making my way down her calves I reached her feet. Here is where I can work some of my magic by caressing and kissing each toe individually as well as massaging her whole foot. This takes some time but that's what we have plenty of to spare. I sure don't want to rush things. It is intended to be enjoyable to her and I even enjoy bringing pleasure to this heavenly angel. Just the skin contact is working wonders on me also as my prick is getting hard and leaking a bit of pre-cum. Now comes even more fun.

A few years ago a massage therapist taught me a little trick that everyone seems to like a lot. I started at her neck and ran my finger nails down her spine till I got to the bottom. I then applied my thumbs at the critical spots on either side of her lower back and pressed in. A ripple of contractions ran up her back from her bottom to her neck accompanied with a sudden out rush of air from her mouth. She could only say "WOW"

I then had her flip over so I can do the front. Starting with her feet I work my way up her left leg kissing, licking and caressing her each inch of the way. Avoiding her pubes I work on her hips and up her side to her arm pit where she giggles since that tickles. Now I proceed down her left arm kissing, licking and caressing all the way to her hand. When I get there I then kiss and suck on each finger of her petite hand. By this time she is continually moaning showing her enjoyment of my ministrations to her body. Then over to her right hand to repeat the process and then down the other side all the way to her toes. By this time she is breathing really hard. I think I have this girl turned on big time. Of course I am not immune to the process and am sporting an erection like never before. This completes the first part of the "trip around the world" that girls like so much.

Now starts the direct sexual stimulation. Starting with her neck I kiss and lick my way to her upper chest above her budding breasts. Form side to side I work my way down and around the edge of each breast carefully avoiding her nipples which on their own are standing out like pencil erasers. Finally, easing some of her frustrations, I plant a kiss on each of her sensitive nipples. Then I take a whole breast into my mouth and flick my tongue over the nipple which elicits a squeal from her. Repeating the process on the other nipple and then back and forth several times getting a squeal from her at each one. Like birds in the fall it's time to head south. More kissing and licking with caresses thrown in for good measure. Then I proceed across her flat tummy to the next spot – her belly button. When I lick her there she goes ape, jumps up and curls up in a ball laughing. She apologized saying "sorry but you surprised me. Try it again and I'll try to hold still." I did and she did and seemed to enjoy it. OK, enough dilly dallying. It's time to get serious with her and head further south to her honey pot. I call it that because the nectar is so sweet.

Kissing her Venus Mound I was right at the doorway to heaven. Spreading her legs a bit I reached my hand between her thighs at her knees and caressed her skin in gradually higher paths until I eventually met the lips of her pussy. As I touched she again let out a gasp followed by a moan and a little flick of her hips. It seems she is really enjoying this. I know I am. Very slowly I stroked my finger up and down her slit getting a reaction from her on each pass. She gradually started spreading her legs more giving me more room and better access to her divine charms. She bent her legs at the knees and spreading further she kept both knees on the bed. Such flexibility is endowed on the youth and gymnasts. Spread open to my view is the most erotic sight I have ever beheld. Her puffy lips separated and the pink flesh shows in all it's glory.

Near the top is a hooded bump I recognize as her clit. Proceeding down from that is her tiny pee-hole and then her vaginal opening or "love tunnel" I like to call it. It would be normally closed up tight but this sexy little girl is so turned on that it is open about a half an inch and quite moist. She is totally ready for penetration but not yet. She will get to have another orgasm first and if I have my way it will be a mind blowing experience. So I guess it is time for me to quit admiring the scenery and get to work. Who am I kidding; this is in no way considered WORK. It's just too much FUN for both of us.

Blowing my breath lightly across her crotch elicits another moan and a slight shudder. I kiss her directly on her clit keeping my lips there for a while as I flick her with my tongue. Moving my tongue down to her opening I lap up her sweet nectar. This has to be the best flavor I have ever tasted. Running my tongue up the length of her crotch again elicits a moan and shudder. She is so turned on she desperately says "I can't take it any longer. I want you in me NOW." I guess it's time for me to strip down so I can get serious.

Glad to accommodate her I move up rubbing my prick up and down along her valley spreading the lubrication and experiencing a jolt to my system as electric shocks jump through my system to my brain giving me a euphoric pleasure beyond any previous experience. Placing the head at the opening of her love tunnel I press slightly feeling the outer ring expand around me as I slowly enter her hot and slick insides. As I slide in she gives out with a slight harrumph and her hips rock up giving me a bit more penetration. At this time I have no rational thought since I am flying high on a wave of pleasure overloading my brain almost an out of body sensation. Pressing further into the velvet glove of her sex sliding into the lubricated tunnel I can sense every contour of the walls of her vagina. Continuing to press in I am stopped all the way into her. I just hold it there for a while savoring the ultimate sensation of being joined to this beauty like we are one.

She starts rocking her hips giving me the message that she is ready to proceed with the act we are sharing in ecstasy. I then start a slow in and out stroke timing my thrusts with her rocks resulting in maximum pleasure for both of us. Her breathing has sped up to the point that she is gasping and moaning. Gradually I speed up my strokes as we both climb the slope to orgasm. Faster and harder I pummel her like a pile driver until I feel her vagina start to quiver and clamp and release my prick combining both pain and pleasure until she lets out a orgasmic scream shrill enough to break glass and peel the paint off the walls. This causes me to explode my sperm into her hot tunnel with a force I have never before felt. Then she goes limp and her breathing slows down and I am sure she has passed out with pleasure overload. I am not in much better shape myself.

I just laid there buried in her while my prick deflates slipping out of her with an audible plop. I roll off to the side holding her while she recovers. I kiss her lightly on the lips several times unable to resist that cherubic face. Her eyes eventually flick open looking directly into mine with a wondrous satiated look. She is trembling a bit as she says "WOW, that was totally awesome. I've never had a cum like that ever before. It was frustrating but definitely worth the wait." After a slight pause she looks at me sheepishly and asks "Can we do it again?"

I responded "Yeah any time you want but not right now. I am totally wasted and I don't think I will be able to even move for a while." So we just laid there cuddling, basking in the afterglow of a mind blowing session. Both of us dripping in sweat I suggest a shower. She agrees and we troop off to my shower. Well, more like waddle on shaky legs. I get the water adjusted and we step in letting the water cascade over us while we embrace under the spray. After a minute or two I reach over and grab the soap lathering my hands up and proceed to wash her heavenly body from the top down paying particular attention to her breasts. While this is going on she is peppering me with kisses on my cheeks, forehead, ears and finally a French kiss on my mouth. It is almost impossible to concentrate on washing while this angel lavishes affection on me getting me all worked up again. She reaches down taking a hold of my prick and squeezing life back into it. I continue soaping up her body and when I reach the junction of her legs I give her gentle strokes on her private parts especially her clit which protrudes slightly ready to play.

I then work my way down her statuesque legs to her feet. Now I do not have a foot fetish but I have to admire her dainty feet that could only belong to this heavenly angle. I lift each one in turn washing them with the utmost care. Finishing that, I stand up and move her back to the spray to rinse off the soap.

All rinsed off she declares "My turn" grabbing the soap and pays homage to my body. Soaping me up in the same manner as I did her she works her way down my body reaching my prick and washing it VERY well resulting in an erection of spring steel. She casually states "Look who wants to play. It's little Greggie. and he isn't through yet. He's just going to have to wait a while though." Soaping the rest of the way down my legs she then pushes me back under the spray to rinse off. Once I am soap free she pulls me out from under the spray, gives me a passionate kiss while wrapping her body to mine like a second skin. She releases me and I see a little twinkle in her eyes as she goes down on her knees planting a kiss right on the head of my erection sending shock waves throughout my body and making my toes curl. Then holding my prick in her hand she opens her mouth and engulfs me in a warm moist embrace and starts sucking on little Greggie like there is no tomorrow. Swirling her tongue around the head and the underside giving me such a feeling of pleasure I thought the top of my head was going to blow off. This girl is so heavenly that in very short order she has me ready to come to pop my cork and fill her mouth with a gallon of cum. I warn her that I am ready to blow and she just sucks harder. The inevitable happens and I blow my wad into her mouth with a force I didn't know I had. She swallowed it all not missing a single drop and licking my prick clean from root to end. As I stagger back against the shower wall I find that I am now totally drained. I turn off the water and we stumble out of the shower grabbing towels to dry each other off accompanied with kisser all over each others bodies.

Once dried off and dressed she announces that she is hungry so we pad out to the kitchen and grab some soda and snacks. We plop down in my favorite chair with her on my lap right where this all started. She poked me in the ribs and said "Ready to go again?" Well let me tell you I would like nothing better than to spend the next few hours in bed with her. The mind is willing but the body has given up and is ready to hibernate for a month or two.

About an hour later she said it's time she got back home so I walked her to the door. We embraced and kissed and as she was walking out the door she turned around and whispered in my ear "Maybe next time I'll bring my friend with me." And then she dashed next door with a little wiggle of her bottom. I can only dream

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