Two Fantasies Fulfilled in One Day

by bamadude 55

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Reluctant, Incest, Mother, Son, Oral Sex, Size, Doctor/Nurse, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A young man's nurse opens his mother's eyes to the joys of incest.

Chris was in a terrible motorcycle accident that tore most of the skin off his hands and feet. Like an idiot, he was riding without a helmet and all he had on his feet were a pair of flip flops. He never saw the car pull out in front of him and before he knew it, he was flying across the handlebars and skidding across the pavement.

After two months in the hospital and numerous skin grafts, he finally went home from the hospital. He'd only been home a couple of days and was really excited because his favorite nurse was coming over to teach his mother how to care for him. Chris was lying in bed with just a towel draped over his midsection watching TV when there was a knock on his door. The door opened and his mother (Carol) told him. "Chris, sweetie, I hate to interrupt you but your nurse is here and she is going to teach me the proper way to care for you. Are you ready?"

Chris turned his TV off with the remote control and answered her. "Sure mom, that's fine. It's not like I have anything else to do anyway. Let's go ahead and get it over with."

His favorite nurse (Bonnie) came bounding into his room with two wash pans and a washcloth and said to Chris. "How is my favorite patient today? I know it's only been a couple of days since you came home but have you missed me?"

"After everything you've done for me, you had better believe I've missed you. My cock is like a piece of steel, it's practically unbendable. I sure hope you're going to help me like you promised. You are the most wonderful nurse in the world." Chris answered her.

Bonnie leaned down and sensuously whispered into his ear. "Don't worry about a thing stud, before today's over, I promise to make sure your big meaty cock is attended to on a daily basis."

Their conversation was interrupted when Chris's mother came into the room. The sexy young nurse turned towards Chris's mother and extended her hand to her. Seductively she said to her. "You must be Chris's lovely mother; he talks about you all the time. My name's Bonnie, I'm so glad to finally meet you. He tells me all the time how lucky he is to have the most beautiful mother in the world, but his words simply don't do you justice. You are simply ravishing! I'll bet you have a line of men beating down the door trying to meet you. Chris is lucky to have such a sexy young mom to take care of him."

His mother shook her hand and said. "Stop it. You're making me blush, but I thank you for the compliment. My name is Carol and I really appreciate you coming over to help us. I know Chris thinks the world of you. He has told me over and over about all of the special attention you gave him while he was in the hospital. He said your hands were like magic because they always made the pain go away. I can only hope I can do half as good a job as you have."

The sexy young nurse gave Chris a quick wink and before thinking he blurted out. "Are you really gonna do what we talked about?"

She flashed him a big smile and said. "I told you I would, and as you know, I always keep my promises."

Bonnie had been giving Chris very special attention while he was in the hospital. From the first time she laid eyes on his massive cock, she knew she knew she couldn't resist it. She started having sex with him after only his second night in the hospital. As their sexual escapades increased, he told her about his fantasy to make love to his mother. She had always been a kinky little slut and agreed to help him seduce his mother when he finally went home.

Carol asked the nurse. "Are you ready to get started? I'm not really sure I can go through with this. It's been such a long time since I've given him a bath. I'm really nervous, he was just a little boy back then when I bathed him."

Bonnie walked over to her and put her hands on the nervous mothers shoulders and then with a play on words she told her. "Well, he definitely isn't a little boy anymore. Don't you fret though, I can assure you there is no difference in giving a little boy a bath and washing a grown man. They both get dirty everywhere. I promise, you will be a natural. The first thing we need to do is fill these wash pans with warm water and we will get started."

As soon as the two women left the room to fill the pans with water, Chris began rubbing his massive cock through his bandages underneath the towel covering his midsection. His cock was almost fully hard when he heard them quickly returning. He stopped immediately and situated his hard-on until it was barely noticeable. Once the lovely women were beside his bed with the wash pans, Bonnie wet a washcloth and began to wash his face. While she was washing his face, she instructed his mother to begin washing his chest and stomach.

Everything was going along pretty normal until his mother reached the bottom of his stomach and noticed the large bulge in the towel covering Chris's midsection. She began to get noticeably antsy because she figured the next step was to remove his towel and wash his genitals.

Bonnie noticed Carol's apprehension and decided to take her plan to the next step. The diabolical nurse rinsed out her washcloth and with the nervous mother's hand and face close to the towel, she nonchalantly pulled the towel off of Chris's midsection and told his mother rather matter of factly. "This is the most important part of keeping him clean because he sweats so much and it could cause a bedsore. It's very important that you clean this area very thoroughly."

His mother gasped out loud and started to turn her head but the young nurse continued to explain how important it is for her to properly clean and inspect his genitals. She told her. "I can't emphasize enough how important this is to his overall health. You must clean him thoroughly, because if he gets a bedsore, it can get infected and before you know it, the infection will be in his bones and it become a very dangerous situation."

Upon hearing the nurses words, his mother turned her head towards her son's cock. By now his massive cock was fully hard and its thick purple veins were pulsating and protruding through the skin. It was bouncing up and down on his stomach like an angry sea serpent and before she knew it, she gasped loudly and blurted out! "Oh my god, Chris your p, p, p, penis is huge. I, I, I, I've never seen one so big."

Turning to the nurse she asked her? "Is he alright? I, I, I, I mean it's not normal for a p, p, p, penis to be that big, is it?"

Bonnie chuckled and said. "Oh no, he's just fine. Believe me when I tell you there's absolutely nothing wrong with your son's cock, err, I mean his penis. I know it seems abnormally large and it's probably a big shock seeing such a huge penis on your own son, but really, you should be proud. After all, you helped make it."

Without saying a word, the beautiful nurse reached across the bed and grabbed Chris's mother by the hand and pulled it towards his massive cock. Looking into her eyes she told her. "Everything will be fine, I will help you through it. Like I told you earlier, it is very important to keep him very clean. Remember, you are just doing a medical procedure." "I'll do my best but it just doesn't feel right for me to put my hands on his, his, his, p, p, p, penis. A mother should never touch her son's penis."

Bonnie enthusiastically took his cock in one hand, and while washing it, said to his mother. "Just don't think of it that way, think of it as you are doing medical procedure to help him get better. In reality, that's what you're doing anyway. Here, let me help you."

Bonnie took his mother's hand with the wash rag in it and placed it on his steel hard cock. After holding his mother's hand on his cock for a few seconds Bonnie began to slowly slide his mother's hand gently up and down the full length of his long, thick rod and said to her. "See, that's not so hard." She giggled a little bit and then told his mother. "I guess that wasn't the right word to use, as you can plainly see and feel. Why don't you continue washing him there while I clean his balls, err, I mean his genitals."

While his mother continued to clean his cock with the wash rag, Bonnie begins to feverishly play with his balls. Chris rapidly became really excited and his mother was too, so Bonnie decided it was time to take her plan to the next level. She motioned with her free hand towards Chris and he screamed! "Damn it to hell, it's happening again Bonnie! Shit it hurts!"

His mother immediately released his cock and asked Bonnie. "What's happening again, what hurts?"

Quick as a flash Bonnie told his mother. "It's his cock, err I mean penis. It's a common case among young men in his condition. He can't relieve himself when his penis gets hard. After awhile, a blockage develops. I assumed the doctor explained all of this to you."

Chris's mother exclaimed! "He most certainly did not!"

Immediately Bonnie began stroking his cock while continuing to talk to his mother. "He should have, because as you can see, it can be a very painful situation. Also, I don't know if Chris plans on getting married one day and having kids in the future, but if he does not ejaculate enough, his sperm will start to dry up and he will become infertile. After everything he's been through already we wouldn't want that, now would we?"

With a quivering voice, his mother said. "Oh No, I want him to have every opportunity in the world to be happy, but I'm not quite sure I can help him in that way." She rubbed her hand across Chris's forehead and asked him. "You understand, don't you honey?"

"Yes mom, I understand. Don't you worry, I have put up with more pain than this. I'll get through it somehow. Oh shit, fuck it hurts! Please Bonnie, make the pain go away!" Chris screamed!

Seeing her son in such intense pain was more than his poor mother could stand so she told Bonnie. "Alright, alright, I'll give it a try. After all, it is just another medical procedure, right? Please show me what I need to do Bonnie."

The nurse grabbed a bottle of lube from her bag and squirted it on his cock. Bonnie took his mother's trembling hand and started sliding it up and down the full length of his cock. After a short while his mother began to really get into it and her breathing became ragged and her stroking became faster and faster. Chris had even begun thrusting his hips upward to meet her strokes. There was no doubt he was fucking her hands.

Sensing that Chris's mother was finally enjoying herself, Bonnie begins taking her plan to a whole another level. She told Carol. "You must be so very proud; your son has such a very fine cock. It's so long and thick. Can you feel it throbbing in your hand begging for release?"

As if in a trance, his mother answered her with a ragged breath. "Oh yes, I am proud of it, err, I mean him. I can't believe how much it's throbbing in my hand. It's hard to believe it but mommy's baby boy is all grown up now. It's amazing how big and hard it feels in my hands. It feels so alive."

Sensing the moment is right, Bonnie begins explaining to his suddenly cock hungry mother. "Sometimes a hand job can take a very long time and become very painful on your arms. Let me show you what I would do to get him to ejaculate while he was in the hospital."

Without waiting for a reaction from his mother, Bonnie took his mammoth cock into her mouth and began to suck on it like a lust crazed slut. His mother was so excited by now she couldn't wait until it was her turn to taste his cock. After Bonnie sucked his cock for a little while, she pulled her head up and began to show his mother the most sensitive places on his cock she should pay special attention.

When she finished showing his mother the best places on his cock to pay special attention, she asked her. "Well mom, do you think you are ready to give it a try?"

His suddenly eager mother answered. "Oh yes, I think I'm more than ready. Your instructions were very good."

After Carol started to hungrily suck her sons cock and get into a good rhythm, Bonnie started talking to her. "Carol, you better be careful, his tasty cock can become addicting. While I'm thinking of it, if you are in a hurry when he needs to be relieved, may I suggest some visual stimulation? It always worked for me when he was in the hospital. Let me show you."

Bonnie began undressing and after she took her bra off and her mountainous tits popped out, she asked his mother. "Do you feel that? His cock is becoming even stiffer since I took my top off? Can you feel the veins in his cock really throbbing now."

His mother pulled her head from his cock and said. "Yes I can feel it. I even felt it lurch forward in my mouth too. I can tell he really loves your breasts."

Bonnie suggested."May I suggest you disrobe also? I'll bet his cock will get even harder yet. Besides, when he ejaculates, you don't want to get it all over your clothes."

"You're absolutely right; I sure wouldn't want to ruin my clothes. I do think its best if I undress." His mother agreed.

While his mother began to frantically undress, Bonnie started to stroke his cock with one hand while giving Chris the thumbs up sign with her other hand. Once his mother was completely nude, she immediately resumed sucking her son's cock.

It wasn't long before the overly excited mother couldn't help herself and began to play with her pussy while steadily continuing to suck his cock. When Bonnie noticed what his mother was doing, she walked up behind her and sensuously whispered into her ear. "Don't fight it Carol; you know what you really want. You want to feel his big throbbing piece of man meat deep inside of you. Go ahead, indulge yourself. After all, you helped make it. You might as well enjoy it. Give your sexy body what it deserves. It will be our little secret. I promise I won't tell a soul."

Carol turned to Bonnie with pleading eyes and begged her. "Are you sure you won't tell anyone? I can live with going to hell but I can't live with going to jail."

Instead of answering her, Bonnie kissed the flustered mother full on the lips and began to fondle her luscious tits. When they finally broke their embrace, Bonnie looked deep into Carol's eyes and told her. "Look Carol, I always keep my promises, besides, if anyone found out I was fucking a patient while he was in the hospital, I wouldn't only lose my job, I would lose my license to be a nurse. Damn all the taboos! Just go for it, I promise you will enjoy every minute of it. I know I did."

Chris immediately looked up at his mother and said. "Please mom, I love you so much. You're the most beautiful woman I've ever known and I have fantasized about making love to you since I was a teenager."

His sexpot of a mother looked at him and said. "What the hell, if I'm going to hell I might as well enjoy the ride. Get ready Sonny boy because your mama's about to rock your world."

Bonnie helped his mother up onto the bed and Carol began to straddle her sons steely hard cock. Grabbing a hold of his massive weapon, Bonnie aimed it at the entrance of his mother's now willing pussy.

Bonnie teased his mother by rubbing the swollen purple head of her son's blood filled cock back and forth against the folds of her sopping wet pussy. When she felt like she'd tortured the beautiful mother enough, she gripped his cock hard and held it firmly in place. Looking up at the sexually delirious mother, Bonnie said. "Ready are not here it comes. Take your time and enjoy yourself."

Carol slowly lowered herself downward until she had to stop for fear his massive cock might split her in two. Once her overstuffed cunt adjusted to the size of his cock, she began to stealthily ride his wondrous prick. It didn't take long before she built up a good rhythm and began to feel sudden marvelous sensations flowing throughout her body. She was beginning to feel pleasure like she'd hadn't felt in a very long time. She couldn't believe how his cock was touching her in places she didn't even know existed.

The sight of his naked sensuous mother bouncing up and down on his cock excited Chris beyond measure. He admired her overwhelming beauty as she continued to impale herself on his massive cock. He couldn't believe his wildest dream had come true. As he watched her perky 36CC tits bouncing up and down in front of him, he was overcome with emotions and blurted out. "I can't believe it mom, I'm fucking you! I've dreamed about this forever. Oh fuck, my cock feels so good inside of your hot wet pussy. Your pussy is so hot it feels as if my cock is on fire."

His mother was now relentlessly fucking her son's hard throbbing cock at a frenetic pace when his words finally resonated in her brain. She was fucking her only son and loving every minute of it. The extreme pleasure she was experiencing had become so intense she could barely speak. The powerful sensations flowing through her body were like nothing she'd ever experienced before. The fact she was fucking her own son only intensified the joy she was feeling. Her moaning was becoming louder and louder each time she hurled herself down his massive piece of meat.

Carol was right on the verge of an intense orgasm when she looked directly into her son's eyes and hissed! "Yes, oh god, oh shit, ungh, oh, uh, ungh, fuck, oh, shit, oh god, oh, oh, uh, oh, fuck me, I can't believe I'm saying this but it feels so good having my son's big hard cock buried deep in my pussy."

The incessant throbbing of Chris' cock was driving both mother and son to heights of pleasure neither of them had known. They were lost in the moment, driven by a pure animalistic lust for excitement and fulfillment. In their quest to satisfy their demonlike urges, mother and son had forgotten about the nymphomaniac nurse in the room with them.

The sexy young nurse had fallen into the recliner next to Chris's bed and while she watched the incestuous coupling taking place before her eyes, she furiously frigged her clit with her right hand while pinching and tugging the nipple on her right breast with her left hand. She could feel an orgasm rapidly approaching as she feverishly worked her fingers in and out of her wet sensitive pussy. With raggedy breath she was moaning and taunting Chris' mother at the same time. "Ungh, oh, ungh, oh, shit, that's it mommy, fuck your son's big fucking cock! Oh shit, oh shit, fuck! Oh no, oh no, ungh, ride your son's big fat pussy stretching cock you sexy motherfucker! Fuck! Oh god nooooo, I'm Cumming!"

Mother and son turned immediately towards Bonnie when she wailed. Chris knew exactly what was about to transpire but his mother was in for something she'd never seen before. Carol's eyes bulged as she watched intently when the beautiful young nurse arched her hips skyward and began to squirt her sex juice high into the air. She didn't know a woman could cum in such a manner. At first thought, Carol feared Bonnie might be pissing all over herself from overstimulation.

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