The Pleasure Bunnies: Sunny Fellows Water Park
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Slavery, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Robot, DomSub, MaleDom, Oral Sex, Body Modification, Big Breasts, Science fiction adult story, sci-fi adult story, science-fiction sex story, sci-fi sex story

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Arianna is sent to do an on-site review of the newest Pleasure Bunnies facility: a family friendly water park which secretly houses a nefarious brainwashing center, which is currently setting its sights on two young women.

Arianna Lehane closed her eyes while taking a sip of her morning coffee. The plane she was on was in route back to the Pleasure Bunnie corporation headquarters in scenic central New Jersey. The past few days had been very hectic, but also very productive. She had been sent to Florida to do a review of the new brainwashing facility that had recently opened down there. To the public, Sunny Fellows Water Park was merely an exciting spring break destination which catered to teenagers and the early twenties set. In reality, it was a front for the brainwashing and reprogramming of certain males and females for enslavement, auction, and other placement.

Sunny Fellows was the first of, hopefully, many expansions that the corporation was looking into in recent months. A series of strip clubs in their home state were also being developed along with a number of websites. Since Sunny Fellows was below the Mason Dixon line, the day to day operations of the site could not be monitored. Some of the corporation's best employees had been sent there, so the performance of the staff was not a concern. Nevertheless, an inspection was in order.

William, owner of the corporation, sent Arianna down to the sunshine state to give Sunny Fellows an inspection. He trusted her with this assignment because of her recent rise to more responsibilities, and some other changes in the hierarchy. Eventually, down the line, Arianna would be assigned her own facility. William knew she was up to the task and felt she was perfect for doing an inspection of Sunny Fellows.

Arianna finished the coffee in her hand after clicking out of her email. She had reported into headquarters and received instructions to have her report drafted by the time she got home. It was early afternoon; her flight still had another hour to go. So completing it wouldn't be much of a problem. By the time her shuttle went from the airport, she'd make it home in time for a late dinner.

The black haired woman missed her own slave Claire. She had only been gone for a few days, but it was hard for her to be away from them when she was so used to being always nearby. Lately, she had been traveling a lot more and spending time outside of the office in general. Claire was definitely neglected because of this, but Arianna knew if she wanted to stand on her own there would be sacrifices. Besides, Claire was devoted property, Arianna could do what she wanted with her.

She did have to admit she was traveling in style. The private plane was one of two given to the corporation as a gift from a CEO for getting his promiscuous wife back in line. Arianna rolled her eyes at the games hetronormative people played, but the sacrifice of the wills of a few girls was worth it to be able to fly like this. Her seat had a Playstation, twenty inch television and other comforts. The plane also gave her wireless internet access to send email and keep up with reports.

A Bunnie named Caroline accompanied her on this trip. Caroline was a federal agent who had been reprogrammed as a part of an exchange program between the government and the corporation. In exchange for quietly giving an attitude adjustment to a few high level official's wild and drunken teenagers, the Pleasure Bunnies corporation was allowed to condition a group of federal agents for their own use. Few people in the government knew of Caroline's existence went along with it; if this worked out they could potentially cooperate again in training sleeper agents, spies, and assassins.

Caroline sat on the other side of the plane from Arianna. Even though she was a Pleasure Bunnie, the forty-something woman could have easily blended in anywhere. She had natural red hair, kept in a long ponytail that dropped down to her elbows. A simple pair of glasses adorned her face; her makeup was kept equally as simple. Caroline wore a black business suit augmented with a pair of black pumps. Arianna had to admit she was very beautiful; if she wasn't busy with her report the Bunnie would be kneeling in front of her to service the dark haired Mistress' pussy.

Ah, the report. A click of the remote widget on the laptop's desktop instructed the Bunnie stewardess to pour her another cup of coffee. The stewardess, dressed in a pink French maid uniform, came from behind to pour her coffee and add a small portion of rice milk, as per Arianna's previous instruction. Arianna noted the Bunnie's collar had a name tag with the named "Misti" hanging off of it written in the traditional bright pink "girlie" writing most Bunnie's name tags wore. After thanking the Bunnie for her obedience, Arianna took a long drink out of her brand new "my sister went to Sunny Fellows and all I got was this stupid mug" coffee mug.

She had barely even noticed what Misti looked like. A quick lookup of her records showed that she was being auctioned in two weeks. Misti had been given what Arianna called the "American Barbie" makeover. Her body had been tanned and toned to be more appealing. A breast augmentation brought the already busty Bunnie up to a pair of E's. Her hair was bleached blond and shaved permanently below the shoulders. The makeup and manicure she wore each day make her look like a grownup porcelain doll. Buying statistics showed that a majority, approximately sixty two percent, of Americans who purchased Bunnies preferred this look as a default. Misti would be auctioned, her memory wiped, and the programming of her new owner implemented. A Bunnie as brainwashed as Misti would never know anything but the current command she was obeying.

Arianna realized the girl was still standing at attention a few feet away. Closing her eyes, she decided to rid herself of all distractions. She toggled through her remote widget to bring up Caroline's interface. A click brought the agent online. She crossed the plane and snapped to attention next to Misti. "Lady Ari, how may I serve you, Ma'am?" Misti continued to remain where she was, likely not aware of the Bunnie next to her. Arianna loved this aspect of these kind of Bunnies; they were like Barbie doll Borg drones.

She smiled and wiggled a little in her seat. What was it about women in business suits and heels? Tonight, Caroline would have to be disciplined for having the nerve to turn her on so much while she was busy. "I have to write up a report on our visit to Sunny Fellows. Frankly, you and Misti are a distraction. I need you to entertain Misti until we arrive at home." Arianna paused for a moment. "Why don't you run a diagnostic on her service to female superiors? Don't push her too much, or rough her up, but enjoy yourself. If you do a good job I'll make sure you can report your finding directly to me tomorrow."

Caroline smiled, eager to please. "Lady Ari, I will do my best to please, Ma'am." She turned on her heels to face Misti and paused while Arianna clicked a few times with her mouse and then nodded to proceed. "Misti come with me, I am going to run a diagnostic on you. You obey me without question to obey Lady Ari."

Misti did not reply, but moved next to Caroline and went through a door in the back of the plane which led to a private room. Arianna turned and watch the Bunnie in the pink maid uniform sway away from her. Her obedience was without question and did not need vocalization. Her mouth had been trained for other uses. Sometimes, Arianna mused as she began to type, it was better that way.

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