Maré & Barbie Takes Manhattan


Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Fan Fiction, Celebrity, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Maré parties with his UK model girlfriend,Alana Katelyn a.k.a. Barbie! She proves to him that nobody parties like how she does and the sex is EXPLOSIVE!!!

It was Friday night. I was at a Manhattan nightclub having a great time. I felt like the coolest dude in the club with my blue designer dress shirt and matching blue suede espadrilles. The latest rap jams were blaring, drinks were flowing, and sexy women of all complexions packed the dance floor. This was the best party I ever attended. It was extraordinary because I was with my UK glamour model girlfriend, Alana Katelyn a.k.a. Barbie!

Alana was a blonde bombshell with the nicest pair of breasts and a tight ass. She was the girl-next-door type and fun. Alana sported her diamond-studded Barbie necklace and wore a black designer dress that barely covered her ass. I knew the fellers and lesbians in the club enjoyed the view.

"This is incredible," I said to myself. "I could party here all night."

"I love New York City!" Alana told me as she kissed me. She had the sexiest British accent ever. "I had a great time here."

"I'm glad you did, baby girl!" I expressed. "This is the greatest party!"

"Come on; let us go back to the VIP section." Alana insisted.

At the VIP section, I was lounging with Alana and her two friends at our reserved table. One was a strawberry-blond haired beauty named Iva who had a pretty face, nice dimples, and slim body. She looked nice in her white dress. The other woman was a cute, busty brown-haired woman with gray eyes named Yvette. She looked sexy and very curvy in her red dress. Yvette reminded me of one of those exotic-looking models that posed for KING magazine. Bottles of champagne and other drinks were already sitting on the table. We immediately started celebrating as if the year 2012 just arrived.

After closing the curtain to the table for privacy, Alana and the two beauties took a few shots of Patrón and Sex on the Beach. The Red Berry Cîroc and Jack & Coke had me in a relaxed mood! The mixture of vodka and sexual energy had us aroused. The three beauties stared at me with lust in their eyes and sultry smiles.

"You will never have a dull second with me, babe." Alana winked at me. "Nobody knows how to party like we do in the UK!"

"Yes, I'm into the brothers." Iva smiled at me. "I especially like the rich, handsome, dark ones!"

"Let's show him how we love to treat the sexy men in the UK." Yvette suggested.

All of three of them got of their knees. Alana took my dick in her mouth and performed fellatio on me. Iva and Yvette licked and kissed the side of my dick, which drove me crazy. It was the first time in my life that three women gave me oral pleasure at the same time. I had a great time watching them played with my dick and kissed each other. It was better than porn!

"I want to see him cum." Iva murmured.

I ejaculated and some of the cum went inside a half-full glass of Sex on the Beach. Without any hesitation, Iva raised the glass and downed it. I could not believe the eroticism she created as the fluids disappeared into her throat. What a performance! Alana and Yvette cheered and clapped.

"How was the drink mixed with cum?" I asked.

"Delicious," Iva replied.

After a quick foursome, we hit the dance floor and danced. The deejay put on Chris Brown's hot single, "She Ain't You" and I grabbed Alana by her slim waist. We started grinding in the middle of the dance floor. She rested her hands on my ass and swayed with the music. I was full of wild passion and ready to fuck!

It was 3am when Alana and I left the club. We hopped in my black Lamborghini Gallardo and sped up the dark Manhattan streets. Estelle's new single, "Break My Heart", which featured Rick Ross blared from the car. I slipped my hand up Alana's dress and rubbed her soaking wet pussy that turned her on.

"I'm going to handle that pussy, girl." I shouted.

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