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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Maré celebrates his birthday in a BIG way! He throws an “all-white” gala on his yacht and has group sex with some of the best porn stars ever. 30 is one age that Maré will never forget!

It was my birthday, and I was at my penthouse on Sutton Place standing by the window, shirtless, looking at the East River, and reflecting on my life. It felt great to turned 30, and I looked forward starting the next decade of my life. Tonight, I was throwing my "all-white" birthday gala on my yacht, and I was ready to do it big! I was checking all my happy birthday text messages when I heard the doorbell. I answered the door, and to my surprise, it was my friend, Naj'a Irie.

Naj'a was a short, gorgeous light brown-skinned black woman with long hair and a sexy athletic body. Her most distinguishing feature was her ever-present smile. Naj'a had on a low-cut yellow top that exposed her flat stomach and baggy blue sweatpants. She baked chocolate cupcakes for me and they smelled good!

"Happy Birthday, Maré," she said, as she kissed me.

"Thanks, baby girl, I appreciate that," I replied.

"How young are you now?" Naj'a joked with a smile.

"I'm 30-year-young," I laughed.

"You don't age at all. You looked like a freshman in college."

"I know; I make 30 look like the new 19."

We sat in the living room and got comfortable. We talked, updating each other on what we had been up to and eating the cupcakes. They were delicious! They were the best cupcakes I had ever tasted and strangely, the flavor turned me on. In between bites, I gave Naj'a the eye and she teased me by licking her lips and flashing her tongue. Naj'a's nipples were hard, which convinced me she had dirty thoughts on her mind too. I wanted to rub the icing from the cupcakes on Naj'a's abs and lick it off.

After we ate all the cupcakes, Naj'a got up, walked over to the window, and looked out at the exclusive scenery of the East Side. She looked sexy standing there smiling and her ass was nice and pert.

"You have a nice view, Maré," she told me.

I got up, put my arms around her, and asked, "Can I have you?"

I licked her neck, gently nibbled on her earlobes, and I heard soft moans escape Naj'a's mouth. She sounded so sexy!

Naj'a kissed me and said, "Only if the sex is great!"

"You know it is, Goddess."

"Well, it's your birthday, and I'll do everything."

Naj'a pulled off her top, and I saw that she was not wearing a bra. Naj'a had the most beautiful pair of tits I had ever seen. Her areolas were the size of silver dollars and her nipples were already erect and ready for me to suck on them.

"Yeah, pussy is always accepted in my house," I said. "I'm ready for my other present."

We started kissing by the window. I picked her up with ease by the hips and lay her softly on my leather couch. My face beat her own hands in a race for her bare pussy, and I began licking away. I watched her close her eyes, licked her lips, and rubbed her tits. I felt her soft feet on top of my shoulders. Naj'a was a screamer, and I love how she screamed her excitement.

"Yes, eat my pussy!" Naj'a hollered. "You're going to make me cum with your tongue."

Her pussy was getting wetter by the second. She began to move around as my tongue went deeper in her love hole. Naj'a's scream was such a turn on! It had my dick super erect. I fingered, licked, and sucked her moist clit with expertise. Even though Naj'a was moving around so much, I managed to keep my tongue glued to her pussy. I enjoyed every scream she let out. Naj'a went wild with pleasure. She soon twisted and moaned as waves of intense orgasm hit her body. Naj'a's pussy juices poured on my tongue, and it tasted good!

"Looks like you had something tastier than a cupcake, huh?" Naj'a sighed.

"Yes, I did, sexy," I said. "I know you're ready for this dick!"

"Yes, fuck me, birthday boy," Naj'a said softly. "You got my pussy wet."

With a naughty grin on my face, I plunged my dick in Naj'a's pussy, which had her screaming in ecstasy. My dick spread her open wide as I fucked her like a porn star. Naj'a's pussy glazed my dick with cum. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head as I continued to plow her. I felt like I was floating in a wonderful erotic mist as I went faster. I could smell the pussy juice running down Naj'a's legs.

"I'm about to let loose, baby," I told her.

"Give it all to me!" She responded.

I could not hold my enthusiasm any longer, and I flooded Naj'a's pussy with my golden cum. Naj'a found my dick and engulfed it with her warm mouth. She gave me a blowjob until I gave her a nice facial. I liked how she smiled at me, showing her perfect teeth.

"You like that, don't you?" I asked.

"Yes, it is such a turn on," Naj'a replied.

"You're wild."

After we finished, we ran to the bathroom to take a shower. We showered together and fuck under the cascading water. I liked the way my wet body felt against hers. It was as if we were under a waterfall on a deserted island. When we climaxed, Naj'a was grinning ear to ear. I could stare at her naked body and smile all day.

We got out of the shower and got dressed. Naj'a looked radiant with her hair pulled back in a short bob of a ponytail.

"When are you going to have kids, Maré?" Naj'a asked.

"I don't know; I'm still undecided. Maybe when I'm 33 or 35, I'll create my first child."

"You're going to have cute kids. I think you'll be a great father."

"Thank you, I appreciate that."

"Well, I have to go, Maré. I hope that you have a great time at your party."

"Thanks for the cupcakes."

Naj'a kissed me and walked out my apartment. After putting on my white New York Yankees fitted cap, I was ready to start my day.

I hopped in my platinum colored Lamborghini Reventón Roadster and headed downtown to buy some jewelry. Fabolous' The Soul Tape mixtape blared from my car, and I turned heads as usual. New Yorkers love seeing a luxury sports car fly down the streets. I stopped at a red light and spotted my friend, Priya Rai. She was a gorgeous, voluptuous, and cool South Asian woman. We often flirted, but I never took her seriously even though she told me she wanted to fuck. Priya looked good in her tank top and blue shorts. She was drinking Aquafina bottled water and carrying a black gym bag.

I rolled down the window of my car and hollered, "Priya, what's good, baby girl?"

Priya smiled and raced to the car, "Hi, Maré! Thank God, you are here! Can you please give me a ride to 14th Street? I really don't feel like taking the subway to the health club."

"Sure, hop in, baby girl," I told her.

"Thank you so much," she responded.

Priya hopped in, and felt so relieved. The air-conditioner definitely calmed her down. She took off her tank top to make herself cooler. The bra she had on barely held her tits. Priya's perspired body had me aroused. She always has been a good tease!

"This heat wave is no joke! Thank God, I have a car! This is the hottest day of the summer so far and it's my birthday."

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