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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: While chillin’ at a New York beach, Mar'e encounters a Japanese hottie named Asa Akira. He soon finds out why she nicknamed Untamed!

Every summer I go to the beach for some excitement in the sun, and this summer was not any different. It was the first day of summer, and the weather was hot and humid. It felt like it was a blazing 100 degrees at the beach. I parked myself at a nice spot away from the kids building sand castles, laid down my big blue towel, and set up my white beach umbrella. I enjoyed the view of all the half-naked women running around playing volleyball and sunbathing. Checking out all the sexy New York women on the beach, I could not help screening erotic images in my head of me chasing them with my dick on this beach. I took off my white tank top, and started doing stretching. I caught a few women smiling at me and checking me out. I love the attention!

As I listened to my favorite summer anthem, "Summertime" by Will Smith on my iPod Touch, I felt a soft tap on my shoulder. I turned around and there stood a short petite exotic-looking Asian woman clad in a black bikini. She had nice brown eyes and long black hair. She looked like a living figure of Mulan, but with a flawless caramel complexion.

"Hi, I wondered if I can chill here with you." She said.

"Sure, you're sexy enough to chill with me."

"Thanks." She replied.

She laid her pink towel next to mine and got comfortable. I liked the black sandals she had on her feet. In fact, I like everything about her body from her head down to her perfectly pedicured toes. I maneuvered my beach umbrella so we could sit under the shade, drink cold bottled spring water, and listen to some music.

"What is your name?" I asked her.

"I don't tell men I just met my name until I really get to know them." She continued. "You can call me Untamed."

"Why Untamed?" I was curious to find out.

"Once you get to know me, you'll find out that I'm uncontrollable and the spiciest Asian girl ever." She smiled. "What is your name?"

"Well, I don't tell women I just met my name, but you can call me Mar'e." I responded.

She laughed and said, "Mar'e? That's cute. Are you from New York?"

"Yes, I am originally from Harlem. Are you a fellow New Yorker?"

"Yes, I'm a New Yorker! I love this city! How old are you? You look young."

"I'm twenty-nine." I answered.

"Wow, you looked twenty-two."

"Black don't crack, baby."

She laughed and said, "I may be Asian, but I find black guys fairly attractive."

"I find exotic-looking Asian women like you sexy. I like your complexion. Are you mixed?"

"No, I'm just Asian, Japanese to be specific and born in Japan too. Look at you, every muscle on your body is well-defined."

"I love working out and staying fit. It's definitely genetics." I smiled.

Over the next two hours, we laughed, flirted, and became comfortable. It felt like we already knew each other. She told me that she studied art, and was working on her portfolio. I liked that she was an artistic person like me. We left the beach together, and I walked her to the subway.

"Where are you staying at?" I asked her.

"I'm staying at the Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers in midtown Manhattan."

"Do you have plans for tonight?"

"I'll be at the Knight Lounge around midnight. I like that nightspot." She smiled. "You should come; I would like to see you there."

"I'll be there in a New York minute." I promised. "You better look sexy!"

"Okay, I'll see you tonight. Maybe we might do more than just dance. Oh, my name is Asa Akira."

Asa winked and walked down the subway. I could not wait to see her later on. She intrigued me with her nickname and personality. I had a strange feeling that my night with her was going to end right!

I drove my white Ferrari 430 Scuderia to the Knight Lounge. I walked in dressed in my Gucci clothes and designer shades impressing the women that were standing by the door. The Knight Lounge was huge and the swirling dimmed lights and lasers above gave it a nice futuristic effect. Young partygoers of various nationalities packed the dance floor, which I like. There were African-Americans, Caucasians, Asians, and Hispanics having a great time. I did not see Asa so I snagged a bar stool and ordered Coconut Cîroc mixed with Sprite.

I nearly dropped my drink when I finally saw Asa. She looked stunning in her black dress. As Asa got closer, I knew she was not wearing a bra. If Asa was not the hottest woman in the club, she was close. I think almost everybody paused for a minute to stare at her. Asa gave me a nasty smile when she recognized me sitting with a drink in my hand.

"Why are you sitting down?" She asked.

"Because I'm cool," I told her.

"Come on, dance with me." Asa said.

On the dance floor, we were in our own erotic world. There was a definite air of sexual tension. We made a lot of eye contact and flirted. I smoothed it out with my uptown style and Asa surprised me with her dance moves. She moved well with the rhythm of the hip-hop and R&B music. Thank God, the club was dark because Asa's tits occasionally popped out of her dress, which had me chuckling and aroused. Asa was somewhat embarrassed, but she did not care as we continued to bump and grind. Asa rested her hands on my hips and swayed with the blaring hip-hop music. We locked in a tongue-tangling kiss. We kissed many times that lasted several minutes. I could tell that people around us were staring. I knew Asa and I did not care. Both of us enjoyed all the attention we were getting. The deejay put on Mariah Carey's "Touch My Body", and the song had a desired effect on Asa. Her hands roamed over her slim body and she moved her hips smoothly. As I watched this provocative and exotic dance, Asa turned me on beyond imaging. I wanted to expose my big dick to her, and fuck her in front of everybody. When the song ended, she burst out laughing.

"That was hot, baby girl!" I complimented her.

"You like?" Asa asked with a smile.

"Hell yeah," I responded.

As we danced for two hours straight, the darkened club felt as hot as an Arizona desert. I had my shirt unbuttoned, but the heat definitely came from Asa. She looked sexy sweating like a wild girl in church. The sharp but pleasant aroma of her girl-sweat enhanced her pricey perfume. I licked her neck and my hands roamed freely on Asa's body. Her ass was on my dick, and I knew she felt my manhood getting bigger.

Asa cupped a hand over my ear and whispered, "Are you ready to leave? I want to do something more exciting."

"Let's go." I said.

We left the club and decided to walk instead of driving to the Sheraton since the weather was still nice. We were both tipsy and very horny. We walked arm in arm, kissing and laughing. Occasionally, we pulled each other into the shadows of a building to kiss and get our feels on. I had a raging hard-on knowing that Asa was not wearing any panties.

"You are so beautiful." I told her.

"Are you going to fuck me good tonight?" Asa asked.

"You know, I am." I answered.

"Are you hard now?" Asa squeezed my balls.

"Hard like a bullet."

Asa put her hand down my pants and let out a very audible gasp when she felt my dick. I wished I could have taken a picture to captured Asa's facial expression. It was priceless!

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