A Family Accommodation

by Wayne Gibbous

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: My two boys were over for supper one weekend when the subject of my sex life came up. Mine was no better than theirs at the moment so they had a suggestion. What a suggestion it was.

Chapter 1

If you're a divorced woman over forty, I needn't tell you how scarce men are who show you any interest. The amount of sex you get is fully up to you and I don't mean hanging around bars, I mean using that drawer full of sex toys.

So, I'd long ago settled into providing for my own sexual entertainment and, while I'd rather have something entering me that had blood flowing through it keeping it hard and swollen, rigid plastic and my own fingers are the reality.

Here I am, forty-four, single, as I've said, with two sons, Mike, twenty-three, and Andy, twenty-one.

They both live on their own in the same area and they often come over for a

home-cooked meal. They know I like my red wine with meals and they always bring me bottles to share over a meal together.

So, this one Saturday evening, Mike asked me, changing the subject, "So, Mom, any guys in your life? You really need some fun."

I laughed and told him, "They're so many younger women around that I don't have a chance."

"Yeah, but, look, you're pretty nice yourself, even kinda hot, if you ask me," Andy said. I gave him one of those 'oh, yeah?' looks but his older brother popped right in with, "You are, Mom, you look good."

"Well, I'm just not really looking for some longterm thing, that's all."

"Yeah, but we both think you're pretty hot stuff."

"Well, I'm just perfectly happy with my two men right here," I said as I put my hands on each of their arms.

"Don't tell me we're turning into one of those families, Mom," Andy said, laughing.

"Well, I do have two very handsome and virile sons," I added.

"And a very hot and sexy mom, we'd all be just perfect to be one of those families," Mike said as we all laughed.

Then Andy said,"Truth is, neither of us is involved with anybody at the moment and neither are you, Mom; maybe it's not such a bad idea. Kind of solves some problems. Could be pretty convenient all around."

"I think that's all the wine we should have, guys," I told them and pulled the bottle toward me.

Andy reached over and took it back, lifting it up to pour our three glasses full, saying, "Maybe we actually need to have a little more?" and lifted his glass as he and his brother clinked theirs.

"Look, I know we were kidding when we started but, well, it would give us all some relief from the loneliness and physical isolation we all feel. Why not, Mom?" Mike asked.

"Oh, guys, look, each of you is a good-looking guy, you can do lots better than someone old like me. And, I'm your mother, that's rather hard to deny."

"But, Mom," Andy pressed, "it's not like anybody's talking about settling down to start a family. The way I see it, it's a temporary thing until each of us finds someone. It's an accommodation, a family accommodation."

"But there are so many more desirable women out there, come on."

"Why don't you leave that up to us? Let us be the judge of how attractive you are. I can tell you this, Mom, the whole thing has, now geez, don't get pissed, but this whole discussion has given me a huge erection," Andy admitted.

"Oh, come on, we could be talking about football scores with guys your age and that would happen," I shot back.

"No, Mom, it's you. You are a sexy woman. Women today don't age like they did back in Grandma's time. You look good, really good. And, yes, you give your son an erection. Wanna see it?"

"Okay, no more wine, you two," I said jokingly as I pulled their glasses away.

"You've had the same effect on me, Mom. Why can't you understand you're a hot-looking woman?" Mike asked me.

"Well, maybe to an older man," I tried to convince them and me.

"I hate to eat and run but I've had a long week and I'm bushed," Mike said, as he got up. "Andy, help Mom clean up, okay?" and he leaned over as I offered my cheek. He turned my head and kissed me on the lips, not real hard, but firmly enough, then he made his leave.

Andy was picking up our dishes and taking them in the kitchen and when I joined him to begin cleaning up, he suddenly turned to me and pulled me into his arms, kissing me, sending his tongue deeply into my mouth.

It was so sudden, there was no resistance. I was shocked at how it made me feel, mothers are not supposed to feel that way in their son's arms.

But I did pull away.

"Andy, goodness, what's come over you?"

"I'm sorry, Mom, it's just that I didn't realize how strongly I was attracted to you until now. Can I stay the night? Can we sleep together?"

Stunned, totally stunned.

"We won't do anything you don't want to do. I'd just like us to sleep in one another's arms tonight."

"It's just not proper, Andrew, it's not," I feebly answered, still held in his arms.

Was I sexually excited? I have to be honest, I was turned-on like never before. It was there, the feelings of sex, I had to admit. And, he was there, as well. What was pressing into my middle was a full-fledged erection of a grown, virile man. No question.

"I want to stay, Mom," he said looking down into my eyes so sweetly.

"You'll keep your hands to yourself? I mean hugging and holding each other's okay but my breasts and middle are off-limits, right?"

"That's fine, Mom."

"And Michael is never to know about this?"

He agreed and we began turning out the lights and went up to my room.

I went off to my bathroom to change, asking myself over and over just why was I doing this and pulled on a long flannel nightgown that was my least seductive.

When I came back in, he was already under the covers.

"You are wearing something under there, right?" I asked and he told me he had his boxers on. I lifted the sheet and slipped in next to him and reached over and turned out the light.

I was on my back and felt his arm cross over me to pull me on my side facing him as he pulled me to him.

My face was nestled in his neck as he placed soft kisses along my neck as I tried to control my breathing, tried to keep it normal. But it wasn't working. Yes, it felt erotic.

"This is nice, Mom, thanks, nice and peaceful, comforting," he murmured as we held each other close.

"You really are a beautiful woman, Mom, any man alive would want to make love to you, me included. You make me so hard."

His words, whispered in my ear, echoed on and on while we held each other.

"It would be our secret, Mom, just you and me. I love you, you know, I love you in many ways, this would just be a new way for us to love each other," he murmured as his hips moved closer, now pressing his hardness against me.

I couldn't speak, I couldn't say anything, all I could do was take his hand and move it to my breast as I thought my heart underneath would explode.

His fingers began to flex over my thumping heart as I closed my eyes and felt a man fondling my breast. That's how it felt. And, yes, I was enjoying it. Enjoying it very much.

"Your breast feels wonderful," I heard him whisper. I was beginning to regret wearing the flannel gown as my heart rate quickened and I felt my juices gather below for the first time in a long time.

"Your nipple really gets hard, it's nice," he said as he nibbled my ear. All I could think of was his lips on my nipple nibbling their hardness. I lifted my hips up and pulled the hem up, needing two tries to get it up near my waist. Yes, I knew, I knew what I was doing. I wanted his hands directly on me, I wanted his lips sucking my nipples.

I took his hand and led it under onto my bareness as his fingers rolled my solid nipple between them so seductively. Yes, I was being seduced. But I wanted it. Oh, I so wanted it. I just didn't want to admit it.

I pulled the nightgown up more, now above my breasts as he began to move his head down. I knew what I wanted, I took my throbbing nipple in hand and led it up. Then I felt it being wetly sucked into his mouth. I thought my heart would stop.

Then, I just did it. I didn't even want to think about it before I just did it. I reached down and there it was, hard, long, thick in my hand. It filled my hand.

He laid there softly sucking as I held his cock, not wanting to squeeze or move my hand in any way. Just to hold it. That was enough.

The sucking continued and, without thinking, my thumb began to move over the crown of his cock, sensing a slippery wetness there which I knew I was causing.

Did I feel devilish and naughty? Oh, did I ever. I am human, that I was knowing well enough as his tongue circled my nipple while he sucked.

"Andy? Andy, I want you, I want you to make love to me," I whispered even hoping that I couldn't hear my own words.

He never said a word, just slipped off my nipple, gently kissed me and pulled off my silly flannel nightgown and his boxers and moved over between my legs and put that hard, warm cock I'd been holding right where a cock is meant to be, wiped the head up and down, then began pushing.

Chapter 2

I was shaking, I was so nervous as I felt the fat tip part me open and move inside. I knew then there was no turning back, my son was now my lover.

My whole body then relaxed and I felt him move in deeply until our bodies met and pressed tightly together. I felt gloriously full for the first time in many years. Yes, we were kidding earlier but this felt serious, seriously wonderful.

"Oh, Mom, you are so beautiful, mmm," he murmured as he began moving in and out. "Oh, feels so good. Is it good?"

I know he asked me how it felt but I was so overwhelmed that I simply couldn't speak. It took several seconds to get out,"Yes, wonderful."

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