Making a Sure Bet - 3 Months On

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Oral Sex, Lactation, Pregnancy, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Amy and Kaitlyn (a mother and daughter) fucked by an older guy (see Making a Sure Bet) return to his apartment together to be fucked together, and to show off their baby bumps (the result of their first fucking with him).

It was Sunday morning and I was relaxing in my apartment. I'd had a bit of a pussy drought over the last few weeks - some good encounters and some to forget. The good ones brought back fine memories, stirring the cock in my shorts into half-hardness as I remembered them.

There were a couple of gentle knocks on my door. I wasn't expecting anyone. I approached the door and checked the door spy-viewer. It revealed two very beautiful ladies at my door - Kaitlyn and her mum Amy. I'd fucked both of them about 3 or 4 months ago. I opened the door to reveal the two petite ladies dressed almost identically in knee-length trench coats.

"Hmmmmm ... it's not really the weather for trench coats" was my initial thought.

"C'mon on in ladies". They accepted my invitation and walked past me into the lounge room before I closed the door and joined them.

I checked them out a little more. They were both approximately the same height and build - both brunettes with similar length hair. Today they were wearing matching trench coats and strappy sandals.

Amy spoke first "We just had to come and see you...". She paused as both of them undid their trench coats and let them drop to the floor.

My eyes bugged out instantly as Amy continued "We just had to show you your handiwork from a few months ago".

Both ladies were naked in front of me - both sporting small baby-bumps on their sensational bodies.

Kaitlyn spoke then "We wanted Daddy to see his pregnant whores ... and ... his whores want more of his fucking huge cock filling their pussies".

My cock had sprung to an immediate erection, tenting my shorts and threatening to pop out at any moment.

Amy spoke again "Ohhhh yay!!!! Its good to see that we are appreciated" as she gazed at my tented shorts. "We were afraid that you might not have been pleased to see us".

I was pleased to see them. They were the very best of fucks, and a mother and daughter combination to boot, although I had only fucked them individually. If I played my cards right today then I might get to fuck them together today.

Amy, Kaitlyn and I laid on my king-size bed. I was in the middle and was currently kissing Amy whilst Kaitlyn was licking and sucking on my engorged cock.

Amy alternated between kissing me and feeding me her beautiful tits. She thrust her nipples at me to lick, suck and bite for a moment before she smashed her lips against mine again. Her agile tongue thrust against mine, dueling with mine in seach of supremacy. Occasionally I caught her tongue and sucked on it briefly before releasing it and nibbling on her lips.

Meanwhile Kaitlyn was slowly sucking my cock and slowly engulfing it in her small mouth. Her tongue was very active, swirling round and round my cockhead before she slid my cock deeper into her mouth. I could feel myself hitting the entrance to her throat before she eased back a little to suck my cockshaft.

Amy eased back and our kisses stopped for a moment. "Watch my baby make your baby-maker disappear" she whispered to me.

"Go on baby, show him what I taught you" Amy spoke to Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn looked up at Amy and myself as we watched her. Her lips were about half-way down my shaft and my cock was nudging the entrance to her throat. She paused a moment before she pressed her lips downwards. There was a moment of resistance before my cockhead entered her throat followed soon after by the top 5 inches of my shaft until my cock was fully inside her mouth and throat.

"Oh my fucking god Kaitlyn ... that is so fucking good" I groaned.

Kaitlyn started to work her throat muscles as she started to devour my cock. She did this for a few seconds before easing back to take a breath, then my cock disappeared again into the depths of her throat.

Amy whispered to me "I'm better than her. Just wait for my turn".

Kaitlyn was working my cock in and out of her throat. My arousal level had just gone through the roof with the intense stimulations from her throat. She grasped my big balls and started to massage and squeeze them in time with her throat sucks.

"Feed my baby ... and yours!" Amy whispered in my ear. "She wants your cum ... she wants it really bad. Fill her throat with your cum"

Amy moved and went to kneel beside Kaitlyn as she sucked my cock and squeezed my balls. I watched them both intently as Amy's face hovered near Kaitlyn's.

Kaitlyn kept my cock deep inside her mouth and throat as she pushed me to the edge of a massive explosion. Amy spoke "Watch me" as she ran her finger between her pussy lips for a moment. When it reappeared she held it up for me to see that it was soaking wet. Satisfied that it was really wet, Amy slid her finger across my arsehole for a moment before sliding it slowly inside.

My arsehole resisted for a moment, before relaxing and allowing her finger to fully penetrate my arse. She twisted it around and thrust it back and forth for a moment. That's all it took, my cock exploded in Kaitlyn's mouth, filling it with strong squirts of my hot man cream. The first shots went directly down her throat before she eased back to catch the remainder in her mouth. She sucked and swallowed avidly as my cock belched forth its hot explosion.

Amy continued to work my arsehole until my squirts ceased, and Kaitlyn finally released my cock.

The release was short-lived. Amy slid my cock into her mouth and completely devoured all 10 inches of my cock into her mouth and throat.

"Oh my fucking god Amy..." I croaked as her throat muscles started to work on my cock.

Kaitlyn spoke "She is the best cocksucker ... she taught me, but I still can't do what she can". She continued to watch her mother at close quarters as Amy worked my cock deep inside her throat.

I'd just unloaded a huge load into Kaitlyn's throat and mouth, and I was scaling towards the top of that peak quickly again. This time it would be Amy who would be the recipient of my creamy load. Amy still had her finger in my arsehole, probing my prostate with her finger touches. She worked me closer and closer to the edge, and then eased back for a moment before returning to the edge once again.

Kaitlyn slid up beside me to kiss me as her mother sucked me cock. We kissed for a moment before Kaitlyn pushed her tits to my mouth.

"Daddy, suck my titties" she commanded "I have milk for you daddy".

That statement didn't register with me until I sucked at her right nipple and was rewarded with a small stream of her hot milk. The sensation of tasting her hot milk and being deep-throated by her mother pushed me over the edge. My cock exploded deep inside Amy's throat with strong squirts of my hot man cream. I sucked avidly at her nipple, wanting to empty her tit of its precious milk.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!" I screamed around her titty as I tried to unload all my cream into her mother's mouth and fill my tummy with her hot mummy milk.

Finally my cock stopped squirting before Amy cleaned up any remaining traces of cream from my cockshaft before she slid up to lay beside me. I was lazily nursing on Kaitlyn's nipple as I tried to recover from the massive stimulations imparted by these two sexy whores ... daddy's little whores!

I laid back and closed my eyes for a moment. My brain was having problems processing the massive stimulations that my body had experienced in the last half hour. I felt first one hand then a second one grasp my cock. They worked in harmony as they stroked me back to a full erection once again. Soon my cock stood tall and proud, held at the base by two soft hands.

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