What Goes Up?
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2012 by RICHARD the THIRD

I was through with college after four years, and Dad had promised me a job at his business when I graduated. So, he brought the Dodge Caravan, along with Mom and my 17-year-old sister Jenna, to help me move all the stuff I'd gotten over the last 48 months. I was glad that Jenna was coming - I hadn't seen her in almost two years. She was cute, with black hair that she always wore in pigtails. I could tell that when she blossomed, she would be very pretty.

They pulled up, knocked on my door, and the first one through was Jenna, jumping up on me and saying, "Robert, It's been two whole years — I missed you."

She gave me a little chaste kiss on the lips.

I let her down off me and saw just how beautiful she had gotten, which was significant. Her hair was shorter; her braces were off; she was wearing a tight t-shirt and short pants.

"Wow, Jenna — you're so beautiful — I knew you would be! Any boyfriends yet," I asked.

"She's only 17, Robert — She's on a tight leash at home; she's smarter than you were, working really hard to get in this same college," mom replied.

I gave her a hug as well, coming to the conclusion that Jenna was a 'chipette' off the old block — they were both very pretty and looked a lot alike.

"OK, stuff with a pink post-it on it goes home with me. Everything else stays here. I have already cleaned out the refrigerator, but there is cold bottled water in there, if you want some."

Dad and I picked up the bigger stuff and put it in first, after the TV and sound equipment he said, "Is this all going to fit, Robert?"

"I hope so, I already had a 'sale' of the stuff I thought I could live without, let's keep going," I said.

After a bit we all took a break, I got water for everyone, and we sat in the furniture that was staying.

"So, honey — are you leaving a trail of broken hearts behind as you come home to live and work with your father," mom asked?

"I was too busy with school work to deal with the whole 'girlfriend' stuff. I was focused — besides I had my hot Mom and beautiful sister back at home to look forward to," I said.

Dad looked at his watch and said, "Well; this stuff isn't going to pack itself, let's finish up ... we could get home before it gets too late if we hustle."

After 45 more minutes, all we had left were three big boxes of schoolbooks and other stuff.

As we walked out, Dad said, "There's no more room, Robert — what now?"

"Oh, Daddy — put it on the seat; if I have to, I can just sit on Robert's lap for the trip home, is that all right with you?"

Surprised was not ... quite the word that came to mind, but the idea appealed to ... part of me!

"Sure, guys — its only three hours to home; anyhow, Jenna probably weighs 110-115 pounds?"

She turned around and looked at me and said, "I have never weighed 110 pounds, Robert!" then, turned and got in the van.

"Honey, don't you know that you never discuss a girl's weight in front of her," mom said.

"I do now!" I asserted.

It wasn't the seat right behind Mom and Dad that we'd be sitting on — it would be the back seat. With the seat against the window now full of boxes, I got in, then she got in and Dad closed the door.

They got in the front seat, and we were heading home. Jenna wasn't heavy; I was just giving her a hard time. She was pouting a little though.

I whispered, "Jenna?"

She responded, "WHAT?"

"I'm sorry — I should know better than to say something as mean spirited sounding as that must've sounded."

"It's OK, Robby," she replied.

"Gosh, you haven't called me that in years, Jenna — did you know I never liked anybody else calling me that except my cutey-pie sister?"

"Really," she said, lying back putting her head against my chest. I put my arms around her as she did this, worried she may slip off me.

"That feels nice Robby. I've never let a boy put his arms around me like you're doing right now," she said.

"It's awfully quiet back there — everyone OK," mom yelled?

"We're fine," we said practically together.

"Are you OK with me on you like this Robby? I don't want to hurt you or break anything important?" she said with a giggle.

"Don't worry Jen, I'm OK for now, but that tight t-shirt and short pants you're wearing did have me worried, but I'm OK," I replied.

"What's wrong with my T-shirt?"

"Dad turned on the AC, and your T-shirt has some bumps that weren't there earlier," I said.

I saw her look down and got real quiet.

"You are a beautiful young lady, Jen — it's a very good thing that I'm your brother, or this trip with you on my lap would be very different."

"You mean ... Oh ... I think I feel what you mean, big brother?" she whispered. "Did I cause that?"

"It's OK — some guys have a reaction to any pretty girl, even their sister. I'm sorry if it's embarrassing, but there isn't much we can do about it, until we either stop or get to our destination."

"If I caused it, can I help somehow?" she said, leaning back again and giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"Well, if you want, you could either use your hand — or your mouth?" I suggested.

She slapped me saying, "You wish, pervert."

"Well," I said going for broke, "Either your hand now, or my hand when we get home ... it doesn't matter to me."

"But I'm your sister?"

I smugly responded, "Yeah, so what!"

"Brothers and sisters don't do things like that with each other!"

Talking about this has generated my thickness to harden a little more. I readjusted my arms around her and accidentally touched the bottom of her boob with my right hand.

"Sorry," I said.

"That's OK; it felt kind of nice. Do it some more please?"

I took my right hand and put it under her bosom holding it like a precious Faberge Egg. She moaned quietly so I gave it a little squeeze eliciting a greater moan. "Shhhhh! We don't want the parents to hear, do we?"

"Ooooh, god Nooo, Robby — do the other one, please?"

I quickly had a hand on each of her tits, over her shirt, only caressing them a little, but she was enjoying it immensely.

I felt my hard-on wanting to join the party — I know Jen felt it. I was basically molesting my sister, but she was enjoying it so much ... as was I.

"YOU KIDS HUNGRY," came from the front seat?

I whispered, "Are you hungry for anything Jen?"

No answer — "Whatever you guys want; I could use a chance to stretch my legs?"

Five minutes later we pulled up to a gas station, with a market. Dad stopped and Mom opened the side door, letting Jen up off my lap first.

"I'll close the door Mom, be right there," I said fixing my dick, as soon as they left my immediate sight.

I got up, walking out the small cramps in my thighs from her tailbone. I closed the Van, went over to Dad who was pumping gas — "How much longer Dad?"

"Just over an hour — go pee if you need. This is just a gas and go. I remembered passing this place on the way to you," he said.

"Dad, thanks again for the motivation to get finished in four years. There are some guys whom I started with who have changed their major so many times, it may take them eight or more years to get done - back in a couple of minutes."

Passing Mom as I walked into the market, she said, "I could sit on your lap the rest of the way, if you're tired of your sister?"

"That's OK Mom," Jen interrupted, "We're talking about school and relationships." She showed me the food she'd gotten for me — what a memory.

"I need to pee, be right back!" I said.

Ask any guy and he'll tell you how difficult it is to pee when you've got a hard on.

We got started again, and Jenna handed me my roast beef sandwich and the Fritos she'd gotten for me. I started to ask for a drink when she reached across and got me a cold bottled water from the cooler we had.

We ate in silence until we were done, then she leaned back and said, "Whatever you want to do ... is OK with me, Robby?"

This time, I slid my hands under her t-shirt and found her nipples. She moaned again, but knew she had to be quieter, or we would be busted.

"That feels really nice Robby, thank you for being such a wonderful big brother. I have an idea on rewarding you when we get home," she said.

"I can't wait, Jen — would it involve either of us getting naked?"

"Both of us, but I can't tell you any more, or it won't be a surprise now, will it?"

I moved a hand from her fleshy soft tit, and tried to put it down the front of her pants instead. She slapped me away with a giggle, and leaned back as I pulled my hand out again.

I actually closed my eyes for a little... "WE'RE HOME" waking me up.

First, Jen, then I got up and we all quickly unloaded the Caravan, some directly into my old room, some in the hallway, and some in the garage.

I looked up and said, "It's 11pm; I'm really tired — can I do all of my moving in tomorrow please?"

Mom said, "Certainly honey, it's going to be so lovely having you home again."

"Don't cry Mom, you won't see much of me after I start working for Dad. How soon do you want me to start, Pop?"

He responded, "In a week OK?"

"Perfect, That'll help me get myself resettled into this place. Mom, I promise I'll cook once a week for you guys — I've gotten handy in the kitchen, and not just mac and cheese either!"

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