Like We Used to?
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Feeling her hormones, Lisa asked her brother to join her in the shower like they used to do in the bathtub when they were younger. She expected that it might be more fun now that they were teens.

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Maybe it was her hormones. Lisa was fourteen and her body, now sprouting hair in new places and making her breasts finally grow after so long rubbing her nipples trying to force them into bloom, now they were swelling by the month.

And her pussy. Omigod, it just never let her alone. She just wanted to rub and finger it all the time. It was all she thought about.

Lisa's best friend, Amy, that's all they talked about ... boys and dicks and fucking and, oh, getting eaten out. Yeah, that was the hottest to both of them. There was even one time when Lisa was staying over at Amy's that it almost seemed like they were going to do it to each other. But they didn't.

They both had brothers, it was funny, the brothers were the same ages, sixteen. Lisa's brother, Cody, was tall and lanky, a smart guy, usually near the top of his class while Jordan, Amy's sibling, was stockier and one of the high school's better soccer players.

Both boy's were handsome as were their sisters. Lisa and Cody both had the family's soft brown hair, Cody's was short, Lisa's long and straight and glistening down just past her waist, nearly to her butt.

Jordan and Amy, though, had different hair colors. Jordan's was light brown, Amy's light brown hair was run through with ash blond highlights that made her shoulder-length hair seem to shimmer when the light was right.

The girls, well, they were best friends so they'd seen each other naked, admired each others figures, even envied each others breasts as they swelled and blossomed, though each one was nicely endowed, both at fourteen almost mushrooming out of their B-cups.

While each girl shared everything with each other, well, mostly, anyway, there had been a few recent developments that Amy kept from her closest friend. At least until that Friday night when she was in bed with Lisa in the darkness.

"Lise," she said softly, using the nickname only she and Lisa's brother, Cody, used, "I've ... I've had sex."

"You really have? Omigod, was it good? Did it hurt? Who's the boy? Was it big?" Lisa rattled off excitedly.

"I really did. It was a couple of weeks ago, right after school let out. Oh, and it didn't hurt at all, it was wonderful. Oh, girl, you just wait," she said, then fell silent.

Lisa, of course, had asked about the boy. It takes two as we all know, so who was the boy? She asked again.

"Um, I really can't say. I promised."

"We're best friends forever, Amy, I'd tell you in a minute, you know that."

"I just can't. I promised and ... well I can't."

Her best friend, Lisa, laid there wondering if it might be a grown-up, maybe a teacher? An uncle. God, not her dad, she wondered. Then she knew.

"It's Jordan, isn't it?"

It was quiet in the darkness as both girls were stark-still, neither breathing.

The silence told Lisa she was right and she added, "It's all right. You know I'll never tell. It's our secret forever, I swear to you, I'll never tell another soul."

It remained silent for a few minutes, then, softly, almost imperceptibly, Amy said, "Yes."

Her friend's arms reached out and pulled her close, whispering in her ear, "I understand and I think he's super-cute. I don't blame you at all. And we're both on the pill, I know you're protected, so, what if it's Jordan. Lots of girls would like him. I know I would."

"You would? My brother?"

"Oh, girl, he's cute. I know this is awful but what's his equipment like? Is he big down there?"

You may not routinely listen in on the conversations teen girls have but, well, they live in a sex-filled and -fueled age and are perfect reflections of their culture.

"How would I know? He's the only one I've seen there. It's really quite beautiful, though, I was surprised by how beautiful it was."

There was one thing that Lisa just had to know.

"Have you ... have you sucked on it?"

"Of course, it was the first thing I did. I do it for him every day now."

Knowing this, she thought of so many things she now wanted to ask.

"Did you like it? What was it like? Did he cum? Did you swallow it? Omigod, tell me everything. I want to know everything."

"Oh, girl, I loved it. I wasn't sure I would but when I saw it and it was so long and hard and sexy-looking, I knew I wanted to suck on it and make it cum. And make it cum in my mouth. I wanted to feel that. Feel when it happened."

What neither girl realized about the other right at this moment was that each one had their hand between their legs trying to make it feel like a boy was doing it.

"Yeah, what else?" Lisa begged her friend.

"I swallowed every drop, have ever since, I just love it. Wait 'til you do it. You''l love watching them while you suck, it just feels awesome to a guy, a lot like oral sex does to a girl."

Well, her friend dropped that bomb. After all the talk they'd had about getting your pussy licked, Amy was the one who'd had it happen.

"Omigod, your pussy, he licks your pussy?"

"You've just got to start having sex, that's all. Then you can be doing all this stuff yourself. Find yourself a guy."

But then, Amy wasn't expecting the next question from her best friend, "Would you share Jordan?"

Share her brother? For sex with her best friend? They were best friends, after all. Closer than close, they'd said so many times.

"I ... you really want to? Like my brother, for sex?"

"Amy, sure, I mean you are, why wouldn't I?" she said making perfect sense. "Don't you think he'd do me if he could?" Amy asked.

"Come on, I've seen your stuff. Any guy would. Do you really mean this?"

She agreed that she did then the two began a lengthy discussion about how to bring all this about.

It was now summer, Amy's parents both worked, so all week long, they're home alone, the possibilities seemed almost endless.

Amy told her that on Monday, she should come over and she would take care of everything. She was going to share her life's most exciting development so far, with her very best friend ever in the whole wide world.

Lisa hardly slept that night, staring widely into the darkness, thoughts of what Monday might be like flying about in her head. Even, images of hard penises circling over head.

She and her very best friend ever had watched porn on her brother's laptop, maybe that helped her kind of figure out that it might just be Jordan when she brought up sex. Maybe the two of them, Jordan and Amy, watched it too, maybe that led to where they were this day. And her day was now soon approaching.

No wonder she hardly slept. Her fingers were busy so much of the night, no one had ever told her that one of the best things about sex was the anticipation, the looking forward to it, the thrill of expectation.

Back home that next day, she could now masturbate just as much as she wanted to and she wanted to a lot. Three times during the day, then in the middle of watching television, she went up for one more, then once in bed and, waking in the darkness later, one more. Yes, Lisa was super-horny. She was so ready.

She talked with her best friend several times that tense and expectant weekend, asking all sorts of questions, getting all kinds of titillating answers in return which, of course, triggered even more questions.

Sunday, it was all she thought about. What he would look like naked? Was his cock really as beautiful as Amy had described it? What would his cum taste like? How it would feel to undress in front of a boy, would he eat her out, omigod, and would it make her cum?

Six times that day and evening she attempted to calm her pussy but it couldn't be done, she was just overwrought thinking about sex with Amy's brother, Jordan, the next day, now hours away.

Her parents left for work right on schedule so the time was now close as she carefully dried off after shaving herself smooth everywhere, then showering, even dabbing the tiniest touch of floral scent where she was hoping his head would soon explore.

She lived a three-minute walk from her best friend ever and it took four because she didn't want to take any chance on getting sweaty before her first time uniting with a boy in passion. She wanted it to be perfect, at least as perfect as it could be.

She couldn't help but think that her friend would be watching while her brother took her cherry, it was more exciting than off-putting; actually, Lisa was surprised at how hot and, yes, even, slutty, she was feeling. Maybe sex did that to girls. It felt new and so eager. She really wanted it. She was ready.

She went up the front steps and, reaching for the doorbell, saw the door swing open with her best friend framed in the entrance grinning at her.

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