The Pleasure Bunnies
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Ma/Ma, Romantic, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Slavery, Gay, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Robot, Incest, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Body Modification, Big Breasts, Prostitution,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - When Chris' lab partner snubs him, his friend Kimberly takes matters into her own hands, which introduces him to a nefarious brainwashing conspiracy.

School had been a complete blur until Thursday when he had Biology lab. Chris was excited because Kimberly, his best friend, was coming to visit him for the weekend; but also because he had lab with Jessica Kanko, the hottest girl in school. Jessica was stuck in his class even though she was a senior and Chris a junior. The year before she failed the course because she was such an airhead, her grades were remarkably low even for a girl of her standing. Chris had such a huge crush on her but since he was not a beer guzzling football player, she had no interest in him other than the fact that he knew science really well. She tolerated him as much as she had to, disgusted by his long hair and geeky interests in Star Trek and video games.

Chris got to class early because he did not talk to many people from his grade in the halls. While most people his age's lives revolved around the social caste system; Chris did not care for any of it. He sat down and started fumbling through his notes to get ready for lab when he saw Jessica walk into the room. She was the most beautiful girl in school. Jessica had long shoulder length brown hair, the darkest blue eyes he had ever seen. They reflected like the ocean they lived near in his eyes as she walked in the door and wretched upon realizing whom she would be working with that day. She walked over and sat down, her large, C cup breasts wanting to explode out of her Purple Abercrombie Shirt.

Chris looked over at her. "Hey, Jessica." After a moment of trying to not conspicuously stare at her chest, Chris continued. "Wow you look really good today; well you do everyday I guess."

"Right, as if I'd ever not look good. What the hell are we doing today?" Jessica snorted at him.

He looked down and stumbled through his papers. "Genetics, we have to go over this lab and decide what the children of the parents will be over a few generations."

He had already lost her attention to Josh, the school's head jock. They had been dating on and off for about a year, with Jessica mostly used as his fuck toy for his drunken post-game antics and party scenes. There were rumors he had raped her a few times but there was no confirmation on this and she would never give a proper answer. Even though it was against the lab rules Jessica was sucking on a lollipop in class and staring over at him across the room. She sucked on it, her brown lips sliding on and off it.

Chris rolled his eyes and started working to try to hide how much her sucking turned him on. "Hey can we get this assignment done? Jessica you're not going to graduate if you keep this up."

He touched her tan arm and she shuddered away. "Eww freak don't touch me!" Josh ran over to them and shoved Chris. "Hey faggot don't touch my girl, I'll fuck you up homo."

Their teacher sent both of them out of class at that point. She also told them they had until Monday to finish the lab and their project or both Chris and Jessica would fail. She recommended they get together and work on it after school if possible. They agreed, Jessica rather reluctantly, but they would meet later that night at Chris's house.

Chris was so glad to go home that day. Kimberly would be visiting on break from college. She was supposed to be at his house by the time he got home. When he pulled into the driveway, he noticed a BMW parked in the driveway. "That can't be Kimberly's can it?"

Chris was confused but went to the door and walked into the house. Kimberly was sitting on the couch talking to his mother, her grey, plaid skirt showing off short but shapely legs. She ran over to hug him, sliding into him as her black stockings slipped a little on the wood floor. Chris held her tight as they embraced. They walked down to his room so they could talk more.

Chris sat down and immediately started to ask questions. "I'm so glad you are here! How is college going? What's up with the BMW?"

Kimberly smiled and belted out her prepared response before he could ask her more. "I am leaving college after this semester. My new boyfriend makes enough money for us both. We are going to get married! The BMW was a gift. I am very much in love and happy." She blinked and smiled at him. Before he could ask any questions, she changed the subject. "So what are we doing tonight?"

Chris frowned a little. "I have to work on a Bio lab with this airhead bitch Jessica. We shouldn't be too late though, maybe we can go out to eat afterwards."

She smiled at him, intrigued by a girl coming over to see Chris, this did not happen often. "Alright, I'm going to go out for a little while and see if Kristine is around. What time do you think you will be done by?"

Chris paused to look through his notes for a moment. "We don't have that much left to do, maybe by nine or so? I'm sure she has to go to her boyfriends to fuck him before bed or something."

Kimberly giggled a little. The way Chris was inappropriately blunt was cute. "So this girl is a total pig I guess?"

"Obnoxious. She is hot as fuck though. I would love to get with her but she is a bimbo. She treats me like shit in group. Her 'football dude' boyfriend tried to kill me today because I bitched her out for making ogley eyes with him while we should've been doing work."

Kimberly got up off the bed and smiled, seeming a bit preoccupied. "Alright, I'm going to go. I will be back later on ok?" She hugged him again and left Chris to get ready for Jessica to come over.

Chris decided to take a shower before Jessica came over. He wanted to look his best for both of the pretty women he would be spending time with tonight. When he got out, he went into his room to get dressed, deciding to wear his favorite button-down shirt and green cargo pants. He pulled his neck length hair back and started the waiting game. Jessica was not supposed to show up until seven so he still had about a half hour to wait. He set up their papers so they would be able to get to work right away. As much as he wanted to be with Jessica it would not happen, she had her muscle moron boyfriend and Chris was not exactly Mr. Popular. She wanted nothing to do with him, and surely was disgusted to have to spend an evening with him.

Chris finished setting up their papers and walked over to his desk to put a few CD's in his stereo. He picked out a John Coltrane box set. It would be perfect, quiet enough that they could get their work done and good enough so that if Jessica was a bitch he could ignore her and focus on Coltrane. After a few minutes of randomly cleaning up his room a little, he heard a car pull up. It was Jessica, dressed to kill and looking around to make sure no one saw her going to his house.

Chris smiled at her when he opened the door. "Hey, you ready to work on this?" Jessica had her hair up above her head, a brown Abercrombie shirt on that showed off her large chest and a very tight pair of jeans.

"Whatever, lets just get done ok? I totally had to lie to Josh to even be able to come here."

Chris led the way to his room upstairs. As they went up the stairs, he looked over his shoulder. "So you need his approval to do anything? That's pretty stupid; you do have your own mind you know."

Jessica scoffed at him. "Well duh, but Josh gets mad when I do things he doesn't like, he throws these fits..." she trailed off and then after a second Chris saw out of the corner of his eye that she wanted to say something else but she caught herself before she did it.

He opened the door to his room for her and step inside after her, seeing her turn around just in time so he could see the look of disgust on her face. "EW, like, this is such a total nerd room!" She spit out as she looked around at Chris's video game posters and stacks of books looking ready to fall over.

He just smiled and took a deep breath, hoping the night would pass by quickly. "Well let's get to work ok? There isn't that much work to do really if we work on it together Jessica."

She was already wandering off in her mind. "Oh, god do I really have to do work? The other nerdy kids I usually do group with do it all for me."

Chris tried to keep steady with her. "Well I'm not like the other nerds, I'm not a nerd. I..."

Jessica interrupted him. "Oh whatever. Like, you are such a total nerd always playing video games and talking to that girl, whatever her name is. Can you just do the work? I'm totally not into this school crap and if I fail I can't go to college."

"The nerd" walked over to the stereo to change tracks, a song he did not like came on. "Just what will you do in college, fuck everyone for grades? You know professors don't do that too often despite what movies and Boston Public will tell you."

She did not even hear him, looking down at her manicure. "What is up with this wack music too? This is old people music."

Chris was kind of getting mad at this point. "Um, this is John Coltrane ... do you even realize you are listening to one of the greatest recorded moments in the history music? I know 'A Love Supreme' isn't Britney Spears but you have to at least appreciate it for what it is."

As usual, she barely heard him as she fixed her makeup in a compact. "Oh whatever I don't have to appreciate anything. I like music that makes me happy, this music is so dreary and stupid."

It went on like this for a few hours until Kimberly pulled up. She had completed her adventure and was back to save Chris from this girl. She opened the door to the house and started to walk towards the stairs, the heels of her boots clicking across the floor. From upstairs, she could hear an annoying airhead sounding voice coming out of Chris's room.

"Ah this must be Jessica, lovely." Kimberly thought as she walked up the stairs.

Kimberly knocked on the door and stuck her head in. "Hey, are you done? I want to eat soon." She looked Jessica up and down. Jessica was very hot, tan, brown hair, large chest. Very "teen princess," which was the style of the time Kimberly supposed. She barely kept up with the year's fashion, mostly sticking to her plaid skirts and vinyl wear.

Jessica noticed her looking over "Eww stop staring, what are you a dyke?"

Noting very quickly the reddening of Kimberly's facial features Chris stepped up out of his chair and turned to Jessica, making sure to get between the two of them. "Jessica we are going to have to finish this tomorrow ok? Can you meet here after school? We'll do it in the afternoon so it doesn't interrupt either of our social schedules."

Jessica scoffed at the thought of more work. "Yeah, like you have a social schedule. Ok whatever; I'll come here at seven." With that she excused herself and went down the stairs and out the door.

Chris knew what was coming next-

"WHAT A FUCKING CUNT!" Kimberly exclaimed as she grabbed Chris and went down the stairs with him.

He stopped once they got down the stairs, pulling away from her very gently. "I have to go to the bathroom; I'll meet you in the car ok?"

Kimberly smiled; glad to be back here with Chris. "Ok, I have to make a call on my cell phone anyway." She walked towards the door but turned right before opening it. "By the way, what was her name again?"

Chris yelled through the bathroom door. "Jessica Kanko ... why?"

Kimberly replied quickly. "Oh just curious, I'll see you in the car doll."

Kimberly walked over to her car and sat down in the driver's seat. She took her cell phone out of her purse, quickly pulled up the address book, and hit send on number two. Another female picked up after the second ring. "Hi it's Kimberly; yeah I have a potential Bunnie here. The name is Jessica Kanko, look it up, and report to me tonight. I will be out for the evening with a friend but I will have my phone on. I want her captured tomorrow morning and brought in. I will oversee this one, it is an uh, custom for a friend. Talk to you in a little while." She hung up and started the car as Chris got in.

The drive to the diner was a quick one. Chris only lived a few streets away from it so they did not really have much time to talk on the way over. They pulled in to the parking lot, a light rain beading down on the front of the window as Kimberly turned the ignition off. There was a moment of quiet in the car as its sounds ended and the noises of nature around them started.

Chris leaned over and hugged his friend tight before she could get out of the car. "Thank you for coming Kim, I am really glad you are here."

Kimberly hugged him back tightly at first but then pulled away, a bit unnerved by the sudden show of affection. "Of course dear, I want to catch up with you; I have so much to tell you."

With that, she kissed his forehead and smiled at him. Her face then turned stoic again and Kimberly moved away, turned towards the door and unlocked it. "Let's go in, I'm getting cold."

The middle-aged women at the door smiled at them a wide smile and asked if they wanted smoking or non-smoking. Both Chris and Kimberly said "no-smoking please" at the same moment, getting a giggle out of both of them as they walked towards the back of the diner. A minute or so passed as they looked at their menus before Kimberly spoke up. "So you want to know about my fiancé right?"

Chris smiled without looking up "Um, well, yeah I think so."

Kimberly sat straight suddenly. "His name is..." She started to fidget with the sugar sitting in front of her " ... We met in psychics class a few years back; fucked a few times. I did not see him for a while and then an assignment to work on a project with nanites. The project was extremely successful. We ended up falling in love and he asked me to marry him. I said yes, of course, and we are going to be married in a few months."

Chris put his hand on Kimberly's hand and exclaimed a little too loudly for a public setting, "Oh that's wonderful Kim; I can't wait to meet him."

Kimberly looked away a little and smiled as her coffee and his water came. "Oh you will be soon enough dear." Suddenly Kimberly's cell phone rang. She pulled it out of her purse and put it up to her ear. "Hello?"

The voice on the other line was exactly the one she hoped she would be hearing. "I have found all the information you requested Ma'am. Her--" Kimberly visibly winced "Wait, hold on one minute."

She turned to her companion for the evening and smiled. "Dear, I have to take this, I'm going to run outside and talk; I'll be back in a few minutes." She gave Chris's hand a squeeze on the table, got up and walked outside, the heels of her shoes clicking away as she went. Chris sat waiting, sipping at his water. He was glad she had come home to visit.

Kimberly walked down the steps of the diner's front entrance and stopped a few feet around the corner. The rain had stopped, leaving a muggy mist in its place that was uncomfortable for her to stand in. She looked around really quick to make sure no one would hear her.

"Alright, what have you found?"

The voice on the other end answered. "Ma'am her full name is Jessica Anne Kanko. Her birthday is June 1, 1982. She just turned seventeen. She resides at Forty-Six Casper Lane, living with both parents and a younger sister. Jessica's father is having an affair with an intern at his work. She is very popular at school but seems to do very badly on her marks. Also she is head varsity cheerleader."

Kimberly rolled her eyes. "Figures, what else?"

"She weights 123 pounds and has a 36D chest, 5' 6". Dating a boy named Josh, who is cheating on her with her friend Lindsay. Has been pregnant once, two years ago, but had an abortion."

"Thank god, I would have personally stuck the coat hanger in to kill that child if she didn't. No kid deserves a mom like this girl. Anything else?"

"That is about it Ma'am, the rest of the information I have gathered isn't really necessary for what you requested but I attained it all as well. I have already emailed it to your email account. How shall I further serve you?"

Kimberly sighed inwardly and looked down at her watch. "That's it for now, I will be staying here with Chris for tonight, and I will be back tomorrow morning by eight. We will determine a course of action then. I want this one's initial programming done by the early evening. She will be tagged this summer for reprogramming. I want you in on the meeting Claire, you have done very well. I will see you in the morning."

Claire absolutely beamed and let out a silent moan as she heard the praise from her Owner. "Thank you Ma'am, I will do my best for you always. Goodnight".

With that, both hung up their phones, Kimberly to return to her dinner, Claire to slide her panties off and take care of the silent scream inside of her.

"Oh my god what a freak, I can't believe you are stuck with that loser as a lab partner." Becky D'Arcy twirled a strand of her curly blond hair in her free hand.

"Like, was his room really that geeky?"

"Holy shit Beck, it was gross!" Jessica Kanko exclaimed to her best friend over the phone. "He had all these toys everywhere and books and all this gay ass nerd shit. Then it got even worst he put on some Jazz CD, it was like music my grandparents listen to."

Becky was barely paying attention by now; her superficial friendship with her superficial friends could only take up so much of her time. Her attention was focused on filling out a modeling form she had gotten online. She had been on AOL one day when she got a random instant message from a girl named Kimmie who told her they had a common interest in modeling and that she should check out this site. When she did she just knew it was for her, the preview CD she had gotten in the mail convinced her quickly. Her friend was still blabbering on about some nerdy boy; it was time to act as if she gave a fuck she supposed. "Well at least it's over tomorrow Jess." There, that was not hard.

"Yeah I guess, oh my god I forgot to tell you the worst part! One of his friends came by to pick him up for dinner and what a freak! She dressed like a fucking Dominatrix it was so gross. And plus she had on a plaid skirt which is so three seasons ago."

"Oh my god Jess that is so nasty." Becky took a deep breath. "Well just remember it's over tomorrow. Listen I have to go, I will see you in school." With that, Becky hung up the phone. She had so much more to fill out.

They got up and paid for their dinner, Kimberly smiling inwardly at the frat boys who stared at her as she walked by them. She always found it completely amusing how much run of the mill asshole jocks found her sexy. As they walked to the car, she remembered how in high school she had dated a few of them, but they always wanted her to be their little secret lover; really, the pretense of football jocks dating bubbly bimbo cheerleaders had to be kept up! Kimberly was lost in the moment when Chris asked her a question. "What time are you leaving tomorrow?"

Kimberly came back to reality and blinked a few times before answering. "I will wake up at six with you. All I have to do is take a shower and get dressed; I'll leave when you do."

Chris smiled at his friend. "Alright, that sounds great."

Soon after, they pulled into his driveway. Chris turned on the light in his room as they walked in; turning around to face Kimberly. "Do you want to go to bed now?"

"Sure, I guess ... can I stay in bed with you? I'm so used to sleeping next to a warm body it would be weird not to."

Chris pulled her into a tight hug. "Of course, it will be nice for me to sleep next to the sexiest girl I know."

Kimberly smiled and put her head into his shoulder, her long black hair falling all over him. "Thank you."

With that, they got changed; Chris giving Kimberly a shirt and sweatpants to wear. Sleep was uneventful for both but especially for Chris who slept like a baby, his arms wrapped around Kimberly's small body. The uneventfulness of this evening would be a sharp contrast of what was to come when the sun rose.

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