Pam & Tex

by Margot

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Lolita, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The house was quite as Pam returned from a hot day in class. As she stripped off in her bedroom she was unaware of her dogs unnatural interest in her.

Chester July 1978

Tex padded up to her, then rose and began licking her face.

His collar tags jingled in her ears and Pam's hands spread over his warm ribcage to run down his sides. Having just made ready for a shower she had only her pants on. Had odour made him frisky?

A damp nose mussed round her earlobe; his chest brushed against her bare nipples. Pam drew in her breath at this new sensation. Then she giggled nervously while her hand stroked the warm sheath between his hindquarter. Her fingers wanted to feel that thing that had teased her so lately. Now, she was close and her heart thumped.

Tex grunted and plopped down from her onto the floor. Then lifting one hind leg he'd began licking where she'd aroused him.

She felt guilty and embarrassed; but watched intently.

They'd never done anything like this before.

Her little brown Boxer with a stumpy tail had been for her tenth birthday three years ago. Then her hair had been long, now she had it bobbed short and wore a 32" bra. She had changed and so had Tex.

His tongue slurped over that red tip that now peeked out its sheath.

With each slurp his black bollocks swung between his pink flanks. It mesmerised her. On previous occasions at home, Pamela had to halt what her mother called, "his rude habit". Yet her father jovially called it natural animal instinct and that pleased Pam.

Texs thingy had played on Pam's mind of late and this moment was her chance. There was no one at home; just the two of them in the bedroom.

Pam shifted herself alongside Tex; her hand cautiously stroking his tummy hair and then lower onto the pink-soft skin between his flanks.

Gradually she got her hand closer to where he was licking. Tex paused to look at her and seemed to be waiting for something.

Pam was so very nervous but she had often thought about doing this. Gingerly she stroked the leathery jacket-like sheath and rolled the slippery wedge in her fingers. Her tummy throbbed with excitement. She glanced at him. Tex just blinked at her and panted quietly.

Pam smiled in return. Now her fingers parted his sheath to reveal more of the shaft. Her eyes widened.

The cock slid lazily out, glistening like a jewel. Pam felt her face flush.

Exposed it was much thicker than she'd imagined and even now, expanding! Pam hand slipped into her pants to finger her clit. " That sure looks finger licking good Tex." She whispered.

It was just the signal Tex had wanted and his wet nose went between her legs. Her thighs parted subconsciously, allowing him to mussel inside. Her head began to spin. A primeval cry rose up from her throat as a bolt of pleasure tore through her. It was Pam's first orgasm.

Her ecstatic reaction startled Tex. His head cocked aside at her.

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