A Sensuous Trade
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic, Reluctant, Incest, Brother, Sister, Swinging, First, Anal Sex, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Two recently married couples discover the joys of mixing and matching.

From the summit you could see Lake Tahoe far below -- the entire expanse of it glistening sleepily in the sun, its color changing from dark green to blue, then to a lighter shade of blue. Hills surrounded it, just as they walled in the broad meadows to the south and the teardrops of other tiny lakes to the west and east. To the north, and about midway between the summit and Lake Tahoe, sprawled the big stone building of Evergreen Lodge. Evergreen Lodge was two stories high, nestled back in the firs and pines with its collection of carpeted rooms and discreet servants. During the season, it boasted a three-piece combo in its cocktail lounge, and the young couples who enthusiastically filled the resort danced closely entwined until it was time for bed. Bedtime was singularly early, for Evergreen Lodge was renowned as the "honeymoon" hotel --

whether you were married or not. Most of the young men and women who had originally sought reservations here during the summer months were recent newlyweds (often married on the Nevada side or in Reno), but the clientele had broadened to include unmarried couples (or couples one or both of whom were married to other people) attracted by the discreet, out-of-the-way location and willing to pay the steep rates. There were also older couples who were tired of the glitter of Reno and Tahoe and wished to "get away from it all". But however it was sliced, and whoever with, Evergreen Lodge was for passion ... for passion, love, and lust. And if you wanted to escape from Evergreen Lodge itself, there were the paths. The paths spread out behind the building like a spider's web net, meandering through the wind-bent trees and breeze-stirred shrubbery, winding up the silent, loamy hills to the summit. The summit ... and the private cottages. The cottages were set apart from one another by brakes of forest and bush and sun-dappled grass; small, redwood-paneled cabins which looked out over the Lodge and the lake through large picture windows, and were furnished right down to a small blaze burning in the field-stone fireplace when you first arrived. The clean tang of pine smoke sharpened the summer air coming from the lake, and seemed to revitalize the lovers who could pay forty dollars a day for a place to fuck.

The path connecting the cottages ran along the edge of the summit, and on this warm June evening, it was young Susan Halford who was thrilling to the panoramic view spread out before her. She walked languidly alongside her husband of a few hours, her arm tightly pressed to his, unable to stifle the blissful grin on her fresh, roundly pert and freckled face. The new Mrs. Halford was sleek and curvaceous with natural blonde hair and luminescent green eyes with tiny yellow flecks in the irises. She wore a clinging blue shift which hugged and caressed her high-breasted figure, and accentuated the easy, natural sway of her buttocks. She was twenty, in love with a perfect man, and married to him. What more could a woman ask? The diamond of her newly acquired wedding ring sparkled magically in the crimson rays of the setting sun, as if mirroring the radiant happiness that threatened to burst her heart. She snuggled her head against Mark Halford's bare shoulder, feeling the warmth of his tanned, masculine flesh. He was wearing a pair of tight green swimming trunks and a pair of thongs, as she was, and his bronzed, hard-muscled body glistened in the dimming light of the day. He had dark brown, almost black hair, and despite the fact he was only two years older than his bride, Mark seemed somehow much older. Not by wrinkles or lines of dissipation, for he was still very virile and youthful in appearance, but as Susan glanced up worshipfully at him, she thought he seemed so much more mature ... so much more experienced in his manner and expression. The young bride felt a small, reflexive shiver of fascination move briefly along her spine. Lord, but he was a handsome catch! She'd thought so when she'd first met him on a double date with her brother, James. It had been one of those "joke" blind dates, done for the lark and not because she'd expected anything to come of it -- certainly not marriage! But her brother James was dating Mark's sister Barbara, so it sounded like a good laugh when Barbara had said Mark was coming to town and why not make it a four-some! But when Susan had first laid eyes on Mark, she was no longer in the mood to laugh. He had a certain roguish allure which had immediately captivated her, which made her irrationally avert her gaze and blush girlishly. It was almost as if Mark mentally undressed her and left her naked and defenseless. Yes, and tonight, their wedding night, Mark would in fact undress her and lead her naked and defenseless into the secret mysteries of sex. It seemed almost miraculous to her that after all the months of Mark's amorous pressures, she'd remained true to her dreams of being pure and unspoiled for her husband ... to still be a virgin! Susan studied her new husband as they walked together along the graveled path. She watched the way he moved easily, with almost leonine fluidity, the strong muscles rippling along his thighs and chest, the hard bas-relief outline of his manhood straining the thin material of his swimming trunks. What would it look like? She'd never seen a man's penis before, not even her brother's, and the tantalizing thought of what Mark's would resemble burrowed like a hot, prickly sliver in her mind.

Lord! Did a penis really get long and hard, the way some of her girlfriends told her it did? Even soft, the bulging contour of its manly shaft seemed to hold a strange, awesome fascination for the sheltered young girl, and for one quick moment she was filled with a weird desire to reach across and run her fingers down over the stimulating outline, and trace the curve of his cock as it nestled gently in the softness of his scrotum. Then, abruptly shamed, Susan averted her gaze and stared mortified out over the summit. Self-deprecatingly, she thought: My God, what a way to be carrying on! Mark could never respect me if he knew I was harboring such indecent ideas! I'm so ashamed... ! The blonde-haired bride shuddered involuntarily as she resisted her erotic reveries and the dwelling fear of what this night would bring. She was deeply religious and prayed subconsciously that Mark would understand her natural reticence and be gentle and patient as he initiated her into the new world of sex. Sex. There was a word which had never been mentioned in her parents' house, not once in all the years of her and her brother's upbringing. Sex was a subject that got your mouth washed out with soap, or worse. She and James were products of a Mid-Western Baptist family, and neither one of them had had much of a chance to stray from God's way, dating very little and then only under the stern glare of Mr. & Mrs. Monroe's parental guidance. There was church twice on Sunday with James in the choir, while most of their friends were running off to play. And the constant warnings on the evils of s-e-x! And the innate bestiality of human animals, both male and female. It almost seemed irreligious for her to have chosen Mark Halford for a husband, considering how much more worldly he was. And when James had announced that he was planning to marry Barbara Halford, their parents had all but disowned him. It had been very difficult for her brother to withstand their parents' heated objections, for he'd been brought up as protected as his sister.

Yet Susan couldn't help admiring her brother for fighting for the girl he loved, no matter what her shortcomings might be, and when it was obvious that Mr. & Mrs. Monroe would have nothing to do with their son's wedding, Susan had happily agreed to go to Reno with James and Barbara and make it a double ceremony. The elopement had gone off without a hitch, and after a quickie vow-taking at noon, the two couples were now on their honeymoon ... Still, Susan couldn't help a slight twinge of concern for her brother's welfare. It was one thing for Mark to enter marriage slightly tarnished, for he was a man and premarital experience could be tolerated. But Barbara was ... well, Mark's sister was the sort of girl whom Susan's mother never discussed in public, Mrs. Monroe being a decent woman with a civil tongue in her head. But her lips compressed in a thin white line, the flaring nostrils of her pinched nose, and the disapproving snap in her eyes -- they all conveyed the mother's disgust quite eloquently. Not only was Barbara two years older than James, but she had once worked as an exotic dancer in Fresno! Susan had found the black-haired girl exceptionally open and blatant with her language, though Barbara had never said or done anything overtly obscene when in her company. But she was disturbed by a comment she'd overheard while passing her mother's closed bedroom door one night, when unwittingly Mrs. Monroe had said overly loud to the father: "That Barbara is a strumpet, Joshua. She's the devil's playmate!" Susan devoutly hoped that Barbara wasn't anything so indecent and impure, and that James was gaining a bride as clean in spirit and body as Mark was ... but Susan had the sinking intuition that somewhere along the line, Barbara might have fallen to the temptations of the flesh, perhaps more than once! And that's what disturbed her, for with the same feminine instinct, she sensed that Barbara had not gained her carnal knowledge from James ... but that James was a virgin too ... Susan quickly banished her straying thoughts as she and Mark made the final turn and entered the clearing of the next cottage. Yet while stepping daintily along the graveled trail, she couldn't stop that lingering curiosity as to whether James was as nervous and apprehensively eager for tonight as she ... The small clearing ended at the porch of the cottage, which was now shadowed in the twilight. But the clearing itself was still bathed in hot tangerine sunlight, and the redwood picnic table and chairs seemed to gleam as if waxed with burgundy polish. James and Barbara were lounging in the chairs, slowly sipping at frosty glasses in their hands. On the table between them was a ceramic pitcher with trickles of condensation running down its rounded sides, indicating that whatever it held was nice and cold. When they saw Susan and Mark approaching, they both jumped up, waving and smiling. "Hi!" James called out enthusiastically. "We were hoping you'd come by."

"We were afraid we might be disturbing you," Mark replied with a smile. "We didn't want to barge in if you were inside..."

"Mark!" Barbara gasped with a giggle. "Fixing dinner," he concluded with a twinkle. "That's later," his sister said, "after enough rum cocktails so James can't tell he married a lousy cook! Come on and sit down. I'll go in and get a couple more glasses." With that, Barbara tossed the long, shining mane of her black hair over her shoulder like a silken tail, and languidly walked up the steps of the porch. She moved with the grace and sensuality of a jungle cat, and for an instant Susan felt a tiny thorn of jealousy for the ease and pride Barbara had for her body. Barbara was at home with her physical nature, while she ... she didn't know what her sinew and blood were capable of yet. But then she considered how Barbara had likely learned that familiarity, and her jealousy died as quickly as it'd been born... "How's it feel to be an old married lady, Sis?" James asked cheerily as he sat down again. "I've never been so happy in all my life," she said fervently, and possessively she placed her hand in Mark's. "Wait until later, sweetie," Mark said to her, winking. "You're going to be happier still!" Her blush grew even stronger, warming her all the way down her cheeks and neck to her hidden breasts as she caught the meaning behind his words and heard the two men laugh. Again her thoughts returned momentarily to her sexual innocence, and to James's. In that split-second, she looked at her brother and saw how handsome and relaxed he seemed as he sat there. He was wearing only a pair of tight, cotton-twill pants, his tanned, satin-smooth chest rippling with muscles as he chuckled merrily. He was leaner in build, neither as tall or as developed as Mark, but in his own way he was every bit as handsome and alluring as her husband. And there was no question that she and James were siblings! His face, was as cherubic as hers was angelic, with the same band of freckles across the bridge of his stubby nose, the same deep, guileless eyes, and the same wheat-colored hair. His hair was clipped short, almost to a crew-cut, not because he had anything against the longer hair now in fashion, but because he simply preferred it trimmed so it wouldn't interfere with swimming, his favorite sport. It was very fine like her own, so instead of sticking up in a butch, it lay soft and close, like a blonde furry cap. Now, gazing lovingly at her brother, Susan wondered if he and Barbara had already ... No, no, don't think this way! Lovemaking was for the nighttime, between the warm intimacy of bedcovers. That's how James would want it, Susan knew. She did know, too, because she knew in her soul everything about her brother ... just because they were so close, because they were such close siblings... "Here we are, lovers!" Barbara said from the porch, reappearing from the cabin with two more glasses. Her voice had a throaty purr to it which matched her feline motions, and glancing up at her, Susan realized with a start that Barbara would have no compunctions about when or where to do it. Barbara was an awful lot of woman, in the same way that Mark was a lot of man. Was she too much for James perhaps... ? Barbara had always been provocative, but now, here, dressed as she was, she seemed even more sensual than when she'd been a single girl. She was as bronzed as her new husband, with a smooth taut stomach and full, thrusting breasts barely concealed in the narrow strip of a bright lavender halter. When she bent over the table to pour from the pitcher, Susan could almost see the dark brown rings of her sizable nipples! She wore matching lavender short-shorts that were so tight, that they outlined the tight, slightly protruding mound of her pussy, revealed her firm full thighs, and then tucked into the crevice between her voluptuously rounded buttocks, leaving the brown curve of her hips almost entirely naked. What a scandalous outfit! Susan thought critically, a little prudishly. It was certainly more daring than her own relatively skimpy two-piece bathing suit, for the way the material was molded over the creamy-smooth skin, it seemed to highlight everything a modest woman should keep to herself! Barbara was leaving nothing to the imagination! Of course, this was her honeymoon, and she could dress however she pleased ... but nevertheless, it seemed to Susan to be an immodest choice, fit only for the intimate eyes of her husband and no others! Unsettled and unsure, Susan glanced at Mark, and was startled by the expression on his face. His mouth was wide with a profligate smile and his onyx eyes were traveling blatantly over the width and breadth of his own sister's voluptuous figure as if ... as if he were the one married to her and not James! What was the matter with him? And then, even more shockingly, he gave a long and appreciative whistle! "You've grabbed a beautiful and desirable woman, James," Mark said, accepting the drink Barbara handed him. "Yes sir, a real dish!"

"I'm a lucky guy, all right," James replied, but Susan thought she caught a small hint of embarrassment in his voice. "Makes you what you are today," Mark finished for her. "Sensational! If I weren't your brother, James would've had a real fight on his hands, lemme tell you true." Then he laughed and leaned across to put his arm around Susan and squeeze her tightly. "That is, until I met my little sweetie, here. She's a hot one, too!" Susan, shocked at the direction the conversation was taking, almost spilled the drink which had been given her. Despite the fact she rarely cared for liquor, she attempted to salvage the situation by raising her glass and toasting: "H-Here's to marriage, everybody!" With a chorus of assents, they all clinked glasses and drank heartily ... all except Susan. She tasted hers experimentally. The rum cocktail was tart, without much alcohol taste to it at all, and really very refreshing. Taking a deeper sip, she was glad that she wouldn't have to pretend to like the drinks, and that she could compliment Barbara on them genuinely. "Hey, that hits the spot," Mark said, smacking his lips. "Hope there's plenty more where that came from!"

"Why do you think we were fifteen minutes later checking in than you were?" Barbara giggled. "I had James stop at a liquor store and make sure he bought enough!"

"Plus a magnum of champagne," James boasted. "Mumm's!"

"For later," Barbara added. "For after dinner -- and you're invited!"

"Oh, that's very nice, but I really don't think that tonight we should bother you," Susan murmured. "Nonsense, Sis!" James retorted. "We were going to go over and ask you, if you hadn't come here first. Now, settle back and enjoy things!" Susan tried to, but there was still an aura of uneasiness to her as the conversation drifted onto many different topics. She finished her drink and Mark poured her another from the pitcher, and before she realized it, yet another. The rum gradually began to take its toll, and she experienced a general loosening of her nerves; the tenseness left her and she started feeling more relaxed. Then some of her mental cautiousness began to disappear, and surprisingly, she discovered herself being drawn into animated conversation with the others. During her fourth drink, the quartet moved inside the cottage to the small, compact kitchen at the rear. Dinner was prepared amidst gales of laughter and teasing, for everything that could go wrong, did. The cookstove refused to light, and when finally it did, it belched smoke like a volcano. The steaks were burned, the potatoes under-done, and the salad had bugs in it. But somehow, it didn't matter. With the pop of the cork and the pouring of the celebratory champagne, it seemed to the now giddy bride that it was the finest meal she'd ever eaten. And when at last the champagne was gone and the rum had vanished and it was time to go, Susan was almost sorry it was over. Light-headed and laughing, she leaned against Mark as they walked out into the clearing again. It was dark now, with the hook of a new moon caught in the floor of the sky ... but it was a warm darkness, with crickets chirruping close by, and it wasn't scary at all to her. Drunk with love and the unaccustomed alcohol, she looked back at James and Barbara who were standing arm-in-arm on their porch. "Good night, Mr. and Mrs. Monroe!" she said, waving to them. "Thanks for everything!"

"And good night to you, Mrs. Halford," her brother called back. He was grinning crookedly, and she could tell he'd had more than his usual amount of alcohol. He was drunk! "Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" Barbara added, and even that slightly risque remark seemed funny to Susan right then. Starting down the path to their own cottage, she nuzzled closely against Mark and mentioned to him how happy she was that they'd decided to stay later than she'd first planned. Yes, and she thought to herself that Barbara wasn't anything like her mother had labeled her; her mother was an old ninny, that's all. And Mark Halford was a very nice, very handsome, very urbane husband whom she found herself loving more and more each step she took ... With arms encircling each other's waist, they climbed the steps of their porch and entered the small, three-room cabin. It was, fittingly enough, a twin of James's and Barbara's cottage, and lived up to the color brochures as much as anything lives up to its advertising: nicely decorated in the rustic, woodsy notion of bare walls, beam ceilings, and black wrought iron legs on wooden tables and chairs. The carpet was a grass fiber matting which tickled when Susan threw off her thongs and stood barefooted, and it extended throughout the living room, kitchenette, and the double-bed bedroom that was across from the tiny shower and toilet alcove. Once inside and with the door shut, Mark drew his young blonde bride to him before she could reach the light switch. His lips found hers and he pressed his mouth wetly down, grinding tightly against her lips. She felt herself go limp, then the soft eagerness of his tongue bid for entry and she gently pushed him free. "Darling, darling, I love you," she heard herself whisper breathlessly. She fumbled for the light switch, turning on the overhead fixture that was shaped like a miniature wagon wheel, and then turning to her new husband again, she hugged him like a little girl. "I want to be yours, all yours, forever and ever."

"God, you've driven me batty these last few months, sweetie," Mark groaned passionately against her ear. "And now at last I've got you. I don't know how I managed to control myself."

"You didn't," she giggled. "I made you stop, remember?"

"Yeah, but never again!" Susan placed her forefinger gently against his impetuous lips, cooing softly to him: "Never again ... but you'll see, darling. You'll see that the waiting will be worth it!"

"Will be? Now! Now and not another minute!" Impatient with lust, Mark Halford crushed Susan to him again, his right hand searching for the zipper along the back of her blue shift. She giggled again, twisting from his greedy arms and dancing lightly a step away. "No, no, not yet!" she teased him. "Let me get ready first. When I'm all set, I'll call and you can come into the bedroom! That's the way it should be!"

"Should be, mmmm!" Mark panted, his tongue circling his lips with anticipation. "I'll just peel those clothes off you like you're a ripe banana, and that'll be enough getting ready! Hell, I've been ready since I first laid eyes on you!" Susan fluttered her eyelids, cocking her head to one side with a cute mock pout. "Now, darling, this is my honeymoon too. It's something I've always dreamed about ... please let me have my way. And ... and please don't swear so much." Mark clenched his fists and teeth with the urgency of his desire to possess his bride's nubile body.

When the door had been quietly shut, he walked over to where there was a bottle of bourbon on the table. He'd brought it along in his suitcase, and now he unscrewed the cap and drank deeply from the bottle, adding more potent liquor to his already large load of rum and champagne. His fingers shook from his pent-up emotions, and some of the amber liquid ran down from the corners of his mouth. Damn, but Susan's beauty stunned him! He wanted to have his long hard cock lodged up inside her tender cunt in the worst way, and being so close to victory now only made him hotter. He'd had plenty of easy girls, but she was another matter, the perfect blend of spice and challenge! He'd pursued that luscious body of hers with all the charm and charisma he could possibly muster, but that inherent puritanism of hers had always prevailed until finally it had been he who'd surrendered! To think! Him! Mark Halford, marrying a girl so he could fuck her! But that was okay by him, because he loved Susan, loved her with all his heart and soul, and perhaps some of it was because she had held out against him and remained a virgin. Yet despite her resistance to his seductions, he'd been able to detect a latent hot streak in the young girl that seemingly had never been aroused before. He was certain that once he turned her on to sex, she'd be one hot tomato! Shit, he should have ripped her dress off without all this horsepuckey, and sunk his cock up into her cunt until she screamed for more... !...

In the small, square bedroom, Susan Halford unpacked the lacy white negligee she'd bought especially for this night, and spread it out on the bed. Then she undressed, quickly and completely, carefully hanging up in the closet or folding in the bureau drawers her clothing so as to show Mark she was a neat and orderly housewife. Walking naked around the end of the bed, she caught her reflection in the mirror over the bureau, and a little embarrassed at her own immodesty, she paused long enough to study the image she made. Her blonde hair hung long and when she let it fall down across her shoulders, it partially covered her full, round breasts. She swept her hair back up again, gazing momentarily at the creamy white skin of her breasts and the pink areoles making small, perfect accents for her bud-like nipples. She moved slightly sideways, pleased with the long length of her legs and the shapeliness of her narrow waist and the lush-white curve of her hips. Then, faintly embarrassed at her lack of proper humility, she sat down on the bed and reached for her negligee. The silky blonde hair of her pubic mound drew her attention as she stretched her arm out for the garment. The curly strands of soft hair highlighted the pink fullness of her vaginal lips, and she could see the tiny pink tip of her clitoris peeking shyly out from the softly rounded flesh of her cuntal slit. My Lord! I must've drunk far too much to be acting like this! she gasped inwardly, shocked by what she considered to be a brazen, almost indecent interest in her own body. She felt so hot! Spirits of any kind had always affected her that way. But perhaps this was better, feeling slightly giddy and daring, for as much as she loved and desired to please Mark, there was no denying the truth that she was agitated over what he would do to her with his ... his thing.

Suddenly she bolted upright off the bed, instinctively clutching the negligee in front of her as if it were a defensive shield for her nakedness. The bedroom door had burst open, hitting the wall of the room with a resounding crash, and Mark was standing spread-legged on the threshold, the front of his swimming trunks bulging ominously at her! His eyes were blazing with the uncontainable lust which was burning through his pulsating loins, and he moved with slow deliberation across to where his bride stood in wide-eyed trepidation. "Mark! You ... you promised... !" Her new husband came closer, shaking his head. "Hell I did," he grinned, and she saw the heavy sag in the front of his elastic trunks bulging obscenely in her direction. What had happened to her darling Mark? It was as if some lusting brute had taken control of his senses! "I can't wait another second," she heard him breathe raggedly. "Right now! Susan!" Mark grabbed her arm and swept her into a heady embrace, despite her protests. She was hauled ruthlessly up against the hardness of his desire-stiffened cock, and she could feet the rigid shaft through the thin layer of his trunks and her silken negligee, pulsing like some untamed animal against the tender flesh of her lower belly. His eyes were more obscenely glittering than she had ever seen them before, and his mouth was drawn back over his teeth in a grimace of lewd desire. "Mark! My God, Mark, please! You're drunk!"

" I'm drunk!" he hissed thickly down at her. "Drunk with wanting you!" His hands began to explore her naked flesh with a rough, unfeeling callousness, clutching and squeezing her soft, sensitive body as his lust-swollen penis throbbed excitedly where his loins met hers. She shuddered as he teased the exposed buds of her nipples behind the thin strip of negligee still clutched futilely in her fingers. She groaned, wriggling with fright and shame, but that seemed to make matters worse, as the negligee dropped to the floor and left her entirely naked and defenseless. She could feel his hands pawing over her vulnerable flesh and caressing the tender hillocks of her aching breasts, and thought desperately that perhaps if she gave in a little, it would help return Mark to his sanity. She thrust her moist lips against his panting mouth and slipped her wet pink tongue lewdly between Mark's teeth and deep into his mouth. He sucked hungrily on it, his own kisses in return burning her like a firebrand. "Easy, darling, please be gentle with me..." she whispered entreatingly into his ear, but Mark was beyond hearing her pleas. There was no verbal response from him, just a deep-throated growl of determination, and he pulled her harshly down on the double bed.

Susan felt herself falling across the sheets and then she felt Mark's weight as he crawled up on the bed beside her, hovering momentarily with an evil grin of pure lasciviousness spreading across his alcohol-coarsened face. Mark groaned with the obscene need to finally possess this warmly throbbing vagina he'd so long been pursuing, the very idea of fucking this innocent girl making his penis throb painfully in the tight unyielding prison of his swim trunks. Unable to control his overwhelming greed for his moaning bride curvaceously twisting beneath him, he stood up again and began to frantically push his semen-moistened trunks down over his thighs and buttocks. Jesus, he had to have her! Right now, before he creamed from the excitement alone! The cabin's bedroom whirled around Susan as she shivered in horrified fascination before her naked husband. She watched with stricken eyes while he slid down his trunks and flipped them across the room with one foot. She found herself staring at his hard penis with a sudden rising terror, the giant erection which reared from his hairy abdomen looking like a huge mailed fist to her, his bloated, sperm-filled testicles hanging menacingly at its base. So that's what a man looked like! But dear Lord, he couldn't put all of that up inside of her! He'd split her wide open, right down the middle! No woman could accept such a monstrous pole of flesh between her legs. He levered up over her, leaning over her defenseless body and holding her down against the mattress with one hand while he ran the other greedily over her cringing young flesh. He kneaded her succulent breasts cruelly beneath hands he seemingly was unable to control, tight swells of flesh protruding in white bloodless ridges between his grasping fingers. His head dipped down to her tender budding nipples, and he chewed hungrily at their swollen pink tips until he could taste the sweet, resilient body of his bride filling his mouth. Drunkenly Mark held her struggling body tightly against the sheets, pinning her down with the weight of his heavily-panting chest tensed upon her like a giant boulder. She could feel his blood-thickened hardness slithering hotly along the sensitive flesh of her inner thigh ... closer and closer, until it was barely inches away from spearing into her cowering belly, ripping into her virginal pussy to pound her flesh with savage brutality until it inundated her womb with endless streams of lewd white semen... !

The visions of herself straining wildly under its inhuman girth flashed through her brain with anticipation and pain, her face contorting in fear and torment. Ignoring all of his bride's mewling, Mark squeezed his hips further between her slender thighs, forcing her legs wider apart and pinning her writhing buttocks harshly to the mattress. The soft fleece of her pubic hair brushed teasingly against his aching penis, inciting him to incoherent ravings of drunken lust. His knees splayed her slim legs wider still, and he ground his muscular pelvis eagerly against her squirming loins. Mark Halford drove his hand down between the fear-twisting hollows of her soft inner thighs, madly searching to find the tight elastic snugness of her cringing cunt. He felt the blunt rubbery head of his cock slip deliciously between the sensitive pink lips of her pussy. She was wet! She was ready for her deflowering. He pushed his blood-rigid penis forward with a groan then, sliding past the warm labia and lodging against the thin membrane of her hymen. Her little cunt lips stretched in a tight oval ring around the thick fleshy shaft of his penis, and involuntarily she tensed her hips as her husband forced his way into her body, probing her maidenhead for a way through. He ground his blunt hard cock-head against her tender hymen with a slow deliberation, eager to deflower her, but wanting to enjoy the sensation of taking her cherry. Susan gritted her teeth together, and groaned through them as she felt his erection straining at the vainly resisting membrane of her maidenhood. Her fists clenched and unclenched to ease the pain, to no avail. Mark held her tightly and pushed his hips forward, thrusting his relentless cock harder into her cunt until there was a sudden pop inside ... and he slid unimpeded all the way up to her now quivering belly. "Unnnngggghhhh!" Susan moaned as she lost her virginity. She could feel him slide deeper along the sensitive walls of her deflowered vulva. She winced tearfully from the pain, knowing full well that now there was no escape until her new husband had emptied his heavy balls inside of her. Mark pulled out and thrust forward again, feeling his hardened cock slide deliciously in and out of her slick, virginal cunt.

He started to pump his rock-hard cock deeper and faster into her warmly yielding flesh, his stabbing thickness sinking with each demoniacal stroke all the way up into her quivering wet pussy, the warm tight sheath of her cunt wrapping around it. "Ohhhhhh! It hurts. But ... yes, don't stop" the conflicted young wife cried out. "Ohhhh, then yes! Yes!" Tears of pain were running freely down her red-flushed cheeks, but warm waves of pleasure were now coursing through her body as she felt, for the first time, a hard cock sliding in and out of her cunt. Mark began stroking more quickly in and out, pounding her tender, stretched vagina harder and faster than ever as he felt his orgasm approaching. He moved his fingers under to grip her rounded buttocks and pulled her tight pussy closer to his driving loins, his thrusts filling the bedroom with lewd wet smacking sounds that blended obscenely with Susan's continuing moans of pain and pleasure. His own breath was becoming shorter and heavier, spewing out from his tight-lipped mouth in little gasping puffs. He felt himself losing the last vestiges of his self-control, and he grunted down at her in frantic eagerness: "I ... I'm gonna ... Oh, God I'm cummmmmming!" As the words issued forth, the first powerful jet of his hot semen spurted from the pulsing head of his cock. Susan could feel his rock-hard penis contracting as she experienced her first sensation of a man having an orgasm in her pussy. As his cum continued to pump into her, she could feel her cunt overflowing, and the trickling sensation of his warm semen flowing down the hair-fringed crevice of her cunt, down between her buttocks to pool on the sheet beneath her. And then her husband collapsed over her, his once hard cock deflating rapidly with temporary satiation. Mark fell exhausted across his deflowered wife, one arm splayed wide across the bed and his legs like rubber limbs nestled between her open thighs.

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