Command Performance

by Wayne Gibbous

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Swinging, Group Sex, White Couple, Hispanic Female, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Some friends of ours watched us doing one of our favorite things, then suggested we start a business showing others how we did it. Never thought so much fun could make so much money.

Chapter 1

My wife, Louise, and I had a rather major change come about in our life about a year ago and it all began on a picnic.

We'd been married about twelve years or so, I was thirty-seven and Louise was thirty-four. We are both attractive people and keep trim with regular gym work and a very active sex life. Yes, I married a woman with a wonderful sex drive, I think we fuck more now than we did when we first met.

The picnic was one out to a secluded beach on a lake near us and we were there with our best friends, Roy and Marge, who were just a year or two older than we were.

The weather was perfect, a slight cool breeze and warm sun. We had three blankets on thee ground, one for each couple, the third for the food and the two bottles of champagne that we'd opened.

What were we celebrating? Nothing really, just life, I suppose. There was really no reason, we just all liked to be together and we'd decided to all take off a day from work and enjoy life together.

We'd eaten and enjoyed about half our bubbly when Louise bent over to give me a kiss and her sundress fell open revealing her bareness underneath. She has beautiful breasts and often goes without a bra, they're firm and round and tipped with the loveliest light pink nipples I've ever seen.

So here she was, leaning over me, my eyes down on her boobs as I pulled off a strap and moved the dress down to expose one of her breasts.

"Hey, you, what do you think you're doing," she said with a fake pout to her lips.

"Just saw this and wanted to kiss it," I shot back and ducked my head down and kissed her breast.

"Well, do it properly, Jon, if you're going to do it at all," she said and lifted up placing her nipple at my lips where I eagerly sucked it in.

I lay there with my wife's nipple in my mouth, knowing our friends had to be watching us. Then I felt it. Louise's hand pressed down on the bulge in my shorts and began to rub. What the hell is she thinking, I wondered but, nevertheless, I was enjoying it all.

Then, while I was serenely sucking her boob, I felt her pulling down the zipper and then snaking her hand into my shorts to grasp my erection. Not just that, she was tugging it out into the open air, in plain view of our friends.

I heard her spit on her hand, then she wrapped her wet fingers around my cock and began jacking me.

"Um, would you two like to be alone? We can go take a walk," Roy asked.

"Nah, I'm just horny as hell, champagne does that to me, so stick around if you wanna watch?" Louise told them. "Hell, we're friends, you're welcome to watch," she added and leaned up and pulled off her sundress and panties and pulled my shorts off as I was getting my teeshirt off over my head.

Her head went down and she took my cock in her mouth and began sucking me. She was kneeling just so Roy and Marge could see her from behind, no doubt seeing her butt and her pussy while she sucked me.

I looked over and they were watching us, rather intently, as I saw that their hands we not exactly still either. They seemed to be having a bit of fun themselves.

Louise lifted off me, turned and swung a leg up over me. I held my cock steady and she pushed right onto me to begin fucking me up and down. My hands were on her breasts rubbing and tweaking her nipples.

She started out by just rocking up and down on me but then went to going straight up and down scissoring over me squatting, grinning down at me, asking me, "Like my little idea, babe, a nice, slow fuck in the warm sun?"

"Well, I have to say it's added something extra to be doing it in front of another couple."

"Yeah, I love being watched like this. How do we look, guys?" she asked our friends as she fucked me up and down.

By now, Marge had her top off and Roy's cock was out as they were playing with each other while we went at it.

"You two are just beautiful to watch, your bodies are so tight and hot. You should put on shows for people to watch you do this. I'd be glad to be your business manager," Roy said.

Louise looked down at me, grinning, saying, " Geez, we've talked about starting a business together, that'd be great one. They always say that you should do things for a living that excite your passion."

I just laughed but she went on, "Would you be our business manager, set things up, get us some customers to watch us, if we wanted to do this?" she asked as she continued rocking up and down on me.

"Sure, I could get it out on some swinging sites, alternative papers, stuff like that. Get some people who wanted a show and book a hotel room. Pretty simple really," Roy told us.

I really didn't think Louise was serious so what she said next rather surprised me.

"Let's do it. God, it's such a turn-on having you two watch us, doing it for money really turns my pussy on."

"Now, hon, you aren't serious are you?" I asked.

"Doesn't it turn you on to have Roy and Marge watching us fuck? It sure does me."

"Yeah, yeah it does, but would you do this for total strangers?"

"Oh, god, I'm cumming at the thought. Total strangers ... us fucking ... me sucking your cock ... you eating my pussy," she groaned, then began trembling into a gigantic orgasm that simply shook her to her core. She fell over on me, kissing me, panting hard, out of breath.

She was flat on top of me but her hips never stopped moving up and down over me and I was soon emptying up into her as she fucked me up and down.

"You two are awesome," Marge said. "It's the hottest thing I've ever seen. Would you mind if we had sex?"

We told them it was fine with us and I was so stirred-up by that point that Louise and I had a second round with me doing her doggie-style right along with our friends who were in the same position.

So that was our fuck-picnic with friends. But it wasn't the last of the talk about us doing it for people to watch us fuck for a fee.

Roy called us the next evening to say how great a time they'd had and I broached the thought that maybe we should do something together again. He agreed and went on to the business idea which we discussed for a bit.

After his call, Louise and I talked quite a while about how we might go about doing this and we ended up madly fucking on the sofa, our clothes tossed every which way. The idea of us sexually performing for people had turned on my wife like nothing before. And from then on every time we talked about it, she went crazy, practically raping me.

I sure had the support of my wife for us to begin this business so we had Roy and Marge over for a weekend to hammer out the details of the business arrangement. We also figured there would be some hammering of our wives and not necessarily by their own husbands. In fact, Louise told me she wanted to give Roy a proper thanks for his great idea and I had little doubt of what that would be.

We hadn't played with Roy and Marge but now Louise had brought it up, after all, they were coming over on Friday evening and staying with us throughout the rest of the weekend and she thought it would be fun.

"Hey," she said to me, "we're going to be fucking in front of other people, paying customers, we should get as much experience as we can before we start."

"You just want Roy to fuck you, tell me the truth."

And she told me the truth which I really already knew.

So, they came over and we drew up the outline of a business plan, yes, I know, but that's the way Roy thinks and it was really a good idea.

About nine o'clock, we'd finished the third bottle of wine and Louise suggested, "Well, I think we need to get some time alone, all this talk has made me pretty horny. So, why don't Roy and I take the master bedroom and Jon and Marge use the guest room?"

They both began laughing and Marge said, "Are you sure you're not mind-readers? After we first watched you two going at it, we've both talked about swapping with you two. Let's do it," she said and she jumped up and took my hand and pulled my down the hall to the guest bedroom.

We were immediately out of our clothes, hugging and kissing as Roy came into the room to get his toothbrush and to deliver mine. Then he left and I'm sure had a wonderful night with Louise, I should know, she's a wonder in bed.

Marge got in bed and I followed her as she moved over me, dropping her lips over my cock and sucking me eagerly. Her butt was up about where my elbow was so I rubbed my fingers in the wet crevice winking back at me as she sucked me so sweetly. I pressed in as she wiggled her butt in pleasure and I began finger-fucking her while she sucked me.

What a way to seal a partnership, I thought as we pleasured one another knowing much the same was happening down the hall with our spouses.

After a few minutes, she lifted up and moved up over me, reaching under to steady my cock and pushed onto me then began fucking me serenely.

"Oh, I've wondered how you'd feel inside me, Jon. This is so nice. Do I feel good? I want you to like me, I'll do whatever you want, okay?"

"Just what you're doing, Marge, is quite wonderful, you are a hot woman," I told her as she smiled and clenched her pussy tight while she cycled up and down over me.

"I'm just so excited to be in this new business with you two. Now I'll be able to watch you two all the time. Our sex hasn't been this good since Roy and I first met. Watching the two of you fuck each other was such a turn-on and now this. I never thought something like this would ever happen in my lifetime. I'm sure glad Louise was so horny when we went on that picnic with you guys."

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