Breaking in a Brand New Bicycle
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Lolita, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Father, Daughter, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Cream Pie, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Little Alice discovers that the misshaped leather bicycle seat on her new bike has a lot of nice secrets whenever she rides on a bumpy road or goes downhill. She turns to Daddy to make her feel better when the bike is in the repair shop and she finds out there are some things even nicer than riding a new bike. Alice can't wait for her older brother to get home from college so she can show him what she had learned in his absence.

Alice got the best present ever for her 18th birthday party. Her daddy knew his little angel had been wishing for a new bicycle ever since her older brother Harold passed his beat-up old one to her four years ago and he graduated to his grandfather's old Ford truck.

Harold was now an old man in his early twenties and keeping very late hours at state college.

Her new bicycle was pink and she was not sure that she really liked the color but it was one of the more expensive models and she saw it had lights and a bell and even brakes that made her come to a screeching halt whenever she wanted.

Everything about it seemed to work properly except for the seat itself. The seat was made of very nice smelling leather and was padded to be very comfortable under her teen-age bottom. The main problem was that it had been damaged somehow in the original shipment and it was shaped a bit oddly for riding comfort.

It was on the tip of Alice's tongue to register a complaint to her father but the problem posed seemed a bit indelicate for a teen-aged daughter to be discussing with a widowed parent.

She decided to give the bike some test runs just to see how much of a problem it would be.

The very first ride was on the bumpy road behind the sawmill. She knew it would be a real good test for the new bike. Everything seemed to be going well until she made the turn at the top of the hill and started to descend down into the farmland that adjoined her family's home.

The odd shaped seat with the lumpy ridge that poked right into her female slit was suddenly pressing with desperate insistence over every little pebble in the road. There was no way she could stop until she got to the bottom of the hill, so she just gritted her teeth and put up the strange feeling.

About halfway down the hill, Alice knew something was seriously wrong with her insides. She felt her tinkle hole getting very wet and she was sure it not because she needed to tinkle. Even her poopy hole was starting to tingle with a desire to feel the leather seat back there as well. She wondered if this was what the older girls at school called "having sex".

Alice took firm hold of the handle bars and squeezed her legs together. Actually, that tended to make matters worse and she started to scream out loud into the empty morning air. Just then the bike encountered a series of small ruts and she felt her secret place spurt out lots of juice that made her inner legs and the new bike seat very wet.

Alice applied the brakes at the bottom of the hill and came to a quick and shuddering stop. She stood there for a few minutes shaking with a new kind of emotion that make her feel very good inside.

With a determined look in her eye, she walked her new bike back up to the top of the hill and did it all over again with exactly the same results. This strange new feeling was like a whole new world to her.

She looked around to make sure no one was looking and looked under her shorts to see if her little pussy was still all right. Everything seemed normal and just the same as ever, except for the oodles of sticky liquid that definitely was not pee.

When she continued on her ride to return home, Alice slid forward on the seat just enough to bring her hidden brown eye in contact with the misshapen leather seat. She had a big smile on her face when she arrived home. Alice had discovered an entirely new way to enjoy her bike-riding. She thought that the newest way of riding was even nicer than the first. Her father saw her leave the new bike on the porch and asked her how she liked her ride.

"Oh, daddy, it was so nice! I never had so much fun. Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a wonderful gift."

He watched her walking up the stairs to her bedroom with a dreamy look in her eyes and sort of a bow-legged look to her movement.

For the next several months, Alice rode her new bike everywhere. Sometimes when she got where she was going, she just turned around and went back and did it all over again.

The problem started when she had a small accident on that same hill of her first introduction of the wonders of her "perfect" bicycle seat and her bike had to go to the shop for immediate repairs.

After about three days, a very agitated and distraught young girl sat on the porch wishing she had her bike back.

Her father came out and sat down next to her. He knew something was bothering his beautiful young daughter. Since the purpose of his whole existence was to make his little girl happy, he simply had to know what was bothering her.

It took quite a while and a lot of convincing, but after a lengthy interrogation, Alice's father found out exactly what was making his daughter miserable.

"Alice, you are a blossoming young girl."

Alice interrupted her father.

"It's all right, daddy, I know all about the "birds and the bees". They tell us everything in school now. I even know about condoms and taking pills and everything a girl should know."

He just looked at her and chuckled.

"I want you to talk to my friend Harry. He knows all about stuff like this and will set you straight about what is best for you."

He called Harry on the phone and told Alice that he would be over right after dinner.

Her father took the opportunity to see the new film at the corner cinema when Harry arrived because he thought Harry needed to talk to his daughter in private.

Harry was quite to the point when he explained to Alice,

"Alice, you have been using the bike as a masturbation tool. You have been "getting off" on that newly designed leather seat ever since you first started riding."

Alice giggled and snuggled up next to the older man. In fact, she even draped herself across his lap and started to hum to herself as she felt his "thing" start to rise between her cheeks. It felt so nice that she could not resist reaching down and fondling it with a gentle and respectful touch.

Poor Alice was so starved for her bike seat that she rode the smiling Harry's pole just like she was riding her bike. He wrapped his hands around her and let her bounce as hard as she wanted until he heard her saying naughty words he didn't even knew she understood the meaning of.

Alice clutched her Harry's arm and ground her naughty bottom around his sturdy cock. Her orgasm was the very best ever. It was even better than riding down the hill on her bike.

They both went hand and hand inside the house and she slipped into the shower he was taking when he wasn't looking. She went down on her knees and soaped up his long thick cock. After he was nice and clean, she wrapped her lips around him and started to suck him just like the girls in school told her that the boys liked to happen. He tasted real good to her and his hands on the back of her head guided her movements real nice. All she had to do was suck and swallow as hard as she could and not lose any of the sticky man juice.

Harry gently pulled her up before he shot his load into her mouth. He turned her around facing away from him so her tiny little ass was offered up to his cock like a virgin sacrifice. He was not interested in her brown eye right now. He pushed her head down and rubbed his greedy cock on her shaved pussy lips. He was real glad to see she had imitated his divorced wife's way of keeping her pussy hair nicely shaved.

Alice groaned and whimpered wanting the gentleman's cock deep inside her. It was just so much nicer than the lovely bike seat.

"Harry, I'm all wet inside. You can stick it in me all the way. My home room teacher gave all us girls a couple of emergency "morning after" pills in case we needed them."

Those words were exactly the signal Harry needed to shove his thick cock straight up her tight vaginal channel and break her intact cherry. He bottomed out on her virgin cervix and she let her pussy lips flutter around his cock with little butterfly wings right on the base of his rock hard cock.

Alice was sobbing and begging him to not stop.

"Don't stop, Harry. Fuck me hard, please, Harry. Make me take it all the way up inside. I want you to ride me, Harry. Promise you will cum inside. Please, Harry. Give it to me. I will be a good girl for you."

Her words and the tightness of her pussy were so exciting that the excited Harry shot his load long before he wanted to. He had wanted to experience the joy of sliding in and out of her teenage slit as long as possible.

After shooting his final spurt of creamy cum, Harry lifted her off his cock. She protested that she did not want him to take it out. When he continued to massage her pretty ass, she joined him in the big bed and let him spoon her bottom. Little Alice knew he would be hard again sooner than expected and she wanted to experience the same filling sensation in her tight little brown eye.

Very early the next morning, even before the first light came over the treetops, Alice was aroused from her sleep by a very hard rod poking her right in the middle of her deep spread wide apart crack. She looked over her shoulder and saw Harry still had his eyes closed. She didn't see the smile on his face and the one open eye as soon as she turned back around. Carefully, she explored his fully extended cock and maneuvered it right onto her pulsating brown eye waiting in fearful anticipation. She had lifted her top buttock to let him gain easy entrance.

According to the girls at school, all she had to do was relax and breathe through her mouth and Mother Nature would take care of the rest. Alice did exactly that and was rewarded with the slow but steady stretching of her sphincter muscle allowing Harry's ten inch cock inside her tight rectal channel.

She fought the urge to hump her pretty ass back for immediate impalement and just relaxed and tried the trick of pushing out like she was going to go. Each time she did that, the huge cock slid in at least another inch. After about twenty minutes of sheer pleasure, the cock was fully imbedded inside the teenager's cheerleader trained bottom and she trembled with the feeling she first felt "going down the hill". It was her squirting female juices that drove Harry to further action.

At first, Harry was a bit reluctant. He never intended to have carnal relations with the pretty young girl. He didn't consider himself to be a pervert or anything like that. It was just that he wanted to make his Alice happy and reduce her stress whilst her new bike was being repaired. Now, all of a sudden, he was buried deep inside the little princess's ass cheeks and she was having an "all grown-up" orgasm.

He was initially undecided what course of action to take.

Then, with a very devious look over her shoulder, little Alice made his decision for him. She started to hump back deliciously on his rock-hard cock and started to make the most erotic whimpers of excited satisfaction that he had ever heard. It was far too much for the red-blooded male and he started to pound the sexy teenager's bottom as hard as he could. He grabbed hold of her shoulders for more leverage and watched her ass cheeks slap together with his demanding cock buried deep inside.

"Harry! That feels so good. Make me take it, Harry. I will be a good girl, I promise. Oh, Harry, you are all the way inside me. Please shoot your stuff in me back there. I want to feel your thing jumping inside me when you shoot your stuff. That's it, Harry, just like that. It's so nice, Harry."

Harry could not hold back any longer. He grabbed her pretty ponytail and drove his throbbing cock right up into her rectal back wall. His spurts of hot cum made the girl wail out like a cat being held by its tail. Her arms and feet were shaking with excitement and she bit the pillow to keep from screaming and waking the neighbors.

Alice's first ever ass-fucking was a huge success. They looked at each other in astonishment. Neither one had expected this coupling to be so satisfying.

"Harry, can I be your little ass girl forever?"

Harry had to chuckle. She was just so cute sitting there with his cum seeping out of her pretty little pucker hole.

"Honey, I only wish that you will let this old man make your pussy and ass happy for as long as you want. But you really need some young man to give you what you need. Guess what? My son Mark will be back from college at the end of the month. I am sure you two will find some way to keep from getting bored at home."

Alice thought about that on the way to school. She smiled because she was certain the handsome Mark with the curly black hair and the tight tiny butt had learned a whole lot stuff at college and he would be ready to teach her everything he knew each night he was at home.

Maybe she wouldn't have to ride her bike so much anymore.

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