Princess Diana and Alexander the Great
Chapter 1: The Mission and Meeting Alexander the Great

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Mission and Meeting Alexander the Great - Princess Diana, later to be known as Wonder Woman,attempts to delay Alexander the Great's invasion of India.

One morning as Diana, first Princess of the Amazons, relaxed in her suite at the Royal Palace a runner knocked and begged permission to enter. When permission was given, she entered and informed the Princess that her mother, Queen Hippolyta, desired her presence. Diana immediately left for the throne room and presented herself before the Queen.

"Diana, it has been brought to my attention that Alexander III of Macedonia, known as Alexander the Great, is preparing to invade India. I do not think that would be good for the Amazon so I want you to travel to Alexander as my emissary and persuade him not to make that invasion. At least get him to wait, until I can gather the Amazon forces to help prevent his victory there."

"Mother, I will do as you command, but why is this so called Alexander the Great, wanting to invade India? Are they not peaceful to him?" Diana asked.

"They are ruled by the Persians, as you know, and Alexander has defeated their armies and is now preparing to attack their colonies. He must not gain control of India as I fear he has the Amazons in his sights next. We do not want him to invade and pillage our lands, so you must persuade him to delay, at least for two seasons, his attack. I will prepare the Amazon armies and march them to India to reinforce and bolster their armies so that Alexander can be stopped."

"Yes Mother, I will assume the mission and shall leave immediately for Alexander's location."

"Good, I expect him to still be at Gandhara, in the North."

"Very well Mother, then that's where I shall head for.

Diana left the throne room and returned to her suite to pack the necessary items for her journey and then bucked her sword to her belt and grabbed her shield and spear and headed to the stables. Word of Diana's mission had reached there and her war horse, Ajax, was saddled and waiting for her. Quickly stowing her gear on Ajax, Diana mounted, waved farewell to the gathering there to see her off and rode to the North, beginning her journey to Gandhara province of Northern India.

Forty days later Diana, First Princess of the Amazon was stopped by outposts of the Macedonian encampments. As far as she could see lay the war camp. She saw what had to be thousands of chariots, tens of thousands of men and several hundred war elephants as she was escorted to Alexander's pavilion.

When her escort had identified her to the Royal Guard at the entrance, they escorted her before the king.

Alexander looked at what was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her long wavy black hair fell half way down her back, her breasts looked like mountains on her chest and her narrow waist and wide hips indicated the perfect candidate for child bearing.

When Diana stopped before the king, with a guard on each side, she appraised the man on the throne as she bowed her head in respect.

"Oh great King, I am Diana, First Princess of the Amazon. I am also known as Wonder Woman, Protector of the Amazon. My mother, Queen Hippolyta, has sent me here as an emissary to talk with you of your apparent plans to invade India," she said.

"And what difference is it to the Amazon, what my plans are?" Alexander answered.

"If we could talk in private, I have been instructed what to say concerning these matters," Diana replied. Alexander looked at the woman before him and felt his loins stir. He would love to have this woman as his concubine.

"The Amazons are famous as warriors and why should I not think you are here to assassinate me?" he asked. "Why should I allow you to have a private audience with me?"

Diana raised her eyes to the King and quickly made her decision. Her right hand unfastened the brooch holding her toga and it fell to her feet, leaving her magnificent body naked before the assembled Macedonians and their King.

"Does it look like I have a weapon with which to assassinate the Great Alexander?" she asked. Alexander took in the magnificent body standing there and reached his decision.

"Take her toga with you, and all of you leave our presence now. I wish to have a private interview with Princess Diana," he ordered. Diana stepped out of the pool of her toga and allowed her guards to pick it up and everyone left the two royals alone.

As everyone left the royal presence, Alexander considered the nude woman before him. He was intending to invade India soon, but was waiting for fresh troops that would arrive from Macedonia. General Craterus was on his way to get 20,000 fresh troops, but it would take almost four months for him to return to Macedonia, gather the army, and return. He could agree to postpone his invasion if the Amazon made it worth his while. After all, she couldn't know the attack was that far in the future anyway.

"So what is it that your Queen wants?" Alexander asked the Amazon.

"Your Highness my Mother, the Queen, wished you to delay your invasion for at least two seasons," Diana said.

"And why should I wait for six months to invade? My army is ready, I am ready, and why should I not go now?" he asked.

"It would be a favor to the Amazon if you would wait as the Queen requests," Diana replied.

"A favor, why should I do the Amazons a favor? What's in it for me? What tribute does the Amazon offer me to do this favor?" Alexander asked, even as he felt his cock throb with desire at the woman before him.

Diana had noticed the growing bulge in the front of his loin area and knew what Alexander wanted from her people; he wanted to have sexual relations with her. She could not agree to that without the Queen's permission.

"I will return to my Queen and find what she offers you, oh great King," Diana said. "I took forty days to reach you but know that I know where your camp is, if you do not move, I can be back in sixty. I will get my Queen's permission to give you what I think you want in return for your doing what she wants and waiting for 6 months."

"And what do you think I want?" he returned.

"With your permission?" Diana asked as she stepped closer to Alexander. At his nod, her hand reached out and closed around his manhood and gave it a squeeze. "I believe you'd like to empty the seed of your manhood here into my womanhood," she said. "Without the Queen's permission, I cannot allow that as the Amazon can only mate with a man for the purpose of having a child, and this would not be for that purpose. I will ask my Queen to allow me to just have sexual relations with you for your agreement to her request." Alexander groaned aloud at the feel of her hand on him and humped up at her hand. Diana got the message and began to stroke her hand up and down his shaft as she thought what a thick, long weapon Alexander had and imagined how it would feel in her.

Although Diana had her hymen, she was technically not a virgin. The Amazon Healing Machine had restored her virtue upon a number of times as she had lost it, either through defeat and being raped, or through her giving it up in duty to her country. This would be another time she would lose her maidenhead for her people, but it would be restored again. Diana felt the cock in her hand spasm and saw the front of Alexander's robe darken with moisture and realized the man had just orgasmed from her ministrations.

"Very well, you have sixty days, two moon cycles, to return and spread your legs for me Princess. If you fail to be back then, the next day I enter India and I will not stop until it is completely under my rule and then I shall come and conquer the Amazon and your mother will be my concubine, your sisters will satisfy my Royal Bodyguards and you will be assigned to my stables to fill the need of my war horses. I hear the Amazon love to mate with their war horses and I'm sure the one you rode into camp has had you, hasn't he?" Alexander asked, embarrassed at his loss of control and feeling the sticky issue of his manhood inside his robes and on his skin.

"Yes, Ajax, my war horse, has had sexual relations with me," Diana said as she lowered her head.

"Then imagine how it would be having hundreds of war horses enjoy your loins," Alexander responded. Diana body shivered and her sex became wet at that thought. Hundreds of horse cocks, hopefully one after another, reaming out her womanhood. It was with great effort that she kept her hands away from her loins and giving herself solo release.

"I will return within two moon cycles, this I Diana, First Princess, do swear," she said and stepped back and bowed to Alexander. He ordered her toga brought back to her and after she had dressed he ordered a detail to get her out of the encampment and to escort her for three days down the road before they returned.

Diana and her entourage were soon on their way.

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