A Few Short Stories About the Pleasure Bunnies
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/Fa, Romantic, NonConsensual, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Slavery, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Robot, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Masturbation, BBW, Body Modification, Big Breasts, Prostitution,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A few interconnecting short stories about a day in the life of The Pleasure Bunnies Corporation.

Courtney O'Brien walked quickly across the parking lot of the local convenience store. She had woken up late this morning and it showed. Her shoulder length blond hair was still wet from the shower she had quickly taken before heading out the door. She pulled it back into a ponytail, which clumped up in a knot due to the wetness. She wore no makeup; she could worry about that later on. Before leaving the house, she had hurriedly dressed in a purple valor running suit which hugged the curves of her slightly chubby body. All Courtney wanted right now was a cup of coffee, which she purchased each morning to wake herself up before breakfast.

When she reached the entrance, another woman around her age smiled at her and held the door open. The brown haired girl was very pretty and had an amazing body. She was tan, made up, and very tone. A tight baby doll shirt showed off her chest and the short shorts she wore made her very long legs seem even longer. This was quite the opposite of Courtney, who rolled her eyes as the girl swayed into the store next to her. What a bimbo. Before making a left towards the ATM machine she noticed the back of the girl's shorts had a small drawing of a rabbit. The logo above it looked like an interlocking P and a B. Must be a new clothing company.

After getting money from the ATM, Courtney walked over to the coffee island and made her coffee. French Vanilla, two sugars, and creamer. The bimbo she walked into the store next to smiled at her again while she made her own coffee. Courtney was just about to make her way over to the cash register when her cell phone rang.

She walked a couple steps away to take the call from her boyfriend Steven. Jessica Kanko, the brown haired "bimbo," discreetly switched cups with Courtney. The Pleasure Bunnie went to the register, paid for her coffee, and walked outside to her car. Right outside the store, she dumped it in the garbage. After all, Jessica was a Pleasure Bunnie; the opportunity to serve and obey was all she needed to wake up bright and early every morning.

Jessica pulled out her bright pink cell phone so that no one would think she was spying on the target. She looked back inside and observed the target put her cell phone away after the conversation with Sir Steven ended. The target picked up her coffee and took a sip from it; she had not noticed that the cup in her hand was not her own. Jessica started walking quickly to her car, swaying her ass at a few construction workers who checked her out as they passed. Once in her car she watched the target get into her own vehicle, but not before she took another sip out of her cup. The car drove behind her own and stopped in the outgoing traffic from the store. From where Jessica sat, she had a perfect view now.

Jessica pushed a button on her key chain. In the rear view mirror, the target's eyes blinked a few times and then glazed over for a beat. Before the target could notice what had happened, her fate had been, hopefully, sealed. Jessica hoped against all hope that this experiment would work. It would make reprogramming girls to be good Pleasure Bunnies so much more efficient.

Having performed her task Jessica quietly dialed into headquarters to report the good news. Jessica knew her Mistress would be pleased when she returned from her workout this morning. A stir went through her body. She longed to be there with her, but she had been commanded to obey otherwise today and happily complied. So far, all was going according to plan. By the time she returned her Mistress would be back and she could learn how she would obey next.

William stretched in bed as the alarm went off above him. He reached up and turned it off, yawning as he pulled himself up on the bed. Every Tuesday and Thursday his pets got up a few minutes before him to get dressed for their exercise routine. When you have multiple Bunnies and a lover like Kimberly at your beck and call, this is no big deal. Already he could hear Karen, a blond Bunnie maid who Kimberly had gone to high school with, beginning preparation for breakfast in the kitchen. During the girl's workout she would replace Alexis, their recently acquired private maid.

Without acknowledging his presence, Kimberly got out of bed and walked into the next room where their closet was. Quickly she dressed in a pair of black lycra shorts that rode up her plump ass. A pink sports bra covered her 34C breasts. On her feet was a pair of running shoes with ankle socks, which matched the color of her bra.

Moments later Kimberly's slaves, Arianna and Claire, both came out of their room in similar outfits. Alexis, the group's private maid, also joined them. Each Bunnie came into the living room and took their places. While not under any kind of programming right now, all four girls were trained to perform their exercises quickly which meant they were efficient with their time.

Kimberly and Arianna made their way over to a cabinet on the left side of the living room. Arianna opened it and brought out two sets of collars. One set, simple black ones with a snap clasp, were for them. Each took turns putting a collar on the other's neck, snapping it tight while the one receiving the collar held their hair up above their heads. Once their collars were in place, both pulled their hair back, Kimberly into a long ponytail to hold her black hair, which extended to her breasts. Arianna put her dyed red, shoulder length, hair into pigtails.

Alexis and Claire were kneeling a few feet away from them. Both Bunnies lowered their eyes and pulled their hair above their heads. Kimberly and Arianna stood before their respective slaves, Claire for Arianna, and Alexis for Kimberly.

Arianna, who had recently taken up more responsibility for Claire's upkeep, snapped a collar onto Claire's neck. A leash was attached, which Arianna yanked on roughly to bring the girl to a standing position. After watching Ari, Kimberly proceeded to also snap a collar on Alexis and tug on her leash to make the Bunnie rise, albeit a bit gentler.

Once Alexis rose, Kimberly stared at her for a moment. Suddenly she turned towards Arianna to examine her number one's outfit. Her gaze moved to Claire and Alexis, who both received approving nods from their Mistress. Without looking back at Arianna, both Ladies began to lead their slaves across the living room into the kitchen. They cut across the kitchen without acknowledging the maid Karen, who was already readying breakfast.

After cutting across a hall, they came to a stop in front of their apartment's private elevator. The door swooshed open and all four girls entered. Kimberly pushed a button and the elevator began to move downstairs. As the elevator rode downstairs, Kimberly blinked a few times and then closed her eyes for a moment. Everything they had done this morning had been trained into them. For the most part, despite their minds being under their own control, they had acted on their programming. It was such a peaceful way to live. Kimberly knew she would never truly be independent, and did not want to be. She loved her Master and would always serve him. A shudder went through her body as a terrible memory from many years before slid into her mind. She found a great sense of freedom from enslavement. Kimberly was her Master's, her lover's, slave but she was also his equal in all things regarding the corporation. He kept her under control and she would not have it any other way. She truly felt liberated.

Kimberly snapped back to reality as the elevator came to a stop. A large gym opened up before them. On one side was a large weight room. A female trainer wearing a black and yellow spandex outfit oversaw Bunnies, both male and female, in lifting exercises.

In the middle was a circular one-mile track. Five Bunnies were jogging along in synchronization. Their breasts, even while contained in sports bras, still bounced as they ran in unison. Each girl, of varying ethnicity and size, had the blank expression of an under control Pleasure Bunnie on their face. Kimberly recognized each one. All five were being sold to business executives from major corporations. Two were being conditioned to be perfect trophy wives, another two were to be mindless sex slaves, and the final, who was a few months away from eighteen, had been reprogrammed by her step father to be the obedient little princess he had always wanted in a daughter.

To their left was a small building where the gym trainers kept their offices. Alongside of it was a series of treadmills where Bunnies worked out or had training reinforced. A male trainer stood in front of one Bunnie who were exercising. The girl was naked except for a pink collar around her neck and a pair of platform sandals on her feet. She had very short brown hair, beach ball sized breasts, and walked obediently with the treadmill below her. Her walking style was very submissive and sexy. Her large ass swayed as she walked and her breasts bounced on her chest. The Bunnie had a distant look in her eyes and a cheerful smile on her face as she trained.

After taking in all of her surroundings, Kimberly turned slightly and touched Arianna's hand. Arianna squeezed back gently before yanking Claire's leash harshly to begin to lead the girl to their black and yellow trainer, Madam Drusilla. Kimberly, without turning around, yanked on Alexis' leash and began to lead her along the outside of the track to the other end where their trainer stood clocking the times of the five Bunnies already on the track.

The Asian Mistress sighed softly as she walked with her maid. Today was a very important day for The Pleasure Bunnies Corporation. Their newest batch of nanites was being tested live for the first time. Hopefully by the end of her run Jessica will have reported that her part of the mission was a success. The recently brainwashed Bunnie would be rewarded soon for her excellent behavior. Kimberly loved to give out rewards to her favorite Bunnies. She gave Alexis a gentle yank, and smiled as the redhead looked over and smiled back.

Later on in the day, she would take a more hands on approach with the new nanite testing. Kimberly could not wait to see her friend Cheryl again today. She missed her so much. Finally, they approached their trainer for their run. She smiled at him and curtsied in unison with Alexis. For now, she would just do as she had been trained.

Jessica drove quickly back to headquarters. Along the way she had to pass through her old town. Part of her, the part deep down within her that still was free, missed her family. Despite their dysfunctional nature she loved her mother, sister, and father a lot. So it was quite a surprise when, while slowing down so the driver in front of her could make a right turn, her sister drove by in a Driver's Education car with her Gym teacher. By the way the sixteen year old had nearly driven off the room, she had definitely identified her big sister.

As far as Brandi and her parent's knew, Jessica, and her friend Becky, were in California modeling for a website and trying to break into acting. Jessica frowned. This could be a problem. Brandi will go right home today and tell their mother that she had seen her. Something had to be done about this right now.

Jessica furrowed her brow as she pulled onto the parkway to go home. She wasn't the brightest Bunnie, even before she had been reprogrammed. However she was smart enough to know that Brandi and her mother could cause a lot of trouble for her Mistress. She knew she had to report this when she arrived.

Jessica pushed her foot down on the accelerator as far as it could go. While she still lived no one would cause problems for her Mistress. Her family was her family, but she had different loyalties now.

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