Watching Julie
Chapter 1: Beginnings

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, mt/mt, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Beginnings - My spouse and I like to watch other people having sex. We're not pushing anyone into anything, but there are some possibilities we'd like to explore. Heads up: there's a little mm in this story in Chapter Five, but it's clearly marked so you can skip it if you want. Some of the characters have the same names as in my other stories, but they're not the same people. I like the names, that's all. There is some overlap in themes, however. This is a fantasy. It never happened! (To me, anyway.)


That stupid plastic bucket was my wake-up call. Mr. Biederman wasn't pleasant about it, either.

"Son, if I catch you in my yard again I'll turn Blackie loose on you."

Mr. Biederman's lips glistened and spittle flew to the side. His hand on Blackie's collar trembled. Blackie's lips glistened, too. He also drooled, and he looked hungry.


"I'm sorry, Mr. B." I tried not to whine. "It won't happen again."

"Get out of here, kid."

You won't catch me again, old man.

He never did, either, although I must have gone through his yard at least twice a week during the summer after eighth grade. I knew what the cost was, now, maybe more than I'd known before, and I knew how to beat him. It was worth it.

Why did I do this? Because I like to watch.

As I look back on it now, I think it's partly a function of being a middle child. Middle children are watchers. They don't want to get in the kind of trouble the oldest kid does when he or--especially these days, she--pushes whatever boundary is in the kid's way. And the youngest one is usually caught up in his own world. Not interested.

No, I've been a watcher ever since I was little. I watch. I learn. I stay out of sight, figuratively and literally.

The first time it happened I thought I was dreaming.

"Eat me," she said. "Now."

I opened my lips to comply and got a mouthful of pillow. The cupcake vanished. Cupcake? I was dreaming.

The rush next time was more than I could bear. Like coming in first in a dozen races at once. Like plenty of gravy on turkey at Thanksgiving. I don't know, except it wasn't like any of those things, really. A flash, and then there was something hot and wet until it turned cold. That last bit wasn't so nice.

A hand here and a hand there, some consultations with my friend, Jim, some experiments, and now we had that good feeling whenever we wanted. Jim and I did, anyway, but not so much Dick Milner. I know because I asked him.

"Do you ever do that thing?"

He knew what I was talking about, sure he did.

"No, not really."

Not really? Sure.

"Don't you like to feel good?"

"Yeah, but Mom says I shouldn't."

I should have known. Dick was the only kid I ever knew who did his homework first when he got home from school. Not even a snack before he started.

He was lying, I think we both knew that, but I didn't push him. Besides, Jim and I were learning new things almost every day.

The girls in our class were getting to be interesting to us in new ways, too. I don't remember how I learned this stuff. Some of it must have been in "health" class, I suppose. The rest of it was in the air.

We practically vibrated. The slightest touch would set us off, and often did.

Magazine pictures weren't enough. After you'd seen one African woman without clothes, even a young one with perfect breasts, you'd seen them all, or at least it felt that way. Besides, they were in Africa and I was here. Not only that, but they were doing ordinary things, even if their breasts were bare. I mean, how sexy is doing the wash or holding a kid, or even nursing a baby, anyway? Later on I found out, but that was later.

So, I started watching the girls around me. Susan Vanderbilt was my principal target. She knew she was, too.

"Did you see what she was doing, Jim?"

We were eating lunch in the school patio at the table closest to the lawn.


"Third period. Algebra. She was showing me that problem on Page 56?"

He smirked.

"You weren't paying much attention to the problem, it looked like."

He was right. I was looking down the front of her dress. I could see her bra and the tops of her breasts. I kept hoping maybe I'd see her nipples, but I didn't.

"I thought I was going to come in my pants, you know."

He laughed.

"She's been doing that to me, too."

"Oh, yeah?"

This was interesting. I'd thought she was pretty much just flirting with me, but I guess I was wrong.

He leaned closer.

"You know where she lives, right?"


"On the other side of Biederman's house down the street from us."

This was interesting. Very interesting.

"I know where her bedroom is, too."

I looked at Jim.

"Oh, yeah?"


We looked at each other.

"You see her?"

He smiled.



I was thinking I was going to have to demand some proof of this amazing development, in fact.

"Last summer was the first time. I was watering Mr. Biederman's lawn while they were away in August. Remember that?"

I remembered. I'd even gone over to help him once or twice. I didn't remember anything about Susan, though.

"Well, they have a pool."

Crap. I'd forgotten about that. Although maybe last summer it wasn't quite time yet for me to be thinking about that stuff.


"So, Susan and her sister are out in the sun all the time."


"They wear tops, but they undo them when they're face-down so they get an even tan."


"Sometimes they forget that they've undone the tops when they lift up a little."

Oh. This was starting to get interesting.

"Her sister's are bigger."

Shit. Now I was totally hard.

"Invite me over this weekend. I want to hear the rest of it."


That Saturday afternoon we were out behind Jim's house. His folks were away, although I think his sister was around somewhere.

"Tell me the rest of it, Jim."

"I saw Susan go into the house. Next thing I knew, she was at one of the windows asking her sister where something was. I figured it was her bedroom, although I didn't really know for sure.

"Anyway, I figured maybe I'd come back after dinner and see what was going on."

I had my hand down the front of my shorts. Jim looked over. Unzipped and fished himself out.

"Yeah, that's about what I was thinking, too, David."

"So, what happened?"

He laughed.

"Would you believe, nothing?"


"The light came on in her bedroom and the first thing she did was walk over to the curtains and pull them shut."


"Yeah, well, that's what I thought, too. I stuck around for a while that night, but nothing else happened."

"So, you said you saw her. When?"

"Not so fast, pal."

He was stroking.

"Tell me." I sounded pathetic, but I didn't care.

"I went out there the next night, too. And the next."

I was stroking myself.

"The third night, the light went on and she started over to the window just like before, when I heard someone call her. She turned around and left the room. When she came back, she went over to her desk and turned on the desk lamp and turned the room light off.

"Then she walked over in front of her closet and unbuttoned her blouse. Put it in her hamper or something. She took off her shorts and hung them in the closet. Then she reached behind her and unsnapped her bra."

I was stroking a little faster.

"She turned to the window and I could see everything."

Jim's hand was moving in time with mine.

"Then she waved."

I spurted all over the grass, Jim right beside me.

The next morning we were out in the yard after breakfast.

"So she knew you were there all the time?"

"I think so."


"Well, a day or so earlier I'd tripped in the Biederman's yard when I was setting the hose out. She heard me and came over to the fence to see what was going on. She wanted to know what the hell I was doing there, and I told her.

"I guess she figured out I could see into their yard pretty good. And she knew the Biedermans were on vacation, so, heck, I don't know, maybe she suspected I might be back at night, you know?"

Jim stopped for a minute.

"I think she liked it."


"Because she kind of smirked when we were talking. She kept fooling with her swimsuit strap, too, kind of pulling it away from herself a little."

"I want to see with you."

"Next weekend."

The following Saturday night, Jim showed me how he got over the fence into the Biederman's yard, and where he went to watch. It was a bust. Maybe Susan was out somewhere else, or something, because her light never came on.

By now I was pretty crazy with the idea of seeing Susan Vanderbilt, and I wasn't going to let anything stop me. Jim invited me out once more, the third Saturday running, and I was sure this was going to be it.

At the last minute, Jim stayed back at the house to use the Matt. He looked at the kitchen clock.

"Go ahead. This is about the right time. I'll be along after you."

So I headed off by myself, and that's when I tripped over the stupid plastic bucket.

You won't catch me again, old man.

I kept that promise, and more.

Well, I never did get to see much of Susan except once late that summer before ninth grade, but that one time made it all worthwhile.

I think it must have been the hottest day of the year. Jim and I had been out in his yard for a while, lying around in our bathing suits, using the garden hose from time to time, but there was only one thing on our minds.

Mr. Biederman and his wife took off for the club a little after lunch. We knew they wouldn't be back until after dinner, at the earliest, so as soon as their car cleared the corner we were over the fence and into his yard.


Susan and her sister on their backs, legs slightly akimbo, arms by their sides, a little sheen of sweat in the heat. We made ourselves comfortable. As comfortable as we could be, that is, considering that we both had hard-ons that wouldn't quit.

It didn't take long. Susan turned over on her stomach, unhooked her top and let the straps fall to her sides. She wiggled a little to get comfortable, and we could see the sides of her breasts as she shifted her torso. She had a little smile on her face.

I sneezed.

Susan looked up, looked around. Then her eyebrows came together and she squinted. She started to get up, then quickly grabbed her top and held it close to her as she remembered she didn't have it fastened. Her sister remained dozing.

"What are you guys doing?"

She was on the opposite side of the fence, still holding her top against her.



We stared at each other.

"He told you, didn't he?"

I didn't know quite what to say.

"Well, um..."

She stared at me.

"I'm waiting."

"Yeah, he said something."

She grinned.

"So you thought you'd come and see for yourself, right?"

I must have turned 14 shades of red.


"OK, David, here's the deal."

I stared at her, my mouth open.

"You show me, I show you."

I turned to look at Jim. He laughed.

"Whatever, pal. It's up to you."

I already knew his answer. He was pushing his swim trunks down over his hips as he spoke. His cock popped up, already hard as a rock.

"Susan?" I didn't know quite what to say next.

Are you serious? You're really going to show us your tits?


"You ... I mean..."

"Yes, David, I mean it."

Christ, this was weird. What the hell, I figured, and copied Jim, pushing my trunks down to my knees. My cock was just as rigid as his was.

Susan took her time. Then she smiled. Turned to look back at her sister, still apparently asleep.

"Not bad, guys."

She let her top drop. Two perfect breasts, not too big, just right. Without thinking, my hand went to my cock and began moving. Glanced at Jim. He was doing the same thing. Looked back at Susan. She was staring. I jerked my hand away.

"Uh uh, David."

She licked her lips.

"Keep going. You too, Jim."

That was easy. She didn't look away as Jim and I kept stroking. I felt it build, this delicious new feeling that I wanted over and over again, and before I knew it Jim and I were pulsing and spraying the bushes next to the fence.

I closed my eyes for a moment, took a deep breath. Opened my eyes. Susan had a big grin.

"Nice work, guys!"

With that, she turned around, gave us a little wave over her shoulder, and went back to her sister.

Jim and I stood there for a couple of moments, savoring the feeling, I guess, before we pulled up our swimsuits and went back to Jim's house.

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