The Runaway Schoolgirl
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Lolita, Heterosexual, Fiction, Spanking, Humiliation, Group Sex, Interracial, White Male, Hispanic Female, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Public Sex, Workplace,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Melissa has a secret that she keeps to herself. It was a long way from New Orleans to New York City. Her troubles are not all behind her. There are some new ones brewing on the horizon.

The Trailway bus pulled up to the platform with a loud hissing of air brakes released in haste. The experienced driver always liked to do it that way late at night so all the passengers got a good warning that they had arrived at the terminal after a long grueling stretch on the Jersey turnpike.

Melissa rubbed the sleep out of her baby blue eyes and watched the other passengers start to gather their stuff and line up to be the first ones out the door and away from the claustrophobic confines of the over-crowded bus.

The shapely yet slender 16 year old girl had kept her fingers crossed the entire journey from New Orleans to New York City hoping that she could stay in the background and not be subjected to any questions about who she was or where she was going.

Melissa wanted to forget she was Melissa Jordan and that she was a junior at Saint Mary's Catholic High School in the 6th Ward. Her foster parents were Dick and Rebecca Jordan and, of course, she was not really a Jordan at all. She knew her birth certificate said her name was "Female child" born to "father unknown" and to "Consuela Ramos" of Guadalajara, Mexico. Her mother was in prison down in Texas for stealing cars for an organized gang. She knew she was not a real citizen of the United States, but had no idea why she was in foster care in New Orleans except for the fact her mother was doing 5 to 10 for the hot car rap. The Jordan's had gotten her from the court when she was only 9 years old.

The older photos confirmed that she was a lot heavier then and that she had her hair in tightly knotted braids like most of the black girls in the 9th Ward. Now, she wore school uniforms and her hair was all straight like the other white girls.

Her English now was really fluent and most people she met thought she was like Greek or Italian because of her dark skin and high cheekbones. No one had ever thought that she was "an illegal alien" because she was remarkably well-behaved and always obeyed every rule and regulation set down by her foster parents and the school authorities. Her lack of accent forestalled any suspicion that she was actually foreign born.

Shortly after her 16th birthday, Melissa had taken a boyfriend between her legs to relieve her of the burden of her detested "cherry". Ramon was a football player with much skill but he was a little short on book-learning in almost every area. Melissa was not interested in either his football skills or his lack of education; she was only interested in how deeply he was able to plant his thick cock inside her newly awakened vagina. One thing led to another and she found herself pregnant long before her 17th birthday.

Melissa was wise enough to know this was not acceptable either to her parents or to the very strict sisters that ran the ultra-conservative Saint Mary's Catholic High School. Her problems were solved before she could take any action by the unfortunate circumstance of falling from the whirl-a-gig ride at the State Fair. It was entirely due to their lack of proper brake maintenance.

Her eyes were open now to the many potholes of life and she decided that she would be better off on her own and making her own decisions without interference. After the lucky escape from reality, she insisted that her boyfriend Ramon use only her rear door to get his rocks off. He was welcome to shoot his load inside her poopy hole or right in her smooth soft crack. Melissa had eventually gotten to enjoy this procedure and almost always was able to get herself off with her fingers at the same time. Poor Ramon soon tired of the ass-play and moved on to playing doctor and nurse with a pretty mulatto girl who was equally as devoid of educational skills. They made a very good couple.

Her job at the Chicken Licking Good restaurant allowed her to accumulate enough money to plan her escape.

She bought the ticket on the internet under the name of her best friend at the restaurant and she repaid her with cash from her stash. Melissa was surprised at how cheap the ticket was and it left her plenty of cash to find a job in the city.

The bus had a layover in North Carolina before continuing on to Richmond, Virginia and she was awakened by a tall black soldier sitting down in the seat next to her. She pretended that she went immediately back to sleep and kept the blanket over her legs and hips. A few minutes later, she felt his fingers start to explore her tight fitting jeans with a very gentle touch. It felt so good that she almost groaned out loud.

Stopping her charade of pretending to be asleep, Melissa reached under the blanket and loosened her leather belt holding up her jeans. She pulled her tight jeans down to her knees and presented her bare ass to the pleasure of the uniformed stranger. Her ass was naked because she had gotten into the habit of not wearing underwear any longer.

Melissa just reached one hand behind her and lifted her top ass cheek up high exposing her quivering brown eye. The soldier got the hint right away and a few seconds later, she could feel his long hard cock slide right into her heated crack and push seriously hard against her dirt hole.

The sex-deprived schoolgirl was happy to have a cock on her backside once again. It was OK even if it was a stranger whose cock was not as big and nice like Ramon. Her very own "cherry buster", the handsome Ramon who only liked her pussy and not her ass.

The lady in front looked around when she heard Melissa whimper as the stranger's cock slid past her final defensive line on the second ring of her sphincter. The old biddy knew some funny business was going on but all she saw was two innocent looking young people with a blanket over their knees to keep out the cold draft from the super-charged bus air conditioning unit.

"OMG! He's giving it to me now",

Melissa thought silently to herself as his legs bounced up softly against her willing ass cheeks. She put her hand over her mouth to stifle any chance of an outburst when the flood hit her gut. It didn't take very long. She counted a single mile marker and he delivered his load with a shuddering sigh of complete satisfaction.

She took the wet wipes from her bag and gave a couple to the guy and tended to the residue on her own quivering pucker hole. She discouraged the horny soldier from making a tentative reconnaissance of her well-trimmed pussy slit because she was just not ready to chance another unexpected baby-making drama scene.

He patted her hand and pulled down his cap ready to fall off to sleep now that his ashes were hauled and he needed some rest.

The soldier got off at Richmond. He tried to give her a couple of twenties when he was leaving but she just giggled and declined politely. Melissa figured he was so confused by her wanton behavior that he probably thought she was a prostitute of some kind. She wasn't upset; in fact she was kind of flattered that he thought she had gifted him with something valuable.

She hung back a bit and let the other passengers all walk down the platform before her. In all honesty, she was not quite certain where she was going in the big city. Her buddy Roxanne at the chicken place had given her 2 phone numbers. The first one was to her brother Harry who lived in the Village. Melissa wasn't really sure how a village could be inside a city but she didn't say anything at the time. That was the number she was supposed to call first. Roxanne told her to remind Harry he never repaid the money she lent him if he tried acting like a prick. She also told her to watch him carefully because he was a "devious little bastard" who tried to nail any female able to still breathe.

The other number was a place out in Brighton Beach that hired girls of every description for jobs not exactly kosher. Roxanne told her to be sure to keep repeating she was 18 as that was the only qualification they were looking for.

Melissa figured the second number would be a last resort back up in case nothing else panned out for her.

A cop approached her in the waiting room as she made her way to the phone bank and asked if she was with anyone.

"I don't need to be with anyone, Sir. I am 18 and able to be on my own. But I am meeting someone if you must know and he is running a little bit late. I will just be here for a few more minutes."

Since she was so assertive, the guy bought her act and moved away to look for other girls a little less sure of themselves. She saw 2 black guys with sharp looking clothing give her the once over and decide she was a little too determined looking for their pitch.

The phone rang at least five times before a very bleary-sounding voice stammered out a rude,

"Who the fuck is this?"

Melissa held back an unseemly giggle and said,

"Is this Harry? Your sister Roxanne told you I would be in this weekend. You got a place for me to stay temporary?"

"What the fuck! Roxanne hasn't told me shit and who the fuck are you?"

In a very calm and soothing voice, Melissa spoke slowly into the phone.

"Your sister told me to remind you that you have not repaid the money you owe her so you owe her to fix me up."

There was a short period of silence on the line.

"OK, OK, You are the Melissa girl she told me about. I remember now. Yeah, Ok. Take the subway right there in the building. Take the downtown train to 14th and walk to 343 West 13th Street. You writing this down? Ring the buzzer on the front door 3 times and I will ring you up. I'm on the top floor. I hope you are in good shape. Don't talk to anyone on the stoop or on the stairs. There're some pricks here that got it in for me. You got it?"

Melissa was glad there was a subway cop on the train because some of the passengers looked a little dazed and confused like they were on something. She figured maybe that is normal for this late at night. It was easy to find the address and she followed the instructions to the letter.

Harry turned out to be a somewhat balding middle-aged guy with a good start on a beer belly and an air of cynical disregard for anything and everybody. He directed her to a tidy little room and gave her clean sheets and pillow cases for the bed.

"My girlfriend Elaine used to room with me at first and then we started using the same bed if you know what I mean." He snickered with a "dirty old man" grin on his face.

"Anyways, I work up at Grand Central right next to the Post Office. I will be out of her early in the morning. Here is an extra key for you. Whatever you do, don't lose it! I got a friend waiting for me in my bedroom and she is "on the clock"."

Once again, his silly snicker was so dirty it sounded almost like a snort.

Melissa made the bed and stretched out exhausted.

The bedroom on the other side of the wall was definitely not soundproof. It was a few short moments later that she heard the groans and moans of a very energetic female "getting it on" just before the bed started to bounce with a dull metallic clang against the wall. The frenzied shrieks of a joyful female voice shouted out her encouragement to the determined Harry to "don't stop!

Melissa didn't know if she should laugh or cry.

Instead, she went to her bag and pulled out her reliable black curved hairbrush but it wasn't to brush her hair.

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