Claudia Shop Assistant

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Claudia is a young virgin who has landed a job helping in a book store. The older guy who owns the store loves her presence, and finally helps her lose her virginity.

I first met Claudia when she came into my bookstore. She was looking for an after school job. She was sixteen years old at the time and a very stunning beautiful young lady. I wasn't really looking for someone at the time, but being an older guy (I was 50 at the time) and having a roving eye, I saw the possibilities that might come my way with such a young stunner in my employ.

I gave her the job. Three afternoons a week starting immediately - she would work with me in the afternoon until closing time. My residence (and office) were located above the shop. I hated the computer work required to run my shop - I would rather talk to the customers. Claudia volunteered to do the computer work so that made me very happy. She worked upstairs and was doing a very good job.

After a couple of weeks she and I would regularly chat after closing about life in general. I learnt she was without a boyfriend. The last one she got rid of when he pressured her to have sex. She was a virgin - not saving it for anyone in particular - she just wanted not to be rushed, and especially not have it happen on the back seat of a car.

Me, being a dirty old man with a roving eye for anything in a skirt, saw an opportunity to make a move on young Claudia. She had become very friendly and at ease with me - to the point of flirting with me at times. She told me her parents were going away on Friday afternoon for the weekend, so she would be home alone.

She was going to be working on Friday afternoon. I planned to close early 'for stocktake' (official reason) - the real reason was to seduce young Claudia. I told her to dress casually for the afternoon as we would be closed; and that I would prepare dinner for her and I to share.

My resolve to make this a slow seduction lasted about 2 minutes. Claudia arrived in a short strappy sun-dress (obviously bra-less) and wearing strappy sandals. As she walked past me upstairs I caught a whiff of her perfume. That did it, I followed her and wrapped my arms around her and pulled her back onto me. I had an instant hardon - one that was soon pressing into her ass, as my hands pulled her tight against me as my lips sought her neck.

She tensed momentarily and then relaxed as I held her. My lips and teeth nipped at her neck and down her collarbone. I used my teeth to grasp her thin dress strap and dragged it off her shoulder. One of her beautiful tits was almost completely exposed as the dress threatened to drop off her delicious frame. I used my hand to slip the other strap off her shoulder - the dress fell to her hips and her beautiful tits were naked. My hand moved quickly to grasp her tits and to caress her nipples. My lips never left her neck as I continued to kiss and nip at her.

I turned her to face me - just sensational. Her dress fell to the ground to reveal a tiny (almost transaparent) thong. Our lips locked together as I held her close. Our lips and tongues dueled together - seeking to devour each other.

I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom where I laid her on the before I stepped back to strip naked. She laid back and watched me as my clothes fell to the floor. I was down to my shorts when she sat up and helped me remove them with my cock springing out as she inched the shorts down.

I have a very sizeable cock. About 8 inches in length and very thick. She grasped it in her young small hand and caressed my cock shaft. I know she has handled a cock before (she told me) - but never one that was this big. I let her caress me for a few more seconds before I had her lay back down. My hands went to her thong and I started to slide it off her hips.

Hmmm ... she was shaved naked. Her pussy looked so small and so tight. I slid the thong completely off and then I took off her sandals one at a time. Her toe nails were painted red - and I sucked on them as I removed her sandals. She became very aroused - I kept that fact in mind for later as I moved between her thighs and spread her legs. I moved my face close to her pussy and for just a few moments I gazed at her delicious pussy.

The temptation overcame me as I made swipes of her pussy with my tongue. Initially up and down the outer lips - not seeking to open her lips at the moment. My teeth caught a pussy lip and I pulled it upwards and outwards. I switched to the other pussy lip and repeated. I switched back and forth for a minute or two before pulling back to admire my handi-work. Her outer pussy lips had become engorged and they were pouting open with just the hint of her inner lips visible. I moved back closer this time running my tongue straight down the middle of her pussy lips. I split the outer lips apart and found her inner lips with the tip of my tongue. Her moans suddenly increased in intensity - as did the juices leaking from her pussy. My tongue plunged into her steamy pussy - I could smell its arousal and I could taste it constantly. She clutched my head and pulled me tight against her pussy as her first cum exploded from her sensational body. I stopped for the moment to let her ride out her first cum and let her recover slightly before I re-started devouring her pussy.

This time I slid two fingers into her - she was so very tight. I hooked my fingers and searched for her g-spot. Hmm ... I had some succcess as her moans and body movement again intensified. I went back to licking her clit as I fingered her towards another massive cum.

"Ahhhhhhh..." she screamed as she came hard and long - her juices sprayed out and hit me in the face this time. Yummmm ... absolutely delicious taste and so hot were her juices. This time I didn't let her rest - I carried on and took her to another cum almost immediately ... and then another before she fainted with my fingers deep in her pussy and my mouth sucking and licking her clit and pussy lips.

I moved up onto the bed and held her. I waited until she came around. We kissed again and my hands were stroking and caressing her body - her tits, her ass and her pussy.

I would soon slide my cock deep inside her - and make her a woman ... my woman!!!

Claudia and I had been kissing and cuddling for some time after her initial massive orgasms brought on by my tongue and fingers probing her deliciously tight pussy. I increased my stimulation of her body and senses slightly - my fingers and hands were wandering at large over her entire body. I caressed her nipples and grasped her well-developed tits before I brought her nipples to my mouth, sucking and licking with some gentle bites to gauge her readiness to move on.

My hand strayed down to her pussy and caressed her outer lips which were still very swollen from the previous playing. My fingers played with her outer and inner lips with regular flips against her clit. Her arousal level was on the rise again - her juices were flowing again and her moans were increasing in frequency and intensity.

Satisfied that she was well lubricated and turned on, I moved between her legs to rest my very hard and fat cock on her pubic mound. It looked quite daunting - the massive size of my cock in comparision to her very petite pussy. I dragged my cock back and forwards on her mound - her clit getting stimulation when rubbed by the underside of my cock shaft.

The strokes became more pronounced - the strokes took my cock down between her pussy lips to her ass before reversing direction and going back to the top of her mound. My cock was picking up massive amounts of lubrication as it passed through her outer pussy lips - they were awash with her tangy and aromatic juices.

I paused my next cock stroke midway - the cockhead was posied at the entrance of her pussy. I nudged forward and the cockhead slipped just into the outer reaches of her pussy. I paused again - letting Claudia get used to the new intrusion into her pussy. I nudged forward again - sending my first two inches into her pussy. She wouldn't have the pain of her hymen being torn - that was done previously as a result of her athletic pursuits.

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