What a Relief
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Karen and I found, after we'd both been dumped by cheating spouses, that we could provide comfort and relief to one another even though she was half-again my age. What started as an accommodation became much, much more.

They say that roughly fifty-percent of all marriages fail. Well, I've only been married once but my percentage is a hundred. Hardly anything not heard a million times before, she had an affair with her boss and he was leaving his wife and she was going with him. You've heard it before, I'm sure.

Well, I suppose there are some good sides to what happened, first, we didn't have children. We'd talked about it, now married about five years, I was thirty, she was twenty-eight, we thought it was about time we did.

Then she quit talking about it. No, I never put it together, I just didn't.

Second, we didn't have a house. It was another thing we'd talked quite a bit about doing, even putting money aside for a down payment, going to some home builder shows, scoping out neighborhoods.

Then she quit talking about us buying or building a house. I might mention the low interest rates and she'd just change the subject. No, I never connected the dots.

We were living in a small apartment building, it was four units that had a central corridor and stairs but was fairly new and clean.

One unit was empty, another had tenants that we never saw or heard, the third was rented a few months ago by a nice lady named Karen who was mid-forties that my wife and I had spoken to several times as we might meet her in our comings and goings.

We did know her well enough to know now that she was an operating room lead nurse separated from her husband of fifteen years and was waiting on the final disposition of their assets to finally settle in some place permanent.

About three weeks after my wife moved out, on a Friday just after noon, I ran into Karen as she was bringing her groceries up to her apartment. I volunteered to help and we soon had everything upstairs. She asked me to stay for a cold drink and when she brought them out, she asked, "Um, I've been a little hesitant to ask but, well, I haven't seen Chloe lately. Is she all right?"

"I guess, don't know for sure. We've split, it appears, she got a better offer from her boss."

"Oh, my. Well, I didn't think I'd seen her recently. Sorry to hear that, Ray. I rather know how it feels."

We talked a while longer about what it's like to go through it all and she was really nice to talk with, very friendly and understanding.

I might stop and tell you that my neighbor was in her mid-forties, certainly attractive and well put-together, a honey-blonde about medium height with a nice figure.

So, we talked a bit more and she asked if I'd come back later for supper and I thought that was nice, especially being a typical male who can barely boil water or do little else in the kitchen. I told her I'd bring the wine and left her to put away her shopping.

At six-thirty, I rapped lightly on her door and she swung it open, smiling, welcoming me in so graciously. She was beginning to become a very nice neighbor, I thought as I handed two bottles of Barolo to her.

"I'll be happy to open one if you want," I said and she immediately handed one right back to me as we walked into her kitchen.

"Mmm, what's on the menu, Karen?" I asked as I took the cork puller from her.

"Manicotti," she said, "and made from scratch, I don't cook from a box or something frozen. You get the real thing when you come here," she said smiling broadly.

She stood there as I opened the wine, nicer looking than earlier, she had obviously gotten herself ready for our evening together. Karen was, maybe, fifteen years older than me, about mid-forties, but she had on a bright, flowered sundress that was showing the tops of her breasts, I was guessing that she had on a low-cut bra of some kind, the view was nice, very nice.

I poured us some wine, a generous amount and we clinked glasses and took some.

"Oh, this is nice, very nice, Ray. You're a good man to have to dinner," she said setting her glass down on the island countertop. She pulled out a drawer and got a pair of oven mitts out and went to the side of the oven, dropped open the door and reached in to bring out the lovely, steaming, bubbly casserole.

Even more lovely was the view I was presented with as she leaned over. I'm no expert on women's lingerie but the bra she had on actually exposed the tops of her nipples. The scene was quite lovely and has a definite effect on my heart rate as blood began to be pumped southward.

I was soon pouring us another glass as she carried the manicotti into her small dining room and we sat down to eat.

She served it up and as she was handing me my plate, I couldn't help but, again, greatly admire the lovely view of her breasts, softly cupped from underneath by her scanty bra. Of course, she looked up right as I was leering down her top, seeing where my eyes were, then glancing down, then back up, smiling, not saying a word, then just sitting down as we began to eat.

"Oh, Karen, this is wonderful. You have a real talent."

"Um, yes, I think you've seen more than one of my gifts. You know, Ray, I understand how it is when one becomes alone in this world, I've been there, still there. So, I understand how one can have needs and urges and stresses that used to be so simple and easy to take care of, but, now, just seem to build without much proper relief. So, I understand," she said sliding her hand across to cover mine.

"So, if you need any relief in how you're feeling, if you get lonely and want some attention, some comfort that a woman can give, I'm here, Roy, I'm here whenever you want me."

Well what she'd just said had certainly caused a certain body part, a rather neglected one of late, to come to full attention as I struggled to assemble an answer.

"I ... well, that's the nicest offer I've ever had, Karen. I don't know what to say. That's a wonderful offer and, well, I..."

I thought I knew what she was saying but did I really? What if I'd misinterpreted what she'd offered. So, I added, "Are you saying what I think you're saying?"

"Yes, Ray, I'm here for whenever you might want sex, that's what I'm saying. No strings, just pleasure for us both."

"It's a lovely offer, Karen, I'm quite flattered, actually. You are a very attractive woman and I really haven't done anything to deserve such an offer but I'm sure you mean what you say."

"Oh, I do," she purred, then added, "well, let's finish our meal together and then, perhaps, see what we might want for dessert, shall we?"

I opened the second bottle and we finished our meal, now with an atmosphere of sex in the air.

"I've certainly loved the manicotti, Karen, you get five stars for that, just superb," I told her and she stood up and began removing the dishes to the kitchen which I helped her do. We put the things in the dishwasher and when she stood up, she was right next to me. Her hands went to my chest and my head dipped down as our lips met and opened.

As we kissed, I felt her hand slide down onto my pants and rub my erection. I took that as permission to begin unbuttoning the back of her dress which I soon had open.

"Let's go back, Ray," she said softly as she leaned up for another soft kiss, then took my hand to lead me back to her bedroom.

As soon as we were there, she pulled the sundress off and stood there in her bra and panties. The bra was, I now know, a quarter-bra, one that just gives a little support underneath and came up just to her small pink nipples. Her panties were a thong, very small that mostly rode in the crevice between her legs. She had no hair there, she must shave it off.

Well, the truth was that she wouldn't make the cut as a Playboy model but for a woman in her mod-forties, I can tell you she was nice, very nice. She reached around and the bra came off, then she pulled her panties down and uncovered the bed and got in.

I knew enough that this was the best invitation I'd had in a long time and was eagerly getting naked to join her in her bed.

"You're a very handsome man, Ray, especially right here," she said grinning, taking my hard cock in her hand.

I laid down next to her and we began to make-out, she had a leg up over me, rubbing it on my cock while we kissed and felt each other.

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