Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Rape, Slavery, Fiction, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Public Sex,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A slutty slave elf is fucked in public. She thinks back to when her master first broke her...

My wrists were cuffed, above my head and apart, similar to my spreadeagled legs. My perky, tan breasts bounced slightly, as I moved, and I saw my mound between them, my shaved cunt trembling as I sensed the cool breeze. Cold, smooth stones were pressed to my back, and I saw the crowd jostling to see me. My collar reminded me of the torture I had been through, and my cunt grew moister, thinking about my master.

The forest rustled, and my master stepped up, his pointed ears poking through his golden hair. He was only wearing his belt of toys, and the planes of his slim, muscular body further aroused me, my cunt involuntarily clenching at the thought of his hard, long cock reaming me. His erect cock transfixed me, and I stared at his balls, those soft bags swinging every so slightly at his smooth gait.

I feel my hard nipples get clamped, my master petting my mound and wiggling the clamps, enjoying my gasps of pain. My swollen pussy lips opened, and I felt my wetness trickling down my buttcrack. As I watch him, he pulls out his favorite whip, and starts snapping the tip skillfully on my clit, and I moan, wanting more, more pain, followed by pleasure. He then savagely whips my pussy, not touching my hard clit, raising welts on my thighs and my breasts, and I cry out, my pussy throbbing with lust and pain. The crowd cheers somewhere in the distance, but I am only thinking about his cock and not begging for it, my slave training forcing my words back down. As I bit my lip, he suddenly stopped, thrusting the handle of the whip in, and enjoying my shocked look. The whip had entered roughly, and the ring of muscles immediately clamped on it, causing it to tilt up. Master watched me, smirking, then swept my wavy hair from my face, unveiling my elf ears.

He leaned over and kissed me, suddenly grasping my breasts and roughly kneading, pinching and playing with them. My cries are muffled by his tongue, and I flinch at the pain in my sore, brown nipples, sharp pain lancing to my clit, my golden brown hair tickling me as I shift under my master, who has straddled me, his cock between my big boobs. I want him so badly, but he keeps playing with my body, tickling, pinching, caressing, and I start to override my training. "Master!" I gasp as he bites me viciously on my inner thigh. He snarls, slapping my dripping cunt, and growls, "Shut up, you cock whore! I'll give you a good fuck if you are willing for me to clamp your clit!" knowing that the painful thing was one I hated the most. "Yes, please, just fuck me, master!"

He smirked, slowly clamping my sensitive button, and I bit my lip. Then, master slides the whip out, and my sigh at the empty feel was replaced by a groan as he slid the head of his more than foot long cock on my slit. I pushed towards him as much as I could manage, and he clicked his tongued, moving away from my lusting cunt. I force myself to hold still as he teases me even more, and slips the tip on his cock into me, then out again, my vagina trying to suck him in. Finally, he plunged all the way into me, and I scream, "Rough! Fuck me hard and deep and fast, master!"

Grabbing my ample hips, he started violating me with abandon, and I thrust my ass towards him, his cock rubbing me pleasantly, hitting my g-spot with every thrust. I cum immediately, and he came twice to my five times. The seed leaked slowly from the plug of his dick, and he was on top of me, my tortured nipples squashed under his weight, my battered cunt pulsing, clenching and unclenching. I feel him shift, and I look up at his face. He smiled at me, then bit my nose, moving again. He used long, slow strokes this time, and I long to touch him, feel his muscles bunching under his golden skin. I come again and again, and he nods to the audience, who come towards us.

They touch me, pinching and squeezing, tickling, and master lightly touches my slick anus, making me shudder. He slowly pushes his finger in, and I have in ecstasy at his cock, and all the fingers and hands, and his finger in my anus. Someone wiggles my sore nipples, and my building orgasm blasts through my body, the waves of pleasure making me black out...

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