Uncle Dan Trains Cindy
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Uncle, Niece, Spanking, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Enema,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Dan begins training his niece. She must learn how to appease a man... and his cock. It's a good thing she likes to be spanked!

I looked down at my niece Cindy. She had just swallowed my jism ... twice in the last twenty minutes. I had taught her how to make love to a man's cock with her mouth. My cock! Her head was lying on my left thigh close enough to my now soft prick that I could feel her hot breath on it.

I ran my fingers through her soft blonde hair telling her. "That was wonderful little girl. You made your Uncle Dan real happy with your warm mouth." She still had the tops of her silk pajamas on but her bottoms were down around her knees exposing her well spanked bottom. She had liked me spanking her bare bottom. I could smell how aroused her pussy became while I punished her bare ass with my hand.

As I looked down at my niece's pretty young face I realized just how much she looked like her mother, my sister Marge. It brought back memories of the first time I had spanked Marge.

I was only fourteen at the time, a freshman in high school while Marge was twenty years old just home from college for the weekend. I had come home earlier than expected that Saturday afternoon. Our parents were away at a wedding and I was playing ball with friends. I don't remember why but an argument broke out at the game and everyone got pissed off and went their own ways.

I was angry also and went straight home to sulk. When I entered the back door leading to the kitchen I could hear a faint slapping sound coming from upstairs. I cautiously and quietly made my way up the stairs to the second floor where the three bedrooms were. The slapping sound was coming from Marge's room. Slap ... Slap ... Slap

Her bedroom door was about halfway open. I peeked through the opening. There was my beautiful older sister bare ass naked leaning against the closet door, one hand extended to balance herself. In the other hand she held a belt, one of my belts. She was whipping the belt behind her as best as she could connecting the leather with her backside. Slap ... Slap ... Slap

In all my fourteen years I had never seen a live woman naked. My cock had become rigid forcing the front of my jeans to bulge. I watched in silence as Marge hit herself the best she could in her awkward position. Her tits jiggled as she swung the belt at her bottom. I made a decision then that would change my life forever. I walked to my nude sister slapping her bare bottom with the flat of my hand. SLAP! "Give me that belt Marge." I demanded.

I don't know why, except that she was probably very horny, but she surrendered the belt without a word or even looking at me. From the very first time I spanked Marge's bottom with that belt I was hooked. I felt powerful having a twenty year old naked woman under my control. Whack ... Whack I strapped her sweet ass over and over again. Enjoying the sound of leather on flesh. Enjoying the white skin turning pink, then red. Enjoying the power. I became so excited that my cock was ready to burst without even touching it.

Marge was gently crying, the tears running down her face, when I finally stopped. I was a virgin. No one had ever touched my cock except for myself while I masturbated. This was about to change.

I was too naive to notice that my sister had had an intense orgasm while I spanked her. The type of orgasm she could never achieve spanking herself. "Thank you Danny." She said wiping the tears from her face. When she noticed how tight my pants had become she smiled. "Let me help you with that Danny."

Marge dropped to her knees in front of me, unbuckling my belt, dropping my pants and briefs to my ankles. For the first time I felt someone's hand other than my own gripping my cock. I gritted my teeth to prevent cumming right then. Marge only stroked my erection two or three times with her slender hand before engulfing my shaft with her warm, wet mouth. I was sure that mine wasn't the first cock in her mouth. She was adept at sucking, bringing me ever so close to an orgasm.

"Ugh!" I exclaimed while spurting my load into my sister's waiting mouth. I had never felt anything so good as Marge's mouth on my cock. Spurt ... Spurt ... Spurt I was so spent that I would have fallen down if Marge hadn't supported me while she pulled up my pants.

That was just the beginning of my affair with my sister Marge. I was able to do anything with her as long as I brought her to orgasm with a spanking. She taught me to make love to her pussy as she did with my cock. A slow drawn out affair culminating in intense orgasms for both of us.

"Oh look. The little soldier is waking up." Cindy purred softly. Sure enough my cock was beginning to stiffen while thinking about all the good times I had with Cindy's mom. Cindy wrapped her hand around my seven inch flesh tube.

"Stand up." I told Cindy. When she did I grasped both of her soft tits feeling how titillating they felt through the silk of her top. I unbuttoned her pajama tops slowly getting my first look at her teenage breasts. They were the size of large oranges with her erect nipples standing out from them.

I leaned closer to her putting one breast into my mouth, sucking hard causing Cindy to moan. "Oh ... Uncle Dan. That feels so good."

I pushed her onto the couch, removing the tops and bottoms of her pajamas leaving the seventeen year old completely naked. I marveled at how beautiful my naked niece was. She looked like a younger version of her mother. I pushed her legs apart to get a closer look at her pussy. Her bush was thicker than I expected and only a couple of shades darker than her blonde hair. I leaned in running my tongue along her slit stopping at her clit to suck it into my mouth.

Cindy was already close to an orgasm. My licking and sucking brought her to the edge and beyond. Her body shuttered and bucked against my mouth as she came hard. Time to fuck my niece's hot cunt! I thought to myself as I pushed Cindy completely onto her back allowing me to push my cock into her wet pussy with one hard thrust.

I never asked her if she was on the pill. I didn't care. I pumped her cunt with my hard prick until I erupted deep inside of her. I needed to rest for a while so I told Cindy to clean herself up and bring me a warm damp wash cloth for my cock. This was going to be a long four days for Cindy. She didn't know it yet but she was going to get more spankings, some with my belt. I also planned on breaking in what I hoped was her virgin ass. By the end of the weekend she would be mine, just as her mother was.

Cindy returned with the wash cloth and gently wiped our combined juices from my half soft prick. She leaned down to kiss the head of my cock softly murmuring things to her new friend. I couldn't make out what she was saying but I knew it was a good sign when a woman started talking to your cock like it was an individual entity.

It was getting late so I suggested that we retire for the evening. "Stay naked Cindy." I told her, "You won't be wearing your clothes much this weekend."

She smiled at me as she took my hand and led me to her parents bedroom. The one with the king sized bed. Smart girl! I have to admit that after cumming three times I was tired. I fell asleep with my nude seventeen year old niece cuddling her warm body to my equally naked body.

When I woke in the morning Cindy was already out of bed. I heard clattering coming from downstairs. Still naked I padded down to the kitchen where I found a naked Cindy trying to make breakfast. I took the spatula from her to show her the proper way to scramble eggs the way I liked them. Soft but not runny. Cindy would learn how to cook for me as well as satisfy my sexual hunger.

I sat at the table to eat my eggs and toast. I preferred bacon with my eggs. Cindy would learn that soon. I put the first bite of the eggs into my mouth saying. "Take care of my morning erection little girl. I'm ready for my first cum of the day."

Without hesitation Cindy dropped to all fours and crawled under the table. She put my hard cock into her mouth and slowly sucked it while I ate my breakfast. She was even easier to train than her mother had been. I timed my cock erupting into Cindy's waiting mouth with the last bite of my breakfast. Spurt ... Spurt ... Spurt

Cindy swallowed my cream without a sound. She crawled out from under the table and asked me. "Did I do O.K. Uncle Danny?"

"You don't have to ask. If you displease me you and your bare bottom will be well informed." Her smile left her face then. I think she finally understood that this was a game that only I could win. "Clean the kitchen up, then report to me in the living room."

That had been the hardest thing for my sister Marge to understand and learn. I was in charge. Even when I was only fourteen I would demand that my sister do everything I asked before I would give her the much needed relief that a bare ass spanking would give her. Cindy would learn also.

I had put the DVD Sally and her Uncle in the player. I started it as soon as Cindy sat next to me. I fondled my niece's firm tits as the scene unfolded on the television.

I was already starting to get another erection as I watched the uncle in the movie scold a young pretty red head, who stood in front of him dressed as a school girl, wearing a catholic school type uniform. She had her bright red hair in twin ponytails. I think those twin tails will look good on Cindy.

As the uncle pulled the girl over his lap I took one of Cindy's hands and placed it on my erection. The uncle raised the red head's skirt. He lowered her little white panties to her knees. Somehow a belt appeared in the uncle's hand. You could hear the smacking of leather on flesh as the uncle spanked his errant niece's bare bottom.

Cindy was watching the action while squeezing my cock firmly. She wasn't jerking me off, just holding and squeezing the flesh tube, never taking her eyes from the on screen spanking taking place. It felt good. I had seen this movie before and knew that in the next scene the young girl would be kneeling between her uncle's legs sucking on a ridiculously large twelve inch cock.

"Cindy, go up to the bedroom and bring down my belt." She didn't look very happy about fetching the belt but she obeyed. This would be her first strapping. I am sure I was looking forward to it more than she was.

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