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Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Consensual, Rape, Were animal, Rough, Bestiality, Pregnancy, Body Modification, Violent, .

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: A Teen taking a year off before starting collage get's a surprising change in the Northwest.

At seventeen I graduated and decided to hike around the country before going to college in the fall. I had a trust I received after my father died so I had money to eat. I had actually decided to start in the northwest and had flown out to Seattle. I had been walking for a few days and entered a thick pine forest with a lot of ferns. I stopped early and moved away from the road before putting up the small one man tent.

It was the first night of the new moon. I had eaten and sat on a nearby fallen log to watch the moon rise over the pines. I didn't even see the wolf until it attacked. I jerked my left arm up as it lunged and felt the tearing pain as its teeth ripped through my jacket, shirt and into my arm.

I had been holding a stick in my right hand and jabbed it into the wolf's belly. The howl of pain as it jerked back was almost deafening. It dropped to the ground and backed away growling. I had my left arm against my chest and shoved the stick out at the wolf. It jumped back and slipped into the night whimpering.

The pain in my arm was intense and blood covered my front. I moved quickly to the road while trying to watch for the wolf. I didn't even realize how much blood I lost as I began to feel light headed. A semi was headed towards me and I staggered into the road and waved my good arm. I don't remembered passing out or the truck barely stopping before hitting my body.

I woke in a hospital bed. There was this old woman sitting by the window. She turned to look at me when I shifted and I had the strangest feeling I knew her. She smiled slightly, "You're awake, good."

She stood and walked to the side of the bed and looked down at me. "What I am going to tell you will sound strange. Between now and the next full moon you will begin feeling your body change. Your sense of smell, taste and even the feel of your skin will become ... different. The most dramatic change will be your hearing. Your body will be preparing for the change at the next full moon."

I looked at her wondering what she was talking about. She looked towards the window, "No one was supposed to be near that part of the forest. I was the wolf that bit you and at the next full moon you will become just like me. The only two things a werewolf cares about is killing its prey and mating."

I thought she was a crazy woman that had wandered into my room. She turned to look at me, "You will have doubts. The first night of the full moon, find a strong cage or a room with no windows. That one night will be enough to convince you."

She turned and walked out leaving me shaking my head. Her words were prophetic. I left the hospital after having gotten a dozen shots in my stomach. I flew home and over the next few weeks did feel strange. Food seemed to taste better especially since I ate everything rare. My hearing was what surprised me though. I could hear someone whispering across the room as if they were speaking into my ear. The smells are what hit me the most. Not just the average smells but the smell of a young woman as she walked by me.

I had been thinking about the old woman and the night of the next full moon I made a few preparations. I set up several cameras in my basement that could be seen upstairs. On the single door out I put in four dead bolts, two on each side. I set the key on the basement counter and turned on a TV I had brought down. I can't even begin to describe the pain of what happened to me as the moon rose in the sky.

I had told my mother that no matter what she heard she was not to open the door. In all the movies the werewolf doesn't remember or remembers only vaguely. The truth is you remember everything. After I changed back in the early morning, I slowly unlocked the door. Mom was sitting at the kitchen table looking tired. She looked up as the door opened, "Ryan?"

I was naked since my clothes had been ripped off after I changed last night. I felt exhausted but also more alive as I crossed to sit across from mom, "Did you watch the cameras?"

Mom bit her lip, "we can see a doctor."

I shuddered at that, "and let them dissect me?"

Mom looked down and I sighed, "She said I would only care about killing and mating."

I stood and headed back to shower. I dressed and headed out for a walk while mom sat in the living room sipping coffee. When I came home, mom was sleeping and I made lunch before relaxing and taking a nap. I woke to mom's hand on my shoulder and followed her to the kitchen where she had dinner.

I cleaned up after and glanced at the clock before heading down to the basement and stripping. I knew I had locked the door but as soon as the change started I could smell my mother. I was fighting it but knew the animal would win.

I finally rose panting and turned glowing eyes on the human female. She was naked and I could smell both her fear and her arousal. As I started stalking towards her, she turned and went to her hands and knees with her butt towards me. I stopped moving as I smelled her and then slowly moved closer as my own arousal began.

I pushed my nose into her pussy and then licked from her clit to her ass. I heard the bitch as she moaned and shivered before her upper body dropped to the floor. I shoved my tongue deep into her leaking hole and felt her pussy squeeze my tongue as I pulled it out. I growled and shifted before suddenly mounting her. I put my paws around her hips and held her as I humped and shoved my cock into her.

She jerked as I began pumping my growing cock deeper and I felt her shudder as her pussy rippled around my cock. I shivered as I began jabbing into her and my knot began to grow. I was shoving my cock into the bitch's womb each time and my knot finally tied us. I held her tight as I began pumping huge torrents of sperm, more then I had ever produced when human.

The bitch jerked and convulsed as she felt her womb expand as it filled with hot cum. She whimpered and her pussy gripped my cock tight. I stopped cumming and jerked my cock back. The bitch spasmed and screamed as she collapsed, "RYAN!"

She kept shaking as she hung impaled on my jerking cock while I stood over her. I shook myself and pulled back slowly and her body started to follow and then my knot came out. She dropped to the floor as a river of cum ran out of her used pussy, "Yes!"

She kept shaking and shuddering as I turned to walk to the rug and lay down. I cleaned myself and watched the bitch. It was an hour before the growing need returned. When I stood her eyes widened and she slowly rolled onto her stomach and lifted her butt. I growled as I licked her leaking pussy and then just walked over her and dropped my hunches and thrust into her.

I heard her grunt as I began fucking my bitch again with hard, deep strokes that was soon shoving my cock back into her womb. She was moaning and thrusting her butt back as I started jabbing my growing knot into her. When I tied, I stopped moving for a moment and felt the bitch shudder as her pussy squeezed my cock. I growled and pressed into her hard as I once more spewed and pumped cum into her womb. She gasped, "Fuck!"

She jerked and spasmed as my cum filled her womb and made it start expanding again. I shuddered as I finished with the bitch and pulled back. This time my knot pulled out and as I turned away she sat up. She gasped as I went to lay down again, "Shit that is a lot of cum."

I watched her rubbing her pussy as she watched me. Her whole groin was slimy with cum. When I stood and turned towards her, she grinned and rolled to her hands and knees. I didn't bother licking the messy bitch as I mounted her and shoved my cock back into her hot pussy. I fucked her slow and deep, I had her pussy broken in now and it was time to enjoy breeding her.

She was shuddering and her pussy kept squeezing my cock as she moaned and fucked back. It was a long time before my knot began to form and I started jabbing it into the panting bitch under me. When I tied with her again she howled and screamed, YES!"

My cum pumped into her expanding womb as she jerked and shuddered around my cock. I stopped cumming and pulled back and watched the river of cum run out and fall into the puddle between her legs. I turned to go lay down as she slowly turned to sit in the puddle of sperm panting. She smiled and rubbed her used pussy, "I love this baby."

I growled and she looked down, "I'll be a good bitch."

I finished cleaning myself as I heard the bitch murmur, "how does he keep cumming so much?"

I looked at her and she looked up from her pussy. I grinned and she looked down quickly. I had remembered the old woman and the stick I had stabbed her with. If I could have spoken I would have told her that my balls regenerated the sperm just like my flesh could regenerate from a wound. It was a couple of hours before I stood again and she scrambled hastily to her hands and knees.

I walked to her and licked her thigh before mounting her slowly, almost lazily. I shoved my cock into her sloppy pussy and started fucking her slowly again. It wasn't long before she was shaking and jerking while her messy hole tightened around my cock. I growled and bent to lick the back of her neck but never stopped pumping my cock into her used pussy.

I liked her sloppy pussy as it kept trying to milk my cock and it took almost twenty minutes before I started jabbing my knot into her. We both howled when I spewed in her womb again and she began panting and thrashing again and fucking the knot swollen in her belly. The cum gushed out when I pulled the knot out of her abused pussy and turned away as she slumped to the floor with a moan, "Damn you need another bitch in here."

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