Traveling North
Chapter 1: Arrival

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Romantic, Light Bond, First, Oral Sex,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: Arrival - Two lovers meet again after 23 years

Friday, December 11, 1998

Travel is similar to therapy. You can go to the best psychologist
in the world for ten years. If you don't feel like actively shifting
anything in your life, there is nothing that person can do to change you

The lunch at the Coffs Hotel in Coffs Harbour had been pretty tasty; it lived up to the sign above the entrance as "The Best Steaks in Coffs", not that I had tried any place to compare it to. But after eight hours of driving that morning, it was heaven to get out of the car, stretch my legs, have something to eat and drink. The Suzuki, while fun to drive around Sydney, certainly wasn't suited to the long drive up the Pacific Highway from Sydney to the Queensland border. Even on the freeway it couldn't get above 90 kilometres an hour, and then once I hit the winding two lane "track" that was euphemistically called a highway it didn't have the power to accelerate up the hills, so I couldn't overtake the innumerable semitrailers, even when there were passing lanes.

Still, no sense in making myself another statistic of one of the more deadly roads in the country, I just took it slowly, stopping for a rest every hour or so. That was why I had left home at 4:00 am, having packed my bags the night before. Besides, after all the stress of the last few months- the divorce, and the separation leading up to that, plus long hours at work, I was determined to make this holiday as relaxing and as enjoyable as possible. Three weeks with Heather – renewing our friendship from 23 years ago – that was going to be the perfect therapy for me.

I called home to let my parents know I had arrived safely at Coffs and that I had just finished lunch, and was about to get back on the road for the second half of the journey. My mother had suggested stopping in at her cousin's place there; but I declined, I really didn't want the potential delays that would cause – and I really didn't feel like having to explain to them the purpose of my journey north. I made another quick call to Heather, just to let her know where I was.

"Hi there, Honey," I said when she answered the phone. "I've just had some lunch at Coffs, so I'll fill up with petrol, make sure the car is still happy, and get back on the road."

"That's good, Babe," she replied. "Drive carefully, now we are this close to being together again, I don't want anything to happen to you."

"Neither do I," I said, "neither do I. I'll take things slowly – in this vehicle, there's really no other choice. It's about 400 k's, so allow me maybe five hours – I'll call when I'm going through Ballina."

"Ok, I love you, don't forget that," she said.

"I love you too; and I'm really looking forward to seeing you," I replied.

Having the mobile phone was convenient, so I plugged it into the lighter socket to recharge its battery, started the car, and pulled back onto the highway. There should be a petrol station with reasonable prices before the edge of town, so I would fill up there. I had worked out beforehand places to stop for refueling and refreshment; the next stop would be at South Grafton – given my slow speed, I wouldn't have time to pull into Red Rock, just north of Woolgoolga, not if I wanted to get to Heather's place before dark. I planned on stopping at Ballina for my next refreshment break; that would see me into Tweed Heads in time for dinner.

Passing the Big Banana, I recalled how for several years during the early 1970's we would drive from Sydney up to this part of the coast for our summer holidays – in fact the only year that we didn't was in 1975; when I wanted to drive up to Ballina by myself, to stay with Heather. Now, some 23 years (and one failed marriage) later, I was undertaking that delayed journey of discovery.

I had given up trying to find reasonable radio stations to listen to, and I didn't want to have the headphones of my portable CD player blocking out other sounds. It made for a monotonous drive, which would be even more so once the highway turned away from the coast north of Woolgoolga. There was something about being able to see the ocean that inspired my; reminded me that I would be spending at least three weeks with Heather close to the beach.

The miles passed slowly; I took a five minute break at a rest stop at Grafton to stretch my legs and have a much needed pee; before continuing north again. Just over 200 kilometres to go. Fortunately the Suzuki was holding up well. I contemplated taking the soft top off, but decided not to, just in case there was a thunderstorm later in the day. Getting soaked while I struggled with the soft top wasn't my idea of fun.

As I drove along the rolling dairy farms of the lower Clarence valley, I thought about how I had got to this situation. To keep my mind alert I spoke my thoughts aloud; I needed the sound of my voice to break the monotony of the miles.

"We met on a weekend school youth group camp at Mount Victoria; it was one of those things when you get hit by a thunderbolt, love at first sight, not being able to stop kissing and hugging each other. Then, in the cruelest twists of fate, she and her family moved up the coast to Ballina – 500 miles; 500 bloody miles away. At least I got the chance to say goodbye to her, at the airport, and we had a lovely few short minutes by ourselves to have a final, long kiss. Of course, we wrote to each other, letters almost daily, telling each other what we had been doing, how heartbroken we were, so much teenage angst."

"For Christmas, I bought her a bracelet, and had her name engraved on it. She invited me to come up around Christmas time to stay with her family, but my parents wouldn't let my drive the 500 miles up there, to stay with people they didn't even know. Then, over the next year or so, our letters dropped off, and we lost contact. For a brief time in 1984 I had found her address, and wrote to her, but she had married, and my own marriage was not in the best of shape. So when she stopped writing, I assumed that she didn't want to remain in contact with me."

"So, when Lisa first moved out 18 months ago, I was going through my desk drawers, and I found all of our old letters, tied up in a bundle. I re-read them, and that made me wonder just how Heather was, what she had been doing – even if she still remembered me. A quick search through telephone directories and copies of the electoral rolls didn't turn up her name and address, but her mother's address was still the same. So, on spec I wrote to her, care of her mother's place. An initial, tentative letter to her got me a very promising reply – she had recently got divorced, and had moved away from her family further north at Tweed Heads, and she still remembered me fondly, and wanted me to keep writing to her. We exchanged phone numbers, and would spend hours on the phone most evenings."

I stopped my reminiscing, as I was now stuck behind a few big trucks, and I needed to concentrate on the traffic and the road. Over the course of those phone calls and some letters, she told me about everything that had happened in her life – the abuse, the failed marriages, always wondering what had happened to me, whether I still remembered her; wondering what might have happened had we not lost contact back in the 1970's.

The road opened up, and I was able to get passed the trucks. Fortunately the road remained level for a few miles, and I could put some distance between the semitrailers and myself. I arched my back, trying to ease the cramping feeling from sitting for so long – only another 50 km until Ballina, and the opportunity for a longer break.

Ballina – what would Heather and I done, had we spent that summer together? I was 17 and a half, she had not long turned 15, so we would have been typical hormonal teenagers, both still virgins, but being presented with the maximum of temptations, and the maximum of opportunity. When I had said to her that as she was under 16, if we had had sex, then they would have been illegal, her response was "Only if someone caught us". Then I raised the concern about her getting pregnant, and she said "That wouldn't have been a worry; I was on the pill then." Somehow I suspected she would have wanted us to have lost our virginity together that summer. Had the opportunity arisen (which I'm sure it would have), I was sure I would not have had the will power to say no. And why should I have? Unlike some other opportunities that had come my way, and I had declined because it had not "felt right", with Heather it would have been different. We both realized now that we were meant for each other, and back then, that feeling would have been just as strong.

I had images of the two of us finding secluded beach locations, to like in the sun naked, and even swim (and more) naked together. What might have happened after that? We had kicked around some ideas one evening, maybe with her home situation, I may have got her to move to Sydney with me, and have her finished school while I was at Uni. But what ever would have happened, we both had felt that we would have been married (to each other!) by 1980. Could we have made a success of that, considering that none of our marriages to other people had been much of a success? Well, we would never know. But at least now we got a second chance – something that few people ever get.

Once I reached the town, I pulled in at a Macdonald's restaurant. This would do to have a coffee, maybe a bite to eat, use the toilet, and generally have a good break. I grabbed my small overnight bag – the one containing my camera, toilet bag, and other important items (including all the letters that Heather had sent me) and took that inside with me. That's the trouble with having a car with just a soft top – there is no way to keep the contents completely secure. Of course, on the odd occasion when I had locked the keys inside, all I had to do was unzip the cover at the back, and climb through to retrieve the keys.

I ordered a coffee and a piece of cake, and sat down in a booth. As I sipped my coffee, letting it cool, I read through Heather's last letter to me, in particular the instructions of how to find her place; memorizing just where I had to turn off the highway, what streets to take, and what her place looked like from the street.

There were several places between Ballina and Tweed Heads that if I had the time, I would have wanted to stop and explore. Not just Ballina itself, but Lennox Head, Byron Bay, maybe drive right along the oceanfront. There would be time to explore those places with Heather over the next few weeks, I told myself – right now there was a far more important and urgent destination.

The coffee had refreshed me, so I went into the men's toilet, pulled off my shirt, and wiped my sweaty body down with some wet paper towels. What I would do for some air conditioning in the Suzuki – but having to run that would kill any power from the tiny engine. I would just have to wait until I reached Heather's place and have a refreshing shower there.

I felt much better as I got back in the car; a quick call to Heather to let her know I was leaving Ballina and on the final leg of my journey. She promised to have a shower ready for me when I arrived – but she stressed "that wouldn't be the first think that you want when you get here, I hope". I suggested that we might find something to do between me arriving there and having the shower; something that might necessitate us both having that shower together. I could almost sense her blushing at my suggestion.

"You are so bad," she said, admonishing me.

"I know, but you love it when I'm bad," I replied.

"I do, you know that," she said. "I'll be waiting here for you, and we can have that shower, too."

"I'll make sure we both need a shower," I said. "And then in the shower, we can..." "Don't go there, not while I'm here all hot and frustrated, waiting for you," she replied. "You know what you do to me when you talk like that."

"You mean I'm getting you wet already?" I said. "That's good, I'm hoping you'll be all hot and wet when I get there."

"You don't have to worry about that," Heather said. "I've been hot and wet with anticipation all day. I've had to change my knickers once already."

"Mmmm, I want to slide those wet knickers down when I get there," I said, "and see what is there waiting for me."

"She is waiting for you," Heather said, suggestively. "Very wet, very hot – God, I need you Will. Drive carefully, and think of what is here waiting for you – but don't let that distract you from the traffic and driving safely."

"I won't let my thoughts distract me," I said. "Now you've got me all big and hard."

"Good, I want you that way, as soon as you are inside the front door," she promised.

I hung up the phone, put my seatbelt on, and started the car. A quick check over the gauges, and I was back on the highway. The distance was just under 90 kilometres; maybe an hour and a half driving time, depending on traffic.

In some of our recent night-time phone calls we had speculated just how we would greet each other when I reached her place; Heather wanted me to give her about 10 minutes warning before I pulled up, so she could, in her words, "finish getting some things ready for you". We both agreed that we would most likely be overcome with desire for each other; maybe not even getting beyond the entrance before we had undressed each other, and started making love. (After closing and locking the front door, of course)

We had discussed other necessary preparations; like would I need condoms (no, she had a full hysterectomy a number of years earlier), what about unprotected sex (I had an aids test and sent her a copy of the clean result), and we had previously discussed our likes and dislikes (oral: yes, anal: no), and they matched very closely.

It amazed me just how open we were talking to each other on the phone; we could tell each other anything, and not feel ashamed or embarrassed. It hadn't been like that for me when talking with my ex-wife, somehow I had felt I was always being judged about what my feelings and desires were.

I wondered to myself just how "free" we would be with each other face to face – it's one thing to describe what we would want to be doing (and have the other person be doing to ourselves) over the phone, but would be feel too inhibited being that way in each other's presence? My other fear was just how inhibited might I be in general; for the last 20 years I had only ever been with one woman, and I my sexual experience before that was pretty limited. I just hoped that I wouldn't be struck down with nerves or some form of "performance anxiety". Not that I had suffered from that during my first few times having sex with my first wife, but I wanted everything to be perfect with Heather.

"Just like my first time all over again," I said out loud to myself. "I wonder if Heather will be feeling the same way."

We had both talked about how lovely it would have been to have been the ones to lose our virginity to; to have been each other's "first". Right now, I felt just as nervous as if this was going to be my first time making love with a woman.

As I drove, I spoke to myself out loud, reminding me of some important things to remember to do (and not to do) during that first encounter we would be having. I checked off the mental list that I had made – "Make sure you take things slowly; she loves kissing and cuddling. She enjoys having her breasts caressed and her nipples sucked, and her pussy stroked and licked, too – but don't rush into those areas."

I looked across at the traffic lane next to me; wondering if anyone else had seen me (or heard me) talking to myself, but there weren't any other vehicles close to me.

"She will like having you undress her slowly, kissing the parts of your body that you expose. Give her time to undress you, too, and let her caress and kiss your body. It's just as important that she feels that she is also turning you on, at the same time you are turning her on."

My mind moved onto some of the things that we could well do once I reached her place; the scenarios were all rather arousing, and by the time I reached the Tweed Heads South exit I was pretty turned on. I pulled over to the side of the road, and called Heather.

"Hi there honey," I said when she answered. "Guess where I am right now?"

"Oh, have you turned off the highway?" she replied. "You aren't all that far from my place; so let me go and freshen up for you."

"Ok, I'll be there in a few minutes, you probably know just how long it will take he to drive that last little bit," I said.

It wasn't that far from where I had left the highway, maybe just under three kilometers. The road went past some shops and car yards, and then there was the large shopping mall on the left – so turn right at the second major intersection after that. Along past the high school, another two and half blocks down the road, and there was her house, on the right. I pulled into the driveway behind her car, turned off the engine, and stretched my arms. I called my parents and left a short message on their answering machine to let them know I had arrived safely, and opened the car door.

My heart was pounding as I walked up to the front door; I could feel the sweat trickling down my face, and another trickle between my shoulder blades. It wasn't just because it was a hot, humid afternoon – I was as nervous as hell. Excited, aroused – but scared and nervous. What if when Heather saw me, she decided that I wasn't what she had expected? What if she didn't want me physically? I guess if things didn't work out, I could at least spend the night there before retreating back to Sydney, with my tail between my legs.

I was about to rap on the door when it opened – and there she was standing. She looked more beautiful that I had imagined, she was wearing a lovely long teal coloured dress – she had sent me a photo of it the other week, asking for my opinion. I told her that she would look good wearing it; it would show off her figure to best advantage. I wasn't wrong – it was cut a bit lower around her bust than the pictures had suggested, and it provided a generous and enticing view of her cleavage.

"Hi, Babe, it's so good to see you," she said.

I dropped my bag to the ground as she wrapped her arms around me, and pulled my face to hers. We hadn't kissed like that for well over 20 years; but the memories of her lovely soft, wet lips came flooding back.

As we hugged, Heather took my hand, and pressed it against her soft breast. Her nipple was already hard and erect, and I could tell that she was braless. I rubbed and caressed her breast through the fabric of her dress, and she pressed herself closer to me. I could feel my prick getting harder and Heather pulled me tighter to her, slowly grinding her crotch against mine. After a few minutes, we pulled apart.

"I think we need to get inside," I said, "before we end up getting arrested."

"Yes, quick, get inside the front door," she said, pulling me through.

As soon as I had closed the door behind me, Heather started pulling my shirt up, exposing my stomach and chest. I helped her, pulling it over my head and tossing it on the floor in the corner. She started kissing my hard nipples, squeezing my buttocks and pulling me closer to her. I reached around behind her to unzip her dress, and she stepped back from me, and pulled her dress off, over her head, letting me see her lovely body – naked except for a pale blue pair of knickers.

"God, you're so beautiful Heather," I said to her, my voice choking up.

She wrapped her arms around me, and we hugged and kissed some more. Her warm breasts were squashed against my chest, and she reached between us to undo my shorts, and let them slide down my legs. She slipped her hands in the back of my undies, and began to caress my back side. Soon, she moved a hand around to the front, and cupped her fingers under my balls, gently rubbing them. As her fingers softly touched my erect shaft, I groaned with pleasure. She pushed my undies down completely, and then took my erect prick in her hand, stroking me slowly, and rubbing her thumb over my wet, sticky, swollen knob. I shivered with the pleasure; and leant forward so I could suck her breasts. Her nipples were big and hard between my lips, and as I rolled my lips over each of them in turn, she groaned softly.

"You have me so turned on, so wet," she sighed. "Stop, let me slide my knickers down before they get completely soaked. Would you like to feel me there?"

I reached down, brushing my fingers over her neatly trimmed pubic hair. Heather shifted her legs, opening them so I could slide my hand between her thighs, rubbing my fingers across her wet pussy. She gasped with pleasure as my finger parted her lips, and she shivered as I spread her juices around her clit.

"Oh, please rub me there," she moaned. "You have me so wet; I can feel it running down my legs!"

She was incredibly wet; I could feel her warm juices coating my fingers as I rubbed her smooth slit. She moaned as I rubbed the tip of my finger around the opening of her vagina; she angled her hips forward, pushing against my hand, and my finger slid all the way inside her.

"Oh, that's so good," she moaned as I moved my finger in and out. I could hear the wet, squelching sounds as I finger-fucked her soaking vagina.

Heather was leaning back against the wall; her legs spread open, giving me complete access to her pussy. She was moaning as I sucked her erect nipples; her breathing was getting faster, and she was starting to pant. Suddenly, she pushed me away from her, and grabbed my hand.

"I can't wait any longer," she said, "I need to have you right now. Quick, lie down on the couch, on your back; I'm going to ride you until we both come."

I didn't need a second invitation, so I did what she instructed; laid down on the couch, put a pillow under my head, and waited for her. My cock was pointing straight upwards, and she knelt next on the floor next to me and rubbed my swollen knob. She leant over, and kissed the wet tip, sliding her moist lips around my knob.

"I have to have you right now, Will, I can't hold back," she said as she straddled my waist.

Her knees were on either side of my waist, and she slowly lowered herself, carefully guiding my cock into her wet, ready vagina. As she slid down over my shaft, I groaned loudly as I could feet her wet lips parting, her walls opening up to take my prick deeply inside her. When I was all the way inside, she started rocking back and forth, letting me slide in and out of her.

As she moved back and forward, her lovely breasts swung with her, and she leant down so her nipples would brush my chest hair and nipples. I was hoping she would move further up so that I could lick and suck a nipple as they swung over my face, but she wasn't tall enough for them to reach. Instead, I concentrated on the sensations of her riding my cock; she would squeeze her muscles around my knob and shaft; squeezing as she rode down, then relaxing as she moved up, so my knob was almost outside of her vagina. Then, she would push back down, enveloping my cock completely inside her, and squeezing me tightly again.

I don't think I had even experienced such a magical, fantastic fuck. I could hear her moaning, crying out each time her thrusts pushed my cock all the way inside her, and I was groaning and crying out with pleasure too. I saw her reach down between her legs to touch her pussy where my cock was entering her. I felt her fingers press against her crotch, rubbing her slit, and then she squeezed very tightly around me, and cried out loudly. Her body shook, spasming as she came, and I felt a warmer flood of her lovely juices squelching around my shaft.

"Oh, God, that's wonderful," she moaned. "It's so strong, so intense..."

I closed my eyes, and clenched my muscles, making my cock swell inside her tight pussy. Heather kept riding me, moving faster now she had finished coming.

"Fill me, Will, I want you to come deep inside me," she moaned loudly.

"I'm about to come, Heather," I replied, knowing I was just a second or two away. "Oh, yesssss!" I cried out as I erupted inside her.

My hips bucked up and down, pushing up higher into her. She held me tightly to her, her breasts squashed against my chest, kissing me as I filled her with my hot come. Heather cried out with pleasure as she felt my spurts inside her, and she whispered in my ear, "I love that, I want you to keep filling me, Will."

We clung to each other, rocking back and forward, my prick still deep inside her. Finally, we disentangled ourselves, and Heather 'dismounted', and as she did, a big blob of my come dripped out from her all over my pubic hair, mixing with her juices that had soaked me.

Heather took one look at the mess in my crotch, and laughed. "Did all that come from us?" she said, amazed.

"I guess it had to," I replied. "I mean, who else could have done it?"

"We both need a good, long shower," she said. "We can clean each other up."

She helped me up off the couch, and then led me to the bathroom. I noticed that she had already put out some fresh towels for us, and there was a new bar of soap in the shower. She put down a bath mat, and then turned on the shower.

"You won't mind sharing the shower with me?" she asked.

"I would love that," I replied. "I can help you wash yourself, get to those areas that you can't quite reach yourself."

"Mmm. I know just what areas you would like to get to, too" she replied.

When the water was hot, Heather entered the shower, and turned around to face me. I entered as well, and slid the glass door closed. She took the soap, and started to lather it in her hands. Taking my prick in her soapy hands, she washed my groin clean, and then started stroking my shaft, getting me erect again. I turned her around, so I was standing behind her, and took the soap, washing her breasts, and getting my hands covered with suds. I slid a hand lower along her stomach towards her pussy, and she spread her legs apart, knowing what I was intending on doing.

"Please, touch me there," she said as my hand moved lower.

Heather shivered as my fingers spread her labia apart, and when I touched her sensitive clit she moaned softly. I let my fingers slide along her wet slit, rubbing her juices around her smooth skin. When my finger touched the entrance to her vagina, she cried out.

"Can you slide a finger inside me, please?" she asked.

She was so wet and hot inside; tight as she squeezed her muscles around my finger. "Do you think you could make love to me?" she asked. "Should I lean forward to make the angle better?"

I withdrew my finger, and bent my knees so our heights matched. As she leant forward against the wall of the shower, my prick slid along her slit, spreading her lips open. She reached down and pressed my shaft upwards, and my cock slid right inside her. She gasped with pleasure, and pushed backwards, making me slide in even further. I held her hips to steady myself, and started moving back and forward; my prick pumping in and out. She kept her hand pressed to her pussy to stop my cock slipping out, at the same time rubbing along the underside of my shaft.

I reached around with one hand to join my fingers with hers; I rubbed her swollen clit as my prick pumped in and out. She was moaning loudly; I didn't think I would be able to come again so soon, but I wanted to give her as much pleasure as I could.

Heather leant over further, steadying herself against the shower wall, and my legs were starting to cramp up; having to stand with my knees bent wasn't helping. I rubbed her clit harder, and caressed her breast with my other hand.

"I'm almost there, just a little longer," she panted, pressing my cock harder against her pussy.

"I want you to come for me, Heather," I said, feeling her muscles begin to tighten around me.

"Oh, yes, that's it," she groaned, her body shaking with pleasure as she started coming. "Don't stop, you're in the perfect spot."

I kept thrusting, holding onto her hips for stability. As soon as I felt she had finished coming, I stopped, and collapsed against her, exhausted; my legs burning.

"You didn't come," she said. "I don't mind continuing, I don't want you to miss out."

"That's ok," I replied. "It was too soon after the first time; I need a while to recover. Besides, I don't have to come every time we make love; what's more important to me is that you enjoy it."

"I did enjoy that," she said. "How are your legs, that can't have been the most comfortable positions we can try?"

"Well, if there was maybe four or five inches less difference in our respective heights," I said. "Then I wouldn't have had to bend my legs so far, so I was at the right height to enter you. Or we could have a step in the shower for you to stand on, or maybe a plastic seat and I could sit there and have you on my lap."

"I like the idea of that," she said. "Sitting on your lap, and I can have whatever pops up, find a place for that to go."

She continued to wash herself, and I took a handful of liquid soap and started to wash around my prick.

"God, I'm going to be leaking and dripping all evening," she said. "I might need to put a liner on. You really filled me up, both times."

"Complaining?" I replied. "I can always withdraw, and spurt over your stomach or breasts if you would prefer."

"No, I'm not complaining, I love feeling you spurting inside me," Heather replied. "Although you could always try what you suggested, at least once or twice."

"Spurting over your breasts?" I asked.

"Mmm, yes," she said, nodding her head. "And between them; I would love that."

"Well, we have plenty of time to try that," I said as I rinsed the soap from my crotch.

"Yes, and time to try lots of other things, too" she said.

I got out of the shower to dry myself, and give Heather more room to finish washing herself. When I was dry, I wrapped my towel around my waist, and walked out to the living room to get my case.

As I picked my case up, the towel fell to the floor. I smiled to myself, wondering just why I had bothered to wrap it around me; there wasn't anyone else here except Heather and me. Just force of habit, I guess. I picked up my case, my camera bag and the clothes that we had discarded over the lounge and floor, and took them back to the bedroom. Back in Heather's bedroom, I started to unpack my case, taking my clothes out and putting them on the bed. Heather came back into the room, and sat on the side of the bed, watching me.

"I've set aside some drawers for you," she said. "And there's space in the wardrobe if you need to hang stuff."

I opened the drawers that she pointed to, and put some of my clothes in there. The shirts and pants were hung up in the closet, and in a matter of minutes I had things packed away. There were enough drawers to keep things sorted out; undies and socks in one place, tee shirts in another, and shorts beside them. If there was one thing I disliked was living out of a suitcase – I much preferred to have things put away in closet drawers.

"I like watching you do things as you are naked," she said. "If we weren't going out for dinner, maybe you might like to spend the whole evening naked with me?"

"I would love that, Heather," I replied. "Let's do that on nights when we aren't expecting any guests. Now, what should I wear that will be suitable for this restaurant?"

"Oh, just jeans and a casual shirt," she said. "It's nothing fancy, just the local Chinese."

I pulled on a clean pair of undies, and then put on some jeans. I selected a shirt, and as I was putting that on, Heather rubbed her hands over my chest and groin.

"Button up fly, that's interesting," she said. "If I undo some buttons, I could slide my hand inside."

She started to rub my prick again, getting me hard until I took her hand away.

"Now if you start that, we will never get to dinner," I said. "Unless you have plans for a different main course? Or maybe you might have some sweet dessert for me to sample, something warm and sweet for me to taste?"

"No, you are right; we can keep that until we get home." She started to put her underwear on, and then pulled a dress over her head.

I sat on the edge of the bed, and watched as she finished getting dressed; brushing her hair, putting on some earrings and a necklace. There was something very intimate about watching your partner dressing, like you are sharing a very personal act with them. When she was ready, I stood behind her, and placed my arms around her waist, nuzzling the back of her neck.

"You look lovely, Heather, I will be very proud to be seen out with you," I whispered in her ear.

"Thank you, you are the one that makes me feel lovely," she replied, placing her hands over mine.

Heather drove us the short distance to the restaurant, the local Chinese at the mall. I ordered a glass of wine for myself; Heather decided to have a Coke. The food wasn't bad; I was pleasantly surprised; while not as good as some of the places in Dixon Street, Sydney, it was better than many of the typical suburban places.

We spent the meal talking, about everything and nothing in particular. When she asked me what did I want to do while I was up with her, whether there was anywhere special that I wanted to see, before I could answer she blushed, realizing the double meaning to her question.

"I didn't mean it that way," she said. "We both know what we really want to do while you are up here, and we have certainly made a good start to that this afternoon. What I meant is there any places around here that you would like to go to, stuff like that."

"I don't know of anything specifically," I replied. "And I didn't take your questions the wrong way; we both know that these few weeks are the opportunity for us to reestablish our relationship from all those years ago; to see if that spark we had then and the closeness we have felt in the last few months can be rekindled to a full bodied relationship. What I really want to see is if after several weeks living together, we still feel the same about each other; I'm very sure I will, but before we start to make definite plans, let's consider this a trial period."

"Now, as far as places to see; I really don't know what's around here. I guess there's the Gold Coast, and Surfer's Paradise, but that's pretty touristy and tacky. I would like to see around Ballina, where you grew up, and to get to meet your family, and there are those places you mentioned – Lennox Head and the lake there, maybe up in the mountains to the west of here. I'll let you select places that you think I would like. I'm sure there are some beaches we could go to; ones that aren't too crowded, where we can swim, lie out in the sun, things like that."

"Ok, I have some ideas," she said. "There are some places that we will need your four wheel drive to get to; not that it's particularly wild country, but if there's been rain, then it can get pretty muddy. Otherwise, you don't have any problems if I drive us in my car? You're not worried about a woman driving you?"

"You would drive us?" I answered. "No, that won't worry me at all. Besides, you know where you are going up here; I would probably get us lost."

We continued to discuss potential places to visit, then over some dessert the conversation drifted to what we might choose to do in the future.

"You know my current contract has been renewed until May," I said. "Now that I don't have to worry about paying a monthly mortgage, I will stay in my old room at my parents place, and see about saving as much as I can. I've still got a bunch of furniture in storage from the divorce."

She nodded.

"Now, what would you think of moving down to Sydney to live with me?" I asked. "We could find a place to rent, and eventually buy a place. I guess you wouldn't want to live in a tiny apartment, would you?"

"I don't think I would like an apartment," she replied, shaking her head. "Besides, the animals wouldn't like that; and it's probably hard to get an apartment that will allow dogs and cats. Where you are thinking of looking?"

"I haven't decided yet, maybe you can come down and we can look around together," I said. "But what about living in Sydney? It's a big city, and you would be a long way from your family. Now, depending on just where we are living, I will have to leave for work by 6:30, and probably won't be home until about 6:00 in the evening. I know you have concerns about boats and being on the water, but I have been spending Sundays sailing on Pittwater – I really wouldn't want to give that up; the racing – I wouldn't expect you to be out on the boat with my, but you could come down to the clubhouse at Clareville, and watch. I will give up the Saturday offshore sailing after this season though; I won't spend all of my weekends away from you. Just so you know what you are getting into though, should you want to come and live with me."

"I have some relatives there," she said. "And I've lived in Sydney before, remember. But I really don't care where we live, or what sort of place; just as long as we are together."

"Ok, maybe we can look somewhere around Terrey Hills, Duffys Forest, that area I guess," I suggested. "Somewhere close to my parents – but not too close, and where I can get a bus into the city each day, and it's not that far from Avalon for sailing. Places are probably more expensive closer to the beaches, around Collaroy or Dee Why – and it's mainly apartments there."

We continued to talk about the options for living in Sydney; what furniture and household items we had between us, what things we might want to buy, what we would want in a house, things like that. Before we realized it we were the last people in the restaurant; and the staff was starting to clean the place up.

"I suppose we ought to go home," I said. "It has been a lovely meal, talking about our future together. You don't feel like going somewhere for a nightcap, or something else?" "No, I'm starting to feel tired," she answered. "I'm not usually a late night party type, besides I want to get back home with you."

I paid the bill, and we walked back to her car. It was a nice warm summer's night; the moon was high in the sky, and there weren't any clouds obscuring the stars. Behind the drone of the traffic on the main road we could hear the sounds of the surf not that far away.

"Did you want to look at the beach at Fingal Head?" she asked. It's not that far to drive to, just back down the highway and over the river, then up again – it's almost directly east from here, at least the main part of Fingal Head is"

"That would be good, I would like that," I said. "I should have put my swimming costume on under my jeans."

We drove back down the highway, maybe a mile or two, then across a bridge. Heather turned off the highway heading towards the beach, past some parks and playing fields, then down a side road. We hadn't gone all that far when she turned down a sandy track, and stopped the car.

"I'm not sure about driving down here at night," she said. "I don't want to get bogged; besides, it's only a few minutes' walk to the beach."

"Maybe we can come down here in the Suzuki," I suggested. "Provided the sand isn't too soft or deep, it should be fine. Do they allow vehicles on the sand?"

"We would be ok at night," she replied, taking a towel from behind the seat.

I took my shoes and socks off and left them in the car; it was easier to walk on the sand barefoot. It only took us a few minutes to reach the beach; in the moonlight we could see the strip of sand before the water. The beach in front of us was deserted; I could see a weak light maybe 300 metres up the beach where some people were fishing, and further away to the south were the lights of Kingscliffe. We had our section of the beach to ourselves.

"Do you want to go in the surf?" she asked. "It look pretty calm tonight, the tide's right up."

"That sounds fun," I said. "I guess I should take my jeans off, and my shirt."

I peeled off my clothes, setting them down on the sand. Heather took her top and skirt off, and put them down with my clothes. She looked at me, her hands behind her back at her bra strap. I suspected she was waiting for me to make the first move in getting completely undressed, so I reached down and pushed my undies to my ankles, stepped out of them, and put them with my jeans. Heather followed suit, removing her bra, and then her panties. We stood naked together on the sand, the moon lighting up our bodies.

"You look so lovely naked, in the moonlight," I said, wrapping my arms around her and hugging her, feeling the warmth of her body against mine. I kissed her soft lips, and she responded by pressing my hand to her breast. I noticed that her nipples were already hard and erect. It wasn't that cold, so I assumed she was excited at the thought of being naked together in the ocean. That was something she had often expressed a desire for us to do; be naked together in the water, making love. I could feel my prick stirring, pressing against her stomach.

"I've never done this before, not around here at least," she said. "Do you want to get in the ocean? The surf is pretty calm tonight."

We walked hand in hand to the water, and waded out until we were waist deep. The water wasn't too cold, but it was still a shock when my balls reached water level.

"This has been a fantasy of mine for so long," she whispered in my ear.

Heather placed her arms around my neck, and I had my hands under her backside. She pulled herself up, wrapping her legs around my waist. The water help support her by making her appear weightless, and I moved a hand around to position my erect prick against her pussy.

"Are you wet enough, are you ready to try this?" I asked her.

"God, I've been wet enough all day," she replied. "Your hand and fingers are there, you tell me if you think I'm wet enough for you to enter me."

I slid a finger along her slit, spreading her labia apart. I could feel the warm, wet slipperiness of her juices, and I let a finger enter her. She was very hot inside, very slippery, extra wet. I moved my hand out of the way, and Heather shifted her position slightly. Some gentle pressure of my knob at her opening, and then I was inside her.

"Oh, God, that's so good," she moaned. "Can you stay there, and I'll move back and forward?"

I let her do the work, standing with my legs apart to keep myself steady. The sensations as she rode me – first her warm vagina enveloping my prick, then the chill of the ocean as she moved up, followed by the warm velvety wetness as she slid back down – these were indescribable. Her breasts were rubbing against my chest; she was breathing harder and faster, using her legs to pull me into her.

After a few minutes her moans got louder, more urgent, so I reached underneath her to rub her pussy. Her clit was swollen, and I was sure it was throbbing, so I put my finger in a position where it would rub her as she moved back and forth. Suddenly, her legs gripped my very tightly; she cried out softly, and her vagina clenched very tightly around my cock. I clenched my muscled tightly, feeling my knob swelling and pulsing inside her; my balls started to contract, and I knew my own orgasm was just seconds away.

"Heather, I'm close to coming inside you," I whispered in her ear.

"Yes, fill me as I am coming," she moaned.

I felt my first explosion as she clenched and squeezed around me; I cried out in pleasure as I felt the first hot spurt of my hot come burst from my cock, filling the depths of her already soaking vagina. We both came simultaneously, powerfully reaching our climaxes as the waves washed around us. I struggled to keep my balance, trying not to spoil the moment by toppling over in the water. Our lips locked, our tongues touched, pressed against each other passionately. This was heaven.

Finally, it was over; I had manage to keep my feet; more importantly, we had both come together. I could see the glistening of some wetness on Heather's cheeks, whether from tears or the water around us, I couldn't tell. I kissed her cheeks, the side of her eyes, her lips – it wasn't as salty as the sea water, so they must have been tears.

"I'm going to have to put you down," I said to her. "I don't know how much longer I can keep standing before falling over."

She took her legs from around my waist as I withdrew my prick from inside her. The chill of the ocean water compared to the warmth inside her made me gasp. I let her go, and she took her hands from around my neck, and we stood together, hugging, still standing in the water.

"Did you enjoy that?" she asked. "Was it as enjoyable as I suggested it might be?"

"It was fantastic," I replied. "And us coming together; that was extra special."

"Now, we should get home and into bed," she said. "You must be exhausted; you've had a very long and tiring day."

"That sounds like an excellent idea, on one condition," I said. "I will only consider going to bed if you come to bed with me. I don't want to sleep by myself tonight."

"Silly," she said, giving me a playful hit on the chest. "I am expecting you to sleep with me every night while you are up here. What did you expect that I would invite you up here, fuck the living daylights out of you, and then tell you to sleep on the couch? I'm not that insensitive; besides, in the morning I will want again; and you had better be close at hand when I wake up horny and needing you!"

We laughed, and walked back up the sand to where we had left our clothes. In a few minutes we had dried ourselves and got back into our clothes, and were walking arm in arm back to the car.

"I'm going to leak out all over the seat if I don't put the towel down," she said. "You really filled me up; I can already feel your come starting to run down my legs."

At her car, Heather pulled up her skirt and cleaned herself off a bit more. She spread the towel over the front seat, and slid in with her dress scrunched up around her waist.

"That should work," she said. "I don't want to have to wash out the semen stains from the back of my skirt when I get home. At least this old towel can just be tossed in the wash without any problems. Maybe we should take some towels with us if we go driving anywhere – and I will need a change of underwear, too!"

On the way home I had my hand resting on Heather's thigh, my fingers brushing the soft skin on the inside of her upper leg. When we stopped at a traffic light, she pressed my hand up against her wet pussy, and I rubbed her soaking slit. She was moaning softly, pressing my fingers into her. All too soon the light changed to green, and I moved my hand from her pussy so I wouldn't distract her as she drove along the highway. Having to explain to the police why she ran into the car in front of us would have put a dampener on the whole day.

"God, you have me still so turned on," she said as we stopped at the next set of lights. "I can still feel my wetness flooding out, and my clit is still throbbing, in spite of the number of times you've made me come today."

I slid my hand back up to her pussy, as she said; she was soaking with her juices. I slid a finger inside her, and then brought my hand up to my mouth, sucking and licking her wetness from my finger.

"Mmmm, you do taste lovely and fresh, slightly salty from the ocean, but still lovely and tasty," I said. "I will want more of that as a night cap when we get home."

"She's all yours, whatever you want to do with her," she said. "You know just how much I will love you doing that to me."

In a few minutes she had pulled up next to my car in the driveway; I grabbed my shoes and socks, and the towel from the seat. Once we were inside, Heather took the towel and her knickers off to the laundry. I stopped at the bathroom to get ready for bed; cleaning my teeth, having a pee, washing my face and hands. Heather was getting undressed as I got to the bedroom.

"Now, I think I told you that I don't wear pajamas to bed," I told her.

"That's fine, I don't wear them anymore myself," she answered. "Less to get in the way and we would only have to take them off. Now, which side would you prefer?"

"I really don't have a strong preference," I replied. "Maybe the right hand side? What side do you normally sleep on?"

"That will be fine," she said. "I tend to sleep in the middle, so that will work for me."

We got into bed, and I snuggled up to Heather, my arms around her, and my face against her neck.

"Oh, I've wanted to sleep with you and been waiting for this for so long," she sighed.

I was lying against her back, my arm over her waist with a hand resting on her breast, my face pressed to her neck. Somehow I felt incredibly tired – the long drive and the evening's activities had taken their toll.

"Sleep well, Honey, I'm sure we will both have pleasant dreams, sleeping in each other's arms," I whispered in her ear.

I didn't hear her reply; I had already drifted off to sleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night, slightly disorientated, not completely sure of where I was. Feeling Heather's warm body pressed against me, hearing her soft breathing, and inhaling the scent of her hair brought the memories back to me. We were spending our first night together. The reason for me waking up – the pressure of a full bladder and the warning signs of the need to pee rather urgently – woke me up completely. I carefully slid away from Heather, trying to remember the way to the bathroom, without wanting to turn on the light, or trip over anything.

I made it safely to the bathroom, sat down and relieved my bladder with a long pee. I didn't recall drinking all that much during the evening; I had the one glass of wine, then a coke. I didn't have any coffee, not wanting that to keep me awake. Maybe it was all the "other" activity had somehow stimulated things. But it was rare for me to have to wake up needing a long pee like that.

I navigated my way back to the bed, and quietly got back in, snuggling up to Heather. I thought I had been quiet enough not to wake her, but she started stirring, and she reached behind her to touch my backside.

"Ummm, are you okay, Babe?" she asked.

"Just needed a pee," I said. "Sorry if I woke you."

"No, don't be sorry, I was having a lovely dream, and you were in it with me," she said. "In fact, I was half awake, wondering if you were actually doing things to me while we were sleeping; anyway, something's has got me very wet. And you also seem to be ready for more," she added, feeling my now erect prick, which was positioned at the crevice between her buttocks.

"What were we doing in that dream?" I asked her.

"We were in bed, and you were behind me, and your lovely prick was between my legs, your knob sliding along my pussy," she said, moving her body so she could position my prick just how it was in her dream. "And you were sliding, moving back and forward, and I could feel my lips being spread open by your knob, and as you slid all the way along, he was rubbing against my clit."

"Oh, that must have been a lovely dream," I replied.

"It was, but then I was half awake, wanting you inside me, and you weren't there," she said. "Maybe we can finish that dream for me right now?"

She was pressing my prick hard against her pussy, and I could feel her hot wetness coating my knob and shaft. I scooted a few inches down the bed, so as to make the angle better to slide inside her.

"That sounds a great idea, are you ready for me to enter you now?" I asked, pulling back so I was positioned right at her opening.

"Am I ready?" God, I've been ready all day, stop teasing me, Will, and fuck me!" she demanded.

I pushed my hips forward, driving my cock inside her. She gasped with pleasure as I entered her, then I felt her squeeze tightly around me. I moved back and forward; sliding in and out of her. I caressed her breast, tweaking her erect nipple between my thumb and finger, and nuzzling her neck, sucking her ear lobe as I carried out her command – fucking her.

"Oh that's so good," she moaned. "Keep doing that, you're hitting the perfect spot."

She arched her back, allowing me to slide easier inside her; deeper, all the way in. I moved my hand down from her breast to rub and stroke her pussy, and she moved a hand there too – our fingers were intertwined, touching and feeling where our bodies were joined. Each time my shaft withdrew from her, I could feel the slippery wet coating that she was leaving on me.

Heather pressed her fingers against my shaft, pressing me harder inside her; and I adjusted my angle so each thrust would have my knob sliding against her g-spot. After I moved, she moaned and shivered.

"God, you're on the right spot there, don't stop, please, you are getting me close to coming again," she cried out.

Her breathing was getting shorter and faster, and with each thrust inside her she would moan with pleasure. I closed my eyes, concentrating on keeping the pace constant, making sure my knob would rub against the right location for her. I had to distract myself from the intense sensations; I didn't want to come too soon, not when she seemed so close to coming herself. I moved my hand back to her breast; I didn't need any extra stimulation to my cock.

"Oh, yes, yes," she cried out, her body starting to shake. "Keep going; don't stop, yes, yes."

She was clearly having a very powerful orgasm; it took all my strength to keep myself inside her. She was shaking, her hips bucking up and down, crying out in pleasure. I was almost at the point of no return, seconds away from coming when I felt a big hot flood of her juices soaking over my prick, drenching my balls with her hot nectar.

"Oh, Heather, I'm coming too," I cried out as my first hot spurt blasted from my prick.

She had finished coming; but I was still in the throes of my orgasm, spurting inside her. Her body was shaking as she sobbed quietly, still moaning. I collapsed against her, now I was completely exhausted.

"That was so beautiful," I whispered once I had my breath back. "So intense, so powerful, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to hold back until you had come."

"Yes, it was lovely," she sighed back. "I wonder; will every time we make love be so wonderful? You are going to spoil me with such intense orgasms. I've lost count of the number I've had today, more than I've had in the last few years combined."

"Mmm, I hope there are more like this," I said.

We stayed coupled together, my prick still deep inside her, my arms wrapped around her, our bodies locked together. At some stage, we both drifted off to sleep.

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