Chapter 1 - Unforgetable

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Oral Sex, Workplace,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Unforgetable - He tried to run away from her, from meeting her, but could not stop wanting her and imagining how dirty it could be, being with her. When they unintentionally meet each other in an elevator at work she decides to give him the ride of his life that he will never be able to forget.

He is checking his phone for the room of his next meeting, entering the elevator without really noticing if anyone is there. He cannot get out of his mind that her office is in this building too. Since he booked this visit to the headquarter he keep fighting the urge to write her an email and let her know he was coming. Now he is here and he wonders if she's in the building as well. He did not tell her. When they used to talk on IM she will get him so excited and aroused that he could not stop. He was worried that it won't end up well seeing her in real life. When being too busy at work finally stopped him from being able to talk her at all, he decided that it is better this way, though he could not stop thinking of her, imagining what could have happen and how hot, wild and naughty it could have been. He better not think about it right now. He will have time later at night, alone in the hotel room to go back to all the images they drew together on hot IM conversations. His cock does not really want to wait, he can feel the twitch.

When he enters the elevator she raises her gaze. Not that she expects anything; she never meets anyone really interesting in this building. But one look is enough for her to stop breathing. Is that him? She only saw one picture of him. But she spent some time memorizing his features, so she can dream him better, when she cannot control her horny thoughts. But is it possible he is visiting and did not even tell her? It is true they are not talking lately. He keeps saying he's too busy, she just thinks he used her and had enough when she got a little too demanding for attention. She looks again, he has a name tag, coming from a meeting or something. No mistake here, that is him. What does she do now? She thinks. Can she hug him? No, no no. She decided he is not worth what she has to give. But for some reason she can only think about stroking his neck. She wants to see how he looks when he gets excited, excited as he used to be on their IM chats. Well, she needs to get out soon, her mind racing. Better to leave it this way. At least now I know how he really looks like and I can use it, he cannot take away the dreams. Why the hell I like what I see? She wonders. One last look and she will get out. The elevator stops.

"Excuse me, I need to get out..." he's blocking her way a bit. He thinks, oh god there is someone here I hope she has not noticed anything. He looks at her, now getting out. Wait a minute, he thinks, all black and this hair ... before he can think further, she decides to let him know at least. She holds the elevator door for a second turns around and says "You should really go back to listening to Oasis. It is a great band and it might bring back nice memories..." In a split of a second he realizes who he is looking at. There is only one person in the world that will say that to him on a random elevator ride. Her, whom he gave the nick name "Morning Glory" when they discovered they both like music and to symbolize the excitement she created in him. No mistake there, as expected she dressed in black from head to toe, black skin tight jeans, hugging the perfect curves of her hips, thin fabric top that follows very clearly on mid-sized but firm perfect breast, lots of silvery chains drops from her ears and around her long white neck, black knee high heeled boots, funky black and purple hair, heavy dark eye liner and makeup. Cute and pretty as he expected. But she's just about to run away from him. This is faith, he cannot let it happen. He notices her top is falling of her shoulder. Her bare skin spins his head immediately. Therefore without thinking, he reach out to her bare shoulder and pull her back and around to face him. She is not ready for that and she stumble on her heels and falls right into his arms. He catches her, her face so close to his, he can hear her breath hitching, it smells nice and sweet. He hugs her tighter, his hands crossed around her waist to stabilize her on her heels again, she's tiny he thinks. These heels. So many times he imagined her with heels and nothing else.

"Hey" He says softly. "I cannot let you run away so quickly." "Why? You are usually good about running away; I am not even supposed to know you're here right?" He strokes her cheek gently "I am so sorry I make you mad and that I did not tell you. I should have. But now when I see you and feel you, I know why." "Thank you for making me feel ugly too." And she tries to get out of his grip. He tightens the hug wrapping his hands up her back and fold his palms over her shoulders, the bare skin of the left one sends warm jolts to his spine "On the contrary, I knew what would happen if I get to imprint you in my mind in real life". "What?"

He pushes the stop button of the elevator. It stops suddenly. He grabs her hands, laces his fingers between her fingers and pulls back from her, stretching their arms away from each other, so he can look at her. Get the full image. He scans her from head to toe and back very slowly. She feels like he undresses her with his eyes. He whispers almost to himself "god, sexy ... hot..." She feels for some reason that she's willing to take all her clothes off and let him look. She wants him to remember and never forget.

"What would have happened?" she asks again when he's looking into her eyes again and she's pretty sure she can see a sparkle of passion. "This..." And he pulls her back again to him take her hands and put them around his neck and hugs her waist. He wants her to feel him getting harder and harder looking at her. "Only super pretty makes me feel like that" and he grinds his crouch into her hip to drive the point home and his cock stretch to his full length and hardness. She grasps in surprise, looks into his eyes and opens her mouth to say something, but he says "and this..." and crush his lips to hers. Shocked, she freezes. He is kissing her, sucking gently on her lower lip and slowly penetrating his tongue in, licking her teethes a bit.

He tastes so good to her and uncontrollably she surrenders to his kisses. She kisses back. Open her mouth wider, now tugging his neck to get him deeper in her throat. They keep kissing for a little while, slow and deep, she moans quietly from time to time, especially every time he grinds his rock hard cock to her hip. His hands now stroking her body, he caresses her ass and tugs her to him a bit more, he needs to feel the friction on his cock through the clothes. And he needs to feel her ass he did not get to see well enough and he is dying to know more about it. Then he tries to squeeze one hand between them and stroke her breast trough the thin fabric.

But in between kisses he says "I ... need ... to ... go ... to ... a meeting..." She stops the kissing right away and pulls back as much as she can in his tight grip. She's hurt again. Here he goes again, starting something and leaving in the middle when his done, it is all about his convenient. Now she remembers again why she wanted to leave it as is and not really meet him. "You started this and stopped the elevator you know..." "Morning Glory" he uses the nick name he gave her with a soft almost begging tone, trying to hold the passion for her under control as much as he can " ... I am sorry ... I told you I was worried I cannot control this. And you started this exposing your perfect shoulder and kissing me back so passionately and good"

But she already made a decision. He's not getting out before he will get something that won't let him to forget ever. Even if this is the last time they talk. At least he will need to live with the regrets. She will live with them too, doing something she should not do to a man who in her mind right now is the least to deserve this. But all she cares is about him remembering and knowing what he's missing.

He tries to reach to the buttons of the elevator to run it again, but she pushes him back to the wall, until he holds to the bar behind him and looks surprised. "You better hold to something you are going on a different ride..." she whispers with almost through her teeth and narrowing her eyes with resent. For some reason this whisper and resent make his cock leak pre-cum more rapidly than before.

She puts her palms on his chest pushing them into him and drags them down, while very slowly go down on her knees in front of him. He realizes what she's about to do and says "Oh lord ... no please ... I can't..." But he shudders and his legs get weaker already. She does not care, all she cares about is the signals his body sending with these shudders and tented pants. Now her face is right in front of his crouch her legs behind her so he can see her heels. She tugs his hips back, put her mouth very close to his bulge and she just blows a warm long breath on his concealed cock with open mouth. He can feel the warmth on his stretch skin and it feels as his cock gets even harder as it is going to explode. "Now tell me that you don't want this..." She says with sarcasm. He cannot speak, he knows he should stop this, but he can't.

She reaches to his belt and opens it slowly, looking up to him though her long lushes. He bites his lower lip and thinks he does not deserve this. He should have been so much nicer to this sexy creature that willing to give him an ultimate pleasure. It been such a long time since someone was just willing to give him.

She gets close again and bites on the tip of the zipper of his pants and start to pull it down slowly, tooth by tooth. His knees buckle suddenly he holds to the bar behind him, she catches his hips. "Easy ... we just started..." He blushes, he is a bit embarrassed how noticeable her influence on him and how excited he is. He's a bit more stable and he reaches out and strokes her cheek. "You don't have to do that, luv" "stop me if you can..." and she pull down his exposed briefs, to reveal his rock hard and perfect cock. He just put his head back and mumbles: "oh god oh god oh god" She grasps, his cock is bigger than what she expected as he's not a very big man, which she likes. She shivers and hopes he won't stop her, now she cannot wait to taste him. With the tip of her tongue she just licks his cock from the base to the tip and then catches a drop of pre-cum with her tongue, looks at him looking at her and she swallows his pre-cum, closing her eyes for a brief moment, as she enjoying something succulent. He shudders and releases a low whimper.

She pulls back on her knees and waits for a second, as she's waiting for him to stop her. Now he just has a pleading look in his eyes. He just thinks - please don't give me the opportunity to stop you. "Don't worry babe, you will make your meeting. I am good, you won't last long and I will keep you clean and decent to go to the meeting. I am sure they will appreciate how nicer you'll be after this. So should I continue?" he nodes. "Beg" she licks her palm and wraps her it on his smooth warm cock. Her pussy clenches with want and her mouth waters. He removes lock of hair form her face, he pulls her chin up to look at him and brush his thumb against her lips, since he cannot kiss her right now but he wants to desperately. "Please ... I will go on my knees and beg if I could, I will kiss your feet and beg ... or better your heels ... Please, my dear, I want to feel you ... there is no going back for me..." That's all she needs; now both her heart and her pussy clench and she release a sigh. Why she looks sad? He thinks. Can she trust him again? He wants it so much. He wants her to enjoy this.

She opens her hand and look at his cock closely. She's panting a bit. She strokes his wet tip with her thumb spreading the pre-cum on his full length. "At least you have a nice cock. My lips will look great around it; we'll go a bit slow since I will need to relax my throat quite a bit for your length ... so if you need to go to your meeting..." "Oh baby ... please ... I cannot wait, don't care about anything else anymore..." He is panting hard.

She holds he thumb and finger around his base and squeeze, getting him ready. Then she put her lips on his tip lightly and just sucks a bit of pre-cum. She licks her lips. Then she swirls the tip of her tongue again around the tip of his cock. He holds his breath. It feels so good. She enjoys his taste. Salty and she fight the urge to bite. Not yet. Then holding around his base she moves his cock and brushes it against her wet lips from side to side, closing her eyes now, trying to imprint the sense of his skin in her lips.

He knows that if he lets her keep going he won't be able to stop it anymore. He so does not want to stop this, when was the last time he even got a simple blow job, let alone something like this? But he's having a bit of hard time focusing on the pleasure and completely let go of the worry about the risk they take. "Sweetheart, I don't want to ruin this moment, but somebody will need the elevator soon and we might get caught. It is so risky in so many ways. What will happen if the door will open if we are right in the middle?" She hears the worry in his voice. She on the other hand, if possible wants this even more after thinking about the risk. She looks up to him and says "So they will get to know how lucky you are ... I hope you know..." Her eyes look almost crazy in lust. He nodes vigorously and he thinks, I just discover something about her ... public places ... now remembering that is how he got her hooked talking about girl seducing him in a bar ... she's right, he thinks with a little clench of the heart, we spent so much time on me, I did not really ask what she likes ... if she just told me she likes what she just about to do ... having me in her mouth ... I would never have been able to let her go. I am so lucky, even if she stops now.

She keep swirling her tongue around and around his cock, slowly getting it little by little into her mouth. Her warm mouth on his stretch skin of his burning cock, burning with want, relaxes him slowly, he gives up to his want and the amazing sensation. She keeps going down until her lips touching her finger around his base. She stops. Eyes close enjoying the sensations of him filling her for the first time. He finally releases a sigh and breathes with open mouth, short quick breathes. She waits for him to relax for a second, she holds to his hips and he's leaning on her bare shoulder, in need to touch her skin while holding to the bar behind him. And then she sucks hard on his cock, long suck, drawing her cheeks in to increase the suction as much as she can. It is so tight. She knew why she's holding to his hips. His legs feel so weak, with this wonderful sensation for extreme stimulation. "Yesssss ... so good" and he moan loudly, repeatedly.

She releases her cheeks and starts to go slowly up and down his cock in and out, in and out, while she's pressing on his base to increase the stimulation. She's imagining his cock deep in her pussy while he's sitting behind her and fucking her when she's in same position but leaning her hands against the wall pressing her ass back to him. His cock will go so deep. Thinking about that she is able to relax her throat more and more, take him deeper and deeper every time she goes down on him.

He can now feel the harder part of her throat hitting his tip. She feels his pre-cum sliding down her throat. He trusts a bit into her mouth uncontrollably. She gouges a bit, not because it is not tasty, he just big and swollen and he stretches her jaw wide and because of the sudden hit to her throat. She has tears in her eyes. One goes down leaving a faint line of black eyeliner on her cheek. He finds it beautiful and moving, especially because she just keeps going eating his cock. Hard to talk but he wants her to know he does not take her effort lightly. "Sorry, I did not mean to ... too excited ... do you want to continue, I am over the moon even if you just continue to stroke me ... or if you need to stop". She thinks, don't challenge me, you have no idea ... you are the one that is not going to last this. And as response she releases her fingers from his base. Pull back up until only his tip in her mouth. He tries to pull back thinking she wants to stop, but she hold his hips harder, hollow her cheeks and go all the way down in one motion until he can feel her lips on the top of his balls and her nose touching his belly. Her nails digging to the top of his ass cheeks under his briefs. He instantly feels dizzy. He releases a load groan and calls her name, he feels like he's floating in the air, the stimulation is now so intense. She keeps him deep in her throat and sucking lightly and moving her tongue against his cock inside her mouth. He leans back and hold hard on the bar and panting with open mouth. He thinks, if she just told me she's the world best cock sucker I would come here much earlier ... even if the door opens right now, he won't let her stop. He thinks, this is once in a life time treat that I won't be able to ever forget. I hope somebody is watching and is envy of me. So lucky...

While she's sucking on him she takes his pants and briefs a bit lower. Exposing his ass and getting better access to his balls. While he is lost in his thoughts and passion a bit she caps his balls in one hand. Squeeze gently and then swirls them around a bit softly. He whimpers. She looks up to make sure she did not hurt him. He strokes the side of her head and says "It is amazing ... I am so sensitive, so turned-on..."

She needs a little break to rest her jaw a bit and she knows he is close to exploding already and she wants it to last a bit longer, to really make sure this is imprinted forever in his mind, that he will always miss this blow job whenever he gets one. She slowly slides her lips up and takes him out. Actually she wants to imprint his cock in her mind when it is right on the edge, stretched beyond reasonable, throbbing and leaking. He was ready to give in and fall apart in seconds, so he says "Oh..." in surprise when he feels cold air on his burning cock. But she does not leave him hanging for long she wraps her hand around his cock and she lower herself down a bit and take his balls inside her mouth "Oh my dear lord! you're magnificent. The best..." She smiles while having his balls in her mouth. He thinks finally, please enjoy this, please be happy about us...

For few minutes she swirls his balls around in her mouth and tangle her tongue around them over and over again. Rotating between the left and the right side of his balls. Slowly she's also stroking his bare smooth ass. She thinks, not just he's cock, his ass pretty perfect too, tight and small and perky. She hopes to explore it a bit more and again the urge to bite. Finally, she feels that her jaw is relaxed again and she can feel that his balls getting tighter. He is getting close again. There is only one way to finish this.

She releases him and just sits back on her legs for a little while looking at him. He immediately wraps his hand around his cock and starts stroking. She thinks, I hope to explore this too, just watching him pleasuring himself. So hot and I need to learn exactly how he likes it. But for now she says "stop! I will take care of that..." he shudders hearing her husky voice knowing exactly why and because of how sexy it sounds. "You are so sexy ... please tell me you enjoy this too". She let her head fall back, eyes close and she takes her hand down her body and in between her parted legs. She strokes her groins a little while trusting lightly to her hand and moan "goodness and I thought I knew what sexy meant..." She smiles and look at him again, lots of sparkles in her eyes. Compliments ... ok he can do that ... with her it is super easy, everything about her is just a dream come true, especially when she smiles he thinks.

She thinks, it is time. They cannot drag it too much longer. As much as she's turned on by the possibility of getting caught, she prefers to keep it private and let him fall apart completely with no distractions. She caps his ass tight and again in one quick motion takes his cock all the way in. She moves slowly with tiny motions up and down, making sure he feels the suction, the friction but still stays all the way in deep deep in her throat. She starts pushing his ass forward gently, giving him the sign that she wants him to trust into her, she want him to fuck her mouth now. She also takes his hands and put them on her head with no words asking him to take it really deep. He looks at her just to make sure it is ok, She was so right her lips are gorgeous around his cock. He trusts slow and gentle, at first. But his balls get tighter and tighter. Now he cannot control it anymore. His climax is very near. He is trusting now harder. He know this is the last second he can pull out and not cum in her mouth. He does not think she wants this. "luv ... I am very very close, let me take it from here ... it's ok you got me so ready, it will be long, amazing and intense". She looks at him again, he can see naughty smile in her eyes. Yeah he did not really think she will give up showing him how much she's capable off and how much he is going to miss that when he's away from her. She pushes hard on his ass and his cock goes even deeper and she sucks hard and tight on his cock. That all he needed. He feels the ripples of explosive orgasm crawling from his ball, to his ass to his back. He starts shivering she holds him tight so he can keep standing, still sucking hard. It is almost painful, but so right. He has to know "plea ... please, you..."breathing hard..."en ... enjoy this?" He can hear her moan in response into his cock again and again and now he can really let go. He tilts his head back against the elevator wall, close his eyes and just let the climax take over. He shivers again and again harshly, moaning loudly and saying her name in between. Finally his cum bursts out of him to her throat, warm and silky, it glides down her throat. She moans louder and feels that her pussy clench hard, she's not too far from her edge either, pleasuring him so intensely turns her on badly. He feels as the shivers and the contractions of his cock start to slow down a bit, he start to feel spent, but then she sucks a bit more, cap his balls gently and with her other had go a little more down his ass. "Oh baby ... yes ... yes ... yesssssssssssssss" He feels like he just hit a much stronger and deeper climax. He's in a complete spasm. Few more shivers and a loud scream and he is sure he died and went to heaven. So lucky...

She holds him in her mouth to the last shiver, until he gets softer a bit. He leans back to hold the bar against the elevator wall, since his legs do not really carry him right now, so she can climb his body and stand up again.

He asks "did you enjoy this too, it will be unforgettable for me, one of the best if not the best..."

She just looks at him deeply for a second. "Please tell me just this time that it got you excited too." She thinks to herself, you think I just drove you out of your mind, but let's try something more. She sticks her tongue out. He needs to lean to the bar much more, holds really tight not to collapse completely. He can clearly see some of his cum on her tongue, she kept there to show him and imprint his taste in her mind. She swallows and says "Testy. Yummmmm". He shudder, he's knuckles white. Another image he would never be able to erase of his mind or stop thinking about. He will go crazy, but he just wants more. He reaches his hand to the back of her neck, pulls her hard to him and crush her lips to his, kissing her deep and hard, biting a little, wants to feel as close to her as possible, tasting his cum on her sweet lips and tongue. She shivers harshly in his arm, crazy in lust for him. But she pulls back, not ready to show him how much she wants him too.

"You have to let me return a favor tonight." "Have to? I don't need any favors. I can get what I want. And this was not a favor, this was just making sure that even if you decide to keep ignoring me forever you'll never forget and you'll know what you're missing..." She pushes the elevator button.

"No, not like this." And he stops the elevator again. "I am sorry. I did not mean to ignore you, this is exactly the point, I cannot forget and I cannot stop and I had to. And I did not mean it like this. Give me a chance to do it your way. I promise, I will be slow and tender and I will take care of you, and be there for you, until you have something to remember ... Please." "I want to forget". "Let me try to change your mind. Will you really forget this?" He has a point and a big and delicious cock which is hard to resist. "To prove that I mean it, I will go to this meeting but I will cancel the rest. Meet me in an hour, in my hotel, I will be all yours. And you cannot say that it is just my cock and want talking, you know you just exhausted me completely with one of the most explosive orgasms ever, the best one, the best one could ask for, so I am doing pretty good ... I really just want to make you feel the same."

"Yeah pure altruism." She says "First, I know very well what I am capable of and what I can do to men. I know I have just opened a Pandora box for you. You so wonder what else I can surprise you with." He blushes a bit, it is true he wants more. "Second, you are hard, again." He blushes a bit more and moans quietly when she brushes her palm lightly on his stretched jeans. "So I am not sure you can convince me in any way you're not talking with your cock". "Morning glory, yes you drive me out of my mind with lust and excitement, but it does mean that I want to take care of you even more, that I am so grateful, feeling like that, that I am willing to spend the whole night just watching you cum over and over again even if I don't. Though every touch just bring me so close to the edge..." She shivers. She knows she cannot deny how horny she is. He caps her cheek and kisses her deeply, pulling her hard to him, but still with softness in his hug. "I want you bad, give me a chance. It will be good, I will make it up to you, you deserve so much more than elevator blow job, though I will do it right here is that is what you want" He whisper in her ear. She surrenders into his kiss and to his request. She feels that her mind and body just swirls with want and passion for him. "You did not keep any promise, you did not even tell me you're coming" "I know, luv, I was scared. I am still scared. You're influence on me is very deep. It is very risky. We can ruin our lives. But now I know this so worth living that all I care is about being with you here." Her heart clenches. She feels the same. "Ok, they say the devil's water it ain't so sweet, but you can dip your feet once in a little while..." She uses words of a song she likes. He knows the song and smiles with sincere relief and hugs her tight. "Thank you. I will see you in an hour, in the hotel?" "Yes" "do you have more heels?" She smiles wide, she knows his fetish. "What's wrong with the ones I have?" "Nothing obviously, I am way too hard for going into this meeting room right now, but I want to see more..." "And here we go again to what you want..." "No babe, it is about you getting me so excited and wild that I will be able to make any fantasy you have in your mind come true. Maybe you should go and buy some in the meantime ... hipsters too, please" "how do you know I don't have them right now?" She know she does and she knows how wet they are right now. She hopes he can sense her fragrance. He caresses her right ass cheek through the skin tight black jeans. "I don't, but I hope you'll let me find out." He whispers. "Will see in an hour how convincing you are" " I promise I am much better listener than reader. Just let me know what you want" "Ok, I will have a dress for you too, because I am too nice and maybe we should check the bar in the hotel too..." "Sure we will, I think I can remember they have wide, dark nice restrooms ... but we'll need to check the bed first..."

She pushes the elevator button again. He kisses her lips again, still can feel his taste on her. He needs a minute before he gets to this meeting it will be too embarrassing and risky. He still cannot believe this just happened; this was not even something he allowed himself to dream about. The elevator stops. He relaxes his grip around her. She turns around to get out. He strokes her exposed shoulder again "I will miss you..." She deserves this he thinks and he does feel like he misses her warm body against him already, not to say her lips..."we'll see..." she answers. "Please be there..." She just smiles back, though she knows she already started to count the minutes.

He's alone again. He pushes the button to his floor. He closes his eyes for a second or two and leans against the elevator wall. He knows this is so wrong but he really does not care anymore. Maybe it was good not to tell her his coming. This surprise was the best sex he ever had and he has a hunch he has seen nothing yet.

She gets to her office. Leaning against the wall for a few minutes breathing deeply. She's dying to touch herself. She so aroused. She can still feel his taste and a bit of scratched tissue at the back of her throat. God he's so beautiful and big and she so wants more. But she has little time, she needs to be on her best performance for him, if he thinks he just went nuts because of what she does, he has no idea...

She now remembers that she's not completely sure where his hotel. She opens her computer to ask. He's online already. In his meeting. She opens an IM window to ask, he writes before she has a chance "I don't think I will be able to ever take an elevator in this building and get to a meeting decent..." "So you better start thinking about a different hotel for the next time you are in town..." "I am well aware of that and I cannot wait..." "If I just knew where it is..." "Sorry, got too excited ... here's the address and room # ... Just called them you have a key waiting for you. Go there and keep the fire burning for me..." "Oh here we go again, so self-assure that it is burning for you and what you want..." "Yes I am pretty sure I can do right by you, but what I meant is that in order to make sure I do, I want you to go and think on every little detail in your fantasies, so you can tell me and I can oblige." She sighs quietly, she's thinking about going to the meeting room and pulling him out, she can't wait. Her hand sliding inside her inner thighs and touch her crouch. She can feel the wetness trough the denim now. He writes something more "But no touching and definitely no climaxing. I want to be there hold you and watch when you first fall apart." She takes her hand back. "You better keep your promises this time" "Oh I WILL" he writes "there is nothing I want more". "Do you think they have cameras in these elevators?" She asks "I hope they do, already on my to do list to check and see if I can get a copy ... I will need a rerun ... and I bet it can get lots of hits online... ;)" "Oh god, no..." "Oh yes, but don't worry, I will keep it for private viewing only, I need to know it was real and I am dying to be there again." "Just be nice and..." "I will be nice, promise, but I think you want naughty and kinky now..." "I do..." "I will see you really soon, I hope..." "Don't keep me waiting." "I can't even if I want to, the only problem is that I will need to wait for everyone to leave the meeting room before I do, I don't want it to get embarrassing, so hard under the table..." "Can't wait to see and taste that again from up close" He stops breathing to hold-in a shiver. Can't wait...

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