When a Pet Obsession Takes Over
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Josie loved animals from early childhood but now at 21 years of age she discovers that some animals love her too, but in an animalistic sexual way.

Josie had always loved animals, from her first mouse at the age of 5 to her latest Alsatian now she was twenty-one, she absolutely loved taking care of them; so it seemed natural three years ago for her to start her own dog walking business. Very rapidly her clientele database grew to fifty and they were regulars needing three hour sessions twice a week; which meant she was often walking between six a twelve dogs at a time at £10 per hour she was making quite a tidy sum. Most days she cleared £400 plus tips and of course there was those special customers who would want a complete beauty treatment for their pooch at £75.00 a go. Josie was well on her way to making her first million when sadly her only remaining parent, her father was killed in a car crash.

He had insured himself really well and left his only daughter comfortably well off, Josie no longer needed to work but her pets became her life and actually became the only thing she responded to. Josie sought comfort from her trusty friends; they never demanded anything from her and gave her nothing but pure love in return. It seemed natural then for Josie to use some of her inheritance to open a pooch parlour come hotel for canines. She would lavish all her time and effort on her animals who would come and stay in her six bedroomed detached house in three acres of land. She even began employing teenage girls as kennel maids because the business was growing so fast.

Josie always kept her favourite pets to herself and insisted on personally taking care of them; these pets knew they had made it because they would be housed in a private wing of Jodie's impressive house. Now this was the final product from all the hard work that Josie had done, but it had not been an easy road and she has learned a few things along the way some of which she could not really mention in company. For Josie had accidentally discovered her love and need for animal sex and now she sought this type of companionship on a daily basis.

It had begun when Josie had been 16, and had happened quite by chance. Josie had been the proud owner of an Alsatian for about two months, when one day she had taken a shower and crossed the hall to her bedroom and not quite closed the door; the 14-month-old Alsatian puppy had sensed the new aroma of Josie's scented bath oils and came to investigate. By the time the dog entered the bedroom Josie had her head in a towel drying her hair, the young nubile body which was not covered became a source of interest to Rocky the Alsatian, the first Josie knew of his presence was when he felt his cold wet nose on her cunt.

She tried to shoo him away, but he had discovered something that interested him to the point of not being distracted. Every time that Josie tried to stop the dog from his interest he would nip at her inner thigh, whilst this was not drawing blood it was still extremely painful. Fearing that the dog may seriously bite her and cause serious damage, Josie decided to let the dog continue and hope he would lose interest. What Josie was not expecting or prepared for was the dog and his tongue, the first contact between his rough tongue and her soft skin sent shivers down her spine. The second lick happened to land between her cunt lips and it dragged across her clit; suddenly her mind went into orbit and she experienced something she had never felt before. Her entire body felt alive with electricity and even the hairs on the back of her neck bristled and rose like the heckles of a dog about to attack.

More importantly for Josie it triggered an itch in her cunt she had never imagined and she instantly knew that the only way to get rid of this itch was with the dog's tongue. Now the sixteen year old instinctively lowered her head close to the ground and parted her legs further. To Rex the Alsatian, this was a sign submission, so he began to lick her between her sixteen year old legs all the more. For Josie flashes of images flashed into her mind like some perverted slideshow, all the images were of alpha male dogs taking their bitches. What was most disconcerting for Josie was the fact that not all the bitches were canine, some were women and strangely quite a lot of the mental images were with male dogs fucking human males. She now dropped to her knees and with her head on the floor she managed to look down between her legs and gasped. There was Rex her playful puppy now sporting a four inch cock protruding from his sheaf. Instead of being disgusted Josie was intrigued as she imagined what it would be like to have it fuck her cunt, then an even dirtier thought hit her, what would the doggie cock taste like?

All the time Rex was diligently licking her cunt and by now was almost sinking his tongue well into her virgin cunt. Josie had not had sex of any kind before this incident but horse riding had led to a one in a million situation where her hymen had broken without penetration, so now she could take the doggie fuck without the pain normally associated with a woman's first time. Just before it went dark between her legs she almost bottled it as her mind registered that the four inch cock she had seen on Rex was now more than double that size. Suddenly she felt Rex's weight on the middle of her back and the almost blind stabbing of his cock into the flesh so close to her now flooded cunt, when Rex hit the spot and sank his cock all the way into her horny opening. Josie half expected the neighbours to call the police because she feared she had screamed so loud, but of course they had not heard a thing.

Rex did not care whether they had heard her or not, all he was concerned with was impregnating his bitch who he assumed was on heat and therefore so receptive to being fucked, he went at Josie's stretched cunt like an express train and Josie could feel every single spurt of his scalding doggie cum as it poured into her cunt, in her heated passion she forgot that dogs fucking their bitches always knot with them. Rex just knew it was nature and soon jabbed his knot inside Josie's cunt several times before it swelled enough to stick. Now he stopped thrusting and simply allowed his mating with this new bitch to run its course, he was slavering a great deal and Josie was well aware of the wetness that caused on her neck. She tried to move but a stern growl from Rex warned her to stop.

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