Who Played Whom?
Chapter 1

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Is Sandy fooling her mother, or is her mother actually encouraging Sandy's sexual growth? Does Sandy really want Tim to go out with her best friend, or is she testing him? Is this really a good time to be teasing Sandy? Just who's being honest here? As the world turns through the days of our lives, Tim just hopes he doesn't end up in General Hospital. Part 4 of the Sandy and Tim series. The segment should stand alone, but don't you usually read a story from the beginning?

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Petting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism  

Sunday, July 14

"Mmmmm. Swim team practices were never like this," said Sandy.

She had her back to the swimming pool wall, with her arms spread wide over the pool deck coping, holding her head out of the water. The bra cups of her bikini top were pushed to the side and her bikini bottoms were down to her knees. Tim, her boyfriend, was facing her, playing with and teasing the nipples of her smallish breasts while keeping an eye on her mother as she worked in the kitchen. Occasionally, Tim would reach down to tickle Sandy's clit and fondle her vaginal lips.

"You mean you never teased the boys on the team, hoping they would get boners in their little Speedos?"

"Oh, God, no! I was so shy and bashful it was scary. You know that. I had ... have ... small tits and I was really embarrassed to walk out in front of the boys in my suit. Of course, being embarrassed made my nipples poke out, and that made me even more embarrassed. I thought they were all looking at me and laughing."

"Did the guys ever get hard?"

"Yeah, occasionally. Lucy liked to tease them, and when she got a reaction she was all over the guy."

"Getting pissed at him?"

"Are you kidding? She'd have her hand in his suit."


"Yeah. I don't think you ever met her. 'Juicy Lucy' we used to call her. She was one of the class sluts. She was on our diving team, and she would get up on the diving board and ... adjust, I guess is a good word ... the leg openings of her suit. The guys all seemed to time their laps so that would be at that end of the pool when she was getting ready to dive. One time when the coach was inside she took her arms out of her suit's shoulder straps, and when she hit the water the top of her suit ended up around her waist. She didn't seem to mind it happening; I really think she was disappointed that it didn't come all the way off.

"She was really popular with the boys on the team. Part of that, I suppose, is that she liked to entertain them after practice."

"Not your thing, though."

Sandy smiled sweetly. "Not on your life, baby. I was saving myself for you. And now that I've had you, I know that I made the right decision.

"I'm so horny, though, I'm about to explode. We just can't get any private time this summer. It's nice to be able to be here, take a couple of classes at the community college and relax around the pool, but I need to have you in me. I mean, I REALLY need to have you in me. What has it been now? Two months?"

"Yeah, something like that. Trust me, I'm going nuts, too. I need to get my cock in you something bad. In between our families and our classes, though, we just haven't been able to work it out. I wish we could get away somehow."

"Why don't we?"

"How in the world would we get that past our folks?"

"I don't know. We need to come up with something, though. God, I wish I could figure it out.

"Hey! How about if you tell your folks that you need to go check up on your apartment to pay your bills, pick up your mail, that sort of thing. You could go up to school on Friday, spend Saturday taking care of your stuff, and come back on Sunday."

"Well that might work, but how does that get us together?"

"Easy. I'll tell my folks that since you're headed up there, I'll go with you to keep you company on the ride, and to help the girls at the sorority get ready for Rush Week. Your apartment stuff might take ten minutes, I'll blow off the sorority, and we'll have Friday night, all day Saturday, and Sunday morning together. Think of all the fucking we can do."

"You have no idea how much I would love to get you in bed for two nights. What do we do if your parents say no, though?"

"Well, we'll just have to play it by ear. If we have to punt, we punt, and if they flat out say no then we're no worse off than we are right now. I need your cock, though, so I'm willing to try just about anything that might work. If it doesn't work," she added slyly, "I'll just have to stick to playing with Mr. Happy."

"Mr. Happy?"

"That's my dildo, you idiot."

"Ok; let's go for it, then. I hate to think of being replaced by Mr. Happy."

Darcy was puttering around in the kitchen, passing the time and trying to keep an eye on Sandy and Tim without being too obvious.

"Just look at her," she thought. "To think that I was worried about her. She was in her own little world while she was going through high school, stuck between her classes, the swim team and all those books she read. She never went out, never showed any interest in boys, and hardly ever talked to anyone. Then she met Tim, and now, she's a changed woman.

"Instead of a naive, immature girl, my daughter is now a real woman." Chuckling cynically to herself, Darcy thought that it all seemed to go back to that weekend last fall when Sandy and Tim drove down from school to attend a wedding. "From the smell in the living room you'd have thought they were having an orgy in there. She must have really been ripe to burst. Good thing Bill and the boys were all asleep, or else there would have been some real explaining to do. Sandy must have given in to him either that night or right after they went back to school, because all of a sudden all of her pent-up pressures vanished.

"That's good. I think you need to make some memories when you're young. Lord knows that things change once you get married, settle down, and have kids, and you need to have some good times to remember. It's kind of like that actress said, when nude photos of her showed up on the Internet, 'Well, I think it's nice to have some photos I can look back on fifty years from now and say, "Damn, I had a nice body back then!" '

"There's a lot to be said for that. I was afraid Sandy wasn't making any memories for herself, but once she started dating Tim and letting him into her panties, everything changed. They go out a lot, she engages everyone and is enthusiastic, and judging from that 'freshly fucked' glow on her face every time she comes back from school, she's treating Tim well, too.

"It looks like Sandy embraced college with open legs, and I'm happy for it. She's smart, they won't do anything crazy, and she needs to make up for some lost time.

"I can't let them know that I approve, though. I have to at least pretend to be the concerned mother."

Darcy didn't notice how her hips had rolled forward and pushed against the edge of the kitchen counter as she reminisced. She thought about her college days and life in the sorority house. She remembered the time she and her roommate lost a bet and had to service the starting lineup of the baseball team when they won the conference championship.

"Oh, that was amazing," she thought. "I can almost feel it now; a cock up my ass, another one in my pussy, a third cock in my mouth, and one in each hand. Oh, what a night! I was so sore I had to spend the next two days in bed." Laughing, she remembered that those two days weren't all that bad. "It was a nice way to recover," she recalled, "Diane had a really talented tongue, and she sure tasted good. Particularly while all that cum from the baseball team was dripping out of her!

"God, that was fun. If only I could do it again. Those days are gone forever, I'm afraid, but it sure would be nice.

"I wonder how good Tim is? He's certainly keeping Sandy happy, and his cock sure makes a nice lump in his swimsuit. I love to watch him get out of the pool, when the wet suit sticks to him and outlines his package. No wonder Sandy's nipples are always sticking out."

Darcy finally noticed that she had been pushing her hips into the counter, subtly rubbing herself as she fantasized. "Oh, I need to do something about this," she thought. "Time to go upstairs for a few minutes, and play."

Opening the door, she called out to Sandy. "I feel a migraine coming on, Sandy. I'm going to go upstairs and lie down for a couple of minutes. Answer the phone if it rings, ok? If it's for me, just tell them I'll call them back."

"Sure, mom. Hope you feel better."

"Thanks, honey. I think I caught it early enough; I should only be a few minutes."

"Your mom gets migraines?" Tim asked.

"Yeah. About once a week or so she needs to go lie down and rest. She locks the bedroom door and we all have to be quiet. She meditates and rests for a while, and when she comes back downstairs she's all happy and relaxed. She seems to be able to control them pretty well."

"Good for her. Migraines can be tough to deal with."

"It doesn't take her long, usually, so we only have a few minutes. Suck my titties, Tim," she said, as she reached into his swimsuit and began massaging his member.

"We could have a quickie right here," Tim suggested.

"No, we can't do it in the pool."

"Why not? Your mom won't be able to see us from her bedroom."

"I really can't screw in water. It washes away all my lubrication, so it hurts."

"Oh ... Hey, how do you know that?" Tim asked, suddenly interested in the subject.

"Well, I tried it."

"Oh? Do I know his name?"

"Yes, you do," she laughed. "It was Mr. Happy."

"You masturbated yourself in the pool with Mr. Happy?"

"Well, I tried to. I used to read a lot of romance novels, you know, and their characters always seem to be having sex in water at some point. It sounded romantic and exciting. No guys had any interest in me, Lord knows, so I had to take matters into my own hands. If you know what I mean," she added salaciously. "I gave it a try one night and found out it didn't work."

"Oh. How about a quick hand job for me, then?"

"I don't think so, Tim," Sandy replied, laughing. "If my father found semen floating in the pool he'd probably drain the whole darned thing to clean it."

"I suppose you're right," Tim replied. "Damn it."

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