A Religious Experience

by jack08180

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Reluctant, Spanking, Humiliation, Teacher/Student, .

Desc: Sex Story: Just a naughty schoolgirl story. Written by a Female friend of mine after a schoolgirl theme party

She was late, again. Two more demerits, so the fuck what; it's not like it was the damn 60's anymore, what could they do- spank her? She smiled ruefully at the thought. Crushing her stub of a cigarette beneath her Mary Janes she pushed open the enormous wooden door to Our Lady of Mercy, the all girls' boarding school her half-assed Catholic parents had decided to ship her away to. The hallway was dead silent, as classes had begun over thirty minutes ago. This place is a demented torture chamber, she thought. High cathedral ceilings, dark wooden beams holding the entire castle-like structure together; ever since starting here in the Spring this place had given her the creeps ... too many ancient statues depicting torment and pain, too many tight lipped frigid nuns staring down at her through heavy eyelashes. She knew they all despised her, what with her not-so-secret binge drinking in the locked section of the library and the littering of cigarette butts that seemed to follow her regardless of the hours of detention she received for it. Her short heels clicked and echoed as she walked to the far end of the hallway, and stopping just before the stained glass widow of the classroom door she thought to herself "But doesn't everybody just love a sinner... ?"

The door slammed shut behind her and she was met with fourteen pairs of peering eyes and snickering half-smiles and she couldn't help but notice the few lingering gazes that followed the bobbing of her perk breasts spilling out from her unevenly buttoned blouse. "Miss De Luca, would you mind explaining to your classmates why you are over thirty minutes late to class this morning?" She let her thick and wavy dark brown hair spill over the left side of her face and said "Had a hot date, sir. You jealous?". She peeked through the strands of her hair and watched Him straighten in his chair. Though she knew she was quickly earning more hours in detention, she just loved getting under his stupid, uptight, religious nazi skin. Fucking prick. "You will not disrupt another moment of this class time, and I will see you after class. Now get your books out- Class, turn to page 317...". With that she drifted off into a daydream while he droned on about the history of the Vatican.

The bell rang and her head shot up from her desk. Oh, great. She sighed and wiped the tiny puddle of drool from where she had fallen asleep during the lecture. More demerits, awesome. She watched as all the other girls in their perfect little uniforms shuffled out of the room. She noticed some of them lingering at their teachers desk, giggling and sucking up to him like he was some sort of celebrity. She could see how in a far off world the late 30-something year old man could be considered sexy. He was in great shape, with almost black hair slicked back- a few strands falling onto his forehead. He had dark brown eyes, full lips ... and hell, what man didn't look yummy in a perfectly tailored suit. Too bad he was a stiff, die hard defender of the Church- shit, she almost felt bad for the poor guy, he probably hadn't stuck his dick in anything but his hand in years.

The last girl left and shut the door behind her and all of a sudden the classroom was completely silent. "Adriana, to my desk. Now." His voice was cold and commanding. She could feel the hair rise on the back of her arms and for the first time she noticed that he was genuinely angry with her. Gathering her books she stood and walked slowly to his desk. In a rare moment of insecurity she tried to smooth down her wrinkled pleated red and black skirt to no avail. She realized what she must look like to this prestigious man- her mascara staining the skin beneath her eyes, traces of dark red lipstick left on her lips from the night before, a mess of thick Italian hair, and the edges of a lacy black bra peeking out from the folds of her mostly unbuttoned white blouse. She stood before him, hyper aware of the building tension and she couldn't bring herself to pick her head up and look him in the eyes. "This is now the third time you have disrupted my lecture by arriving late. Typically I punish my students after the second time, but since you are so new to Our Lady of Mercy, I thought I would be kind and give you one last chance. You disappoint me, Miss De Luca." Her heart was racing and she couldn't tell if it was from her lingering hangover or because this man was actually making her nervous. "I'm sorry". He got up from his chair and began walking towards her from around the large oak desk. "You are sorry, what?" Her hands were sweating. "I'm sorry ... Sir". He stopped less than six inches from her. They stood there, motionless and in silence with him so close she could feel his breath on the side of her face, while he looked her up and down. What the hell was happening, she thought, what was he about to do to her? "Do you know how we punish naughty girls like you here at Our Lady, Adriana?" Her mind was racing, a jumbled mess of fear and excitement and nerves. He stepped behind her and walked towards the door. Too terrified to move, she heard the lock click and her mouth went dry.

"Bend down and place your books on the floor beneath my desk. Do it slowly. Then place both arms flat on my desk, palms down. Any objection you might have from here on out will result in harsher punishment. Do you understand?" "Yes" She heard the quick sound of movement and before she could react she felt a sharp sting on her right ass cheek. Her breath caught in her throat and she gasped. "You will address me as Sir, you will not disrespect me again you disobedient little slut".

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