My Aunt's Neighborhood Boy's Club
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Gang Bang, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My favorite aunt asked her lawn boy in for a glass of lemonade one day when I was there and that was the beginning. And it hasn't ended yet. I hope it never does.

If you're like me, you have a favorite aunt. Mine is my Aunt Helen who is like my very best friend in the world. And she's become even more special to me in the last few years.

I often went to her house after school, she only lived about six or seven blocks away. She had her own commercial design business which she ran from home and I always liked to watch her work on various projects. She had a really cool Mac system with a big monitor that had a crystal-clear picture.

This all began right after school was out for the summer between middle school and my starting high school in the fall.

I'd gone over to her place about ten that morning and was watching her work on an advertising layout for a new restaurant. She took a break to get some coffee and I took her place, as I often did, to move to a new window and just do some searching of the internet.

Just was she was walking back into her office, up came a video on the screen. I hadn't really searched for it, it just seemed to pop up when I realized that it was a sex video, the people, there were three of them, two women and one man, were naked and one woman was sucking the man while the other woman had her head between the first woman's legs.

"Oops. Looks like you got what I was watching a while ago. I ... um, I guess you now know what I look at sometimes," she admitted with a bit of a snicker.

She sat down next to me, switched the window back to her work and asked me, "Has your mom talked with you much about sex?"

I was very close to my Aunt Helen but still this was a kind of embarrassing subject.

"Uh, yeah, she's left it up to the school with the sex-ed classes mostly," I managed to squeak out.

"Do you masturbate, Laura?"

"I ... uh, well, I ... I kinda rub sometimes in the shower."

"Anything more than that?"

"No, I ... I ... that's mostly all."

"Have you had an orgasm?"

"The rubbing feels good," I answered hesitantly.

"Has it ever been like an explosion of good feeling, something that just felt better than anything else ever had?"

"It, it feels nice."

I just didn't know what else to say.

She stood up and said, "Why don't you come with me. We need to enjoy ourselves a bit this morning. Let's take a break," and she took my hand and led me down the hall to her bedroom.

She turned toward me and began taking off her clothes. I'd never seen my aunt naked and when she undid her bra, I thought she was amazingly beautiful.

Her breasts were large with large caramel-colored nipples and the centers were all poked out like it was a cold day. My aunt was thirty-five so I knew there might be some sag to her boobs but there really wasn't much of any at all. They were full and round, really sexy.

She was pulling down her panties after she'd gotten her pants off and now stood there totally naked.

"Um, I guess you're getting to know your Aunty Helen in a little different way, huh?" she asked and she pulled down the cover and got into her bed.

She reached into the drawer of her nightstand and took out a small bottle and a long rod that I knew must be a vibrator or the other thing, a dildo.

"This is how to properly masturbate, Laura, I'll bet you didn't see this in sex-ed class," she said as she dribbled a bit of the lube on the wand and began moving the tip up and down in the crease between her legs.

I stood there astonished but totally captivated. It looked so sexy and adult, so womanly.

Then, the tip began to disappear up inside her as she twisted the top. I began hearing a buzzing, she must have turned on the vibration mode, I guessed.

"Mmm, oh, yeah, that's good. Really good," she groaned while I watched her put it in farther, then began stroking it in and out as her other hand began rubbing on the top of her pussy.

"Oh, I was needing this, Laura, been kinda horny all morning. Ever get that way?"

"I ... yeah, I ... well, I kinda feel that way all the time. This last year I've just thought of almost nothing else but boys," I told her.

"Have you done anything with boys so far?"

She was really asking me this. Well, I decided to tell her, "No, I haven't even kissed a boy except playing Spin the Bottle at a party a while back. That's all."

My aunt's face was turning red as was the area right above her boobs and I could tell she was breathing harder. It must be pretty good. I was fascinated.

"Yes, oh, so good," she moaned as he pushed and pulled the vibrator in and out.

"Oh, OH, OH, OMIGOD, UUH, UUH, OH, oh, oh, mmm, so good, really good," she gasped as I watched her tremble and shake as something truly wonderful took her over. If this was an orgasm, I'd never had one. It looked amazing.

Her head rolled back as her breathing began to slow.

"Oh, that was an orgasm. Wow, and a hell of a great one. Have you had one like that?"

"Like that?" I asked astonished. "No, not even anything at all like that. Not by miles, that was incredible."

"It sure was. I think it's time for my favorite niece to find out just how good her body can make her feel. You ready to take a turn?" she asked as she held up the pink vibrator.

I stood there for what felt like a long, long time. Then I silently began taking my clothes off. What I'd seen my aunt have, I wanted for myself. It was time, time for me to enjoy the way my body was becoming.

I got everything off as I heard her say, "Oh, Laura, honey, you are exquisite. The boys won't know what hit 'em. You have the prettiest body. Well, it's time to enjoy it, here," and she wiped the wand off with a tissue and handed it to me as I got down on her bed.

She sat next to me, dripped a little lube on the end and I began.

I was so self-conscious at first, doing something this sexual and intimate in front of another person, even if that person was my favorite aunt and she'd just masturbated in front of me. But the feelings were rapidly getting better, lots better and that made me relax and begin to enjoy those new and intense sensations.

I was rubbing the tip up and down pressing it just inside my pussy's lips, rubbing it all around when she asked me, "How's it feeling, Laura?"

"Mmm, better than what I do in the shower. Should I try putting it inside?"

She nodded and I tried pressing it harder against my slit. Then I felt it enter me. She reached over and turned on the vibration.

"Omigod, oh, wow, that is awesome. I can't believe how that feels," I gushed breathlessly, simply awed at the feelings flowing through my sexed-up body.

"Put it in further, go ahead, try it," she coaxed and I pushed it almost halfway inside me and held it there simply in astonishment at the feelings it was giving me.

"Here," she said as she put her hand on mine and began moving the wand back and forth so it was fucking me.

That's when I found out what an orgasm felt like. It was as if my whole body was electrified as I spasmed and shook and whimpered while I was overrun by the most ecstatic, euphoric feelings I'd ever experienced.

"Oh, OH, OH, AUNT HELEN, OH, UUH, UUH, oh, omigod, it's wonderful, wonderful, I've never felt anything like it," I cried out in throes of delight.

Her hand was softly, slowly rubbing my belly as I laid there just wrung out over the fantastic experience I'd just had.

"Welcome to womanhood, Laura. I think I'll give you this vibrator for your own. You might just get a lot of use from it from now on, honey," she said and bent over me and kissed me softly on the lips, still rubbing her hand on me.

"It was awesome, Aunt Helen, now I know what it's like. Orgasms are amazing. I want to do that every day."

"Oh, honey, you might just do it more than that. It does feel good but, take it from your Aunt Helen, a man's penis is the best thing you can put inside you, it's the ultimate way to get off."

"Yeah, but I've never even seen a boy's ... you know..."


"Yeah. Just little boys, when they're small like changing their diaper."

"Come on, let's get you some cocks," she said as she pulled me up off her bed and took me back to her office. I couldn't believe she used that kind of language but after that day we began talking about cocks and pussies and boobs, and dicks and balls and clits, just everything I wanted to know about.

We both sat in front of the monitor, completely naked, as she brought up hundreds of pictures of boy's dicks.

"Wow, look at all of them. Who takes all these pictures, Aunt Helen?"

"Who knows, but there they are. See, there's one that's circumcised, the foreskin is cut off. Here's one that's uncircumcised, just left natural. Look different, don't they?"

"Are they different, like, for sex?"

"No, not much, they both feel about the same. Sucking them is a little different but both are nice."

I couldn't believe the stuff we were talking about, it was amazing, and even more was the stuff we were doing like masturbating in front of each other and now looking at dicks on her computer.

We looked at some men's websites for a while, then some nudist ones that showed their penises soft and limp. They really do swell up a lot I saw and I told her I couldn't wait to see and hold one.

"Well, honey, you're fourteen, I guess that's about when I did the first time. Maybe we need to find you a boy to play with?" she laughed. "I might even like a young toy-boy around myself."

She did some more work on her project as I sat there and watched. Both of us just stayed naked and when lunchtime came around, she said, "Let's go have some lunch, Laura. You want to get dressed or just stay like this? Maybe we'll have a little more girlie-fun after lunch?"

My heart started beating faster at the prospect of sliding that vibrator back up inside me again and having my second-ever orgasm.

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