It All Started With Ann and Megan

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, First, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Our young virgin male knocks on a door to discover a naked mature woman who takes him in hand to teach him the finer points of fucking. Unfortunately she passes out after some serious fucking. Her daughter comes to the rescue and continues on with the young man's education.

These events happened in the early 90's in a small rural town in Australia. My university geography class, of which I was a member, had been engaged by the local chamber of commerce to survey the townsfolk to find out about their shopping habits. Many weeks of preparation went into the creation of the survey forms, and the selection of households for the survey.

At the time, I was 18 yrs old and a virgin. My interactions with the opposite sex had been very limited. Most of what I knew about sex had come from Penthouse magazine and in particular the Forum section letters. The delta between a female's legs was a mystery to me - all pictures that I'd seen had been of full hairy mounds with no other detail visible. I'd been masturbating for a few years - ever since I discovered the wonderful feelings associated with cumming. I was however a little perturbed by the size of my cock - it was fairly long and thick, and it filled out my jockey shorts making them quite tight. I thought I was abnormal - most of limited circle of male friends claimed proudly to have a 6 or 7 inch cock when erect - mine was 11 inches when fully erect.

The survey was being conducted over a period of 5 days. We started on the Monday morning and planned to finish by the Friday lunch time. The local publican had rented a cluster of rooms to my group for the week.

I drove off from the hotel on the Monday morning to my survey area. The first house that I had listed was vacant, so I chose the house next door to survey. As I approached the front door I could hear a huge argument going on inside. A man and a woman were shouting at each other. I stopped dead in my tracks - thinking I should back-pedal and leave them to it. I paused a moment, just long enough to hear the woman tell the man that he was utterly useless in bed and that she was sick of going without.

I quickly turned and left that house - walking down the street to my next assigned house. Just before I entered that house, I heard a door slam and a car speed off down the road. I assumed that that had come from the house up the street.

The survey was being well-received by the householders and I completed quite a few in the area before I walked back to my car. I had one left to do - I had a choice, go back to the 'fight' house or choose another one. Before I could make that decision, a very nice-looking middle aged woman came out of that house to check the mail box. I guessed that she was about 40 yrs old, about the same age as my mum. She had long sandy blonde hair down to the middle of her back. She was wearing a robe tied at the waist, with a mid-thigh hem line. She was barefoot.

On impulse I made the decision to survey her house. She was the best looking of all my survey participants so far. She had gone back inside by the time I walked up to her front door. I knocked and waited.

The door opened after a few seconds. "Good morning. I'm Grant and I'm conducting a survey..."

My rehearsed opening came to a screeching halt. The lady who opened the door was totally naked - the robe was gone. She had the most amazing body. Her tits were full and sat high on her chest with rosy red erect nipples surrounded by a lighter pink areola. My eyes lingered on her tits before sliding downwards to her pussy mound. Her mound was covered by a strip of closely cropped darker hair. I drank in the sight before raising my eyes to her tits and finally to her face.

She was smiling at me.

"You'd better come in Grant ... before the neighbours wonder what's happening here" she said.

I was speechless. This was my very first naked woman - not a girl, but a woman. She took my hand and led me through the house into the lounge room. She stopped and faced me again - just a couple of feet in front of me.

"What..." I started to ask a question before she hushed me - putting her fingers to my lips.

She spoke "My name is Ann. I saw you retreating down my front pathway this morning. I guess you heard me arguing with my husband".

I nodded, still unable to speak. I was tongue-tied. Here I was standing in front of a very beautiful woman - a very naked one.

She continued "Megan, from down the street called me and told me about this handsome young man who had just surveyed her. She hoped you'd come and survey me too. She knows me too well, you know".

I finally found my voice "Megan?".

"Yes, Megan ... she's the nice petite redhead down the road."

Ann paused a moment before she stepped forward - eliminating the gap between us. Her beautiful tits were now touching my shirt. Her hand went to the back of my neck to draw my face down to hers. Our lips met and I kissed a girl/woman for the first time. It was a gentle kiss at first - letting me get used to the sensation before I felt her lips becoming more animated and demanding. She broke off the kiss, looking me in the eye for a moment before we resumed our kisses.

My arms went around her and pulled her closer as the kisses became more urgent. I felt her tongue probing at my lips - pushing between my lips and parting them. Her tongue invaded my mouth - pushing at my tongue until I got the idea and pushed my tongue at hers. The kiss went on for ages until we stopped to draw breath.

Her body had been plastered against mine for a while now, and my cock had reacted. It was now quite hard but constricted in my too tight underwear. Ann had been grinding against my cock all during the kissing.

Ann spoke "My god ... I can feel something quite big in your shorts. Let me see what I've been feeling for the last 10 minutes".

She knelt down and unbuckled my belt and snapped open the catch on my shorts. She grabbed my shorts and slowly pulled them down over my bulge until my shorts hit the floor. My white jockey shorts were very distended as my cock attempted to uncoil in very limited space.

"Oh god ... what do we have here?" she groaned as she grabbed my underwear and dragged it down too.

My cock sprang out as she released it from its confinement. It was very close to full hardness as it uncoiled in front of her face.

"Oh fuck!!!! you are so fucking big ... enormous..." she groaned before grabbing my cock shaft and starting a slow back and forth movement.

"Megan is going to be so jealous ... she must have had no idea what you had in your shorts" Ann gasped. She slowly tugged on my cock - running her hand up and down the full length of my 11 inch cock. She stayed on her knees for a couple more minutes before she stood again. Still holding my cock, she led me down the hallway until we came to a bedroom.

She pulled off my shirt before pushing me down onto the bed. I kicked off my sandals - I was now as naked as her. She crawled up on the bed with her face close to my crotch. She gazed at my cock as her hand stroked me to full erection.

"Oh fuck ... there's so much I want to do with this cock ... but I need it inside of me right now" she whispered.

Ann moved again and straddled my thighs - my cock was now in front of her belly, and standing tall. She moved upwards until my cockhead was nested in her bush at the entrance to her pussy.

I felt a wetness on the tip of my cock, and then hotness as my cock started to slip inside her pussy.

"Oh fuck! ... Oh fuck!..." she chanted. "You're way bigger than anything I've had before ... we need to go slowly" she moaned.

My cock by this time was about 3 inches into her pussy. It was so tight and hot and very wet. Ann started a slow up and down movement on my cock - a little more of my cock disappeared on each down-stroke until about two-thirds of it was embedded in her pussy. She stopped for a moment - my cock had hit the back of her pussy sheath. She sat upright - affording me the opportunity to study this beautiful woman and her sensational body.

Her tits were big and plump, sitting high on her chest with rosy red erect nipples. My hands were drawn to her tits - I lifted them and played with them for the first time. Tweaking her nipples as she writhed on my cock. Her tummy was flat - obviously a woman who exercised and looked after her body. I looked down further - in amongst her pussy hair, I could see her plump pussy lips split apart by my fat cock - her pussy lips attached to my cock shaft like little leeches.

Ann spoke again "Oh my fucking god ... I've never been so full of hard cock before. Your girl friend is so lucky"

"I ... I don't have a girlfriend" I stammered in reply. "You are my first..."

"Oh..." she whispered and then paused a moment before continuing "Are you telling me that you are ... no, were a virgin until a few minutes ago?"

I nodded.

Ann smiled. "Well, I'm so pleased to be your first. Let me teach you a few things about pleasing a woman ... You are doing just fine so far. Pay attention and you will be very popular with the girls ... and older women too!"

With that, Ann closed her eyes and started to grind her pussy around and around on my cock - pushing it harder and harder into her very tight pussy sheath. I could feel my cockhead getting caught occasionally in the depths of her pussy. Her moans grew louder and more frequent as she continued. Her body started to twitch ... her eyes shot open as she screamed "Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! cummmmmmiiinnnggg!!!" as her pussy grabbed my cock and squeezed it tight before I felt her juices shooting down my cockshaft and all over my balls.

"Ohhhhh ... oh ... oh..." she chanted as her body convulsed wildly as her orgasm rocked on and on.

This was my first experience of a woman cumming - and I got to observe it at close quarters, with my cock embedded in her pussy. I got to see ... and feel it.

The convulsions and the sounds of her cumming had a rapid effect on me too. I could feel a tightening in my balls - a sensation that had preceded my own hand-induced cum in the past. Although this time, my hand was nowhere near my cock - her pussy muscles were clenching and unclenching around my cock - as she attempted to milk my cock of its cream.

"So close ... so close ... ahhhhhh!!!!!!" I shouted just before a big strong squirt of my cream shot forth into the depths of her pussy. Squirt after squirt of my cream followed - pumping a huge load deep inside her. The sensation of cumming inside her triggered another round of screams from Ann as her body was again racked by a fresh series of new cums.

Her cum and mine had another effect - my cock slid even deeper into her pussy. I felt a hole open up and my cock slid on through. I was naive at the time - I found out later that my cock had slid through her cervix and deep into her womb. My full length was inside her and her ass rested on my lap.

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