The Rescue Mission
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Oral Sex, Slow,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The story of a young man who loses his first love and finds another.

I grew up in the Valley of the Sun; Phoenix, Arizona to be more precise. My mother, father and older brother and me; we lived at what was then the most northern part of Phoenix; in a small house on a very large tract of desert land. My childhood was anything but normal. You see, my dad was a drunk, an abusive drunk at that. As soon as my brother turned eighteen, he left the house at joined the Marines. After serving for four years, he returned to Phoenix, and went to work for the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department. I was thirteen when he left home; I became the target of my father's abusive ways. Mom tried her best to protect me whenever she could, but she was not a strong woman. One night I came home late for supper. My father tried to beat me; mom got in between us. He shifted his anger on to her, hitting her repeatedly. I ran to the phone and called the police. By the time they arrived, mom was lying in a pool of blood; dead. My father was taken away in handcuffs and pleaded guilty to a second degree murder charge. I was sent east to live with my mother's sister and her family in New Jersey.

Surprisingly, I did well in school, got good grades, but was exceptionally shy around girls. I was a computer geek. I didn't have a pocket protector or thick black framed glasses with tape in the middle. In fact, I was pretty good looking, small in stature, about five foot seven and one hundred thirty five pounds. I just found more comfort in reacting with my computer than with people, especially girls.

After graduation, I attended Rutgers University, majoring in computer science. I really enjoyed writing programs and designing systems. During my senior year I met a girl. Michelle was a very special person. She was smart, funny, caring and very pretty. What she saw in me I'll never know. We dated for about six months and after graduation got married. Michelle went to work for a CPA firm as a junior accountant, while I joined a company that designed systems for large corporations.

After a couple of years, I was frustrated with the bureaucracy and politics within the firm. We decided that I should start my own company; working with small to midsized businesses, designing systems and writing programs. Now I was truly happy, I was my own boss, worked from home, and choose the work I wanted to do. I also wrote and designed programs, with no client in mind. They were just ideas that came into my head. I applied for and received several patents; most of these were worthless; but they were mine.

Michelle and I were very happy. Life was good. We decided it was time to begin a family. After a year of trying, however, all we had was some very happy memories. We decided that we should both have physicals to determine if there were any problems.

We got the bad news a few weeks later. I was fine: the problem was within Michelle, and it was bad; Ovarian Cancer. I held her hand as the doctor explained that the cancer was causing problems with her reproductive cycle and that he recommended seeing a specialist to determine the best treatments. He did, however, schedule a complete body CAT scan; to determine if the cancer had spread anywhere else.

The meeting with the specialist was even more depressing. The cancer had spread to her liver. The prognosis was grim; she had probably a year maybe two with extensive chemo therapy. We went home that night, held each other tight, and tried to determine what the best course of action to take was. Michelle did not want the chemo treatment,

"I would rather have a better life for a shorter period, than to live a little longer in misery."

Reluctantly, I agreed with her decision.

She continued to work for a while, then when she began to lose weight and started feeling pain; she quit to stay home with me. I farmed out as much of my work as I could and spent what little time remained with her. When it was determined that the end was near, we had hospice workers come to the house and stay with her, making her as comfortable as possible. Then it was over. I lost my wife, my lover, my best friend.

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