Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, True Story, First,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My memoirs titled 'To all the girls I've loved before.'

"Oh, what a night.
Why'd it take so long to see the light?
Seemed so wrong, but now it seems so right.
What a lady, what a night!"
Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons

I was doing homework it was a Thursday afternoon and we had a test the next day, I was in the eighth grade and just a few days past turning fourteen with only three weeks left in the school year. There was a knock at the door and I looked up to see mom poke her head in the door.

"I have to go out next Tuesday night do you want to babysit your brother or would you like me to get someone else to?"

'Oh jeez, ' I was beginning to think until I heard the last part. "Can I pick the sitter?" I asked and mom nodded so I went on. "What about Amy?"

Amy lived two doors up from us and was the same age as me, her brother and I was friends. I didn't think anymore about what mom said and went back to my studying. Once the homework was done I went over to Dwayne's house, he was my best friend, and we threw the football around some while shooting the breeze.

The next afternoon I got home from school and instantly heard mom call out. "You are off the hook," and that made me stop and look in the kitchen as she smiled. "Amy said she would do it."

"Oh," I said because it came to me what she was talking about then. "That is cool then, I am going out."

"Okay just be home in time for dinner." Mom said and I went to my room to drop my notebook on the desk before going back out.

"So what's up?" Dwayne asked later after we had thrown the football around and had walked to the softball field in the neighborhood.

"Nothing much," I answered and then smiled when I remembered. "Mom said she was going out next Tuesday for a couple of hours."

"Guess that means you can't play then," Dwayne said and I smiled.

"No I took care of it," I said and before he asked I added. "She asked Amy to watch him."

"Cool," he said with a smile and my watch chimed.

"It's that time," I said and he nodded his head because it was the same for him also.

The weekend flew by and then Monday we got the test back we had taken on that Friday. After school there was homework and hanging out with Dwayne. The next day it was all the same except for some reason I chose to do my homework in the dining room that day, in retrospect I guess because I remembered that Amy was coming over and I wanted to be the one to answer the door.

Sure enough I had just opened my books on the dining room table when the doorbell rang. "I'll get it," I yelled and went to the door. "Hey," I said after opening it, "mom will be out in a minute."

I went back to the table a few minutes later and heard mom yell. "I'm leaving be good and mind your manners."

"Okay," I yelled back just as the door closed.

I closed one book fifteen minutes later and opened another one when something caught my eye. Kristen, Amy's best friend was walking behind our house.

"Kristen's here," I yelled and heard some dishes clatter in the sink in the kitchen.

Amy came to the door and I jerked a thumb toward the back window and she went to the backdoor. Kristen came in once Amy said mom had said it would be okay and I watched as the two of them went back into the kitchen. Half an hour later and I closed the books and put them on my desk back in the room.

"Be back after awhile," I announced on my way out the door a minute later and faintly heard a response as the sunshine hit me in the face.

Dwayne and I did the usual and at the normal time I headed back inside the same as he did. "Your mom already had it made," Amy was saying five minutes after I walked in the door and was setting down at the dining room table after washing up. "She said it was one of your favorites and all I had to do was warm it up."

There wasn't much that wasn't a favorite of mine in the way of food. After eating I went off to watch some television, Tuesday was always 'Happy Days' night. It wasn't till after the show was over that remembered my brother wasn't around.

"He's already taken his bath and went to bed." Amy said to my unasked question and then I smiled.

"I guess I should be getting ready also." I announced and went off to the bathroom.

I had no problem getting my water ready and everything, mom had been letting me do that for awhile. So I washed up without playing around and was soon letting the water out of the tub. Just as the last of the water went down the drain I noticed the door opened and thought it might be my brother.

When the door closed though I saw that it wasn't and instant went to cover up my manhood which had like normal grown hard as I bathed. Amy was standing there in a flannel robe that barely covered her nether regions and she was smiling. I was paralyzed then as only eyes would move and I watched as she took the robe off and hung it on the hook that was on the back of the door.

She squatted down then beside the tub and I felt as her hands went on top of mine and a second later she gasped at the same time I did. Mine was from the air hitting my groin and hers was from seeing my soldier standing at attention as if he was spring-loaded.

In the next instant she encircled my stalked and grasped it with an almost tentative but gentle touch. "Oh my," she said in what sounded like wonderment and yet I couldn't utter anything.

Before I knew it she was stepping in the tub and straddling my legs. She lowered herself down in a squat and then placed her hands on the side of tub as she crawled up towards me.

"I've never done this before," she said to me as her face came within inches of my own.

I swallowed a lump in my throat and said in a whisper, "Neither have I."

I felt her hands softly touch on my manhood once again as she grabbed it ever so gently. Then I felt the end of it meet what seemed like a pair of lips, and saw her eyes get wide. She lowered herself a little more guiding me in her as she went down further. I felt the most glorious sensation ever as my hard member was enveloped within her. She only went so far before she had to stop and I felt the reason why as there was something obstructing the entrance.

She looked down and could see that half me was still outside of her and she kind of had an awe look on her face, as I heard her say, "I knew this was going to happen."

She reared up then a little and the next thing I knew I felt what I later found was her cherry give way as I heard an audible 'pop.' I looked at her face then and could tell that she was in pain for just a mere second, and then the look was one of relief as she continued down my shaft.

I finally felt her bottom as it came to rest on my lap, and our skin met. She leaned over then and as she held the stare our lips met in a kiss. A kiss it was also for it was a French kiss. It was my first and I know now that it was hers also. But as it was there was no need for a textbook for instinct took over and our tongues fought with each other. Then as we broke the kiss she smiled and I began to feel her slide up my shaft and then right when I thought she was going to get off and release it she started back down.

After coming back down and then back to the top a few times I began to feel my balls tighten and it was believe it or not a new sensation. As she was at the top on her third time I felt her vagina begin to contract around my shaft and then felt the moistness of the already tight opening as it gripped my shaft.

Finally as she started her way back up on the fourth time I felt a sensation like I normally did when I had to pee real bad. I thought she knew it to, but alas she didn't. Cause she didn't release my shaft even then. As she bottomed out that time though the sensation reached its point of no return and try as I might the dam busted forth.

As I felt the frothy thick stuff shoot from my shaft she collapsed on my chest, and it was then that I felt the sweat that I had not seen before that was on her. I heard her moan and then she began to kiss my chest with light kisses.

Finally after what seemed like eternity she began to get up off of me, and as I looked down I was amazed to see that she had a trickle of blood coming from between her legs where we had been joined followed by some white stuff. The white stuff I later found out was semen or cum as we like to call it, but then I started to get a feeling after knowing that I was the cause of her bleeding.

She looked down at me though and smiled saying. "Don't worry it was bound to happen. Now don't you think we both need a bath?"

I saw her smile then and all of my apprehension floated away and I had to smile myself. I let her pull me up and out of the tub and then she washed it out. As I stood there I had the thought to cover my body but then it faded away as the thought came to me.

'After what you just did why cover up what she has already seen.' So that is what I did I stood there naked as a jay bird and waited for her to finish. It was cleaned and filled in no time and there I was looking at her hand out stretched to me. I looked up at her arm and realized then that she was already standing in the tub already.

I let her guide me in and then we sat down in an uncomfortable arrangement facing each other and in silence. We washed each other's backs, and then ourselves. The last time I saw her that night was when she came into my room as I laid down to finally go to sleep. She tucked the blanket in and with a smile she leaned and over and I felt her lips on my forehead.

I awoke the next morning as if what had happen the night before had been a dream. But then as I started to think about it Bone (that has since become his name down there), got hard, and I knew that it had indeed happened. I lay in the bed for a few minutes until the thoughts subsided and then got up for school.

I ended up at the local little play area that had been set aside in our housing area for the kids, with Dwayne. We were just talking about this and that until who showed up, Amy and her best friend. I know I blushed big time because he asked me then what had happen the night before after I went in.

For some reason I didn't have the heart to tell him.

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