Amber 'Dear Diary'

by Sara K

Caution: This Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Exhibitionism, Workplace, Nudism, .

Desc: Fiction Story: Ask any girl, a diary would be considered top secret and off limit. After saying that. Below are pages out of my friend or soon to be former friend Amber's diary covering the time she showed up to her job interview completely naked without a stitch of clothing on her body.

Amber, Dear Diary, Day 216

Dear Diary,

Good Morning today is Wednesday, day 216, and I am still trying to find the job position that I want in the Administrative Office of an company and not a job position that the companies wants me to start at. My parents have been at me to go back to school and get my associate degree in business administration. But, the problem is that I do not want to go back to school right now and I do not want to start off in the mail clerk or any other basic office position. As you know I have been offered a job as a mail clerk and other similar positions in the last few months and I turn them down because it is not the position that I wanted. I think it is due to my stubbornness, that I will not take any position I do not want. There is one thing I can say from my stubbornness; today is my seventh job interview since the beginning of June and since my office job I was doing after school went away near the end of the school year. Diary, to get an job that is what I want, I will do just about anything to get this job, I will even be willing to work naked everyday and even agree to be naked at all the company functions, this is how bad do you want this job at my wanted job position, administrative assistant. Even if the country has been getting more liberal after two or so decades going conservativeness, I can not see any company allowing me to work for real. But, if asked what would you be willing to give to this company to get this position and if I have the nerves to say it, I do think that I could be that desperate to get the job I want. Back to the real world, even if I had the nerves to say it, I didn't expect to be taken seriously and I would expect to be shown the door and told never to come back and I would have to move out of town. Anyway, I still have a job interview in a few hours at 1pm, it is now 10:23am and I still have not gotten dressed or eaten yet, I am still dressed in my birthday suit. As you know that I do not like to wear clothes when I do not have to around the apartment by myself. This could be why, deep down, I would like to be like this at work and to live everywhere in the nude where you do not have to ever get dressed if you wish not to. Boy, I am in a dream world. Oh no, I got to get going now, talk to you later. Wish me the best of luck. Bye for now.

Same day, time 5:32pm, diary, and I am in the Wendy's parking lot eating dinner, you would not believe it, today I was offered the job that I wanted to get without going to school. I GOT IT!!! But, you would not believe it if I tell you what I will be wearing at my first day on Monday and for the following days after that, NOTHING. After I opened my big mouth during the interview, I actually said the word "I will be willing to work at this job, naked and at all company functions". After I said that, there was a long silence and then the five people giving me my interview didn't say anything to me. While I was waiting for the next question or what I was expecting to be shown the door after my outburst, but the unexpected happened, I was asked another question about my last answer. "Ok, you say that you are willing to work here in the nude as well at functions ", "I and I sure that everyone else here would like to know if you are serious about your last answer". "If you were not serious, we will not hold it against you and we can proceed with the interview as we were. Now, if you were serious about working here naked, please stand up and to the desk near the door and remove all of your clothes and place them on the desk neatly as you would at home". I remember that my heart was going an million miles a minute and I was now given an out on my stupid situation I got myself into. What I did next, I still cannot believe what I did. I got up where I was sitting and walked to that table and started to remove my clothes. The only thing I was thinking was that I must remove my clothes in the same matter I would at home. There I was taken off my shoes and socking, then my dress and underwear and before I know it, I was walking back to the chair naked. The reactions of the interviewers were surprised, amazed and stunned. What I was expecting, was to be asked to get dressed and for them to call security to escort me out of the business. What I didn't expect was for them to ask more questions as if I was fully dressed as before my stupid answer. Then I got the question that brought back the fact that I am now dressed a little different then I was when I got here. Amber, it looks like you were serious about obtaining employment with us as an administrative assistant and you would desperately would like to be able to work clothes free in the work place and at locations that the company might get together after work and weekends dressed like you are now. We were talking about your situation while you were removing your clothes, and we decided to grant your request to work naked in our company. Now, we have some more questions for you, please about your request to be naked. Would you like to be able to wear clothes every so often or due you want to sign an contract written by our lawyer that states that your employment here going to be tied to your promise to be naked at all times within the company building and at functions that we request that you should wear clothes to. I can remember what I was thinking was I must go all out on this, I said that "I would like to sign an contract that requires me to be naked at all times within the company and all other places the company want me to be at." Then I was asked to step outside the Conference Room and told to sit in one of the chairs that are against the wall. The wait was close to 30 minutes, but no one come walking through the hallway while I was in there. Then the door opened and I was asked to comeback into the room. I want to introduce you to Gale, she is your lawyer that works in the building next door and was kind to write up a contract and go over it with you, if you would like. What am I suppose too due after agree to be in this situation, I said "yes". Then I was going over the paper work that will tie me to my promise of working in the raw. It basically said, that I am going to be naked in front of an lot of people in here and there is no turning back, now since I have just signed my work clothes goodbye. Next they had me sign my normal new employment paperwork and told me that I my pay will be at $10.40 an hour and I will be working an 40 hour week with an 30 minute lunch break. Plus, the business hours are from 9am to 5pm. After all that I was told that you know that we not always get visitors in the back administrative office, sometimes we do and you might come across visitors while you are walking from office to office or doing normal work. I know you have already have signed the contract, it can still be canceled if you want it to. The answer I said was "I know that I will be bare naked in front of many and many people some may not want to see me naked. That is what I will be, I have made my decision and I am thankful that you are going to let me work clothes free here. I do have an question about my clothes that I take off when I come into the building, can I have an locker installed for me to place my clothes into when I am not wearing them. Of course, Ms Johnson, we will have a locker installed for you. We would like for you to start at 9am this Monday morning if that is ok with you. I said sure. Now, I would like you to be introduced to your new immediate supervisor, Mrs. June Carter. Just then one of the three females that were at the interview with me, was standing up. Hi, Amber I am June and I will be working with you in the office. If it is all right with everyone else I would like to take Amber to our new office and for her to meet the rest of the office and show her around the company. The head interviewer said, Ms. Johnson welcome to the company and we are looking forward to many years with our company. There I was walking out of the Conference Room without my clothes and I do not know when I can pick them up again. Oh, Amber. I then turn around to look back, the other guy, I now know is the CEO of the company, told me that my clothes will be brought up to my new desk, where I can grab them before I leave today.

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