B10 - My Wife and My Ex-fiance

by rodeotexas

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Wife, Ex-fiance, 1st time, Unexpected, Dog

This is the story of two ladies that have come to share my life, permanently, one my wife Kate, the other my ex fiance, Amber.

In some areas of the story, time lines have been accelerated.

Part 1 - Introduction

My wife Kate is five feet nine inches, stunning dark cinnamon redhead, bright sparkling emerald green eyes, dark skin complexion, very firm high set full large breasts that has a very pronounced European up-tilt to them as befitting her Irish-Nordic ancestry, small nipples and small aureoles. When I was first introduced to Kate, I thought (and so did many people) that her breasts were surgically enhanced due to the size, shape and extreme firmness, but they were not, just blessed with great Irish-Nordic genes! Shortly after we had become engaged, Kate was solicited and pictured one year in the Playboy Hottest Girls On Campus (non-nude pictorial) magazine feature and as her swimsuit photo shows, she has a flat muscular abdomen with a pronounced ripped definition and darkly suntans very well. Kate has a very lovely, very firm small tight shapely muscular ass.

Part of the photo-shoot was at the Playboy Mansion and Kate was "chaperoned" by my parents because her parents were overseas on a business trip while I tended to the ranch. In reality my parents had the fullest trust in Kate and they just wanted to see the famous mansion they heard so much about and seen on television having been part of that generation growing up when Playboy was a big world-wide enterprise with Playboy Clubs in the major cities around the world. While there Kate had a private audience with Hugh Hefner who inquired if she would consider posing for a layout, extremely impressed with her rock hard very ripped body and her impossibly impressive voluptuous very firm natural assets. Despite the money and fleeting fame Kate turned it down. While comfortable posing in a very skimpy Rio style bikini, she was not going to do full or partial nudity publicly (except at the ranch when no one was there!). My parents even got to meet Hugh Hefner personally. After politely inquiring where they were from he seemed fascinated hearing about the ranch and its operations and he wound up inviting them to lunch. Later that afternoon Mr. Hefner again talked to my parents after he had looked at the ranch's website and much to my parents surprise Mr. Hefner wanted to send some staff out to look the ranch over for a photo shoot he was planning for "Hottest Cowgirls!" My parents cordially told Mr. Hefner he as well as his "girlfriends"were welcome out at the ranch anytime!

Amber is also the same height as Kate 5'9. Amber has long beautiful light blonde hair that shimmered like yellow-white gold and sparkling bright blue eyes. Her breasts likewise are large yet very firm with small nipples and small aureoles. Amber also has lovely slim curvy hips and a small tight shapely muscular ass that keeps guys dreaming about her (and that ass!) during the day and especially at night!

Amber also possesses the ability to achieve and retain a beautiful dark tan that even surpassed those of the fabled Southern California girl. While extremely beautiful, she was never unapproachable and quite personable. For one year Amber was a Hawaiian Tropic model until the job pressures interfered with her academic work and university was more important.

Kate and Amber apparently are blessed with great genetics jut like their mothers, who are in the mid-40's and late-40's respectively. Both women unabashedly can still rock bikinis – and I am not talking about the modest ones! Both mothers in their bikinis put the majority of high school and college girls to shame and envy with their well-toned hard firm bodies and firm large breasts and still can cause whiplash in any male, teenage years or older, and will continue to do so for years to come!

Oddly both Kate and Amber have much in common, both loved strenuous weight training, mountain biking, extreme winter sports, horseback riding and jogging which keeps them in peak shape with toned bodies and well defined and ripped abdomens.

I myself am six feet, three inches tall, lean and rangy with stocky shoulders from spending a lot of time outdoors, having grownup on the very large family ranch in the Rocky Mountains and competed in rodeos. I have bright blue eyes and sandy-brown hair. I had learned to play a guitar at an early age and by the time I had entered junior high school I had mastered the twelve string guitar. I am also lucky to be blessed with quite a good voice. I played in a few bands off and on throughout high school and university always being the lead guitar and lead singer. I'm personable but very shy as well, and easily embarrassed, especially around and with women – especially with women whom I have been intimate with and who loved to share things with their girlfriends ... like I am very fortunate to have a very thick and very long penis, little more than twelve inches and almost three inches thick.

Amber and I met during our freshman year and became engaged during our sophomore year, however, we both mutually ended our engagement during the beginning of our junior year. Amber had some unresolved issues with a old boyfriend who kept popping up. While Amber never cheated on me or showed the slightest interest in another guy, this character seemed to hold some type of sway over her and he would show-up or make his presence known that he was in town. Amber never would tell me what it was but I could tell there was some fear associated with it. I mean the guy was smarmy and a smart ass, flaunting his family's wealth. He was small in statute, actually four inches shorter than Amber and in reality, reminded me of a skinny weasel. He was a salesman for his daddy's company and never went to university, considering himself too smart and too rich for higher education. He naturally assumed he was better than everyone else. And from what I had seen or heard, he treated all women poorly and all women he encountered instinctively shied away from him.

After countless arguments trying to get Amber to divulge what influence this bastard had on her I grew frustrated and told her we better separate until she could tell me what it was with that guy. But she never did and I could not marry a woman who withheld secrets from me. Amber returned the three caret marquis engagement ring despite my insistence she keep it. As the slight argument grew over my insistence she retain the ring, the more I saw hurt develop in her eyes so I relented and sadly pocketed the ring.

Still I did not part with the ring, hoping one day I can convince Amber to take it as a priceless memento of our everlasting loving friendship. However, we still remained best friends and still deeply cared and still loved each other very much, and we still very frequently did things and activities with each other. Our mutual friends did not know of the broken engagement, certainly not by the way Amber and I still acted with each other and we were still together almost as frequently. Often, whimsical looks and more than chaste kisses goodbye and hello would pass between us but Amber would never budge.

Now, I was introduced to Kate by some mutual friends of Amber's and I, Amber and Kate casually knew each other. I was very upfront with Kate when we first met that I still had very strong feelings for Amber, that I would always love her and she will always be my dearest best friend. Soon, Kate and I began seriously dating and it was Kate that brought up the subject she still wanted Amber and I as well as her to still be friends, because it was quite obvious to her that Amber and I would always be very, very dear to each other, a fact I could not ever deny, and Kate was extremely curious how two people who loved each other as much as we did can remain such close loving best friends after a broken engagement. I on the other hand wondered how I wound up with such a understanding fiance and wondered even more at Amber's readily acceptance of Kate and I's relationship without a hint of jealousy.

Oddly and very strangely, Kate and Amber quickly became very close and very dear friends once they discussed what they had in common (besides me!) and the remarkably similar things both enjoyed doing. They even on occasion went back to each others parent' s homes for weekend visits. It was a little disconcerting for my fiance and ex-fiance to always be hanging out and doing things with each other, as well as both hanging out at my house with Amber frequently spending the night in the spare bedroom. Especially, with both of them sitting watching movies at nights wearing all too short sexy robes and plenty of exposed bare thighs and scantily clad intimate areas as both Kate and Amber almost exclusively wore thong/G-string panties. Both Kate and Amber seem to find great amusement in watching my discomfort when they dressed like this, cracking some crude sexual innuendo regarding me and my current relationship with both of them. Most times one would sit on either side of me and during the course of a movie I would find Kate and Amber both holding my hands or one holding while the other caressed me.

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