Beneath the Blood Moon
Chapter 1

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Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Davik is a young man, with a past filled with tragedy and pain. He returns to his village to pick up the pieces, and to find the creature that killed his family. Will he find it, before it finds him? Is he ready to find out the secrets finding the creature would reveal?

I have spent most of my early life in the small village of Cartha. It is a quiet place, found within the Tranik Forests of Bardack Province. The village is not bothered much by the Dran, that governs the province, and the taxes are low and manageable. It is filled with little homes and little shops. The northern area of the village is the home of the Patron, a multi level house, with a lot of land surrounding it. To the south of it is the village square, west of the square is the village gate. To the east is the market place, where a large fountain, built by my ancestors, gives the village water. There are around five hundred people living here, everyone knows everyone, and everyone seems happy. You would think our home is perfect, and for the most part, you would be right. It was, until the day after my eighth birthday, and the night of the blood moon.

It seemed like a night like any other day, school had finished, and I had just come home from playing with Violet and some of the other kids. Violet was my best friend, we were inseparable, always going everywhere together. It has been that way since we were babies, our parents had been friends as children. We had spent the afternoon, running through the woods, and playing tag in the forest. While we were playing, we found the best spot for a tree fort. The tree was taller than most around it was. Where most trees went straight up, this one stopped moved out a little in each direction, before reaching for the sky. This left a flat area that would be perfect to build on. I told Violet my idea, and we both agreed that our dads would be perfect to help us build it.

When we entered the city gates, we parted ways, I headed to my home to talk to my father, and she had headed home to do the same. I entered our house, took off my boots, and greeted my mother as I always did, kissing her cheek, and giving her a big hug. She was in the kitchen working on our evening meal. My mother looks young for her age; she stands to father's shoulders. She had golden blonde hair, which curls to her shoulders, and the warmest smile you have ever seen. To father, and to me, she is the most beautiful woman in the whole village. She has always been warm and caring all my life, and I have tried not to frustrate her to much with my antics.

"How was your day, Davik? Did you, and Violet, have a good day at school? What did you and your little friends do today?"

She always asked the same things with a smile on her face. Seeing that smile always seemed to make things better, no matter if it was a good day or bad. I filled her in on the things we did in school, and afterwards, telling her about the tree we had found a hundred paces north of the village.

"Hey, mother, do you know where father is? I would like to ask him to help us with making a tree fort," I asked.

"Your father is in the shop, the Patron asked him to make as special item for his sons sixteenth birthday."

I thanked her, and made my way across the room to the back door of the house. We were not rich by any means, but we had enough. Our house is one level tall; we have a kitchen, eating area and two bedrooms. Most of the items mother uses to cook with, were made by my father. They have all been testing items, and father hopes to start selling the perfected product soon. The table, chairs and plates were one of a kind, made by the carpenter of the village, Ruben, for us. He also made my bed, as well as my parent's bed; we did a lot for one another. Father kept him supplied with all the tools he would need for his shop, they had a perfect partnership.

Ruben had built the house for them as a wedding gift, two years before I had been born. Father had made his shop a part of the house, so that he could always be close to mother and me. The shop was larger, than the house, but that was because of the forge and press that father needed to smith with. Our family has been smiths since the founding of the village, soon father would teach me all he knows. Father had the house built on the family shop, after his parents had passed on. When I opened the door, I began hearing the distinctive sound of a hammer striking metal. Stepping through the doorway, I closed the door behind me, and made my way to the origin of the sound.

I found my father hammering away at a thin piece of metal. The low light, emanating from the forge made him look somewhat spooky. My father has to be the tallest person in the village; he has to bend down to enter the door of any building in the village. He is really strong, he sometimes works without a shirt, and is covered in muscles. Despite his size, and height, father is the kindest person you could meet. He always helps the people of our village, sometimes doing things for free if they have trouble paying for it. I have only seen him get mad once, and it scared me to death.

When I got closer, I recognized the shape of the metal to be that of a sword. It was two thumbs wide at the base, and half a thumb wide at the tip. My father would put the blade in the furnace, until it was red, and then hammer the metal, sending sparks flying in all directions. He would then lift the blade and look along the surface of it. He repeated this a few times, heat, hammer, inspect, until a smile came across his face. Father only made this smile when he had gotten his work to the perfect shape and temper, when he no longer needed to shape the metal, only prepare it. He placed the blade in the water basin, cooling the metal quickly. My father would spend the morning tomorrow making the blade ready to be used. He has a unique way of tempering the steel that he would not tell me, it had been something he had found out by accident, and refused to tell anyone.

He turned to see me and smiled, waving me over to give him a hug. Mom hated it when he did that, it made my clothes get covered in soot, and it took forever to wash it out. Once we stopped hugging, dad showed me what he was working on. He had the forge at maximum heat, getting close to it always made me woozy. I could see a partially finished blade, resting on my father's anvil, the metal still red from the heat. He told me how the Patron's son was turning sixteen and his father planned for him to join the Imperial Guard. New guardsmen were required to bring a sword with them, unique to their village, and standing within the village. As such, the Patron commissioned it to be quite extravagant, while at the same time refined, and not to pompous.

Father expected it to be done by tomorrow afternoon, as long as he had no distractions just in time for the evening festivities. He hoped to spend as much of the evening's festivities, with mother and I. Father then asked why I was in the shop, since he did not want me around things that could hurt me.

"Violet and I found a really cool tree, with our friends, a hundred paces north of the village," I told him, "we were hoping you would be able to help us make it into a tree fort."

My father got a kind of scowl on his face, only mother, family friends, and I new it to be the face dad had when deep in thought. Anyone else would assume he was mad and stay out of his way. I knew this to be a sign he would probably help, we just needed Violet's father's help as well.

"As long as Ruben is up for it, I don't see a problem," my father replied, "we will need him to make the wood."

I lit up and jumped at my father, hugging him as hard as I possibly could. He just laughed and hugged me back, though not nearly as hard.

"If Ruben says yes, we will begin work on it in two days, since everyone has the next two days broken, due to the party."

I nodded, and ran out of the shop to Violet's house, in the market, at the other side of the village. As I made my way towards the town square, I looked up into the sky. I always marveled at the blood moon, it happened once a month, whenever the moon was full. I was so entranced; I almost did not hear the scream pierce through the sounds of the village.

I stopped in my tracks, fear filling me, I had never heard anything like that before. People began to come running out of their homes, trying to find out what the commotion was about. As I heard another scream, I realized that it was my mother screaming. The sounds that had woken the town had come from my house. I turned quickly and ran as fast as I could home, thoughts of why. People were leaving their houses and running to find out what the screaming was about. As I got close to my house, I once again heard the scream, but it was garbled, and faded as soon as it came.

I opened my house door and was shocked by what I saw; the house was torn to shreds. Furniture was broken, objects strewn all over the place, but the most shocking thing was the blood. It was everywhere, the walls the furniture, even the ceiling. The largest amount of it was around what was left of my mother. Her clothing was tattered and ripped; her left arm was missing from just above the elbow. Her belly had been torn open and looked to have been partially eaten. A look of total fear was now frozen on her face, her eyes empty of everything. I just stood there in total shock, numb to everything and everyone. A roar from my father's shop shook me out of it, as I ran to the door.

Someone had grabbed me from behind, I struggled to break free, whatever had attacked my mother, was in there with my father. I kicked and screamed, fighting to break loose, as I was pulled out of my house. Robert and Jonas, friends of my father, entered the house, paling at the sight of my mother. Both of them bent over and began to vomit on the floor. They shook it off and made their way into my father's shop, the sounds of growls, yells and the banging of metal filled the air. The person holding me loosened their grip, it was enough for me to break free and open the door to the shop. Robert was lying on the ground near the west wall, one of his legs had been removed just below the knee, and he was bleeding badly. Jonas' body was lying near the door, his chest had been slashed apart, and it looked as if his heart was missing.

What I saw next, has filled my nightmares since then, and will probably stay with me until my death. My father was against his anvil, using a piece of iron to hold back the largest wolf I had ever seen. He was holding the iron bar across the torso of the beast, twisting it to keep its front paws from doing any damage. He kept the creature just far enough away so it could not bite his face. As he struggled, his eyes fixed on me, and I saw fear in my father's eyes for the first time. He smiled at me, turned to the wolf, and let go of the bar. The beast sank its teeth into his throat, shaking its head from side to side, as my father screamed. With a sharp twist, the beast ended the screaming, my father's body going limp.

I felt arms once again pulling me from behind as I watched the animal return to all fours, turn it head, and stare at me. Its golden eyes, staring into my very soul, almost as if to promise that I would see it again. It then jumped out a window and disappeared into the night. I stopped pulling, and fell to the floor; tears filled my eyes as the realization of it all hit me. I was alone, they were gone, I would never see my mother and father again. I would never see her smile when I would get home; never hear my father's laugh when I would tell him of the days exploits. I just sat there and cried the arms that had tried to pull me away, gone. I curled into a ball, and rocked myself from side to side. My heart was filled with nothing, but pain, emptiness, and misery.

As I wept, I felt arms wrap around me, holding me close, like my mother had when I was sad. I opened my eyes, and looked up to see the face of my friend Violet staring down at me. Tears filling her eyes, she held me close to her, I could feel her sobs. As she held me close, she tells me it will be alright, that I am not alone, but it brings me no comfort. My mother and father are gone, taken from me, now I am alone. Her father appears, lifts me up, and carries me out of the shop, out of what was once my home. I look over to see some men of our village, holding torches near the window the wolf escaped from. My energy leaves me, the shock and pain are too much, and everything fades to black.

I wake up, the visions of my dream were swelling in my head. I would have to tell mother and father about it, they always know what to say to make me feel better. I sat in my bed wondering what had made me have a nightmare like that one. It was so vivid and real, but it had to have been a dream, nothing that horrible happens in real life. I get up and realize that this is not my bed, my room, nor is it my house. The images of the dream flash through my head, as the door to the room opens. Violet steps through with a tray of food, eggs, ham, and toasted loaf. Seeing me up and confused, she quickly puts the tray down, and runs to hug me.

"I am so sorry, Davik," she whispers to me. I say nothing; I do not even hug her back, all I feel is numb.

It had been real, they were gone, that beast had taken them from me. It took several days to get everything in order. The Patron had members of the village out trying to follow the beast's tracks, while he personally looked over the house, trying to figure out what happened. They looked far and wide, but could not find any trace of the wolf that killed my family. Worse news came from the village healer, mom was pregnant, she had just found out that day and had planned to tell father at evening meal. The knowledge that I was to have a brother or sister, brought back all the pain, and made it even worse. That thing had taken my parents, and was still taking things from me. My home was closed off, the Patron decreed no one was to live in it. Nor were they to touch anything within the house, it would be held in trust for me.

They sent a runner to Fardun, the village to the north, where my mother's parents lived. I would now have to live with them, until I was of age. I had never met them, as Fardun was a good four days travel away, I was not very ancious to meet them. The funeral was held four days after the attack; my elders had arrived that morning. They introduced themselves, and did their best to make me feel comfortable with them. They reminded me of my mother, and though it hurt, it allowed me to have a part of her again. The pyre was to be lit this afternoon, and I would be leaving with them before dusk. There was no school, so Violet and I took the time we had left and went to the tree we had found, our tree.

"I wish you did not have to leave," Violet cried, "It is not fair what happened, but it is worse that you must go!"

I fought back tears and said, "I know, I wish I could stay, but the memories are just too painful, I will miss you Violet."

She took out something from her boot; I recognized it as a knife. She turned and cut her name into the tree, then turned and handed me the knife. I took it and put my name and the word forever underneath. I was shocked when she turned and kissed me, softly on the lips. The sensation filled me with butterflies. We went back to the village, hand in hand, even when we watched the pyres catch flame and turn my parents to ash. The Patron himself spoke on behalf of them, as my father had been a friend. I got onto the back of my elders wagon, and turned to see Violet near the gate, I had never seen her so sad. I wish that there had been something I could have done to make her feel better, but there nothing. My gaze stayed on her, until I could no longer see her, and I wondered if I would ever see her again.

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