My Warrior Wife

by Submissive Romantic

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, Slow, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: The story of two young people who meet, fall in love, get married and find they have a mutual interest in boxing, but from two different points of view.

Chapter 1

I recently graduated from college with an accounting degree. There were few jobs available because of the economy, so I took the first one I could get; an entry level position in the accounting department of a large office furniture dealership. The company was a woman owned enterprise in the truest sense of the word. The CEO and the President of the company were sisters. Most of the sales staff, the entire sales support staff and even the technical services and design departments were all women as well. Except for two of the salesmen, I was the only other male in the office. The job came with certain nontaxable fringe benefits. The dress code was business casual for the office staff and I spent many a summer day watching the women from my desk as they hustled around the office.

One woman in particular caught my eye. She was about my height, around five ten, looked like she weighted about one hundred thirty pounds or so; she resembled a young Cindy Crawford, without the mole. Joann always had a smile on her face. Best of all our workstations were next to each other and we shared a common meeting space. Joann was responsible for accounts payable and payroll. My responsibilities included accounts receivable and salesmen's commission calculations. We worked closely together and during our down times got to know each other quite well.

Joann was two years older than me; she also started with the company right out of college. Her degree was in physical education, with a minor in accounting. She found as she neared the end of her student teaching that she just didn't like it; and so, applied to an ad looking for an experienced accounts payable position. She impressed our boss with her poise and intelligence enough that she was willing to take a chance on her. Soon she was not only doing the accounts payable, but also took over the payroll responsibilities from our boss as well.

We both were single and into physical fitness. My workouts consisted of running five miles every morning before work. I had drawn up a five mile route through the various streets around my apartment. Joann's belonged to a local facility, Kris's Gym, which I had heard a lot of good things about, but had never joined myself; preferring running outdoors to treadmills.

One day I finally worked up the courage to ask Joann out on a date.

"Jack, I thought you'd never ask me out."

'I just can't believe that no one from the warehouse or the installation team has not already asked you out."

"Who says they haven't; I've even accepted a couple of times. The guys have either turned out to be boring Neanderthals, or would-be Casanovas who couldn't take no for an answer."

"I'll keep that under advisement," I said.

On Friday night, we went out to dinner and then to a movie. The current hit at the time was Million Dollar Baby; a story about the world of women in boxing focusing about the rise of a promising young fighter and an old trainer who works with her; and her ultimate death from a freak injury. The movie was a real tear jerker and a love story of sorts. After the movie, I drove Joann back to her apartment and after a short kiss at the door said good night and turned to leave.

"Thank you Jack, I had a really good time tonight and you have no idea how much that movie effected me. See you in work on Monday."

I got back in my car. On the drive home I pondered that last statement. I definitely wanted to see her again.

The next week we talked some more. She agreed to go out again. I was able to get tickets for a Razorback game and she jumped at the chance to go with me. The only stipulation was that after the game, we would go back to her apartment and she would cook dinner. I found out she was really into sports.

On game day, I picked her up; we drove out to the stadium, had a quick tailgate pregame lunch and went inside. The atmosphere was electric and the game was outstanding. With each Razorback score Joanne would jump up and cheer; she really got into it. I really enjoyed the game, and I really enjoyed watching her, especially her tight little ass, when she would cheer. During the game we had a couple of beers a piece; not enough to get drunk, but enough to let down our guard a little. When the game was over we both stood and cheered; then she turned to me threw her arms around my neck and gave me a big kiss.

"Jack, thank you so much; this was fantastic, I never got to go to a college football game before."

"Same here, my school was too small to even field a team."

We made our way back to the car, and drove back to her apartment. We talked for almost the whole ride, except for a brief period when she seemed to be deep in thought. We arrived at her place just as it started to get dark. I parked the car and we walked arm in arm to her door. Once inside she told me to make myself comfortable, she wanted to change into something more comfortable to cook in. I walked into the living room and looked at the books and trophies she had on shelving that covered one of the walls. She had been quite an athlete in high school. There were trophies for soccer and track and a couple of champion awards with no sport mentioned. I also looked over the titles books, I didn't recognize any of the titles; but it was clear that there was a common theme, strong women achieving great things in life.

Just then I heard a noise behind me. Joann had returned, dressed in shorts and a short sleeved football jersey. She stood there bare footed, her hands on her hips, with a smile on her face.

"Come on into the kitchen you can help me with the salad"

Suddenly feeling over dressed, I kicked off my shoes and pulled my sweater over my head; and followed her to the kitchen. I watched her, as she started a pot of water for the pasta and gathered ingredients for her sauce. She instructed me on what she wanted me to do for the salad. It took less time than I imagined. We sat down to a great tasting dinner of rigatoni in a meat sauce, with a fresh salad and sliced Italian bread; I opened a bottle of Chianti that I had brought. After dinner, after we did the dishes, we sat close on the living room sofa, enjoying the last of the wine. I leaned over and taking her face in my hand gently kissed her lips. She responded by increasing the intensity of the kiss, parting her lips, her tongue searching for my own.

"Jack, she whispered, I want you to spend the night."

Forgetting the wine, we stood, and she led me to her bedroom. We kissed some more as we undress each other. When I had removed the last of her clothing I stepped back and took in her beauty. She was truly beautiful. Her long dark hair framed her face, she had a long neck, her shoulders were broad, her arms appeared muscular but not as body builder's would be, her breasts sat high and proud on her chest, not over large but perfectly shaped and inviting. Her waist was narrow, as were her hips; her butt was small and tight; her legs long, lean and powerful.

I was instantly erect. I'm never going to make it into any porn movies but I am in good shape and of decent size. Joann took me in her hand and guided me onto the bed. She lay on her back and I lay next to her, kissing her lips, her neck, making my way towards her breasts. Her hand was on the back of my head as I took first one then the other nipple between my lips, sucking, biting and licking them; her moans of pleasure music to my ears. I reached down and began to gently rub her pussy, first along the outer lips, then inserting a finger into her. She arched her back, pressing herself upward to meet my hand, then, in a soft husky voice she moaned,

"Please I need you, now."

I climbed over between her legs and guided my cock into her. The feeling was unbelievable as I pushed deeper into her until she had it all. Then, I slowly withdrew, almost completely, and then reversed directions again. Slowly at first, then with more urgency I moved in and out of her. I felt her feet on my ass urging me in deeper and harder. Finally, we both seemed to cum at once, our bodies clenched tightly together.

There was no need for words, the looks on our faces was enough to know that we had just created a bond to each other for life. She rolled over and I moved in behind her and held her tight. I was never going to let this woman out of my arms.

We woke up the next morning, cleaned up a bit then returned to the bed, and made love and held each other all morning. Reluctantly, I left to return home early in the afternoon.

Chapter 2

I don't know how, neither of us had said anything to anyone; but by Monday afternoon, we were the talk of the office. I guess there was no hiding the fact that we were in love and being the youngest two people in the office, all of the "mothers" came around to tell us how wonderful it was.

Over the next several months, we planned for our lives together. Since we both came from large blue collar working class families, neither of which could afford a large wedding; we chose instead to make it a small intimate ceremony with only the immediate family attending. We were married in a small church of which she was a member, followed by a gathering in the church hall over some light refreshments.

We had previously decided that we would live in my apartment because it was in a better location and had more room, with a better layout. We had maintained both apartments in order to pacify her father, who I think would have killed me if he knew that we were already sleeping together. We spent the weekend moving some of her furniture and all of her belongings. Whatever we decided wouldn't work in my place we gave to her family or to goodwill.

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