Mothers and Daughters - Part 2

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Cheating, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Tory needs a ride home - and I get to sample her charms in the pool. Mum comes home and joins in too. Then mum's friend joins in too.

It had been a few days since I had got stuck in a small country town with Gina. The rain caused us to stay overnight - sharing a room and a bed - and her emptying my balls repeatedly of its man cream. Of course, I caught hell from the bitch wife when I finally got home 3 days later - yes, the bridge took that long to repair. Well, thats the story Gina and I were sticking to anyway.

My penance was to accompany my wife to her gymnastics carnival where she was a coach. Her days of tumbling on the mats have long gone - gone with her waistline which had taken on sumo-like proportions.

My job was to sit there and look interested. Pretty bloody hard with all the available eye-candy being well below the age of consent. I had been sitting there for about 30 minutes when I noticed that my wife had an assistant. She was a young petite lady with a perfectly proportioned body except for the set of large tits on her chest. I'd not noticed her before - now I'm was paying attention and that at least it helped pass the time.

I was gazing at her when I got a whiff of perfume and then another petite lady sat beside me in the stands.

"Hi. You must be Kim's husband. I'm Amy - the mother of Tory who is assisting your wife today".

Oh my god, I didn't know which way to look because Amy had the same body as her daughter Tory - just a slightly older version. She was petite and trim and with a great rack of tits. I forced myself to look her in the face - poor form to stare at her tits especially since we'd just met. We fell into a conversation about this and that - I caught glances at her tits (the upper surfaces were peeking out above her scoop neck shirt). She caught me glancing more than once, but carried on chatting anyway.

We'd been sitting there for what seems like hours. I'm was totally enchanted with Amy and her manner. I made sure that I paid attention to the performance floor - just to keep myself out of trouble and also to check out the curvaceous Tory.

I learnt that Tory was 17 yrs old and that Amy was 35 yrs old (just like me) and that Amy was divorced; and had been for 5 years.

It was near the end of the carnival when Amy's phone rang.

"Oh god. You can't be serious!" she exclaimed. "I'm out with my daughter and you want me to come into work now! I can't leave now. I need to take her home and she won't be ready to leave for another hour".

Her conversation with her boss continued for a while until Amy finally agreed to come into work immediately. It sounded like her job was on the line if she doesn't.

She hung up and turned to me. "Can I ask you a very big favour? Could you give Tory a ride home please? I know it's asking a lot but I need to go to work." she explained.

"I'll be very happy to help out. Go and don't worry about her."

Amy left and I focused my attention back on Tory who was standing to the side of the performance floor. As I said she was petite, blonde and with a killer body, and with a look that was very easy on the eyes - plenty of fantasy material there.

The competition ended. As was the practice, my wife and the other coaches would then meet to post-mortem the meeting. I'll would head home for a good few hours of solitude normally. Today I had a diversion to make - I would be taking Tory home.

I watched Tory as she made her way to the exit. I followed and caught up with her.

"Hi. Mum sent me a message saying that you will take me home. Thank you so very much" she said as we headed out to my car and left for her place.

When we arrived at her place, Tory invited me in. With nothing else to do I followed - besides it wasn't often I got to be alone in the company of a sexy 17 yr old blonde. It was still daylight and the day was hot - a big difference between her home and the air-conditioned competition venue. She made her way through the house towards the back of the house.

She opened the doors to reveal a crystal clear pool in the back yard. She paused at the door and turned to me.

"Want to have a swim?" she asked at the same time as she stripped. In a few seconds she was naked with the clothes pooled at her feet.

"I know you have been watching me for hours today. Do you like the naked version or the clothed version?" she asked.

"N-n-naked" I stammered. I couldn't look anywhere else but at her petite sexy body. Her tits stuck out - topped with erect red nipples and pronounced aureloes. Her pussy had not a single hair on it; I could see that she had a very well developed and prominent set of pussy lips.

"Well. What are you waiting for?" she asked as she turned - running and jumping into the pool.

In a trance, I undressed - dropping my clothes in a heap. My fully erect 9 inch cock led the way towards the pool. She looked up from the pool with a grin on her face and said "Corrinne was right. You have a magnificent cock".

"How... ???" I asked.

"Come on in and I'll tell you" she replied.

I jumped into the pool - coming up beside her in the cool water.

"You see - Corrinne and I are best friends. She came to see me the morning after you fucked her - the morning that you fucked her mother".

I felt a hand grasp my cock under the surface of the water as Tory moved closer and pressed her tits into my chest. She stroked me and kept me very hard as she tilted her head to mine as her lips met in a sensuous kiss - with lots of tongue and lots of passion. She kept stroking me and pulled me close to her.

After a few minutes, she broke away from me and swam off to the side the pool.

"C'mon here big boy" she beckoned me.

As I swam towards her, she boosted herself up onto the pool side and sat facing me. She spread her legs and I was treated to the magnificent sight of a very young pussy - one with pronounced pussy lips - a 17 yr old pussy - a pussy that was legal for me to fuck (16 yrs old being the age of consent here).

I floated up between her thighs bringing my face to her pussy. I was only inches away from her pussy when she used her fingers to pull her pussy lips apart - showing me her very wet inner lips - not wet from the water but from her arousal. She showed me her pussy from close range - a finger or two slipped between her lips to caress her pussy and stroke her clit - her body twitched at the touch.

I watched her play for a few minutes - I was entranced by her play until she eventually stopped. Then her hand grabbed the back of my head - pulling me closer until my lips latched onto her pussy - kissing her pussy as I would kiss her other lips. My tongue slid out a little further and slipped between her lips - tasting her tangy juices.

I devoured her juices like a thirsty man - I wanted more juices. I slid my tongue deeper into her pussy.

"Oh fuck!! I didn't believe Corrinne when she told me about your tongue. It feels so fucking big and long - so fucking fantastic" she moaned.

My tongue delved deeper and deeper into her pussy. The juices were thicker and tastier in the depths of her pussy. Her pussy hole was quite tight and squeezed my tongue as I tongue-fucked her pussy. My tongue alternated between deep thrusts and licks of her clit. Licking her clit ramped up her arousal until she was on the verge of cumming - then I eased off and before thrusting my tongue into her pussy depths.

I sensed that she was close. I pulled back and slid a finger into her tight pussy channel. I hooked my finger upwards in her pussy as I sought her G-spot. Her reaction told me that I had found it - stroking it in unison to licking her clit.

A couple of harder strokes on her G-spot tipped her over the edge as she orgasmed hard and long - she squirted my face with her juices as her body convulsed - her body racked by cum after cum as I manipulated her G-spot. Finally I eased back with my lips, but kept my finger stroking her - keeping her cum rolling on and on - until she slowly flopped backwards with my assistance to the pool deck. She had fainted.

I slid my finger out of her pussy - it glistened with her juices - juices which I quickly licked clean.

I waited and watched her deep breathing for a few minutes before I stood up in the water. My cock was just at the right height - level with her pussy as she lay there on the edge of the pool.

I grasped her hips and drew her back slightly until my cock touched her pussy lips - rubbing my cockhead back and forth - gathering her juices and making my cock all slick with her juices.

I stopped the rubbing then I pushed my cock just slightly into her pussy - then paused before starting to slide in further - a little at a time until half my cock was embedded in her very very tight pussy. I paused for a moment before starting a slow and short thrust - in and out of her clenching pussy.

She started to awaken from her slumber as I plied her pussy with my big fat cock. She took a moment to realise that she was being fucked - then realising her situation she propped up on her elbows and watched my cock sliding in and out of her young tight pussy.

"Oh fuck! fuck! fuck!" she moaned.

"Your cock is so fucking big. It's stretching me so much. Just take it slow stud"

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked

"No fucking way!" she shoutsed "Give me more - I want it all. I want all your cock iside of me and I want to feel your cream squirting inside of me".

My thrusts lengthened and my cock slid deeper and deeper. Just a couple of inches to go before I would be fully inside her pussy.

Oh god ... I hit bottom. My cock was butting up against her cervix - with two inches still outside her pussy.

I eased back a little - not wanting to hit her cervix with every thrust.

"Don't you fucking dare! Pound my pussy. Don't ease off - I want to feel your cock hitting my cervix" she implored me.

I slipped her legs up and over my shoulders - changing the angle of my penetration as my cock slid fully inside her. She laid back and pinched her nipples as her body built rapidly to another huge cum. Her nipples were pulled and pinched - she was looking for the trigger to send her over the edge into a huge cum.

She'd been cumming almost constantly since I started to fuck her - but it was the big one that she sought - the one that would rack her body and plunge her into the abyss.

I could feel my cum boiling in my balls - so very close, very close.

"Oh GOD!!!!! ... A hand comes from nowhere ... it grasped and milked my huge cum-filled balls - triggering a huge explosion of cum that had nowhere to go but deep inside Tory's exploding pussy. I closed my eyes as I concentrated on the sensation of my cock exploding in her convulsing pussy. The hand was milking my balls - I then felt a set of big tits pressed into my back.

Oh my fucking god, I thought - another mother helping her daughter get fucked again.

I'd previously been caught in the mother / daughter honey trap once before - first was Meg and Corrinne ... and now it was Amy and Tory.

Life was good...

Then I heard an ominous ringtone - it was my bitch wife calling. Fuck ... she had to wait for a change ... I was busy!!!!

About 30 minutes later; and after I had turned off my phone to ignore the wife's calls ... I was laid back on Amy's bed - having just spent some time in her pool fucking her daughter Tory. I had had some last minute help from Amy - she had milked my balls with a firm grip and help me fill Tory's pussy with my hot man cream.

We'd moved to her bedroom and Tory had gone off to compare fucking notes with Corrinne.

Amy was leisurely sucking on my cock - working just the head in and out - swirling her tongue around and around. My god this woman knew how to handle and suck a cock.

"Amy. I really should be going home. I'll catch hell from Kim about being so late. I'd love to stay but my life will be made hell" I explained.

"Don't you worry stud. I've organised a call to your wife from your work. They've told her that you've been called away urgently to deal with an important issue and that you won't be back until tomorrow night. You'll also be out of phone contact too" Amy explained.

"How?" I asked with a huge amount of curiousity.

The question went unanswered as Amy started to engulf my cock - taking it deeper and deeper until it touched the entrance to her throat. The sucks became harder and quicker - I could feel another cum building and she sensed it too. She eased off and gently sucked me and played with my over-size balls.

Amy's great tits and her nipples were grazing across my thighs as she sucked me. My hand went to her head - trying to direct her, but without success. She would pull my hand away and put it back on the bed as she looked up and smiled at me (albeit with a mouth full of my cock).

Amy was a copy of her daughter - petite and very buxom with ash blonde hair. Her nipples were a very dark red and quite long; her pussy had a full hairy bush except around her pussy lips. It was dark in colour just like her ash blonde hair. Her pussy lips were large and engorged with her arousal.

The bedroom door opened - I looked up and noticed that it was Meg (the mother of Corrinne and the first mother that I fucked recently). She was totally naked too - approaching the bed and sliding in beside me. She latched her lips to mine to share a tongue-filled sensuous kiss.

Finally she broke the kiss to say "Hi, stud. I see you've met my good friend Amy".

Amy was still sucking my cock - increasing her suction once again - taking me deeper into her mouth.

Meg said to Amy "Show him - you can do it!".

Amy looked up at me and started to slide my cock deeper and deeper - my cockhead entered her throat this time and continued on until I was fully within her mouth and throat.

Meg laughed and smiled "See stud - I taught her that. Just like I taught Corrinne to do it too. Would you like me to teach Tory too?"

My response got caught in my throat as I felt Amy's throat muscles working on my cockshaft. This was now three women who had swallowed my cock and milked me with their throats.

Amy continued with her sucking and deep-throating - alternating between the two - keeping me on edge - just not sending me over the edge. Meg moved and straddled my mouth - lowering her suculent pussy to my lips and tongue. No time to tease - I unfurled my tongue and drove it deep inside of her pussy - instant orgasm resulting with a rush of her tangy juices into my mouth. I kept up the tongue fucking - driving it as deep as I could. I planned to ease off in a few moments to pay homage to her clit - but for now it was deep pussy tongue penetration.

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