Mothers and Daughters - Part 1

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Cheating, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Corrinne saw me fucking Linda at work - she asks me a favour and it leads to some beautiful time with her and her mother.

It was two days after Valentine's day - the day that Linda and myself had fucked up a storm on a desk in a deserted and darkened office at work. Corrinne had watched us for at least the end of our session. She was a 18 yr old blonde with a sensational body.She didn't say anything to me when she walked past me over the next two days, but our eyes had locked together on most occasions.

Corrinne was about 5ft 3 inches tall. She wore her office uniform a little shorter than the matrons of the office would approve of. It was at least 6 inches above her knee and not at knee level as most other females in the office wore it. She had the smoothest and slimest of legs and calfs. Her feet were always immacuately groomed - painted toe nails on show in her strappy sandals - yet another gripe for the office matrons.

After I had fucked Linda and been seen by Corrine, I paid more attention to her appearance - she appeared to wear a thong - just judging by the look of her ass. I was sure that a bra wasn't part of her uniform - judging by the wobble of her large D-cup tits.

It was a Friday afternoon - almost 5:30 PM and every sensible person in our office had left over an hour ago. Me - I was still there. The bitch wife was off visiting her mum for the weekend (thanks you mum-in-law!). I had nothing to go home to - just an empty fridge probably.

There was a knock on my office door with Corrinne poking her head inside.

"Hi. I was wondering if I could ask a very big favour?" she asked.

"Sure. I'll see what I can do".

"I missed my bus home. I was at the shops getting a new dress and time got away from me. Now I'm stuck here for another hour. Could you give me a lift home please?" she asked with a smile.

Now that was a request that I could not refuse. The opportunity to be alone with her appealed to me greatly.

"Sure I'm about to leave".

"Thank you so much. I'll just get my bag. I'll be back in a few minutes" she replied.

Corrinne disappeared as I put away my work and gathered my bag and car keys. I made my way to the lift to the underground car park. There I waited for Corrinne.

I heard the click of heels on the concrete floor. Turning towards the sound, I was witness to a stunning vision. Corrinne had changed out of her unifrom into a tight form-fitting little black dress that only just reached below her crotch. Her long tanned legs were on show (almost from her hips to her toes). Her feet were in a set of very high-heeled strappy sandals. The top was halter top with a deep plunging neck line - not a doubt in the world that there's no bra. The swells of her tits were massively on display. The material was so sheer that her nipples were there to be seen through the top.

"I'm ready" she said.

"Oh my god - you are sensational" spilled from my mouth before my brain could catch up.

"You look pretty good yourself you know" was her reply as she stepped up to me and grasped my rapidly hardening cock in her right hand. "I got such a good view a couple of days ago.".

Her left hand dragged my face to hers and we locked lips into an intense passionate kiss - a kiss full of tongue. Meanwhile her right hand had stayed locked onto my cock - stroking it through my trousers. We parted lips after a few minutes to suck in some fresh oxygen.

"Take me home - I want to feel this deep inside of me ... I want to feel what Linda felt ... I want you to suck my toes too".

I looked at her dumb-founded - I hadn't see this coming, nor expected her to be the agressor. Still holding my cock she led me into the lift which took us down to the basement carpark.

Fifteen minutes later we were at her place. I was naked on her bed as she crawled between my legs. Both her hands were holding my cock, and there was still cock protruding from the top. Her naked body was everything that my imagination predicted. She was totally naked under the little black dress - including pubes - her pussy was bald with pronounced pussy lips guarding the entrance to her cuntal sheath.

Her tongue licked the protruding cockhead - making it wet and slippery before her mouth engulfed just the top two inches of cock. She sucked hard on the cockhead whilst keeping both hands on my cock. Her hands made slight movements - just rocking up and down - giving my cock a gentle wank as she sucked.

She took away her top hand - giving room to slide a few more inches into her mouth. She started an in and out motion - her mouth was so hot and wet yet her lips were so soft - stroking nearly half my cock in and out. My cock hit the back of her mouth on the in-stroke - no room for the rest of my cock unless it went down her throat.

Her remaining hand dropped away from my cock - she paused a moment to take a breath before the rest of my cock started to disappear from view. I felt a tightening as my cock entered her throat - then felt a steady grasping as she started swallowing with my cock deep inside her mouth and throat.

"Oh my fucking god. How do you do that? Where did you learn to do that? Fuck that is sensational!" were just some of the exclamations coming from my mouth as she totally devoured my cock.

Her small hand tried to grasp my balls - a futile exercise given that they are the size of large eggs. She succeeded in grasping one ball and gave it gentle squeezes - encouraging the cum to shoot deep inside her throat.

"Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Cuuuuuummmmmmmiiinnnnngggg!!" I shouted as I exploded. Two squirts deep into her throat before she backed off and took the rest of my hot cream in her mouth. She held that cream in her mouth until I had finish squirting - her cheeks had ballooned out as her mouth filled with my cream.

She let my cock go and slid up to lay fully on top of me. Her face hovered over mine as she showed me her mouth full of my cream. I grabbed her neck pulling her into a full open mouthed kiss. I'd never tasted my own cum before like this, but on this special occasion I made an exception - we swapped my cream back and forth until all was swallowed - most of it by Corrinne.

She collapsed on my chest and soon she was snoozing ... and I fell asleep too.

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