My life Goes On
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, TransGender, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Nudism,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Too much sex? Well, that's probably a subjective question. And answer. This is a continuation of 'Living With Strong-Willed Women.' A very happy event occurs, there are some changes in Mattie's life, his loves, his friends. I'm Mattie's sister, Helen.

A stunner of a birthday present for Mom.

Saturday was Mom's birthday and I bought her a MacBook Air. It's light and easy to carry from room to room and it's lightening fast. Mom loves to watch porn and videos of herself so I think it will be perfect for her.

Thursday morning Annie came down to Marketing and said, "Why don't you ask your wife out on a date?"

I said, "Italian?"

She said, "Done."

That was a shorthand way of saying we would go to our favorite Italian restaurant. If the girls had been communicating with each other, they probably wouldn't have needed even two words. They can have whole conversations with just looks, I don't know how they do it. They probably would have decided what to eat, which wine to order and what to have for dessert, just from a glance.

At dinner Annie said, "We decided to really surprise Connie this year."

I just waited to hear the surprise, they plan things and then tell me what's going on. That's not a complaint, these girls know what they're doing.

Annie said, "Remember when Connie asked you to marry her if we could find someone to do it?"

My heart just flat stopped and then started pounding.

She said, "Well Margot has been busy getting everything ready. You and Connie fly to Las Vegas tomorrow. Margot filed all the online pre-application information with the downtown Clark County Marriage Bureau.

"You and Connie just show up there Saturday morning with identification and pick up your marriage license. They will be expecting you, even though it's a weekend. Then at 3 that afternoon a woman who has a Clark County Certificate of Authority to Perform Marriages will show up in your hotel room. She's bringing her sister as a witness and two guys -- one to take photos and one to video the wedding."

I was speechless. I knew how ecstatic Mom would be. But I couldn't get my mind working right.

Annie said she had packed Mom's passport from when she was married to Kevin to use as her ID. It won't be strictly legal, but Annie said not to worry about it. The main gift to Mom is the marriage, legal or not.

Then Annie gave me wedding rings for the two of us. They're beautiful. I wasn't to say anything to Mom about the ceremony until we got to Vegas. She would think the trip itself was the surprise present.

Annie said, "And Margot checked -- you and Connie can even be married in the nude if that's what she wants."

I guess the girls had told Mom we were going to Vegas, because when Annie and I got home, she was bouncing up down like she does when she's excited.

Friday morning Annie drove us to the airport, we would come back home on Monday. Annie winked at me and said, "Don't do anything I wouldn't do."

Mom and I held hands and gabbed the whole flight, she's about the most fun person to travel with. The girls booked us in a really nice suite and there were bottles and bottles of champaign.

We unpacked and took a shower, then Mom grinned at me. She said,"You know what effect hotels have on me."

I laughed and said, "Let me guess, you're in the mood to cum."

"Only about 1 million times this weekend."

Mom gave me this certain look she gets when she's in a certain mood. It was up periscope for me, my cock was instantly pointing at the ceiling. She said, "I'll take care of you first, I want your total concentration to be on my pussy."

She sucked me off and swallowed every drop. Then she lay back and gave me her million dollar smile. She's about the sexiest girl I ever knew.

I spent a couple of hours licking her and she really was in one of her super horny moods. Then we took another shower and drank some champaign. She picked a Japanese restaurant the concierge had recommended -- Mom and I love sashimi.

I remembered to take the wedding rings with me and after dinner we were sitting in our booth, holding hands and drinking some more sake from these tiny cups.

I took out the box with her ring and said, "Mom, will you marry me tomorrow?"

She went completely still and just stared at me. She knows me so well, she knew I wasn't kidding. She didn't say anything, just kept looking at me.

I explained how the girls, especially Margot, had everything all set up. I told her the details about picking up the license and that I had her passport in her married name and the ceremony was scheduled for 3 in our hotel.

Mom started to smile, and it got bigger and bigger, then she burst out laughing. I was afraid she might cry, she gets so emotional sometimes, but she was just pure happiness.

I told her we could be married naked if she wanted, I was sure she would want that. But she surprised me. She said, "No, this is too important, I want to do everything just right."

Saturday morning we got the license without any trouble and Mom sent me back to the hotel while she went shopping for a dress and shoes. Not a wedding gown, just a real nice dress for the ceremony.

She said, "Don't jack off, honey, all your cum belongs to me this weekend." I never jack off when I'm traveling with Mom, she knows that, she was just kidding.

Mom got back around noon, she wouldn't let me see the dress until the ceremony, it's the way you're supposed to do things.

Around 1, flowers from the girls started arriving, they filled up the suite. And more champaign than we could ever drink.

The wedding people came right on time at 3. The women went in the bedroom and talked with Mom and worked out the details. The guys set up lights and got their cameras ready.

Then Mom came out, just so beaming and beautiful. A little dark blue silk dress so simple it probably cost a fortune. And matching shoes. But I didn't really notice that until I watched the video later. I just started at Mom, she had a magic glow, just radiant.

It was a short ceremony, not business-like, just fairly brief. Then we kissed and Mom told me to get busy on opening champaign for everyone. She had the photographers keep shooting and I guess Mom and I had permanent grins pasted on our faces.

Annie had told me the wedding people would stay with us as long as we wanted. I guess Margot must have paid them really well, they wouldn't even take a thank-you bonus from me when they left.

Mom turned her back to me and she didn't have to say a word. I unzipped her dress and it slithered to the floor and she was naked except for her fuck-me heels. She kept them on the whole time they were taping us.

Mom helped me undress and smiled at me the way she does and giggled and said, "Up periscope."

Then Mom said to the woman who married us, "Say that part about 'you may kiss the bride' again."

We kissed, she stood on her tiptoes, that's my signal to put my hands on her butt and lift her up for closer kissing. She's light as a feather. She wraps her legs around my waist so her pussy is rubbing against me.

We didn't do much actual sex stuff while they were there. I don't think they would have minded, I guess you see about everything in Las Vegas. But Mom wanted the day to be about our marriage, she already has plenty of tapes of the two of us in bed.

But it was still exciting for me to be nude in front of four strangers, I never get tired of that.

Around 5 Mom had me call down for snacks and she answered the door wearing just her heels, she was floating on a cloud. The two waiters acted like they saw two naked people every day, maybe they do.

But it meant a lot to me, I got to be hard in front of six strangers. And not just for a few seconds. The waiters took their time arranging the food and dishes. Mom saw how hard my cock was throbbing and winked at me.

We nibbled and drank champaign until around 7. Then Mom said, "Thanks for being so nice, everyone. Now I need my husband to myself."

They started packing up and then Mom said, "Wait, tape of few minutes of this."

She got on her knees on the floor and started sucking my cock. Nobody acted shocked and the photographers moved around getting different angles.

When we were alone, Mom and I sat on the couch, she was holding my cock just like we do at home. She kept staring at the marriage license and she said, real quietly, "Mattie, this is the happiest day of my life."

I said, "Me too, Mom."

Then she had me lie back on the couch and she straddled my waist, looking down at me. She said, "Now that you're my husband I can do everything I want with you."

She lowered her pussy closer and pointed my cock up at it. She stared at me the whole time. I didn't say a word.

Mom lowered her pussy a little more stopped when about half an inch of my cock was in her. Not even all of the head, just about half an inch. I didn't say a word. She has played around like this before, but this time I knew if she decided to fuck me, I wouldn't try to stop her.

She held that position for a minute or so, it felt longer, she just kept starting at me. She knows me so well, she could tell from my face that I wouldn't say no to her.

Then she sighed and pulled back and lay down in my arms. She said, "No, this weekend is about our wedding. I'm going to concentrate on being your wife. I'll decide to fuck you after we're home. But for now it's all about our wedding, I don't want anything to get in the way of this perfect day."

I hugged her closer and Mom said, "But you understand now that you're going to be mine to fuck, every time and any time I want."

I didn't say anything and she sat up and said, "Right?"

I was thinking about what Helen and Margot would say, but I knew they would be so happy for Mom that they wouldn't have any objections.

Mom said, "Right?"

I laughed and said, "You're right, Mom, you're right."

The saddest news.

This is Sally and I'm so sorry to say that my best friend, and Mattie and Helen's mother, Connie, was diagnosed with cancer and died one month later.

We were all devastated, but Mattie was the hardest hit; he was simply crushed.

Over 500 people attended the funeral and it seemed as if most of them came here afterwards. Mattie coped for an hour or so, then Helen took him back to Connie's bedroom and had him undress and lie down. She lay behind him and held him and whispered to him the way he loves.

A few days later Helen and Margot called a family meeting to tell Mattie how the changes they were implementing would affect him.

> They moved him into Connie's room. He sleeps best in that bed. They donated Connie's clothes and moved Mattie's in.

> From now on, Mattie will never spend one night alone. Even when he's traveling on business, one of us will be with him. Since I don't work, it will be relatively easy for me to join him on his business trips. But Helen and Annie and Margot and Allison will go with him when they can.

> Helen and Margot decided it's best to keep him sexually active every day. One of us will give him some oral relief when he gets out of his morning shower. After dinner one of us will take him to bed. And of course he'll have his goodnight session after he brushes his teeth.

(Naturally, looking after Mattie will help each of us deal with our own grief.)

> Helen arranged for Mattie to see his doctor five days a week for the foreseeable future. When he's traveling, Mattie will call his therapist at prearranged times. And even though one of us will be with him in his hotel room, he is still to call home every night and talk with each of the girls, just like before.

> Parker had a long talk with Helen and Margot and decided to 'give' Kelly to Mattie. This really helped cheer him up -- Kelly reminds him of Connie in so many ways.

> The girls told Mattie to keep on writing his journal.

He is trying so hard to be as cheerful around us as he can. But his heart is broken.


Life does go on.

This is Mattie's first post since Connie passed. The girls are having him keep up with his journal, that's probably a good idea.


I know Sally wrote about what happened with Mom. I went from the happiest day of my life to the saddest.

But everyone is sad, the main thing is we love each other and look out for each other.

The girls moved me into Mom's room, I slept there so often it's not much of a change. Just all my clothes are in there now.

I talk with my doctor about every day, it helps some, just like it did when my first girlfriend, Agnes, went to sleep and never woke up.

The girls make sure I have plenty of sex. It feels good, but it takes your mind of your troubles too. Helen and Margot decide who I'm going to sleep with every night, just like before.

The big change is that Parker decided I could start fucking Kelly, he had been her only lover since even before they got married. This was a mega surprise to me, it was the kindest thing he could ever do for me.

I know Parker was so deeply in love with Mom. She wouldn't marry him, but he never got completely over her. Even with a gorgeous wife like Kelly. That's the effect Mom had on people close to her.

The girls sprung Kelly on me without any notice. Saturday morning Parker and Kelly came by for breakfast and Helen said, "Annie packed your case, Mattie, you're taking Kelly to New Orleans for the weekend."

Kelly was grinning and bouncing up and down in excitement, she reminds me so much of Mom in that way.

Kelly sat next to me in my truck, her hand on my cock just like before she fell in love with Parker. She grinned and said, "Matthew, you can fuck me whenever you want. Parker said just get the okay from Helen and Margot and you can call him up and he'll send me right over to you."


"And you can have me all night too, if the girls say it's alright with them."

Then Kelly giggled and said, "It's only fair, after all. Parker fucked your mom, your sister, your wife and every girlfriend you had. And then he tossed them all to Ethan to fuck too. So just relax and enjoy me. You can do everything you ever dreamed about to me, just like Parker and Ethan did to all your girls."

Now this is partly Kelly saying what is true and partly Kelly trying to sound grown up and sophisticated. Annie had told me to expect to hear Kelly in a new voice, experimenting as Parker gives her more freedom.

We checked into our regular French Quarter hotel and Kelly sped into the bathroom, she spent a long time getting ready for me. I just had to blink when she walked over to me, she is the most beautiful girl I've ever known. And it's not just beauty, there is something about her that I can't describe, but people can't take their eyes off her.

She stood on her tiptoes just like Mom and I put my hands on her butt and lifted her up to kiss. After only a few seconds, she made this noise in her throat and I pulled her up higher so her little penis and balls would slip into my mouth.

She rested her legs on my shoulders and started spurting. She giggled again and said, "Shit, you're not even fucking me and you have me cumming."

I kept sucking and she stayed hard. Then I lowered her to the bed and smiled at her. Kelly said, "I've wanted this for years. I couldn't help falling in love with Parker, but he always knew I wanted you too."

She lay on her back and guided me in. I didn't have even half my cock in when I started shooting off. Kelly laughed, she was delighted. She said, "Just the way I imagined you would be, too excited to hold back."

Then she winked at me and started massaging my cock with her interior muscles. It felt like heaven. I stayed rock hard and pretty soon started moving back and forth real slowly until I was all the way in her.

We fucked like that for a while, then Kelly said, "You won't hurt me, honey, you've seen how hard Parker fucks me. Just let yourself go, concentrate on your own selfish pleasure, that'll get me off for sure."

This is Kelly, trying to sound worldly again.

Well she was right though, she came two more times before I spurted off again.

We rested and took a shower. I got hard just looking at her. Normally I think I would have wanted to just stay in our room and fuck, but she's so gorgeous I love to be seen walking around, holding hands with her.

I'm not movie-star handsome like Parker, but when I'm with Kelly I just feel better looking. It's silly, I know, but it's just the way I feel. And people always look at me, to see who is with such a beautiful girl.

It's just like when Mom and I would go out walking. She was about the sexiest girl I ever knew and I loved being seen with her and seeing how other people, men and women both, checked her out.

Well, Kelly and I had a marvelous weekend. She got me used to fucking her harder and harder. When I talked it over later with Annie she said, "Just think how huge Parker's cock is. He got Kelly used to being pounded by that monster, so she's more than ready for you."

A few weeks after my weekend with Kelly, I noticed Parker was spending a lot of time talking with Helen and Annie and Margot. One Friday Parker and Kelly came over for dinner and I could tell from the look on Kelly's face that something was up.

Sure enough Helen called for a family meeting after I finished with the dishes and she said, "Mattie, good news. Parker and Kelly are going to rent their house out and move in with us. We have plenty of room now and they can add to their savings and investment accounts from the rent money."

Kelly burst out laughing and applauding, how she managed to keep it a secret from me I don't know. Mom never could have.

Since we now own the the entire top floor of our condo building, there is plenty of room. But mostly it's just so great seeing Parker and Kelly every morning for breakfast and then knowing they'll be home after I get off work.

Another change that Parker and the girls decided on is that I get to start sucking Parker off again. Mostly he has me do it in those mornings when he comes in the shower with me. Then it has to be fast. But sometimes he's in the mood for a real slow blow job where I only take the head of his cock in and can't use my hands, just my mouth and tongue. We do that one after dinner, or sometimes when the girls have me sleep with him.

One morning Parker and I came out of the shower together and Annie started laughing and said, "It sure is nice to see two fat cocks all the time." Helen said, "It sure is."

Helen and Margot still decide who I sleep with every night. Sometimes it's Kelly and sometimes it's Parker and sometimes it's Parker and Kelly. Or Annie or Helen or Margot or Sally, when she's in town. I sleep really well again, especially in Mom's bed.

I never have figured out how the girls decide who I'm to sleep with each night. But whenever they tell me, it seems just right. All the girls snug up real close and hold my cock just like Mom did. But when they have me sleep with Parker, I'm the one who snugs up and I hold his cock. I usually sleep real well, no matter who it is.

I still get sad flashbacks from time to time, the girls do too, but we try not to get depressed. One Saturday morning Helen took one look at me and told me to undress and crawl into her bed. She undressed and lay behind me, real snugged up, holding my cock. She whispered, "What is it, Mattie?"

I said, "This sounds real crazy, but I was wondering, what if I had fucked Mom like she always wanted? Maybe her hormones or atoms or something would have gotten rearranged and she wouldn't have gotten sick?"

Well, Helen didn't laugh and we talked some about it. I guess she knew what I really wanted was just to talk about Mom.

I almost always feel better after talking with Helen.

Then I said, "Helen, If you still want me to fuck you, I will. I think I'd feel better if I did."

Helen was quiet for a while, then she said, "I'll talk it over with Margot and let you know tonight. You're scheduled to sleep with me anyway after Margot gives you your goodnight blow job."

That night in bed Helen said, "Mattie, look at our icebox calendar. Margot and I marked today. If you still want to fuck me one year from now, I'll be so happy to say yes. We'll drive up to Memphis just like you did with Agnes and Margot and Mom."

"Why wait a year?"

"Because we want you to be sure you really want me. I'm your big sister and I love you more than I can say, but I won't be a rebound fuck for you. You'll never stop grieving for Mom, but we don't want you to make yourself feel even worse by doing something you're not really sure of with me."

So that's how we left it.

The girls make sure I cum at least two or three times a day. And they don't try to pretend it's just because I like sex. They told me it's to help keep my mind off Mom all the time. I'll never, ever forget her, but it's not healthy to keep thinking about her all the time.

And part of their plan is to make sure I have variety in my sex life. Our favorite waitress, Monica, from our Italian restaurant and her sister, Mary. Dawn, who owns the bar where Mom used to work. And, a couple of times, Gloria. And Amber, she has three kids now, but Annie or Helen or Margot or Kelly will go babysit for her when she comes by. She's pregnant again but she still gets in real horny moods even as far along as she is. She and Gloria used to work with Mom and they were really nice to me years ago when I first started learning about fucking.

And especially Allison, my friend and coworker. She comes up with the wildest sex ideas ever, she's even more creative than Mom was.

And she's just like me, when she's traveling, she calls home every night, no matter how tired she is from working. And we both work really hard at our jobs.

Allison talks with her youngest son first, then the middle one. You can just hear the love in her voice. Her favorite though is her oldest boy. She's been sneaking him porn for years and and has broken down a lot of the embarrassment barriers he used to have in talking about sex with his mother.

She told me that around the house, when it's just the two of them, she flashes him a little. Not too much and not too often, but as a special treat. And, typical Allison, she doesn't try to pretend it's an accident. She'll give him a wink and a grin.

But she is the boldest with him when they talk on the phone during her trips. A while back she started going topless on her camera the first few months. Now she goes totally nude. He must like it because I've never heard him complain, not once.

It's fun to listen to them, she always talks about what porn he's watching that night, how many times has he cum, etc. She touches herself lightly while they chat, but she hasn't cum in front of him yet. She says she's going really slow with him and it isn't time yet.

Allison's goal is that eventually they will watch each other masturbate and cum on the phone. Then maybe, sometime, in person, if he's comfortable.

But she's very clear, that's as far as she wants to go. She doesn't want to touch him and she doesn't want him to touch her.

Allison told me, "Fatboy, what you and Connie had was as sweet and sexy as anything I've ever seen. But it wouldn't work for Mikey Jr. and me. I just don't want to go that far."

So even Allison has limits.

But she does keep pushing it with Mike Jr. Her latest is when she and I are in the same hotel, she will be nude and talking with him on on her Iphone. He can see all of her, but he positions his phone so Allison can see him just from the shoulders up.

But she told me, "Fatboy, I know he's jerking off, I can see his right shoulder moving up and down. But I never tease him about it, I want him to be so comfortable in front of me."

The change she made is that when she's talking with him, and he's watching her in the nude, she sometimes calls out to me to bring her a glass of wine. The first time Mike Jr. gasped and told her to get dressed.

Allison said, "Mikey, you know Mattie has seen me nude about a million times when we go up on their nude deck. It's no big deal for him to see me naked in my hotel room."

Then she giggled and said, "But there's no need to mention that to your dad, it'll be our little secret, okay?"

So now it's not unusual for Allison to have me take her a glass of wine or champaign while she's nude and talking with Mike Jr. She has him say hi to me. And she keeps touching herself and grinning at her son. Pushing the limits, that's what Allison does best.

I get such a kick out of listening to them kid back and forth. She'll say, "So how's my favorite little hormone tonight?" And Mikey will say, "Fine, fine, how's my favorite MILF?"

Allison loves to get him talking about how his friends think she's a really hot MILF. She told me when they come over that she usually wears short-shorts and a bare midriff top with no undies. They like coming to her house.

By now Mike Jr. doesn't even comment on it anymore when I come into the picture with his mom. Allison started slow on this phase, not showing him that I'm naked too.

Mike Jr. knew that she sees me on the nude deck so gradually she got him used to the idea that sometimes I'm nude in the hotel too. And Allison told him why she nicknamed me Fatboy, she told him I have the fattest cock she's ever seen. She also got him to promise never to say anything about me to his dad.

When I take her a glass of wine, Mike and I always say hi to each other and sometimes chat for a minute. Then I pretend to leave and Allison starts talking sexy to him and touching herself.

Then one night in Atlanta Allison told me at dinner that she wanted Mikey to see that I'm naked. I'm not sure why, but I got really excited and was rock hard right up to the time she was ready to call him. She didn't want him to see me with an erection, not the first few times at least. So she had to suck me off to get me soft.

She talked with Mikey for a few minutes then called for me to bring her some more wine. She said, "Don't bother with a robe, Mattie, I've only seen you naked a zillion times and every night of this trip."

So I walked over in front of her camera. Allison took the wine, slapped me on the butt and said, "Where's your manners, say hello to Mikey."

I did, he seemed a little surprised, but not shocked. I guess she had him pretty well prepared. She kept the conversation going -- I was standing there by the head of her bed and she was on her back facing the camera. My cock was only a few inches from her face, that was the way she wanted it.

After that first time, Allison now has me naked in front of Mikey almost every night they talk. Sometimes she makes an excuse to leave the room, so it's just Mikey and me on camera. She wants him to become so used to seeing me nude that he doesn't think anything of it.

Then one night she called him when we were in Phoenix and she got me hard before i stepped in front of the camera. Allison let out this big sigh like she was exasperated with me. She said, "Jesus, Mattie, you're as bad as Mikey. You'll probably have to jerk off two more times before you can get to sleep."

I followed the script and said, "Sorry, Allison, but I can't help it around a sex bomb like you."

Then I said, "Mikey, half the guys in the office are in love with your mom and the other half are in lust."

He laughed. And now Allison has things to the point where I'm almost always hard and she's always naked.

I realize that a large part of Allison's adventures are because she loves her fun and games so much. But I also know that the girls decided that I should be included more than ever in order to keep from falling into a deeper depression.

Memories of Mom.

I hadn't thought about it, but I wasn't surprised when Helen and Margot called a family meeting to talk about Mom's will. I knew that we all have a will, even Kelly. I used to be the youngest in the family, but now she is by several years.

Helen and Margot did the wills for all of us. Helen the financial side and Margot the legal stuff.

Mom inherited quite a bit from Kevin's estate. He was her husband and had invested well. Plus had a lot of life insurance.

And Mom had her own savings, plus insurance. We all do.

She left everyone something. Valuables and personal effects. And she left Kelly quite a bit of money, Helen said it's to help Kelly feel more independent and not be so reliant on Parker. In her last month Mom wrote everyone a long letter. I haven't read mine yet, the girls think it's better if some more time passes.

One of the things Mom left me is the Dublin house she inherited from Kevin. It's a small house, but really nice. And in one of the best neighborhoods in the city.

Last month I was snuggling with Helen, I feel so safe when she hugs me from behind and holds my cock in her hand and whispers in my ear. I asked her if it would be okay with Margot and her if I went over to Dublin and spent a few days in Mom's house. I don't know how I feel about that house, Mom and I had some great times there.

But maybe the girls will have me sell it and not risk getting depressed.

Helen talked it over with Margot and they told me at a family meeting, "Mattie, it's a great idea for you to go to Dublin. You have oodles of vacation time, so go hang out. Of course you'll have to have one of us travel with you. Maybe Sally can meet you there. Or you could stop in Boston and fly over together."

That sounded really good to me.

Then Parker stunned us. He said, "Why not take Kelly to Dublin? She's never really been anywhere, I bet she'd love it."

Kelly gasped and held her breath and we all looked at Helen and Margot. They exchanged a glance, nodded at each other and said, "That is so kind of you, Parker. It's a great idea, Mattie and Kelly will have a blast."

Just like that it was settled.

Kelly made that throat sound she does and Annie bent down and took her in her mouth right before she started spurting. Annie winked at me and said, "Don't worry, you'll have all of her cum to yourself for a week."

It was so generous of Parker to give me his wife. I know it was partly because he loved Mom so much and they had such great times together. And he worries about me, just like the girls do.

We picked a week where Kelly didn't have any open houses to show and it was quiet enough at my work.

Kelly reminds me so much of Mom. She seems like she's bouncing with happiness even when she's sitting still.

Kelly and the girls started talking about clothes and shopping and what to pack. Parker and I didn't pay too much attention. The girls always pack for me for me, so I don't need to worry about it. They include a little list telling me what to wear with what, so I don't mess up in some obscure fashion way.

I don't know if it's because Mom died, or Annie got restless on her own, but she's started to spend more and more time working. She's not putting in the brutal hours she used to, but there are longer days and more travel.

I'm glad in a way, because she loves to work. But I hope it won't be another stressful period where Annie doesn't seem to have much of a life except for work.

The girls flew us to Dublin in business class, it was really nice. Kelly couldn't stop squirming, she was so excited. We held hands almost the whole flight and just jabbered away, just like Mom and I used to do.

Once Kelly went to the bathroom and one of the flight attendants said to me, "Your wife is so beautiful." I didn't tell him that Kelly wasn't married to me. I guess we just looked like lovebirds.

That little Dublin house is even more charming than I remembered. I called the girls our first night there and asked Helen and Margot if I could keep it. I had decided the second we walked in that I didn't want to sell it. They said we could talk about it when I got home.

That week with Kelly was just like when I stayed there with Mom. Sex, a lot of sex, day and night. But also a lot of walking and holding hands and exploring and eating out at pubs and restaurants.

And just like with Mom, Kelly and I went out drinking and dancing, we had the best time. I love being seen with her, people just stare.

We had dinner one night with Kevin's sister. Kelly was on her best behavior. It was sad in a way with Mom and Kevin both deceased, but I'm still glad Helen and Margot told me to invite her out to dinner.

The sex with Kelly was the best ever between us. I asked Annie about it when we got home and she said that Kelly was probably more relaxed being so far removed from Parker. Plus, I've finally realized that I can fuck Kelly as hard as I want, she loves it kind of rough. Parker got her used to it.

And Kelly and I enjoyed some quiet times too. She would sit in my lap and I'd rock her just like at home. I'd hold her little penis between my thumb and finger, like everyone does with Kelly.

We talked and talked, about everything under the sun. About Mom. I didn't get depressed, not a bit. Kelly and I talked about how we loved each other, but also about how Parker was her main love and probably always would be. That didn't make me sad either. It was so obviously true the way she looks at him.

But everyone knows that Kelly loves me too. She's said so in front of everyone, even Parker. Maybe especially Parker. I can't say how many times Kelly has burst out laughing at our dinner table and said something like, "Tell me again, Parker, when can Matthew fuck me?"

And Parker will laugh and say, "Whenever he wants, honey, all he has to do is ask me."

Then Helen or Margot will clear their throat and Kelly will hop in, "Of course Matthew has to clear it with the girls first."

Everyone knows that's the rule. Helen and Margot decide important things to do with me.

Ethan comes back into the picture.

Ethan is Annie's California boyfriend, though by now he's fucked Mom, Helen, Margot, Sally, Allison and Allison's mom, Vivian, and Dawn. And probably other girls I know that I can't think of now.

Now that Annie is working more and traveling more on business, she sort of reconnected with Ethan. She travels to meet him from city to city. And when she's in San Francisco, she fucks his two brothers if that's what Ethan wants.

Ethan is a lot like Parker, except Ethan is mega-successful with his business. Annie was named to his Board a few years back.

He's real nice looking, not drop-dead handsome like Parker, but real nice looking. His cock is little smaller than Parker's, which means it's huge, about twice as long as mine. And fat too. And because he's shorter, it looks even larger.

It might sound funny for me to say this, but I'm glad my wife is intensifying her affair with Ethan again. Annie tried not to show it, but she was really bummed when Mom died. Helen and Margot told me that Ethan is just exactly the best medicine for Annie, since Parker doesn't fuck anyone but Kelly now.

The funny thing is that Parker and Ethan are so good around women, and so good in bed, that they could fuck just about whoever they want. And now that Ethan has seen Parker fuck Kelly several times -- she's just like Mom was -- she loves an audience -- Ethan is all over Parker to let him fuck Kelly. But Parker won't budge. Which makes it all the more remarkable that he lets me fuck her.

Annie and Kelly were talking about whether Kelly wanted to fuck Ethan. Kelly said, "God yes, he's such a hunk. And I've seen what he does to you in bed. So I'd love to fuck him. But I love it even more that Parker won't let him, it means so much to me that Parker loves me enough to keep me to himself."

They looked at me and burst out laughing. Kelly said, "Well Matthew is the one exception to the rule. Parker knows Matthew was my first love. And back then Parker was so in love with Connie. He still is, of course."

I'm not sure I can explain how I feel about all of this. It's just that I think Parker likes me more than I realized. He must really care about me to give Kelly to me. That makes me feel pretty proud when I think about it.

New sleeping arrangements.

My sister, Helen, and Margot decide who I sleep with every night. Almost always we end up in Mom's bed. Well, technically it's my bed now, but everyone thinks of it as Mom's bed.

Parker got another promotion at work. Margot told me that if he really applied himself he could move over to Administration and move up the ladder, career-wise. But he just isn't that ambitious, he doesn't have the drive that Annie and Helen have. And Margot too.

But part of Parker's new package is he gets to go to New York for two months of executive training this summer. Annie and Helen have been through similar courses and they say that there's some hard work, papers to turn in, seminars to attend and a few that Parker will have to run. But there's plenty of time to sightsee and go to plays and out to dinner and stuff.

But Kelly can't go with him, she's can't be away from her real estate job for that long, plus she already took time off from her work to go to Dublin with me. So the girls looked at Parker's schedule and Kelly's open houses and figured out that she could fly to NY for two, maybe three long weekends.

And since Parker won't be fucking anyone, Annie arranged it with my boss so that I'll go to NY twice for a few days of business and I can stay the weekend on my own. Kelly and I will go there at different times, it would be fun for the three of us to be together, but Helen said it's more important for Parker to have more time with someone from home.

Annie said, "Even with Kelly to fuck and Matthew to suck him off, I bet Parker will be jacking off more than he has since he lost his virginity."

I saw Parker talking with Helen and Margot the day before I took him to the New Orleans airport. That night Margot said, "Mattie, Parker wants Kelly to move into your room while he's gone."

Kelly squealed and jumped up and hugged Parker, then me.

Annie said, "But that doesn't mean the rest of us won't have access to your cock."

In the morning Parker came into my shower and smiled at me. I sat on the shower bench and took his cock into my mouth. After he came, he said, "I'll be wanting a lot of that from you in New York."

That made me feel good.

Kelly and I drove him to the airport and I left them alone to say goodbye. On the drive home Kelly held her hand on my cock and snuggled close, just exactly the way Mom used to do.

Kelly said, "Well, I guess you're stuck with fucking me every night for a couple of months."

I said, "Well, I'll just have to put up with it somehow."

We both laughed.

At home the girls helped Kelly go through her closet and they moved what seemed like a year's worth of clothes into my closet and bureau. It didn't really hit me until I saw all those clothes and shoes and purses and things that she really was going to be living with me. I mean it's wonderful seeing her every day, but it's not the same as having her move in with me.

That night when Helen said to go to bed, Kelly and I brushed our teeth for three minutes just like Mom and I did about a million times. Kelly winked at me in the mirror and it was up periscope.

Helen gave me my goodnight blow job and then the girls came in, like always, to say 'I love you' and tell us goodnight and check the alarm and turn off the lights. Kelly snuggled up to me, her tiny little penis pulsing against my thigh and her little hand around my cock. She's about the same size as Mom, a little smaller, and it felt just like old times.

But I could tell from Kelly's body, that she wasn't relaxing, getting ready to fall asleep. Sure enough she started whispering just like Mom used to do. She got me giggling and we kept trying to shush each other, then she'd whisper something even funnier.

Naturally the door popped open and Annie flashed on the light, pretending to be upset with us for staying awake past my bedtime. She sighed real loud with her hands on her hips, but we could tell she wasn't really upset.

We heard Helen call out from the living room, "Fifteen more minutes and that's it."

Annie said, "Oh, it's their first night alone, how about half an hour?"

Margot called out, "Okay, but don't push it."

Annie smiled at us and said, "You kids have fun, but we expect you to be on your best behavior while Parker's gone."

Then Helen came in and said, "Or we'll rethink the sleeping arrangements."

Helen can get real stern sometimes, but it's for the best.

Then Margot came in and laughed and said, "Just look at our two lovebirds."

With the three of them looking at us, Kelly got excited and made that sound. She jumped up and had her little penis and balls in my mouth in a second. The girls waited until she was finished and then Helen said, "Okay, kids, get snuggled up, it's lights-out time."

It's funny, our first night alone was the only night I didn't fuck Kelly. After that we brushed our teeth an hour early and went right to bed. Then we'd take another shower and the girls would come in and talk with us until it was my bedtime.

My after dinner sex was with Annie or Helen or Margot or Sally if she was here. And my morning blow job was usually from one of them.

One Saturday morning Kelly asked Helen if I could fuck her on the couch. Kelly loves it when the girls watch her have sex. So that sort of became part of the routine, sex with an audience on weekends. One morning while I was fucking Kelly on the couch, Annie asked her if she missed Parker.

Just then I pounded my cock into her especially hard and Kelly spurted off. She gasped and answered Annie, "Yes, but not as much as I should."

They laughed because they could see it was true. And nobody felt sorry for Parker. He wanted her to move in with me, it was his idea, and he wanted her to have lots of sex and be happy.

Helen said it's partly because Parker really is, unlike the way they pretend that Mike is for letting Allison mess around with me, but Parker really is full of sexual self-confidence. He trusts me not to ever try to take Kelly away from him. And he knows that she would never leave him. Kelly loves me, but she loves Parker even more.

Over those two months I got to spend a total of eight nights with Parker in New York. He was really glad to see me, and not just because of the blow jobs. He introduced me to several colleagues, including two women who hung of Parker's every word. It was easy to see the way they looked at him that he could have been bedding them all along.

He let me suck him off every morning I was there. He would head for the shower and smile at me, no need to tell me what to do. Seven of the eight days he wanted a blow job when we both got back from work.

But my favorite was when we went to bed. He always put aside at least an hour because he loves the real slow blow jobs where I don't use my hands and only take the head of his cock in my mouth.

And when he'd tell me to jack off, all but a couple of times he sat there and watched me. He'd stroke his cock, he knows I like to look at him when I'm jacking off.

Of course I talked to the girls every night, that's what you do when you're out of town. And Parker talked with Kelly every night too. I offered to go in the other room but he told me he wanted me to lick and suck him while he and Kelly talked.

So it was a pretty wonderful couple of trips to NY from my point of view. And I know Parker enjoyed my company, going out to dinner, exploring on weekends. And, of course, the sex.

This sounds like a brag, but when came home from his executive training, he said this at the dinner table, in front of everyone. Parker said, "Matt is the best cocksucker I know, the very best."

The girls grinned and raised wine glasses in a toast to me. Annie kissed me on the cheek and said, "We're so fucking proud of you, baby."

Well it makes me feel really good every time Parker compliments my talent. But everyone knows it's also because Mom passed away that he calls me # 1. She was the all-time best, no one ever disputed that.

But thinking about that doesn't exactly make me sad. It was Mom who took charge and taught me how to become really good at sucking Parker off. And she showed me how to practice and practice and get my mind around it until I could deep throat the biggest cock I ever saw. And when Helen and Margot let me suck Ethan off, his cock isn't that much smaller.

I think the main thing Mom taught me about cocksucking is concentration. You have to really focus on him and what his cock is feeling. You try to forget you're even in the room and just laser in on Parker and the sensations he's experiencing.

Even after Parker came back, Kelly left of lot of her clothes and shoes in my closet. Helen and Margot have her sleep with me more than they used to. In a way it's like it was with Mom, the girls understand how comfortable I am with Kelly and how well I sleep. Comfortable but aroused at the same time. Just like with Mom.

Allison pushes it a bit further.

Allison's new favorite game is having nude talks with her oldest son, Mike Jr., at night when she's traveling on business. She can only see him from the shoulders up, but she shows all of herself to him. And touches herself while they talk about sex.

She has him conditioned to seeing me nude when we're in the same hotel. He had already known that Allison and I had seen each other naked up on our sun deck dozens of times, so I guess he accepted it as sort of normal that we're naked in her hotel room. He has no idea that I've been fucking his mom for years.

Except for Mom, Kelly is the best flirt I've ever known. She's met Mike Jr. a few times and he has a major league crush on her. Which, no one can blame him. Kelly is just flat out gorgeous.

So Allison was over at our place one Saturday and she got this bright idea. I saw her whispering with Kelly. Margot just rolled her eyes, no telling what Allison might get up to.

Kelly laughed and said, "I love it. Come on Allie, let's do it in my room."

Allison grinned at Margot and me and held up her Iphone and said, "Mikey Jr."

I knew instantly what they were going to do -- get Kelly and Mikey flirting and talking sexy with each other. Try to get him to loosen up even more.

Margot and I started fixing lunch and about half an hour later Allison and Kelly came back, laughing and holding hands. Allison was naked and Kelly was topless.

Margot said, "Success?"

Allison and Kelly did a high five and laughed some more.

It turns out that Kelly flirted and flirted and talked Mikey into masturbating over the phone. He had been told that Allison went out to the kitchen to help us with lunch, but she stayed off to the side where he couldn't see her.

Allison said, "My god, he shoots a lot of cum."

Kelly, "Gushers and gushers."

Allison, "And I was so relieved to see that his cock is a nice size, bigger than my husband's."

Kelly, "He's just a little stud."

Well that started things rolling. Now Allison calls Mikey even when she's home. He has his own room and she reminds him to lock the door. If her husband's home, she runs a bubble bath and calls Mikey from the bathroom. That all contributes to Mikey's becoming more and more relaxed. And getting more and more used to seeing Allison in the buff.

And Kelly calls him every two or three weeks and he jacks off for her with not even a moment's hesitation.

But Allison told me that she and Mikey have the very best conversations when she's on a business trip and calls him from her hotel. They both seem to feel more freedom with the geographical distance.

Allison called him from Orlando when I was with her. She told me to stay out of the picture and be quiet while she showed me how far she and Kelly have gotten Mikey.

The first difference I noticed that Allison now cums in front of him. The first thing she said after she made sure he'd locked his bedroom door was, "Tell me what the boys are saying about me honey. I need to cum so badly."

He talked about what a MILF they thinks she is and what they say about her boobs and her butt. And the fantasies they have about fucking her.

Allison moaned and raised her hips and aimed her freshly waxed pussy right at the camera. She finger fucked herself faster and faster and came once, then right away again.

The other thing I noticed was that Mikey was showing a lot more of himself on camera. You couldn't quite see his cock, but it was obvious he was jerking off.

She said, "Go ahead and cum, honey, I want to call Mattie for some wine."

His arm started moving faster and he closed his eyes and groaned. Then you could see his cum spurt up and fall back. They were right, he does shoot a lot.

Allison said, "Beautiful, honey, that must have been your first of the day?"

He said, "It was, I was saving up until you called."

She said, "Well clean up and then talk with Mattie, I'm going to take a quick shower. I'll be back in a minute."

She called my name as if I weren't right next to her and I came walking into the picture. Allison grinned at the camera and swatted my cock so it swayed back and forth. That was the first time she's touched me in front of Mikey.

When she came back from her shower, I was sitting up on her bed and she lay down beside me. She said, "Mikey, I am so fucking horny tonight.

He laughed and said, "Mom, you always say that."

Then Allison surprised even me. She said, "Hold my wine for a minute, Fatboy, I need to get off again."

Then she started finger fucking herself just like I wasn't there.

Mikey said, "Mom!"

Allison said, "Oh don't think anything about Mattie seeing me, he's known for years how strong my sex drive is. He's only seen me cum about a zillion times."

Then she stroked herself faster and came and then came twice more. She fell back on the bed, grinning. Mikey was masturbating again, it was like he'd forgotten I could see him. Or he couldn't help himself.

Allison scooted up so she was sitting beside me. I handed her the wine and she took a couple of big gulps. Her face was still flushed from cumming so hard.

Then she reached over with her other hand and grabbed my cock around the base. Mike kept jerking off. Allison stroked me up and down for a few seconds, then said, "Go jerk off, Mattie, I can see you need it. And I want some more private time with Mikey."

I stood up beside the bed and Allison pulled my cock down so it was pointed at her. She winked at the camera and bent down and placed a quick kiss on the tip of my cock. She said, "Think of me while you're cumming, Fatboy."

Then she slapped me on the butt and I pretended to leave the room.

Allison said, "Mikey, I am so jealous of your girlfriend, Kelly. I want to see everything that you show her. She says you are such a stud. But I don't want to see you until you're really, really ready. Okay?"

Mikey said, "Okay, Mom, maybe someday. When do you think Kelly will call me again?"

They talked about Kelly, the two of them playing with themselves.

And that's where it stands now. But I know there will be more to come.

Annie has a talk with me.

Annie and Helen had a long talk with my boss about me. It was on the subject of how devastated I am about Mom and how they want me to travel on business even more than I normally would.

The rule is that no matter where I go, someone has to spend the night with me. They don't want me to be alone with my sad thoughts. And the girls think it's good for me to move into Mom's room, but good for me in a different way to be out of town a lot. One thing about traveling, you're always busy with business meetings, company dinners, the logistics of travel etc. You don't have that much time to fret about sad things.

On Tuesday night my boss called Helen and it turned out they needed me to fly to Cleveland in the morning. All the girls had commitments and couldn't get away with me. Sally was in London and Parker had to chair a budget meeting for his department.

Allison was in San Diego, so she was out too.

I told Helen and Margot I'd be fine on my own, it was just for two nights. But they weren't happy and were going to call around, maybe Dawn or Gloria, two of my former girlfriends could go. Amber is too pregnant to fly.

Then the phone rang again, it was Allison. She had called her mom, Vivian, and she could meet me in Cleveland. She's real nice. Easy to talk with and real easygoing in bed.

Then Vivian called and talked with Helen -- Helen told her about my routine, when I was to cum and she reminded Vivian of my bedtime. They got that settled and Vivian talked with me and got the name of my hotel.

So, crisis averted.

Then Annie had me sit down at the kitchen table.

She said, "Matthew, we're pleased for you to have all these girls to fuck. We know you love sex. But we want you to remember that it's mainly to take your mind off your mom.

"We don't want you to start thinking you're some stud like Parker and Ethan. We fuck you because we love you and we let you fuck other girls because we think it helps you get through these tough times.

"But you're my husband and Helen's little brother. You're not some Hollywood Romeo who has girls camping out in his yard waiting to fuck him."

I listened very closely, I do with all the girls when they have something serious to tell me. I don't think I have a big head. I know I only got to be with my first girlfriends because Mom and Helen fixed me up.

I got Annie because Gert fixed us up on a blind date. And the only reason I get to fuck Kelly is because Parker decided to let me.

Annie and Helen and Margot were watching me closely.

I said, "I'm pretty sure I understand. I love how everyone is watching out for me and taking care of me. And for sure I understand I'm no stud like Parker and Ethan. I've seen them fuck all of you and I can tell the difference between them and me.

"And I know I wouldn't have all these girls to be with if it weren't for you guys.

"But I'm not sure why you picked now to remind me. If I ever started walking around with a big head, any of you would kick my butt."

Helen said, "All of us would." She smiled, "Except maybe Kelly."

Annie said, "I guess I spoke out because tonight your harem has been tearing around trying to find you some Cleveland pussy to get you through the night. And it annoyed me that you were just sitting there like it was perfectly natural to have your wife, your sister, Margot, Allison, all of us trying to chase down some out of town tail for you."

My face turned red. I hadn't thought of it that way. I hadn't thought of it at all.

I said, "I can be so dumb sometimes, so unaware. I am so sorry, you're right I guess I was taking things too much for granted. And there's no excuse. I could say I'm so used to being told what to do that I was just going along waiting to see what was decided.

"But it could look like I was thinking, 'hurry up girls, find me some new pussy, I'm entitled to all the pussy I want.'

"I would never think that, not in a million years. But I need to get a lot better on expressing myself, saying thanks, and showing my appreciation. I'll work on that starting right now, I promise."

The girls kept looking at me, my face was still red from embarrassment. Then Margot smiled at me and I knew everything would be okay. Helen kissed me on the cheek.

Then Annie looked at Helen and said, "Could I have my husband for the night? I need some Fatboy cock."

The girls laughed and that storm had passed. It was more of a squall, I guess.

A funny thing happened the next morning. Helen came in the shower and said, "Go out and see Mike."

Mike is Allison's husband and I've been messing around with her in front of him for months. Parker fucks her too, but not in front of Mike.

I didn't bother with a towel. Mike had a funny look on his face. He handed me a DVD and said, "Allison wants you to take this on your trip to Cleveland."

It was a DVD of Allison sucking me off.

I thanked him and just then Kelly came bouncing into the room. She had a dark green business suit and looked like a million bucks. She zoomed over to Mike and threw herself in his arms, laughing and flirting like it made her day just to see him. It's all part of the plan that the girls hatched to keep him off balance so that Allison can keep pushing her fun and games.

In Cleveland it was great to see Vivian again. She's tiny, like Mom, and keeps in great shape. I left the DVD out on the desk by the bed. The cover shows a picture of a naked Allison holding my cock. She has the merriest grin on her face, that grin reminds me of Mom.

Vivian burst out laughing when she saw the cover. I didn't think she would want to watch it, she never watches Allison fuck anyone, and she's had plenty of chances.

But she surprised me. She said, "Open some wine, let's take a shower and watch your porno. For some reason, I want to see it."

We watched part of it, then she wanted to fuck. Later we took another shower and went out to eat in an area called, I think, The Flats.

At dinner she had me tell my side of Allison's sex phone chats with Mike Jr. Vivian hooted with laughter. She put her hand on mine and leaned close to me and said, "Allison has always had more gumption than all my other kids put together."

The sleeping arrangements continue to evolve.

Helen and Margot moved my clothes into Mom's closet and I sleep in her bedroom almost every night I'm home.

And every night Helen and Margot decide who's going to sleep with me. And it can be a different girl than the one I get to fuck or the one who gives me my goodnight blow job. It just depends, I can't figure out their system. But it works out well I think.

Lately though, it's been Kelly who sleeps with me more and more. It used to be about one night a week or so. Then two, then three. Now most weeks it will be four, five or six nights.

When Kelly sleeps with me, sometimes one of the girls sleeps with Parker, but Helen told me he doesn't mind sleeping alone. Parker still fucks Kelly as often as ever. Not every day, but almost. I don't seem to be fucking her any more often, maybe a little more, but not much.

I would never question the decisions that Helen and Margot make, but I was really curious why Kelly was spending so much time in my bed. Now, I love it, she's about the same size as Mom and has the same fun-loving personality. Kelly can make laugh about any time she wants.

One night Kelly and I were snugged up in bed. The girls had already been in to say goodnight and check the alarm and turn out the lights. Kelly whispered, "How come I get to sleep in here with you so often?"

I whispered, "I don't know, I've been wondering about that a lot."

We talked about asking Helen and Margot what was going on, but in a way we afraid it might jinx things. Kelly said, "Maybe they aren't aware of what they're doing?"

We thought about that for a minute and then Kelly shook her head and said, "No, they know exactly what they're doing, they don't do things by accident."

Kelly and I didn't ask them what was going on. Then on Sunday night Kelly whispered to me, "They sent me in here every night this week."

I hadn't noticed that, so Kelly and I started keeping a little calendar to keep track of how often she sleeps with me.

Well, one week turned into two and then three, Kelly sleeping with me every night. I wasn't exactly worried, but I really wondered what was going on.

One Saturday morning I finished doing the breakfast dishes and Margot said, "What's eating at you, Mattie?"

The girls can read my face like a newspaper.

I sat beside her and told her that Kelly and I love sleeping together, but we don't understand why we get to every night and how long will it last and what's going on anyway?

The words kind of spilled out of my mouth and Margot had to laugh. She took my hand and led me to the couch where I do most of my reading. She sat beside me and held my cock, just like Mom used to do. Not trying to get it hard, just holding it in a nice way.

Margot said, "Helen and I have been observing you and Kelly, how well you kids get along together. She reminds you of Connie so much, doesn't she, baby?"

I said, "She reminds me of Mom, a whole lot. But I don't love Kelly because of that. I loved her when Mom was still alive."

Margot, "I know, honey, Kelly is a real treasure. But Helen and I noticed how you guys light up when we send her in to sleep with you. So we decided to experiment and we upped the dosage gradually. And it seems to be working out, you're not complaining are you?"

She said this with a smile, she knew I wasn't complaining, not one ounce.

Margot said, "So we talked with Parker, you know how fond he is of you. And how easygoing he is. He understands that he's Kelly's first love, and biggest love. He knows he can fuck her anytime he wants.

"But Parker likes his independence too, he had too many great bachelor years. He doesn't want to go back to fucking around again, but he sort of enjoys having that room to himself. And any of us -- Helen, Annie and I -- would leap into his arms for the night, even though he won't fuck us. Just cuddling with him and holding that beautiful cock makes for a marvy night. And who knows, maybe some night he'll change his mind and one of could get lucky."

She was mostly joking about that last part, I think. Parker seems too happy with Kelly, I don't really seeing him changing his mind.

So that night after dinner Margot called a family meeting at the kitchen table. Annie lit up a couple of blunts and I opened some champaign. Margot went over what she had told me earlier, but in more detail. Kelly sat there rapt, taking in every word. She was squirming with happiness.

Kelly said, "I have the best of both worlds. My Parker to fuck me whenever he wants it and Matthew to sleep with every night."

Helen said, "And Mattie to fuck, don't forget about that."

Now that Kelly and I understand the new rules, we both have relaxed, not worrying about when our living together might end. I mean we were already living together in a way, because I got to fuck her when the girls said, and sometimes she would be assigned to sleep with me.

But now that we know she's sleeping here every night, it feels just right. She moved more of her clothes into Mom's closet and we're trying to be on our very best behavior. We go in and brush our teeth even before the girls say it's my bedtime. And we still whisper a little after lights out, but not very late.

Margot said they were proud of us. Helen said to wait and see how long it lasts.

The girls keep a pretty close eye on us, but that's good.

Allison kicks it up. Again.

One Saturday morning Kelly was helping me with the breakfast dishes when her phone rang. It was Allison calling from her house.

Kelly started laughing and said, "I'll flirt with him from my room."

Then she took off her top and walked back to Mom's room, where Kelly and I sleep. It made me feel good to hear Kelly call it her room.

Margot said, "What's up?"

I said, "Oh it's just Allison, she wants Kelly to flirt with Mike Jr. some."

Allison is getting her oldest son to be more and more comfortable talking about sex and flirting and seeing her nude.

Allison came over later for lunch and to tell us about her latest little adventure. She said, "Mikey Jr. and I were home alone for the morning. When I heard his shower start, I called Kelly to treat him to some Saturday morning fun.

"I knocked on the bathroom door and told him to pull on a towel, his girlfriend wanted to talk with him and I'd meet him in his room. Now I'm stark naked, my heart is pounding waiting for him to come in.

"I've flashed him a few times but nothing as blatant as handing him the phone while I'm totally nude. This would be new territory for both of us.

"His eyes popped when he saw me, but I thrust the phone at him and Kelly had him mesmerized before he could really react to me. He was staring at Kelly on the phone and I walked over next to him and whispered, "I'll give you two your privacy, just remember to lock your door.

"Of course I had a nipple pressed into his arm the whole whisper session. I don't know if it was that, or seeing Kelly, but his towel tented up so cutely.

"But I wasn't quite ready to leave him alone. I held out my hand for the phone and I kidded around with Kelly for a minute or so, standing gloriously naked in front of Mikey. I don't think my nervousness showed, but my heart was racing.

"And my dear Mikey, didn't take his eyes off me, not for a second. So naturally I tweaked one nipple, then the other. When I handed him the phone, I was rubbing my clit, not pretending, not hiding it, just blatantly stroking myself."

Kelly said, "I heard you cum too."

Allison, "Yes, a little quick one, I don't know if Mikey noticed."

Kelly, "Oh he didn't miss that, we talked about it after you left. He came right away, he is so cute. Then he stayed hard and came again. You're getting him well trained."

Allison, "Well, I have a ways to go yet. But we crossed an important threshold, being naked for two or three minutes in front of him. Now I can start getting away with more."

Kelly, "I told him how hot his mom is. How she's the milfiest MILF I ever saw. He liked hearing that."

As adventuresome as Allison is, she won't get sexually active with Mikey. She just wants to get them to the point where he's comfortable with them both masturbating in person, in front of each other.

There's a ways to go on that journey, but as Annie says, don't bet against Allison.

Kelly's big idea.

One Friday night Kelly and I were brushing our teeth and she made that little throat noise and I lifted her up so she could cum in my mouth. Then she went right back to brushing her teeth. She likes to cum, but it just isn't that big a deal to her.

Sally told me she's just one of those people who enjoy giving pleasure more than receiving it. That Kelly has a relatively low sex drive.

In a way that's how Mom taught me how to suck cock and lick pussy. Enjoy the other person's enjoyment. Concentrate on what they're experiencing, not your own feelings.

Kelly and I went to bed and she gave me my goodnight blow job. I could have stayed up later and fucked her, it was a weekend night. But Margot told her to just suck me off, so that's what we did.

After the girls told us goodnight, Kelly and I talked for a while longer. You're allowed to stay up later if you want, when you don't have to go to work in the morning.

She whispered to me, "Listen carefully, Matthew, I've been thinking about something really important. Important to me, and I hope it would be important to you."

I listened really carefully. Kelly is like Mom was, she is rarely serious and is usually joking around and thinking up some new fun thing to do.

I said, "What is it, baby?"

Kelly, "Do think that someday, somehow, Helen and Margot would let you and me get married like you and your mom did?"

I lay there very still. This idea had never occurred to me. I was stunned. But I knew I had to say something right away or Kelly's feelings would be hurt, she would think I didn't like the idea.

Actually I wasn't sure how I felt about it. Kelly and I used to talk about some kind of ceremony and honeymoon, but that was before she fell for Parker.

I said, "What about Parker?"

Kelly, "Oh, I'm not too worried about him. He'll say either yes or no, but he won't get upset. It's Helen and Margot who I'm scared of."

I said, "You don't need to be scared of them, they love you to death."

But I knew what she meant, they can be kind of intimidating. Especially if you mess up, or don't think things through, or say something thoughtless. Then you hear it from them. From Annie sometimes too. But usually it's Helen and Margot who crack the whip in our house.

But thinking about marrying Kelly must have been exciting to me on some level. My cock was hard and throbbing and I'd just cum.

Kelly said, "I'd like to do it in Las Vegas, in that very same hotel, if it wouldn't make you sad."

I thought about that. Then I imagined Mom being there for the ceremony, laughing and toasting us and in full approval.

Kelly said, "And I'd ask Margot to set everything up, all the paperwork, just like she did with you and Connie. And I'd want the same people to marry us and video us."

I said, "You've really been thinking this through, haven't you?"

Kelly, "I love Parker so much, I feel like my heart is smiling every time he walks into the room. But I've loved you longer, you and your family and Linda saved me. No telling what my life would be like without you.

"I know I caught you off guard. All I ask is that you think about it. If you don't ask me to marry you someday, I'll never mention it again.

"And if you don't ask me, then we won't have to worry about what Helen and Margot think."

I'm usually not impulsive. The girls trained me to think things through, it's better if you do that in life. But thinking how happy Mom and I were that day, and thinking that Mom would be delighted to see Kelly and me married, I just blurted out, "Kelly will you marry me?"

I thought later that I would have expected her to squeal and jump up and throw kisses all over me. But she reacted just like Mom did, she got very still, and stayed very serious.

She said, "You need to think more about it, Matthew. This isn't some spur-of-the-moment fling for me. This is my life."

She turned on the lamp and took out the calendar that just the two of us keep, it's about things that involve us both. The main family calendar is on the icebox, that one's about everyone in the family. We're so busy with work and business travel and birthdays and everything that each week is about the size of the refrigerator door side.

Kelly picked a date one month from now. She marked it with a big X and put the calendar away and turned off the lamp. She didn't say another word, she knew I understood that was the day we would discuss it again.

Then she whispered in my ear, "This will help you sleep tonight." She licked her way down to my erection and sucked me off once more.

I did sleep well, but I woke up thinking about Kelly and Las Vegas and everything. I was taking my shower and realized that the girls would take one look at my face and know something was up.

Kelly was brushing her teeth and I asked her to ask Helen or Margot or both of them to come to Mom's room, I needed to talk with them. Kelly started to say something, then she nodded and finished brushing her teeth.

Helen and Margot came in and took a look at me. Helen said, "Are you sick, baby?"

I had thought pretty carefully about what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it. I said, "No, I feel fine. But Kelly and I had a talk about something serious last night. Now don't worry, we're not going to do anything without your okay. And it may turn out after a month or so, we won't even be asking you anyway.

"But I know that you can always tell when something is on my mind. There is, but we don't want to talk about it until we've thought about it and are more sure."

Margot smiled at me, and said, "Hmm, very mysterious."

Helen looked at me a long time and then said, "We trust you, Mattie."

Helen and Margot looked at each other, that conversation without words that they have, and Margot said, "Tell Kelly to come back here."

She was in the kitchen pouring some grapefruit juice for me, she knows that's my favorite. I took her hand and led her back to Mom's room. She didn't say anything, she trusts me too.

Helen said, "Mattie was correct in giving us early notice that you two are cooking something up. He assured us that you won't do anything without our blessing."

Kelly said, "Yes ma'am, cross my heart."

And she did cross her heart, she is so cute.

Helen and Margot exchanged glances again, nodded and Margot said, "We're not going to bug you, we know you'll do the right thing."

Well, that sounds like a small conversation, but it was a big relief to Kelly and me. In bed that night we decided not to talk about getting married until the month was past. Then if I asked her to be my wife, she would have a talk with Parker. If he said no, then that was that.

But if he said yes, then Kelly and I would have to call a family meeting to present everything to Helen and Margot.

Kelly and I didn't talk about Annie. I don't think she would object, once time she was ready to leave me if Parker would have had her. And it wouldn't surprise me that if Parker ever changed his mind and asked her to live with him, well it wouldn't surprise me if she said yes.

But I'm not worried about that. Parker is too much in love with Kelly. And if he'd wanted Annie, he could have already had her.

So that's how Kelly and I left things. We'll talk about it in a month.

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