Go Ahead
Chapter 1

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Alex and his mom Julie have been roughhousing practically his whole life. Whenever he would get the upper hand and wind up on top of her, he would grab her hands and say "I can do anything I want!" Julie always replied, "Go ahead and try." Then she would easily overpower him. Eventually Alex got older, and stronger. They continued to play in the same way. Julie began to wonder what Alex would do, if he could do "anything" he wanted to her. Finally, she told him to, Go Ahead.

Two things happened soon after Julie and Todd got married. First, Julie got pregnant. Secondly, Todd took a job that paid well, and that required frequent international travel. He promised that the frequency of travel would only last for a year or two, while he got established in his job. However, Todd flourished in his role, and the amount of time on the road never lessened.

Julie accepted the fact that her husband loved his job, and that he wouldn't be around all that much. Fortunately for her, she was a very independent woman. She had a network of friends that helped her stay connected. She took to motherhood immediately. When their son Alex was born, Todd made an effort to be at home more, but that didn't last.

For the most part, Julie functioned as a single mother ... a role she played quite well. She took full responsibility for helping Alex become a well-rounded young man. She worked hard to develop his mind and body. She read him books, and played all manner of sports with him and his friends. Alex was a child who loved rough-housing from the time he could Julie kept the pace in this area as she did with all the other.

She and Alex threw snowballs, played catch, and play-wrestled regularly. Once when he was still quite young, Alex got a lucky roll and ended up on top of his mother, sitting on her stomach, with her wrists in his hands, staring directly down into her face.

"Hey!" he exclaimed, realizing proudly that he had what seemed to be the upper hand. "I can do whatever I want now!"

Julie knew that no matter how confident her son felt, his physical strength was no match for hers.

"Go ahead and try," she said with a smile.

The moment Alex tried to take advantage of his position, his mother would overpower him, quickly turning the tables. Sometimes she would easily just throw him off. Other times she would roll completely over so that she was then looking down at him face-to-face, as he had previously been positioned with her. This game played out hundreds of times as Alex was growing up. Of course, the older he got, the more strength he had to back-up his claim. At some point, Julie began wondering what would happen when Alex grew to be physically stronger than her.

"I can do whatever I want!" Julie imagined Alex saying.

"Go ahead and try," she would reply.

On one of her many nights alone in bed, the thought occurred to her while masturbating. "What would Alex do, if he could do ... anything ... and I didn't have the strength to stop him? Would he ... touch my breasts? Would he touch between my legs? Maybe he wouldn't do anything like that." Those thoughts were soon followed by, "What am I saying? Would I WANT him to touch me like that? Oh my! Maybe I do want him to."

These thoughts set Julie's mind awhirl. She loved her husband, but she was often painfully aware of just how absent he was. Sometimes she resented him, sometimes she longed for him, and other times her mind entertained thoughts of a fantasy lover. Julie had a cadre of vibrators in her nightstand for just such occasions. Her fantasies roved far and wide, sometimes include just one male lover, sometimes many, sometimes a combination of males and females and so on. But once she began to have the thoughts of what Alex might do to her, if he could indeed 'do whatever he wanted' to her, her fantasy lover continued to look and sound and feel increasingly like Alex himself.

​The day finally came. Mother and son were roughhousing as they had always done. Inevitably they rolled one another over until Alex was sitting on top of his mother's stomach, one of her wrists held tightly in each of his hands. He leaned down very close to her and made his usual claim.

"I can do whatever I want!"

"Go ahead," Julie said.

Alex's eyes opened widely.


"Go ahead," Julie repeated.

Alex had never heard that simple two-word reply from his mother. She always said, "Go ahead and try." What did she mean ... what COULD she mean by just saying "Go ahead?" He couldn't think of what he should say or do next. Julie couldn't help but egg him on.

"Come on Mr. Tough Guy," she said. "You always tell me when you get me in this position, that you can do whatever you want. So, maybe now you can. You've been getting stronger and stronger. I'm not completely sure, but I have a feeling I can't just throw you off as easily as I used to."

"Really, Mom?"

"Like I said, Alex. I'm not sure, but maybe. Do you meant to tell me that, ever since you could talk, you've been telling me that you thought you could do anything you want with me, if you were only strong enough that I couldn't overpower you, and now that you might finally be strong enough, you don't know what it is that you want to do to me?"

"Mom, I don't know what to ... I don't know what's up with you. Something changed. Even the way you're talking to me is different. What's going on?"

"My little boy is turning into a young man. And just like every little boy, he's been getting stronger and stronger. I just think I should speak differently, and act differently with a young man than I do with a little boy ... especially one who's sitting on top of me, holding my wrists, and claiming he can do anything he wants to me. So, I'll give you one more chance, Alex. Say it again."

"Seriously, Mom?"

"Yes. Say it again. But first think about what you want to do, if you can in fact overpower me. If you can, what are you gonna do about it?"

Alex paused, still holding tightly to his mother's wrists, and pondered his mother's question. What would, could, should he do? He was very near his mom's face, so he could kiss her. He kissed her all the time, but not on the mouth. He could kiss her on the mouth. He could maybe touch her boobs. Alex had been noticing more and more each day how big his mother's chest was. But he would have to release at least one wrist if he were to grab her breast. What else could he do, if he could do anything he wanted. What did he WANT? Unfortunately Alex pondered too long.

"Ha!" Julie said as she broke free of Alex's tight grip. "You waited too long, Pal!"

Julie turned the tables, rolling to the side again and regaining her dominant position on top of her ​son. He knew that he had missed an opportunity, but an opportunity to do what, he wasn't sure of what he should want to do to his mother.

"Mom!" Alex finally protested. "That's not fair! You heard me say I could do anything, and you told me to go ahead!"

"You snooze, you lose Kid." Julie smiled at her son, flicked the tip of his nose a few times and gave his face a few play slaps before climbing off. "Better luck next time, Honey."

The encounter left both mother and son with minds racing. Julie could not stop thinking of things she suddenly actually WANTED Alex to do to her. She imagined him moving a few inches further down and kissing her mouth. It would be awkward at first, since he had never had a real girlfriend and might not really know how to kiss. She imagined him pressing his face against her chest.

"Oh shit," Julie said quietly to herself ... I want him to kiss me ... I WANT to feel his face against my tits, without the sweater in the way. What is wrong with me?"

At the same time, Alex was trying to figure out his own feelings and desires. He had always been close to his mother ... very close. What WOULD he want to do, if he could do anything to her? He had come pretty close to kissing her on the mouth. Alex felt a jolt when he imagined kissing his mother. Would he want to see her boobs? She had taken baths with him a million times, so it's not like they hadn't seen each other naked. They hadn't done that for a while, but he still knew what her tits looked like. Then another thought occurred to him.

"Whoa ... could I TOUCH her tits?" he wondered. "Could I ... no WAY! If I could do ANYTHING ... and she told me to ... go ahead ... could I touch her ... whooaaa..."

Alex had imagined himself touching his mother's vagina. He remembered what it looked like. It was covered with brown hair, which appeared to be soft. Alex had been masturbating for a few months. Sometimes he pictured girls from school, sometimes from TV or movies. But now he was imagining his mother's naked body. And he had different feelings that he had ever had before.

Alex started to get stirring that was becoming familiar to him, that occurred somewhere between his waist and his testicles. When that feeling came, Alex knew that nothing would relieve it except taking his penis out and playing with it until the slippery, clear liquid squirted out.

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