A Pleasurable Visit From Beyond the Grave

by bamadude 55

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Paranormal, Incest, Mother, Son, Grand Parent, Aunt, Nephew, Oral Sex, Size, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: A young man inherits his grandmother's family home and immediately notices a ghostly presence watching him. Before he knows what's happening, his life is changed forever.

Chris had inherited his grandmother's house after she died and tonight he would be finally moving in. He couldn't believe the news when his mother informed him she had died. She was still a relatively young woman, only 56 years of age when she was suddenly killed in a car wreck.

He had been away finishing up a job for his late father's construction company when it happened. His father had died of a massive heart attack six months earlier and when this job was finally completed, he was finally going to be able to sell the company for his mother (Suzy) and he would be able to finish his college degree.

He dropped everything and drove home immediately to be by his mother's side. He knew she would be distraught and would need someone to comfort her. He hoped he could get their before his Aunt Janice, the last thing he needed was both of them falling apart at the same time. He loved his Aunt Janice with all of his heart but he knew how big of a drama queen she could be.

He couldn't help but remember back to his father's funeral when Janice wailed and commenced to put on a show for everyone. He finally had to take her outside of the funeral home and calm her down. He was holding her tight against him while she cried into his chest, when suddenly; she looked up at him with a look of desire in her eyes. Chris had been with his share of women and he knew the look but couldn't believe he was getting it now from his gorgeous aunt.

Before his mind had time to comprehend the implications, she placed her lips to his and began to kiss him passionately. Their tongues were dancing in unison like a well choreographed Broadway show when he suddenly heard someone coming. Pulling away from her just in the nick of time, he saw his Grandma Allison coming around the corner.

His grandmother looked at them and said. "There you are, I've been looking all over for you. They're getting ready to start, so hurry up."

Chris was relieved they had not been caught in a compromising situation until his grandmother noticed his bulging crotch. She giggled, then winked at him and said. "You had better straighten yourself up before you come inside or your soldier is going to get more attention than he deserves."

He often wondered if his grandmother suspected what the two of them were doing before she walked up. He figured she wouldn't have cared anyways because she had always been an openly sexual woman. He couldn't count the times she would walk around nude in front of him when he stayed with her.

It wasn't until after his grandmother's funeral that his mother told him his grandmother left him everything she owned. There was the house and 50 acres and 3 certificates of deposit worth more than $250,000. He wondered why she left everything to him and nothing to his mom and aunt. Both of them had plenty of money but he still thought it was strange she didn't leave anything to them.

It felt weird as he drove down the long winding driveway to her house. A weird feeling began to envelop him as he pulled up to the front door. He couldn't put his finger on it but somehow he felt as if his grandmother was still there. Little did he know but he was right, and before the night was over, he would get the most pleasurable surprise of his life.

After he unloaded his truck and unpacked most of the things he brought with him, he sat down in the big recliner in the living room and collapsed. It had been a long week and he was exhausted. In only a matter of minutes, he began to slowly drift off into dreamland.

He found himself laying naked on a big feather bed and both his ankles and wrists were cuffed to the four corner posts. As he looked around the room he soon noticed that he was indeed in his grandmother's room. There was a quiet knock on the door and he watched as it slowly opened and a beautiful naked woman sensuously entered the room.

He had never seen a more beautiful creature in his life. He was mesmerized by her beauty, she had nice long legs that led up to a perfectly shaped ass and as his eyes moved upward he could not believe how exquisite her mountainous breasts filled out her body. When he looked directly at her face, he was disappointed to see she was wearing a mask. He yearned to know who she was.

There was something eerily familiar about this woman as she slowly sauntered towards the bed. As she climbed up on the bed, Chris began to ask her what her name was but she placed a finger upon his lips to stop him. She then moved slowly kissing her way down his muscular body until she finally reached his magnificent cock.

She put the fat silky head between her smooth luscious lips and began to slowly slide her mouth down it's massive girth and length. It's flared glans pushed her mouth deliciously wide as she tried to take all of him in. Once her mouth was adjusted to its size, she began to devour his cock like a hungry animal. She kept moving forward on his massive pole stopping only briefly as it came in contact with the back of her throat. The last couple of inches became a challenge because of the pure girth of his cock.

Suddenly, his hands became loosened from their confines and he placed them on her head. When she felt his hands on the back of her head, she stopped momentarily and let him guide her head up and down at the pace he desired. After a few seconds, she once again had her face pressed against his course pubic hair and she inhaled deeply, loving the musky scent emanating from his midsection.

The mysterious beauty could not resist his splendid piece of meat and sucked and licked at it constantly, relishing the taste and wanting the feeling to go on and on. His hands were now tangled in her hair and his tugs became a little painful as he guided her up and down his cock. The slight pain seemed to only inflame her lust. All too soon, she felt his cock pulsate and throb as he pulled back and began shooting gob after gob of thick white pearly sperm deep down her throat.

She swallowed hungrily trying not to lose one precious drop. When his massive weapon finally stopped firing, she sat up in the bed and while pulling the mask from her face she told him. "I only wish I would have lived longer to have done this in the flesh my precious grandson. Don't worry though, I promise to make every dream you have cum true."

Chris looked into the beautiful face of his grandmother and instantly woke up. He immediately looked down at his cum drenched shorts and wondered if it had all been a dream. The whole experience was so intense his legs were trembling and his whole body was soaking wet with sweat.

After taking a quick shower, he tried to reason why he would have a dream about his grandmother that was so erotic. He had made love to many women in his young life but nothing was as intense as the sexual dream he had just experienced. He was broken out of his reverie when the phone suddenly rang.

He was pleasantly surprised when he answered it and his mother was on the other end of the line. They exchanged their polite hello's when she quickly informed him that she and her sister were driving out to visit with him and spend the weekend. After what had happened to him earlier in the afternoon, Chris really wasn't looking forward to company but he knew he couldn't tell his mother no.

It was going to take a couple of hours for them to drive to his house in the country so he decided to put clean sheets on all the beds. He could swear someone was watching him as he went from room to room changing the sheets. It wasn't until he started changing the sheets in his grandmother's bedroom that he felt a familiar presence. He felt something delicately wrapped an arm around his midsection and a tiny hand starting to rub his cock through his shorts.

He turned quickly to see who it was but no one was there. When he turned back towards the bed, he could've sworn he saw his grandmother's reflection in the full-length mirror on the opposite wall. He feared he might be going crazy when he heard his grandmother's voice giggle and say. "Don't be afraid Junior, it's only me. I won't bite, unless you want me to. Don't fight it, let me pleasure you like I always wanted to."

That's when he saw her out of the corner of his eye. A distinct shadowy figure of his naked grandmother was approaching him from the bathroom. He tried to move but it was as if his feet were nailed to the floor. The ghostly figure sexily sauntered up next to him and placed her tiny hand on his cheek and gently stroked it.

His knees were shaking so hard they hurt but her hand was warm and comforting, just like when she was alive. She whispered hotly in his ear. "There's nothing to fear, I only want to give you the love you deserve and before the night is over you will have more love than you ever could have imagined."

His grandmother's ghostly figure lovingly kissed him on the lips and he watched in amazement as the zipper on the shorts began unzipping on its own. When her tiny hand slowly fished his mammoth cock from its confines all of his fear subsided and she began to gently stroking it to full hardness. Still frozen in place, he watched as his grandmother knelt before him and took his cock in her ghostly mouth and began to suck him inside of her.

The feeling was even more exquisite than the dream he had earlier. He watched intently as her head bobbed up and down the full-length of his rock hard cock. She had been deep throating him like a porn star when she looked up at him and chuckled. "There is one advantage to being in my condition, I would have never been able deep throat your massive cock when I was alive."

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