Knock on Door
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/ft, gi, Consensual, Romantic, Lolita, Reluctant, Coercion, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Cheating, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Polygamy/Polyamory, Interracial, White Male, White Female, Oriental Female, First, Oral Sex, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Leg Fetish, Slow, Violent, School,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Learn the beginning with the young wife of a doctor looking to stray, a car wreck, a bag of drug money, chinese take-out, a highschool girl beguiled by an slightly older woman, Jhoni will get a tour the loft where many of the things she finds come as a big surprise. A hidden pistol is found with a clue to treasure. James signs on to go back on a short tour with Suzi Kazzoo and the HumDingers. Auditions for First Wife are about to begin.

Here I was a little older and possibly no wiser, back in college for a second degree; one that would help me in getting a good job this time. Well, that was what I told people anyway. I sat at one of the two desks in the front office of the student literary magazine, the desk near the hallway door. It was 4:24 on Friday afternoon on this rainy fall day. Not even counting the rain outside, it had been a long frustrating day on campus for me.

I had come in at 8:00 in the morning before the storm front rolled in, knowing none of the other staff members would be in the offices until 10:15 or so. I'd come in early, looking forward to a private hour-and-a-half appointment that hadn't shown up after promising me twice during the week she would meet me at that agreed upon time.

The young college girl who'd stood me up had promised me nearly a week before that she'd give me a blowjob and then fuck me in the back office of the magazine if I could assure her we'd not be walked in on. The young sophomore had been flirting outrageously with me for the whole three weeks since the beginning of fall quarter and she had told me last weekend at a party she'd finally decided to give herself to me. But she wanted us to wait and do it for the first time in my office on campus; this Friday morning. She said it would be that much more exciting and kinky that way.

As usual, I didn't have any classes on Fridays this quarter. Even though, I always came to campus for most of the day anyway. I was the editor of the student literary magazine, after all, and besides conducting posted office hours for walk-in traffic on Fridays, I could study; do paperwork; read submissions; I could visit with friends who stopped by; drink great coffee ... whatever. Even have sexy willing coeds meet me early in morning for semi-casual sex in the back office. Sometimes I would hook-up with a coed in the office at night after the janitor stopped by to empty the trash cans. He was punctual; and always done and gone by 6:40 pm. There were only four trashcans in the entire office.

To make me even more upset at the moment, I'd even decided to buy a nice leather-covered antique ottoman at a yard sale the day before. And this morning I'd brought it with me and put it in the back office along with the quilted moving blanket I'd purchased as well. I'd been thinking the young lady would be more comfortable being fucked down on the padded long low leather cushion of the ottoman, rather than on the thin area carpet that covered half of the back office floor.

The old ottoman was a very nice piece of sturdy furniture which was about four feet long and two feet wide. It was about fourteen inches high so it just happened to fit and be out of the way when pushed back under the high bottom shelf of the larger light table in the back office. It had only cost thirty dollars at the yard sale. The thick quilted moving blanket was purchased for three dollars; and it had been freshly washed even.

So now, this late in the afternoon, everyone else on the staff that had been in today had already left the office for the weekend. I think my repressed frustration and disappointment from the morning had managed to make my being in the office all day a minor trial for some of them. I had to admit—I'd been gruff and kept to myself mostly in the back office; trying not to spoil the good mood of everybody else.

Now, I was thinking about stopping and getting a drink or two on my way back to my huge loft, which was located in an old industrial part of the city. I'd been living there for two years. I'd moved in after I'd left the rock band I'd toured with for four years to go back to college and get another degree. My previous philosophy degree with a communications minor, I told people, would only allow me to think deep thoughts, and then talk about them; or go on to law school.

So here I was, approaching thirty years old now. Not your typical college student on a college campus. So far I'd managed to maintain a 3.875 grade point average. I was getting a degree in English with a business minor. And I was getting a full scholarship—the university administrators called it a stipend for tuition and books—as the editor of the student literary magazine. So, with all the money I'd saved while touring and the quarterly publishing residuals I'd been receiving for the nine or so of my songs the band had recorded which still got air play somewhere in the world, I was doing very well.

Just then, I heard a rap-tap-tap of someone knocking on the sturdy hall door to the front office. I looked to my right as the door slowly opened and Jhoni Hinsa, a shy blond twenty-five-year-old English major, put her head between the edge of the heavy door and the doorjamb and looked into the room. When she saw me alone in the front office she smiled shyly at me.

"Ummm, James?" she asked.

"Yes, Jhoni?" I replied and smiled over at her.

"Oh ... I'm, ummm, you know ... not interrupting anything, ummm ... am I?"

"No, Jhoni," I reassured her, happy to see her, "not at all. Come in. I'm really done for the day."

I sat back in my articulated chair and tossed my pen onto the yellow note pad I'd been writing on. Even to my ears, I had sounded sorry for myself.

Jhoni finished pushing the door open and moved into the front office, closing the door behind her. She was looking very sophisticated and attractive. She was not wearing her usual on-campus attire. She had my full attention; all five foot, four inches of her.

Jhoni had curled up the ends of her shoulder-length blonde hair I'd noticed when she first looked into the office. It was parted on the left side of her scalp and combed over, low across her forehead, very attractively to the right. She usually parted her straight hair in the middle. She was wearing an opened light-gray wool three-button suit jacket over a cream-colored thin knit vee-neck sweater.

The tight sweater was tucked into a pleated light-gray knee-length thin wool skirt which had two quarter-inch bands and one two-inch band of navy-blue running around the light-gray skirt close to the bottom hem. Over her left shoulder, she wore a cream-colored purse on a long cream leather strap that matched the color of her vee-neck knit sweater. She wore a matching thin navy-blue belt around her slim waist. Jhoni wore sliver-gray hose and two-inch navy-blue high heels which seemed to be doing wonderful things to her nicely shaped calves.

As Jhoni stood by the closed door, I took my time admiring her appearance. And I noticed she seemed to be preening without really moving very much under my gaze. But, she did stand up straighter, bring her shoulders back, causing her swelling breasts to push out her light-gray suit jacket even further. Her tummy seemed flat going down into her pleated skirt. And seeing where I was looking, a subtle Mona Lisa grin slowly creased the edges of her full lips, and Jhoni put her left hand on the nice full hip of her pleated skirt by pushing back her jacket on that side. She looked like a stylish young business executive; or a young woman planning on meeting her husband later for dinner—which was most likely the reason Jhoni was so dressed-up.

Standing there dressed as she was, I was nicely surprised I had become aware that Jhoni's body was what I'd call voluptuous. I'd never really noticed her body before. I figured out right then that Jhoni had always dressed in clothes which successfully had downplayed her figure and had made her appearance drab and unremarkable when she had been on campus in the past. And, I had even heard some people in the writers' group refer to Jhoni as frumpy when she was around. So this look for Jhoni was quite a surprise to me.

I liked her new look. I like it a whole lot.

I knew Jhoni came from big west coast money and was married to an Indian doctor finishing his residency at a huge local hospital, but I'd never seen Jhoni looking so attractively dressed before. And after taking my time admiring how nicely her body was being displayed, and knowing she knew what I was doing, I looked up at her cute oval face and I saw she wore very tastefully done make-up. I noticed a hint of blush on her pale cheeks, and a light pink gloss on her full lips. I'd never noted how long her blonde eyelashes were before. They set off her blue eyes.

This was the first time I could say Jhoni actually looked as if she was a successful doctor's wife.

As well as being a member of the student writers' group on campus that met weekly to critique each others' works, Jhoni was one of the student volunteers working at the magazine this year. The two of us had known each other since early last fall quarter. Starting last spring quarter she'd made weekly appointments with me to privately critique her writings.

She said she'd decided to come to me for help for several reasons. First, because she liked my writing and critique abilities; next, I was the associate editor of the magazine at the time so other people recognized my abilities; and finally, because she was following the advice of her favorite writing professor who happened to be one of the magazine's facility advisors, and he knew me quiet well.

I hadn't told Jhoni, but I'd also been approached earlier by that professor to help her, and if I could, get her out of my hair, as he had put it.

At the end of the quarter Jhoni had approached me about becoming her writing mentor. After extensive discussions about both of our expectations if we pursued her proposal, Jhoni agreed to my rules and I became her writing mentor. She and I had even gotten together in the office every other week during the summer to work on her writing skills.

Half way through the summer sessions she had told me she was very happy I was her mentor, her private writing teacher; and she said, her sometimes muse. She tried very hard to apply everything we talked about during our private times together working on her writing skills.

She was doing very well I thought, even if her stated goal was to become a romance novelist. She even did weekly writing assignments I gave her to get her to incorporate different writing techniques in her skills set and then become proficient with those techniques. Sometimes it was writing a scene in the first person; another time I'd had her write everything in the omnipotent third person. I had her write all kinds of scenes; some to stress irony; some to stress humor; some to work on dialog. And each lesson was my attempt to help Jhoni eventually find her own voice in her writing style, as well as liberate some of the passion I detected deep inside of her, so Jhoni could use those emotions in her storytelling.

While many people who met Jhoni, I'm sure, thought she was insecure, shy, naïve, and unsophisticated for a woman of her age and her social standing—married to a doctor and all; I thought there was a lot more going on inside her cute head. From our talks, I knew she'd been born in India to her Indian father and her English mother. The family had moved to southern California when Jhoni was two-years-old so her father could run his families' extensive and lucrative worldwide export-import business from here in the United States. Her father had met her mother when he'd been in England for four years overseeing the family business there. I knew that now, Jhoni's mother was a professor of child psychology who taught and did research at a university in southern California and had a large private practice also. Her father had passed away when Jhoni was eight-years-old. He'd been almost twenty-years older than her mother, Jhoni had revealed to me during one of our talks.

I came back from my musings and noticed Jhoni started to blush at my attentions and looked down at the tile floor of the front office and away from my gaze.

"I thought you didn't have classes on Fridays," I asked her, wondering why she was here at this time of the day, on this day of the week.

"Mmmm, I ... ah. No, I don't," Jhoni said in her well-known quiet and hesitant vocal delivery, her sweet voice sounding breathy like she'd hurried up a flight of stairs or something. Maybe down a flight, the office was in the basement of the Student Union. She was still looking at the floor of the front office and then she shook her blonde head, making her shoulder-length hair sort of dance.

"Mmmm, I just, you know ... thought I might just, mmmmm...

" ... stop by."

"Well..." I said, feeling an air of expectation which seemed to emanate from Jhoni as she stood there near the closed hallway door.

"You are looking very attractive and sophisticated, Jhoni," I told her, meaning every word. I had a sudden possessive feeling for her come over me as I continued to study her body presented in her nice clothes. I carefully looked her over again from the top of her blonde parted hair all the way down to her navy-blue high heels. Wearing high heels on campus was a first for Jhoni as far as I remembered.

"I am impressed. Are you meeting your husband later to go out to dinner, or something like that?"

"Ahh, my husband ... mmmm ... he is in Cleveland. For the entire weekend ... at Case Western Hospital ... He has, mmm, an interview ... Ummm ... he's not ... well, coming back ... well, actually, until Tuesday evening..."

"And you mean to tell me he didn't want to take you with him?" I asked, surprised at what I just heard. "Especially when you are looking so beautiful?"

"Ahh, no," Jhoni said, and blushed deeply as she grinned sweetly at me and then looked down. "Mmmm, I didn't, you know, want to go. So, I told him, mmmm, I had too much school work.

"Well... ," Jhoni added, her voice almost taking on an edge of apology as she looked into my eyes. "And ... I'd miss our appointment Monday."

"Well, I wouldn't want that to happen either," I managed to reply and I grinned at her as much for her trademark manner of speaking as her seeming heartfelt reasoning for staying behind.

She held my gaze. By her whole demeanor, it seemed she was anxiously waiting for me to say something else. I sensed her anticipation of some verbal cue from me, showing I wanted to continue on with our conversation beyond just saying hello. Her aura was emoting an almost hunger for companionship. It was as if I could actually read those emotions in her blue eyes.

The tip of her tongue momentarily appeared and touched her pink-glossed lips, both looking moist and luscious.

"Well, you didn't get all dressed up so beautifully just to stop by the office did you?" I asked her, with a slight tease in my voice.

Jhoni studied me where I sat, her blonde combed-over bangs covering her eyebrows and now her right eye, making her look a little like a young Veronica Lake, the old movie star from the forties.

"Mmmmmmm," Jhoni said. I could see she was thinking about how to answer me as she drew out the sound. Then her delicate blonde eyebrows went up almost in surprise, her right one partially hidden by her swept-over hair. " ... well, I guess ... I..."

I found I was fighting not to smile while watching Jhoni's reaction and wondering how she was going to answer my question.

" ... did get dressed up ... that is..." Jhoni said in her sweet, soft voice. She grinned at me like a pixie I thought; because of her upturned nose, and her nicely wide-set blue eyes, which were twinkling as she brushed her hair away from her right eye with her small right hand. "I, ah ... thought I ... might take you, you know...

" ... out for dinner," Jhoni said, her words beginning to come out faster as she explained herself to me. "To, mmm ... you know, show you my appreciation for helping so much with my writing ... And, you know... listening to me..."

Jhoni and I talked about all kinds of things after our writing appointments were over. Sometimes, if we both had the time, Jhoni and I talked for an additional hour beyond her forty-five minute mentoring appointments.

"So..." I asked her, feeling a rush of excitement. Jhoni had just basically told me she had sent her husband out of town without her because she wanted to spend time with me, going out to dinner this evening and then again, during our writing appointment Monday, I told myself. And she had obviously made the effort to look so nice before she stopped by this afternoon.

" ... you decided to wear that very sexy outfit ... just for me?"

"Oh, yes," Jhoni told me, her voice all breathy again, her eyes getting big and her presence sincere and open in her reply. "Yes, I did. I, mmm ... well ... I thought I could, like I said, ask you out to dinner ... and then later, mmmm, we could ... you know ... go for drinks and ... ahhh, talk ... If you wanted...

"So ... I, mmmm, dressed-up, ah ... for you..."

Her shy, guileless remarks and her very attractive presence sent a rush of adrenaline through my body.

I suddenly realized what putting her self forward like this might cost Jhoni. To me, she seemed so vulnerable all the time anyway. And now, she was leaving herself open for rejection; if I rebuffed her sweet offer. I just gazed at her fabulous outfit which revealed her voluptuous body, and then gazed into her blue eyes. She was starting to show a little bit of nervousness in response to my silence.

"You don't have any ... mmm... plans, do you?" Jhoni asked me, sounding suddenly worried; her face quickly reflecting her uncertainty.

"Oh, no ... No, I don't," I told her and smiled.

"Oh, oh, good," Jhoni told me and smiled in relief. The shoulders of her light gray suit jacket relaxed a bit and she bent her left knee as her hips canted slightly to that side while the tension in her posture seemed lessen somewhat.

I'd gotten to know Jhoni, I thought quite well, during her private writing appointments and our talks afterward, and I'd developed some ideas about the kind of person Jhoni was. Yes, she was naïve, and insecure at times, and shy, and stuttered when she talked to people; but buried underneath those traits I was certain was a very passionate woman who was starved for attention and affection. I was sure of it, in fact. Because when she talked about her husband it was always about how busy his hospital rotation schedule was; or what he was doing for their temple on his nights off.

I wasn't sure exactly what her and her husband's religion was. But, I knew it was some small India sect I hadn't heard of before when she'd mentioned it. Her religion seemed to be represented by only high-caste wealthy families from the things Jhoni said about attending temple on Sunday afternoons and some evenings during the week.

And I saw her temple off the interstate just south of the suburbs between here and Cincinnati every time I went by. The grounds and buildings looked like palaces with manicured grounds; not like some religious temple. There were even live peacocks roaming the grounds in the spring and summer months. And I knew she said her husband was very devout and he was considered very conservative by other conservative members of their faith.

But, here Jhoni was; looking gorgeous and acting lonely and wanting attention. And I was a little startled to find I was beginning to get an erection in my boxers inside my dress pants as my body responded to her presence and what she'd told me here in the front office.

"So, you picked out your sophisticated outfit to please me?" I asked her, wanting Jhoni to examine her motives for what she seemed to be doing.

"Mmmm, yes," Jhoni told me. She put her right high heel in front of and a little to the left of her left shoe and took a step. She did the same with her left navy-blue shoe, in front of and beyond her right high-heel.

I realized walking that way made her hips sway quite invitingly.

I'd seen runway models walk the same way. Very Un-Jhoni like, I told myself. After four steps she stopped at the right edge of my desk that was up against the wall to the outside hallway. She stood there next to the deep drawers going down the right side of the desk and to the right of my chair, and she leaned the right hip of her pleated light-gray-colored skirt against edge of the fake wood top.

"So you, mmmm, like my outfit?" Jhoni asked me, her eyebrows going up with her question and her body posture and aura telling me she was eager to hear a positive answer.

"Yes, Jhoni ... I do," I slowly told her, rotating my articulated chair to look straight at her. And feeling the growing undercurrent of excitement in the office, I decided to press my luck and try and find out if my growing evaluation of Jhoni's personality make-up was true.

"So, Jhoni," I asked her, gazing up into her blue eyes to gauge what her response was going to be to my question, "did you also choose equally sexy things to wear for me under your sophisticated skirt and sweater?"

Jhoni gasped quietly, her vulnerable eyes getting big as she stared at me. Then she blushed and broke off our eye contact. She put her hands in front of her slim waist which was set off by her thin navy-blue belt, and she started picking at the fingernails of her left hand with the fingernails of her dainty right hand.

I noticed she'd painted her nails dark red. I'd never seen her wearing nail polish before. Very Un-Jhoni like, in deed, I told myself. My penis got harder.

"Mmmmm, I..." Jhoni said in a low, innocent sounding voice as her cheeks bloomed with pink coloring. "I ... mmmm ... guess, ahhh ... I did..."

"Specifically to ... please me?" I asked, feeling jubilant at her quiet, embarrassed admission.

"Mmmmm..." Jhoni began, slightly wiggled her hips and shoulders like a nervous kid, "Well..."

Then the certainty of it hit me. I must be correct about what I'd come to think concerning Jhoni's personality. The idea had been growing as I'd gotten to know her over the last year. Jhoni had a really big streak of submissiveness in her. And despite the fact she was married, she didn't have anyone to submit to.

I thought back and considered our talks after her writing sessions. From those frank discussions, I developed a picture of her married life and her relationship with her dutiful, conservative, devout husband. According to Jhoni, her husband never demand or commanded her to do anything. From what she told me about her husband—the doctor—was that when he did pay attention to her, he treated her like a princess. From what Jhoni had told me, he acquiesced to her at all times; when she did exert her will. He gave her what ever she wanted, and asked her opinion on everything they did. The man deferred to her about matters concerning their home, and he sought to please her when they did things together. He treated her, as Jhoni had said, as the proper Indian husband should treat his first wife.

At the time, I'd jokingly asked if he was going to have to divorce her, to be able to make Jhoni his first wife.

Jhoni had given me her guarded giggle and told me that in India, their religious sect allowed a man to have as many as four wives and as many mistresses as he could afford as long as he could economically maintain all of them in the accepted standard of their faith.

Jhoni went on to tell me that as his first wife, she was expected to run her husband's household, see to his domestic comfort, provide him with heirs, and kept his other wives and mistresses in line. The second wife, Jhoni had said, was to care for all the children of the husband's household first; and secondly, she was to provide her husband with heirs. Wives number three and four and the mistresses, Jhoni had informed me, were to satisfy any and all of their husband's base sexual desires and fantasies. Moreover, by doing so, they were to assure he was calm and happy and could function at his best in whatever high-powered position he held to enrich the family's fortunes. Also, those ladies were to act toward their husband in such a way as to make him the envy of his friends in their community, which was formed by the members of their temple—within the accepted social customs of their faith that is.

When I had quickly asked Jhoni what her husband might consider as his base sexual desires, Jhoni had nervously answered me, 'mmmmm ... well ... kinky, you know ... sex.'

When I laughingly had asked Jhoni what her husband might consider as kinky sex, Jhoni had blushed and had told me in a voice so quiet I almost didn't understand her words, 'everything but the missionary position.'

At the time I remembered I had been shocked to say the least at her representation of her husband's sexual boundaries with her; I mean, India was the land of the Kama Sutra, after all.

"So," I asked Jhoni, coming back from my thoughts and memories to the present as she stood there slightly wiggling deliciously back and forth near my chair. I decided to proceed with my exploration to find out if she really was the unattached submissive I thought she was, "do you really want to please me?"

"Mmmm ... uh-huh... ," Jhoni said softly, looking at me shyly with her blue eyes wide as she nodded her head, causing her blonde hair to drop over her right eyebrow again.

"Well, I have to tell you, today has been a lousy day for me, Jhoni," I said to her as I watched her, and put my arms up and locked my fingers behind my head as I leaned back in my articulated chair while pushing my shoes out in front of me on the tiles.

"But ... I'd enjoy going out and sharing dinner with you. And, I'd really like to have some drinks with you, too."

"Mmmm, I'm sorry you've had ... a bad day," Jhoni told me, a look of concern on her cute face. "Is there anything I can, you know ... do ... to help make it better?"

"You know, Jhoni..." I said, excited at what she'd just told me, and thinking to myself that if she truly was a submissive, she would respond to direct commands from me; if she accepted my dominance. And I decided right then to see just how far Jhoni would be willing to submit in her attempt to help me get over my frustration from the day I'd had so far.

I suddenly realized I wanted Jhoni, and not just for this afternoon and this evening as an experiment to find out if what I thought about her personality was correct. If her husband didn't understand her needs as a submissive and wasn't giving her the attention and affection she needed; I told myself I was willing to step into that void in her life.

I got up from my comfortable desk chair as she watched me stand close to her, looking up into my eyes in expectation. I was a full head taller than she was and then some.

"Okay, Jhoni ... There are several things you can do for me to make this day better. Right now, go into the back office and wait for me," I told her and motioned with my right hand toward the door at the left edge of the back wall of the front office.

Jhoni nodded and turned and, using her slow, new model walk, she crossed the tile floor of the front office toward the opened door. Jhoni swayed her pleated light-gray skirt-covered bottom slowly away from my appreciative gaze.

I walked to the hallway door and opened it. On the rectangular bulletin board mounted on the office door, I flipped over the Office Open sign to read Office Closed and then set the door to lock automatically. And then I closed the thick heavy door behind me as I turned and followed Jhoni into the back office.

Through the opened doorway, I watched as Jhoni model-walked across the area carpet as she moved by the low bookcase on the left wall and by the heavily cushioned rolled-arm reading chair in the back left corner of the room. She put her purse on the end table beside the reading chair and in front of the antique floor lamp. She turned around and shyly smiled at me.

I walked over to the middle of the back wall where the largest light table was situated and using the toe of my left dress shoe, I pulled the antique leather-covered rectangular shaped ottoman out from under the high bottom shelf of the layout table.

The ottoman was oxblood-red with a cushion about four inches thick on heavy, black sculpted wooden legs. The top of the ottoman was about fourteen inches off the floor. I pulled the ottoman out onto the area carpet between the first light table and the reading chair and turned it so the short dimension of the cushion was facing Jhoni and the long width went from near the light table and from there toward the wall between the front and back offices. The newly acquired piece of furniture was close to the demarcation between the area carpet and the original tiled flooring. The floor of the production area on the right side of the office had been left tiled so dropped wax and paper messes were easier to clean up, I guessed.

With the ottoman where I wanted it, I got the folded clean quilted movers' blanket off the shelf under the light table and partially unfolded it. I put the quilt down on the carpet in front of Jhoni and against the two legs on the long side of the rectangular ottoman. Then I stood back and looked at Jhoni who now stood in front of me and faced the ottoman to my right.

"I bought this nice old piece of furniture at a garage sale on my way home yesterday afternoon and brought it in to the office this morning, Jhoni."

Jhoni looked down at the ottoman and then back at me, "mmm, it is a nice color. And, oh, it is, uhhhh ... big."

Jhoni looked down at the folded moving blanket and her eyebrows and cheeks momentarily screwed up before she looked back to her right and caught my gaze again with her left round blue eye; her right eye was half-hidden by her hair, almost making her look like a young girl playing dress-up if it weren't for her full, ripe, woman's body.

Soon, I told myself, I was going to try and get her dress up.

"Yes," I told Jhoni, smiling at her. "I liked it when I saw it and brought it in.

"You know, I was supposed to meet a young lady here in the office early this morning. I was really looking forward to her visit all week. But she never showed up. So, I didn't get to see if the ottoman was going to work out the way I'd envisioned using it. That was ... well, very disappointing, and frustrating to say the least. She promised me twice during the week she'd meet me. So, after being stood-up, I was in a rotten mood most of the day. I'm afraid I wasn't good company for anyone earlier."

"Oh ... I'm sorry," Jhoni told me, sounding and looking like she was very concerned at my disappointment.

"So ... you said there ... mmmm ... are," Jhoni asked, and grinned at me, " ... some things ... I can do to, you know, ahhh, help?"

"Yes. Come here please," I told Jhoni and reached out my right hand across her stomach and motioned to her left arm.

Jhoni looked down and took my fingers in her left hand, and with my right arm held away from her body, she followed my lead as we took two steps over the carpet to the quilted blanket and the ottoman on the area carpet just this side of the tiled section of floor and near the big light table.

I continued holding her hand and stood close to her right side. We just gazed into each other's eyes. There was a little frisson of suppressed, excited tension between the two of us.

As well as facing the ottoman and Jhoni, I faced the back wall and the end of the big light table under which I'd stored the ottoman. The smaller light table was against the wall to my right. And behind me there was a big desk along the wall to the outside office, as well as two chairs, a low stool, another tall bookcase and a floor to ceiling supply locker, and a brass coat tree by the door next to the right wall which opened to the outer office. Those furnishings rounded out the contents of the back office space.

"Now, I want you to kneel down on the blanket for me, Jhoni," I told her, giving her a gentle tug downward with her hand in mine. "I want to check something out I wasn't able to confirm earlier today."

Jhoni hesitated, now looking nervous, and then looked down at the thick folded blanket next to the ottoman, and then looked at me a moment, and then back over her right shoulder at the door to the outer office diagonally from her.

"I locked the outside door," I told her, thinking that was her concern. "No one will barge in ... unless they have their own key; and this late in the day on Friday afternoon, well..."

I shrugged the shoulders of my light-blue shirt. I'd taken my dark-red silk power tie off earlier in the day and put it with my suit jacket.

"Now, Jhoni, kneel down for me," I told her, easing her hand down with mine again.

"Ahmmm, okay," Jhoni said bobbing her head, sounding unsure. But she acquiesced, and then gracefully knelt, releasing my hand and folding both legs at once, putting her sliver-gray hose-covered knees down on the thick four-folds of quilted moving blanket. She rested her small hands on the fine oxblood leather of the ottoman cushion in front of her. Then she looked back up over the right shoulder of her light-gray-colored suit jacket at me as her silky hair sort of slowly swished to a rest. Her fine blonde eyebrows went up, as if asking me what was next.

"So you don't have your jacket in the way..." I told the twenty-five-year-old blonde kneeling before me as I leaned forward and I put my fingers inside her jacket at the lapels and started easing the nice material back and off her shoulders, " ... let me just take this and hang it up for you while you help me out."

As I started to remover her jacket, Jhoni resisted for a moment. But when I continued, she flexed her shoulders back and wiggled her torso as her jacket began to come off her upper arms. From slightly behind her and looking down, I watched as the never-before seen four inches of her firm deep cleavage showed from her vee-neck while Jhoni's full, cream knit sweater jiggled from the movement of her covered luxurious breasts. The light-gray jacket slipped completely down her arms until she was free of it and I held the nice jacket in my hands.

I turned to the small coat tree back by the door and took a heavy wooden clothes hanger from one of the lower hooks, putting her jacket on the hanger. And I then hung the garment on one of the upper coat horns of the brass tree.

When I turned back, Jhoni had her hands resting on the ottoman again and she watched me over her right shoulder with nervous uneasiness written in the set of her face and radiating from her general demeanor.

I looked at her silver-gray hose-encased calves sticking out behind her on the folded blanket with the hem of her thin pleated light-gray dress and its navy-blue bands hiding the backs of her knees. The spikes of her navy-blue high heels angled up toward the top of the wall and the ceiling, her feet resting on the area carpet of that side of the back office. Her ankles were about a foot apart. Her bottom looked like it promised to be magnificent, draped in the thin light-gray pleats. Her wonderful hips and the thin navy-blue belt set of her surprisingly trim waist as her back tilted slightly forward over her locked arms while she rested her hands against the leather ottoman.

I was abruptly aware of my cock hardening even more as it moved down the inside of my left leg while held back by my boxers under my pant leg. I was sure Jhoni would be able to see the bulge in my loose dress pants, but at the moment she was looking up into my eyes. I didn't care if she saw I was aroused, in fact, I hoped she saw the effect she was having on me.

"Mmmmm ... now what?" Jhoni asked me, and her blue eyes went wide when her gaze dropped down over the middle of my body. She blushed to the point I thought her face might burst into flames, but she didn't avert her eyes.

"Now, bend over the ottoman and rest your hands on the carpet on the other side. Lean forward so your breasts are not on the cushion. Do you understand what I'm telling you to do?"

"Ohhhh ... mmmm..." Jhoni stuttered, looking away from me. She seemed to either be picturing my words in her mind or deciding if she should flee right now. And then, taking a deep breath, the twenty-five-year-old wife of the Indian doctor nodded her head.

" ... I guess ... if you want..."

Her shoulder-length blonde hair took on a life of its own responding to her movements as she bent over the oxblood-colored leather ottoman and put her small hands down on the carpet on the other side of the huge antique foot rest. When her large breasts in her cream-colored knit sweater crushed into the far edge of the cushion Jhoni let out a quiet uuhmm.

Then Jhoni pushed her body forward over the short width of the leather-covered cushion, her bottom going up slightly and her thighs moved back a bit as she moved. Her cream-colored knit sweater slipped over the oxblood leather until her breasts dropped down free of the cushion and hung a good six or seven inches below her chest.

From where I was standing over her, the sides of her hanging breasts looked huge and firm in the thin knit top. Her stomach now rested on the oxblood cushion. I looked back and saw the front of her pleated skirt-covered hips were now tight up against the edge of the leather ottoman. Her thighs under her skirt angled back and down to her knees on the folded movers' blanket. Jhoni's stocking-covered calves were parted about a foot or so. Seeing her in that vulnerable posture gave me another firm jolt of lust and desire for her.

I could feel the sexual tension building up in the room around us. Right then, with the way things seemed to be turning out, I gave myself permission to fuck Jhoni if she gave me half a chance, and damn any consequences.

"Now, Jhoni," I told her as I stepped behind her and gazed down at her magnificent bottom pushing back and up in the air under her pleated skirt. "What is the first thing that pops into your mind that I can do with you in this position?"

"Mmmmm," Jhoni mumbled, I could hear embarrassment and uncertainty growing in her soft, sweet voice.

"Uhhh... ," Jhoni said, a tremble in her voice, "I, ahmmm ... don't know..."

"You once told me your husband has only ever had sex with you in the missionary position. Is that the truth?"

Her posture went from concerned and anxious to rigid.


Looking forward and away from me, Jhoni gave two short quick affirmative nods of her head; causing her silky blonde hair to move as the weight of it caused her long locks to slip from her upper back and over the front of her shoulders to hang down around her face.

"So, you have never had sex with your body in this position before?"

Startled, Jhoni inhaled deeply and held her breath a moment.

"I want you tell me, Jhoni," I told her in a quiet voice.

" ... ahh ... yes..." Jhoni whispered, her breathing rate starting to increase as I watched her bent over the ottoman in front of me. " ... I ... have..."

"Now admitting that to me wasn't hard to do," I asked her, "was it? Nothing you tell me will change the way I feel about you, Jhoni. I promise you that."

"Mmmmm ... okay," Jhoni said in a meek voice as her head moved and she looked down at the floor. She didn't sound all that much reassured.

"So, you weren't a virgin when you were married."

"Ahhh ... well..." Jhoni admitted softly to the floor. " ... no..."

"How old were you the first time?"

"Ahhh, it's..." I heard Jhoni whisper, "supposed to be ... mmmm ... a secret..."

"Jhoni, remember when we discussed my becoming your writing mentor, you agreed you would always tell me the truth about anything I ever asked you?"

I could tell just by looking at her, bent over the ottoman, she was deeply considering something. It was apparent there was a lot tension in the air, and some of it wasn't sexual in nature. But a lot of it was sexual; in addition to what ever Jhoni was struggling with right now, I told myself.

"I want you to share that information with me..." I said to her. " ... it would please me very much."

"Ohhh kayy..." Jhoni said slowly, taking a deep breath that moved her entire upper body on the cushion of the oxblood ottoman. She sighed. Her shoulders sort of sagged at her decision and her elbows bent a bit as she kept part of the weight of her arms down on her hands against the carpet, I guessed.

"Well..." Jhoni said to the carpet, sounding reluctant. " ... it was the night ... you know, before my ... ahhhh ... fourteenth birthday..."

"That young—were you in love?" I found myself asking her. I was completely surprised at Jhoni's answer. Then I reminded myself; she had grown up in southern California from the mid-sixties to the late-seventies.

"Ummmm ... no..." Jhoni told the carpet on the floor quietly. "I ... no."

"Were you forced?" I asked, almost afraid of what I might hear.

"Aahhhhhh..." Jhoni started, and I heard ongoing consideration in her voice as she seemed to think about her answer. " ... no ... He just told me, you know ... mmmm, what to do. Sort of ... mmm ... like now."

"And you did what he told you to do?"

"Oh," Jhoni replied quickly, almost sounding surprised that I might think she wouldn't have obeyed, "yes, I did."

"Did he tell you what to do ... often—after that first time?" I asked, unable to help myself from being an excited voyeur to Jhoni's past.

"Uu-huh..." Jhoni told me and nodded her head at the floor.

"And, when did he stop telling you what to do?"

"Mmmmm ... I was almost, you know ... seventeen ... and-a-half," Jhoni said, sounding embarrassed.

Then a thought hit me.

"How old were you when he started telling you things to do?"

"Mmmmm ... I was ... wellllll..." Jhoni said from down on the ottoman, " ... eleven ... and-a-half ... I guess..."

I hadn't thought anything Jhoni might tell me now would surprise me any more; I'd been wrong.

"I am sorry if my questions are making you uncomfortable, Jhoni," I told her, more due to my own feelings than hers, as I was wondering who this boy had been. "If they are making you uncomfortable, I'll stop right now."

"Mmmmm ... well ... I think..." Jhoni said, sounding a little less anxious, "I'll tell ... But ... I've never told on him ... before."

"Okay, I'd like to hear about what happened. You can tell me all about that part of your life if you feel like it," I told Jhoni. As a bunch of questions were fighting to fill my mind concerning more elements of her early sexual history—who had this kid been; where did she meet him; where had they gotten together; what all had he had Jhoni do—I concentrated to stay on my task at hand.

"Maybe you can tell me after dinner, when we have some drinks; okay? But now, I want you to answer some other questions I ask."

"I guess..."

"Thank you," I said, feeling the tide of our emotional energies beginning to build up again around us here in the back office of the magazine; and I was drinking it all in.

"So, you picked-out the panties you are wearing right now ... thinking of me—to please me?"

Bent over in light-gray pleats and her cream knit top across the oxblood-red ottoman on the carpeted section of the back office, the twenty-five-year-old woman said something I couldn't hear.


" ... yes..." Jhoni told me a bit louder, her voice still meek. Jhoni's blonde head tilted up and she faced toward the far wall and the other work table.

I could hear her breathing heavier and could see her shoulders and the sides of her cream-colored thin knit top moving.

"Do your panties match your bra?"

" ... uu-huh," she mumbled and I saw she barely nodded her head, moving her blonde hair slightly.

"Spread your knees apart so I can kneel behind you, Jhoni," I told her.

I heard Jhoni inhale deeply and her body stiffed up. I stepped between her stocking-covered calves onto the thick folded over blanket. The blanket ended at her ankles. I gently nudged her inner right calf with the side of my dress shoe and Jhoni moved her knees apart so her thighs under her pleats were at almost a forty-five degree angle to each other, causing the weight of her womanly hips to settle on the cushion of the ottoman and her dress to climb-up the back of her knees about an inch-and-a-half.

I knelt down with the knees of my dress pants between Jhoni's silver-gray stocking-covered calves. I could feel her agitation grow as I settled behind her bent over body; her magnificent bottom toward me and prominent. I could feel the energy boiling around us and between us. My cock was hard and hot against the moist skin of my left thigh.

"Now tell me, Jhoni," I asked her, "what can I do with you ... bent over as you are now?"

"Ahhhh ... have ... mmmm..." Jhoni's meek voice ventured to the carpet, " ... sex with me?"

"To do that," I told her, "you are going to have to pull your skirt up out of the way for me. Correct?"

" ... yes..."

"And when you do that, you'll show me the sexy panties you picked-out to wear for me. Correct?"

Jhoni just nodded her blonde head, the rest of her body still sort of stiff in front of me.

"Then rest your weight completely on the cushion and reach back with your hands and get hold of the material of your very attractive skirt for me, Jhoni."

"Uhhhhh ... okay..." Jhoni said hesitantly as she slowly lowered her shoulders down, putting all of the weight of her upper body on the leather ottoman. "James ... I'm wearing ahhhh, you know ... a full silk, mmm, slip ... too..."

"You have very sophisticated tastes," I told Jhoni, smiling to myself. I was sure she could hear my pleasure in my voice. "You should dress up more often, because I think you look very attractive and appealing when you do. I'm going to be very proud to be in your company when we finally do go to dinner this evening. Now ... pull just your skirt up on your lower back for right now."

"Wellllllll..." Jhoni drew out her answer and I could almost hear another thought process going on in her soft voice as she was deciding what to do.

"You told me you picked-out your underclothes thinking of me—for me; right?" I asked Jhoni, looking at her alluring posture across the ottoman in front of me. "You know, when a woman goes to all that trouble for a man, part of her mind is preparing for him to actually see her in her sexy bra and panties. So ... I think we both want me to see what you're wearing underneath your clothes this afternoon.

"And, if you are going to fuck me, Jhoni ... like we both know you are going to..." I told her, " ... pulling you skirt up for me is the next step for you to take."

" ... uhhmmm...

" ... I guess..." Jhoni finally replied, and the stiffness went out of her body with her semi-admission as she gently rested the bottom of her chest fully against the oxblood cushion and lifted her hands off the carpet. She brought her arms around and back next to the sides of her cream-colored knit sweater, her hands coming to rest by her full, womanly hips highlighted by her pleated light-gray skirt.

Well, I told myself, reveling in her acquiescence; this is the first part of Jhoni's submission. I was right about this part of her personality.

And with both of her fists gripping the light-gray material just below her hips, she slowly raised the rear of her pleated skirt up the backs of her thighs, revealing the bottom part her cream-colored thin silk slip. Slowly the hem of her light-gray pleated skirt followed as her elbows moved out on either side of her ribcage and Jhoni brought her hands up. The bottom hem with the navy-blue bands gradually rose over the silky slip-draped cheeks of her magnificent bottom.

When the material of the skirt was just above her lower back, Jhoni stopped moving her arms and sort of froze in place; her neck stiff and her blonde head looking toward the small light table and the wall.

Now she was breathing faster and deeper, and I could see it in the movement of her back. And I could hear her as she inhaled and exhaled. I could smell a hint of wonderful fragrance that must be her perfume. It was sandalwood and some other elements I couldn't bring to mind and identify.

Under the very thin cream silk material of her slip that hung to just above the backs of her sliver-gray hose-covered knees and seemed almost molded to her bottom, I could see the slightly raised outline of not only her very low cut brief panties; I could also see under the thin material of her slip the outline of a skinny arched garter belt that wrapped around her thin waist about five inches above the outline of the waist band of her sexy low cut underwear. I could also see the traces of her garters that seemed to be running under her panties and down the backs of her angled thighs, draped with her clinging slip.

I was mesmerized by the sight of the top of her panties ending about half-way up the ripe curves of her full bottom under the thin silk. The panties she'd picked to wear for me were quite daring, for the Jhoni I'd thought I knew before today.

"Now it is finally time for you to show me your panties," I told her. I could hear the suppressed excitement in my own voice.

"I, ahhh... ," Jhoni said, her voice muffled by her blonde hair and the fact she was facing away from me and sounding like she was thinking about my last statement.

The material of her skirt was still held tight in either of her fists beside her upper waist; the elbows of her cream knit sweater were both sticking out on either side of her and resting on the long oxblood-red cushion of the ottoman. She relaxed her neck a bit and was now looking down at her hair pooling toward the carpet on the other side of the leather ottoman.

" ... well ... if that is what you ... want..." Jhoni softly agreed, sounding embarrassed, as she continued breathing deeply but still not moving to take the next step.

"Did you show boys your panties when you were a girl?" I asked her, drinking in the sight of her thin silk slip draping her bent over form in front of me. "You know, playing doctor, or something like that?"

"Ohhh ... no," Jhoni said, suddenly sounding adamant. "I never showed boys ... I always tried to be ... ummmm ... a good girl."

"I suspect you did try, sweetheart..." I told her, thinking that, from what she'd confessed to me earlier, she'd only made it to eleven-and-a-half. And I promised myself I'd get Jhoni to tell me all about that relationship over our drinks after dinner.

"So ... under that thin sexy slip, I can tell you're wearing a garter belt, Jhoni. I like that," I said, realizing she wasn't quite ready to go any further yet. But I wasn't upset at her reluctance; I was focused for a moment on my erection, which was beginning to throb in response to all the emotional and sexual tension radiating from Jhoni. And, I was slightly mesmerized by all of the promise of what was to come, bent over in front of me in the back office of the student literary magazine.

"Well ... ah," Jhoni said to the floor in her sweet low voice, and sounding even more embarrassed as she continued. "You know ... ahhhh ... Raychelle says..."

I continued memorizing her sexy plush bottom and thighs though her molded thin cream-colored silk slip and speculated about her tiny panties of unknown color. Was it cream-colored or silver?

"And ... what does Raychelle say?" I asked Jhoni.

Raychelle was a third-year reporter at the student newspaper around the corner and down the long hall. She was also a member of the writers' group. The two of us had been having sex since last spring. Raychelle knew I wasn't looking for someone to call my girlfriend. She seemed okay with our arrangement and sometimes went out on dates with other guys. We both seemed to relish her accounts of what happened between her and her date when she'd gone out with someone else. And Raychelle always got excited while telling me all about her experiences as I slowly undressed her and felt her up each time.

"Hummm? Won't you tell me?" I asked Jhoni when she didn't respond.

"Well ... ahhhh ... you," Jhoni whispered louder, her chest was starting to move more against the cushion of the ottoman with her increased breathing, which I could hear even more audibly as she talked. "You ... don't want a girl ... wearing, ahhh, pantyhose."

She let go of the material of her raised skirt and it settled on her lower back as the tension went out of her bent arms resting out away from her ribs on the ottoman.

"Okay ... now it is time, Jhoni..." I told her, " ... for you to slowly pull up your slip and show me the panties and garter belt you picked-out to wear for me this afternoon."

"Mmmmm ... oookay," Jhoni said, sounding hesitant and emotional as she moved her hands back and got fistfuls of thin creamy silk just below her magnificent covered bottom.

"Pull up your slip and show me the sexy panties you're wearing for me," I said again, trying to suppress my excitement and feeling like I was herding her along with my words as I looked down at Jhoni.

Holding her fists in place with her thumbs trapping the silk of her slip, Jhoni started stretching out the fingers of both hands to drag the material of her cream-colored undergarment up, while holding the accumulated slip with her thumbs. The bottom hem started moving up her legs from just above the backs of her silver-gray hose-covered knees as she worked, exposing her shapely lower thighs.

Her thumbs collected more of the thin silk each time she brought her fingers up into her stationary fists. The hem of her slip crept up the backs of her well-shaped silvery hose-covered thighs, revealing more of the sexy curves of her toned upper legs.

Finally, with her slip way up her legs, I saw where her rear garters snapped to the reinforced bands at the top of each of her silver-gray stockings and sharply pulled that part of each stocking upward. The garters were matching silver-gray and measured up about three inches of naked skin on the back of each thigh before disappearing into the gathered silk material of the rising slip curtain hiding Jhoni's most secret heaven.

As the hem of her slip reached both of her fists, Jhoni stopped. The slip was within an inch of beginning to reveal her panty-covered mound from behind and about three-and-a-half inches above her tight stocking tops. I could tell by her heavy breathing that what Jhoni was doing was making her very agitated; whether it was from excitement or nervousness or fear or some of all three, I didn't know.

Jhoni's fists started to tremble and she made a small sobbing sound.

"You are sooo sexy, sweetheart..." I found myself saying out loud.

" ... but, are you okay, Jhoni?" I asked her.

She nodded her blonde head yes and her hands kept trembling, holding the silk of her slip up just below her crotch; her open thighs angling out and down to her stocking covered knees and lower legs on either side of my own knees.

"Mmmmm ... you said ... ahhhh, you think ... mmm ... I came here too... you know..." Jhoni said, still holding her slip up to just below the cheeks of her ripe, heart-shaped bottom. It sounded to me that she might be starting to give into her highly emotional state and maybe cry.

"—to fuck me?" I softly asked Jhoni, feeling an up-rushing of affection for her as it swamped through my body and my being with a warm, buzzing tide.

Jhoni didn't react to my words.

"You know I understand how you are, Jhoni," I stressed to her, sitting back on my feet between her spread legs, gazing at the back of her blonde head, and seeing her thin sweater-covered back and sides of her chest moving with her ragged breathing.

"And this ... is how you are, Jhoni," I told her. "You need to surrender to a dominate man. I know it. Part of you knows it. And ... we both know that your husband ... hasn't got a clue about it...

"You, Jhoni, are a submissive. And, you are here to fuck me." I stated. There, I told myself, I'd said it out loud to her.

I watched Jhoni breathing raggedly, bent over the ottoman in front of me.

" ... mmmmm..." Jhoni sort of mumbled as a tremor went down her spine making her slip-covered bottom jiggle between her full fists pulling the material tight over her plush cheeks. And then she sniffed. " ... I ... guess...

" ... I am..."

I sat up off my feet, to my knees, and leaned forward. Using each of my hands, I took the slick material of her slip out of the grasp of her fists as she relaxed her grip and surrendered the thin silk to my fingers. I could feel the heat off her skin against the backs of my fingers.

"And so?" I prompted her. "You are here to—"

"Mmmmm ... I'm here to..." Jhoni said, her voice becoming a bit louder than her previously meek whispers, " ... to ... fuck...

"If you want ... And, to learn how to please you..." Jhoni quickly added as an explosion of emotion and lust blasted through my middle in response to her words. And all those feelings settled in my throbbing cock and choked up my heart as I started breathing through my mouth while my blood pounded through my veins.

Jhoni brought her hands up her sides along the oxblood leather cushion and moved her arms until her small hands were back down on the carpet in front of her. She arched her shoulders up and over her locked elbows and pushed her stomach down into the leather cushion. Then she was lifting and tilting her slip-covered bottom as she wiggled it against the thumb-sides of my fists holding her slip. Jhoni presented herself to me where I knelt between her angled out, opened stocking-covered thighs and legs as her ragged breathing increased.

I slowly lifted the last few inches of her slip up, following the finger-wide silver ribbons of her two rear garters above the three inches of her smooth naked thighs. The rising silk revealed the backside of Jhoni's magnificently ripe heart-shaped bottom, barely restrained in her stretched brief sheer silver panties which only cover the bottom half of her full bountiful smooth naked cheeks. Four inches of bare butt cleavage was lewdly displayed above the lacy elastic top of her tiny undies.

I could easily see her descending silver garters under the see-through material on either side of her deep crack; both items conspiring to display her curved ass in sexy, bound relief. Nestled between the bottom of both her sheer half-covered apple cheeks and her upper bare thighs, the small tight upward arc of ripe pouting re-enforced crotch material was stained almost completely transparent with the milky cream of her arousal.

The view was naughty looking as all hell, I told myself. My hungry eyes slowly directed my focus from the taut thin silver lace border of her left elastic leg gusset over the gooey wet, see-through veil which was plastered to the ripe outward bulge of her split open, curly blonde adorned pussy lips which were now displayed like the downward pointing and open proverbial bearded man-eating clam that it was.

God, I just wanted to bite down and eat her womanly ass through those wonderfully erotic brief panties that only covered the bottom half of her magnificent full bottom.

I pushed the silk slip up over the crest of her heart-shaped butt and dropped the material onto her upper waist, covering her rumpled pleated skirt. With her skirt and slip up on her lower back the arc of her silver garter belt was a thin material band revealed going around the top of her full womanly hips and called attention to Jhoni's dainty waist. The two back garters, coming from the thin belt and going under the elastic waist of her naughty tiny panties, pointed my eyes back down at her magnificent ass and wet bulging pussy framed by her filmy briefs.

I was breathing heavily through my nose and the air was now fragrant with Jhoni's arousal and it hit my nervous system like a sex bomb.

" ... wowwww..." I managed to whisper, my mouth open to help me breath.

Jhoni craned her graceful neck around to her left and she looked part way back at me over the shoulder of her thin cream-colored sweater. The skin of her face which I could see was almost bright red as tears tracked down her high cheekbone from her blue left eye. Her right eye was hidden behind the curved bridge of her cute upturned nose. Jhoni had no dirty eyeliner streaks mixed in with the honest tracks of her tears. There was a small grin forming on her left cheek, showing me a dimple.

I felt my blooming smile connect with her, thinking my own cheeks were going to cramp if my smile got any bigger.

"Should I ... mmmm..." Jhoni enquired, as actual excitement seemed to start wreathing her features as she sniffed and then smiled back at me.

"You know ... take my panties... down. So you can... fuck me now?" Jhoni asked me, sounding almost amused and a little bit excited at the same time.

"Does your bra match your sexy panties?"

"Oh, yes!" Jhoni beamed excitedly at me as she shifted her shoulders to her left so she could look at me with both eyes even though her blonde hair swept down over the right side of her face. She swallowed and bobbed her blonde head. "Do you want to see?"

"Oh yes!" I said and laughed, as Jhoni pushed her shoulders up, resting her hands on the ottoman and causing her slip and skirt to slide down and cover her panties and the backs of her legs from my view.

"Let me ... ahhh, take off my sweater first," Jhoni said and crossing her arms down in front of her and, pulling the knit top out of the waist of her skirt, she started working the thin cream material up her sides and lower back.

I moved my arms around her and found the buckle of her thin belt and worked it open. Then I pulled her belt free of the loops of her skirt with my left hand. I brought it around her back and then draped the thin navy-blue belt on the right end of the ottoman cushion as she slowly drew the sweater up her torso revealing the back of her low slip bodice.

I looked and saw a hidden zipper and clasp in a pleat at the back center of her skirt and reached out with both hands. First releasing the double clasp hooks, I then eased the zipper the short way down to the end of its travel. Jhoni got the sweater over her head and shook down her shoulder length blonde hair causing her single line of upward curls to bounce back to life all around the bottom edge of her silky tresses.

I pushed the opened light-gray skirt off her full hips and then down her bottom, the cream silk slip making the going easy and sexy. As the pleated material pooled around her now spread knees, Jhoni looked back over her bare right shoulder at me and smiled; the long thin slip strap and thin bra strap making her smooth skin even more alluring. The edges of her shoulders looked so inviting to me I wanted to start kissing her skin there.

Still looking back at me, Jhoni pushed down on the ottoman cushion with both hands and, raising her magnificent bottom, lifted her knees up off the folded thick blanket. She arched both of her elegant blonde eyebrows in invitation to proceed. I knee-walked over her right leg with both my knees to get out of the way and then I managed to get the pleated skirt under her lifted knees and drag the material back down over her shapely calves as she rested her knees on the movers' blanket again. She lifted both of her high heels as I slipped the skirt free. I quickly folded the skirt and gently tossed it onto the seat of the deep cushioned reading chair in the corner.

"Take off my slip, please," Jhoni told me. She was up on her knees and had swiveled her hips part way around so she could look back at me easier. Her body was right there near me as I was upright on my knees. Only her left hand was resting down on the ottoman for support now. I saw tears twinkling at the edges of her blue eyes as she smiled at me; the silky skin of her cheeks still wet with tear tracks.

"Mmmmmm ... I'm sorry..." Jhoni announced, seeing I noticed her tears and smiling at me. "I'm happy!"

"You are?" I asked her, teasingly.

" ... ahhhh ... I guess I've, you know, sort of dreamed of this happening..." she admitted, " ... for some time..."

I just gazed at her face and drank in her beauty.

" ... mmmm, you know..." Jhoni said tilting her head toward me, thinking I didn't know what she was referring too. " ... you, making me ... mmmm ... fuck...

"I so hoped you would understand ... ahhh, how I am. And, you do! Thank you!

"Ohhhh ... And, I just love to say that word ... and words like it ... You know, out loud ... without being afraid of his silent disapproval each time," Jhoni told me, her voice suddenly sounding sultry and much lower than her normal speaking voice.

"Fuck ... there, I said it ... just for you...

"Make me fuck, James," this new Jhoni told me, as she looked deep into my eyes with a challenge. She confidently reached out and touched my chest of my shirt with her right hand and she smiled a brilliant smile in response to my look of shock.

"Fuck my hot—wet—pussy..." she growled out to me, her eyes taking on a predatory look.

"Oooooo, yes..." Jhoni vamped as she smiled, her blue eyes flashing.

Jhoni was not only sounding like an entirely different woman to my ears; but her whole presence was suddenly that of someone I didn't know—it was almost, I told myself—scary, as this new woman was savoring how the words felt coming off her tongue. It was obvious to me she was reveling in each word and statement she dared me with.

"Make me fuck you, James..." this new Jhoni told me, caressing the chest of my shirt with her dainty right hand. "Whenever you want it, however you want it—I hope you fuck my mouth—gosh, even fuck me in the car, after dinner—I want you to take me to you house after we have drinks ... and fuck me... all night long...

"I'll suck your cock, to get you hard each time afterwards—fuck me until I'm sore ... Fuck me in the morning, bent over in the shower. Owwww ... yes ... my mother was right ... I am a naughty girl who needs close looking after ... But, with you ... I am not going to care anymore...

"James ... remove my slip and fuck me right now!" Jhoni commanded, and then giggled joyously at her words. "I want you to cum inside of me!"

Swiveled part way around on her womanly hips toward me, Jhoni raised her arms up over her head and watched me; waiting for me.

I put the fingers of both hands under the silk hem of her slip and, catching the material with my thumbs, I raised it up her thighs. Her right thigh and hip was twisted back in my direction.

Jhoni managed to move her knees a bit further apart as I dragged the gathering silk above her half-covered bubble-butt which was half way pointing to my left, with that glorious cleavage appearing out of the top of her scanty panty. Clearing her dainty waist, the rising collection of slip exposed the increasing expanse of skin up her shapely back and lower right side. Brushing the accumulating slippery material along the bumps of her spine as I counted her right ribs, I revealed the back and side of her silvery sheer bra. Her full big D cup right tit was framed by her low demi-bra, her hard long nipple almost popping free of the see-through material that exposed the upper part of her dark quarter-sized areola.

And then I helped her get her head and blonde hair clear of the whole tangled slip.

I dropped the slip on the carpeted floor to the right of the ottoman and knee-stepped back over Jhoni's right calf as she spread her stocking-covered knees apart on the folded blanket to make room for me between her legs again.

Closing my eyes, I reached under both of her arms and around Jhoni chest, cupping the undersides of her large heavy full breasts in the palms of my hands. I pulled her to me and contorted my neck and shoulders to kiss the naked skin of her right shoulder. Jhoni leaned her weight back into me. Her skin was warm under my lips; my fingers reporting what I'd just seen; Jhoni's breasts were precariously balanced in wispy demi-cups that scarcely contained her long hard nipples.

Jhoni groaned and pushed her bottom back against the upper thighs of my thin suit pants as I played with her voluptuous tits through the floss of her skimpy bra. She brought her left hand around behind her between us and found my erection down the inside of my left thigh under my suit pants. She gently gripped it and then stroked up and down the length of my cock as I continued to kiss her right shoulder, moving my lips toward her graceful neck. She smelled of sandalwood, rich vanilla, and saffron, and of her woman's arousal and damp warm skin.

"Oh... James..." Jhoni husked out in her new deeper voice.

"Do you like my breasts?" she asked, baring her neck by tilting her head as I hefted her teats individually, testing the strength of her sexy bra cups. "Ohhhhh ... my nipples ache for you..."

Then Jhoni managed to navigate her right arm around my intervening bicep as she moved her right hand behind her hips. She fumbled with both her hands at first until she found what she searched for and she was able to attack my belt as I nuzzled the base of her neck at her shoulder. I could feel her heart beat in the palm of my left hand holding her bountiful left breast.

Once Jhoni loosened the end of my belt from the loops of my pants, she worked it free of the buckle. After she unsnapped and unzipped me, my pants slipped from the weight of the loose material down my hips and stopped around my bent knees on the folded blanket.

Still working her hands behind her back with my arms in the way as I played with her tits, Jhoni managed to push down my boxers and get my hard cock free of my underwear and out from between the front tails of my shirt. She stroked me once, twice, and a third time, held in her backwards feather light grip.

She started to push the head of my long weeping plot down between the top of the cheeks of her apple-full bottom. Catching the now wet crown of my cock in the very low elastic of her waist band, Jhoni forced my stiff erection down into the back of her brief panties against the hot, moist skin in the cushioned valley made by the magnificent globes of her ass.

I let go of Jhoni's incredible tits and, leaning back from her a little, started unbuttoning my shirt from the bottom up. As soon as the buttons were worked opened, I peeled the shirt off my shoulders. Then I struggled to get my tee-shirt over my head, tossing it on top of my shirt on the carpet next to the reading chair. My hands reached back around Jhoni's chest and took up her soft, supple big breasts again, hefting them gently and tweaking her nipples, now freed from her flimsy bra cups. She sucked in air through her teeth.

Ever so slowly guiding me down, with her left hand still lightly gripping the base of my cock, I felt the hypersensitive tip clumsily brushed over the fleshy cup of her damp anus. I nudged against her pucker feeling her damp heat on my cock head, pillowed deep between her magnificent bottom cheeks.

"Ooooowww..." Jhoni crooned, and just held the base of my cock in place, the tip pressing firmly into her bum hole, " ... oh, James ... I've never..."

As she leisurely sucked in a long lungful of air through her teeth, Jhoni gently worked her full ripe bottom backward, testing the resulting feelings as she teased the tight damp wrinkles of her fundamental opening against the blunt head of my questing hard cock.

The sexy-crazy sensations on my erection, as well as the idea of taking her anal cherry made me growl deep in my chest.

Yes, the prospect of taking Jhoni in her virgin backdoor thrilled me and the lust-filled excitement almost took on a life of its own as it suddenly welled up inside me, pushing aside any other consideration.

I must have Jhoni completely; but have patience, I managed to tell myself. It wasn't time to force the issue of plucking her anal cherry. That should wait for a ceremonial deflowering back at my Loft with at least lots of warmed lubrication; a full body massage; and, maybe a light spanking first. And, I wanted to capture it all on video tape. I would also tell her what was going to happen to her well in advance so she would experience several hours, maybe days, of anticipation and I could see if the idea excited her over time, or if she developed a reluctance to that part of her submission to me.

"Ooooohhhh..." Jhoni giggled in a low sultry voice, as she held herself tight against the tip of my prong, her bottom resisting penetration. "Are you going to start taking your pleasure in here, also?"

With that reaction, she didn't seem reluctant to me at all right now. And I growled low in the back of my throat in response and squeezed both of her hard nipples individually between my thumbs and index fingers. Jhoni sucked in air again and moved her now quarter-covered full breasts against my palms.

"So, so very naughty..." Jhoni sighed lustfully; her neck and head going back against the naked skin of my left shoulder. "Ohhhh ... the things you are going to make me do..."

"And, you've sucked cock before," I stated as I nuzzled down into the side of her neck, my attention divided between the feelings of my lips on her skin, her hefty tits, and her warm cushioning bottom, her anus, and her fist touching the parts of my erection.

"Oh, yes, I have ... Before I lost my virginity..." Jhoni whispered almost proudly to me, her liquid voice still that of some other woman, as she rubbed her cheek and ear against the hair on the left side of my head as I kissed the skin of her shoulder near her neck. " ... but never for my husband..."

"You will accept..." I said and gently pressed the crown of my cock firmly against her clutched sphincter.

"Ooooooo... Anything ... But first..." Jhoni promised me, and she gently force the hard nub end of my cock from the sexy cup of her anus with her dainty grip at the root of my thick flesh member, to rub the head through the heat and slippery friction found just beneath both of the cushiony cheeks of her magnificent ass.

I moved my knees apart to get my hips lower as she moved me until the crown tip and head of my hardness felt wet curls and hot slick lips down between the tops of her thighs.

" ... take your pleasure here ... for now... Make me... Teach me how to please you..."

"Are you on any kind of birth control?" I asked Jhoni, raising my face from her neck and I leaned back and kissed the back of her head, her soft scented silky hair caressing my lips. I continued kneading the bottoms of her breasts through the flimsy tight demi-cups that no-longer trapped her nipples in gauze.

"No ... But ... I should be safe for another, mmmm..." Jhoni said excitedly as she let go of my cock. Then she reached around with both her hands up between her breasts, where she released the front closure hooks on her bra. " ... nine days or so."

The tension of her thin bra cups went slack and her naked tits and oh, so hard long nipples jiggled free into my palms.

"Ohhhh, yes..." Jhoni moan filled the otherwise quiet back office.

Jhoni bent forward a bit causing my hands come loose from her chest, and she pushed her brief panties down the short ways to just below the bottom cheeks of her butt. Jhoni moved both of my hands back on her full heavy breasts again while she leaned further away from me, resting her left hand on the cushion of the ottoman. She lowered her right shoulder to reach between her spread thighs with her free right hand and found the head of my cock with her delicate fingers.

Jhoni tickled along its length, filling me with more excitement as she explored my erection with her touch. Then she partially fisted my stiff rod a few times before she awkwardly guided the flared sensitive crown through the hot silky furrow and folds of her delicate slick pussy lips.

Moving it slightly behind her, she notched the head into the weeping creamy mouth of her tight womanhood. Jhoni eased her hips back, guiding the angle of my manhood with her fingers as she pushed backward and carefully penetrated herself with the tip of my rod.

Our joining sent shivering waves of pleasure up my spine and jolted my senses making my ass cheeks clench. The hot wet slippery pressure of her resisting flesh deliberately swallowing my hard cock took my breath away.

"... yessssss," Jhoni hissed out over clenched teeth.

Jhoni wiggled her bottom side to side and then further down onto my cock. Her opening was a creamy hot, tight vice that fought my intrusion every inch of the fucking joyous way. She worked herself back deeper into our fuck as she bent slightly lower over the ottoman. Electricity seemed to snap along my every synapse from the tip of my straining erection, through my balls, and up my spine, clenching my jaws, and into my ringing brain.

"Oooooooo ... yes..." Jhoni sighed as she tested her hips gently back and forth, getting more of my hard flesh worked into her tight hot clasping pussy; while being careful that we not become unstuck. "You will want to do... this ... to me a lot? Because ... I am thinking ... I will gladly see to your pleasure ... whenever you wish."

And she eased our greasy joining deeper.

"And ... I know ... you'll be seeing Raychelle sometimes..." Jhoni giggled, doing incredible things to the tight skin of my buried cock inside her clamping tunnel.

"So, you are telling me, Jhoni, that you would be happy ... to be a third wife to me?" I asked Jhoni as she skewered herself against me, finally pushing her magnificent cushy naked butt cheeks against my bare hips, as I recall some of the cultural functions of each wife in her faith's concept of marriage.

"Ohh! Yes! You remembered," Jhoni gushed excitedly and squeezed my cock firmly before slowly rippling her muscles along the length of my fully imbedded erection, as if to show me what she could do for my pleasure. "I will see to any of your kinky desires as third wife—or mistress—I'm not good with children."

I moaned and pushed even deeper, pulling her against me using her full, bounteous tits.

"Do you like this?" Jhoni giggled again, making me shiver repeatedly with her ability to control her muscles inside her voluptuous body.

"Oh, yes, sweet baby," I replied as I started to stroke against her backward thrusting bottom.

"Yes, I will be you third wife, or your mistress. I will be anything you want me to be ... for as long as you want it, you are my maalik..."

And Jhoni leaned her shoulders up and back into me, and turning her head up to me, straining for us to meet with our lips as our eyes smoked into each other's lidded gazes.

We kissed. And that joyous pleasure was triggering little flashes of lightening crackling behind my closed eyelids.

I was only conscious of my lips, her soft full lips; my tongue, her darting tongue; my soaked straining cock angling up into Jhoni's tight gripping hot wet center as we rocked unhurriedly against one another while I covered her naked back and bottom as we fucked.

Jhoni and I were fucking! The realization swept over me with a tidal wave of emotion, building satisfaction, and excitement.

Her back tilted away from my chest as Jhoni bent over the ottoman again. She pulled me down on top of her by gripping my forearms and not breaking our joining hips. We moved against each other as she rested her elbows on the leather cushion and gripped the far edge with her dainty hands. We both gasped in our breath while grinding together and slowly building our heavenly tension.

"Now, fuck my naughty pussy harder. Make me one of your women, my sardaar..." Jhoni husked out, humping herself back onto my cock again and again and again. Both of us began speeding up in unspoken harmony, my damp hips starting to slap against the cushion soft ripples of her magnificent butt, my stomach on her lower back as I squeezed her ripe, full tits, and her long hard nipples burned into my palms. I dug the toes of my dress shoes into the carpet behind us so my knees didn't slide on the four folds of blanket I knelt on between Jhoni's spread stocking-covered calves, knees and thighs.

"Now..." I jokingly laughed out loud to Jhoni while fighting back the ecstatic pressure building in my prostate and loins—my heart, "I only need to find ... a first and second wife, my sweetheart ... compatible with you ... as my newly discovered third wife..."

"Ooooooo ... yes!" Jhoni answered enthusiastically, and threw back her head violently enough into my left shoulder that her heavy silky blonde hair whipped back against my face as an electric buzz ramped up in my balls and she gripped my cock inside her twitching vice...

"James! James!" Jhoni called out, her body going rigid beneath me. "You're going to... make me cum!"

And then the flushing violent prolonged spasms of orgasm enveloped us both together, and I descended semi-senseless down into the warm ocean of rushing blood that was my beating heart.

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