A Very Loving Family
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Group Sex, Oral Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I was sure I'd found the perfect woman; she was pretty, intelligent, fun to be with and had a very active and imaginative sex-drive. But then we went to visit her family, her mom and dad and her brother and sister. That weekend showed me that I'd surely found a very loving family whose members were all attractive, intelligent, fun to be with and all had very active and imaginative sex-drives. A very loving family.

My experiences with sex were pretty much like most people, it started as a solo activity, then the first few girlfriends I had also were about as curious as I was about all the wonderful mysteries of the human body, especially the ones the opposite sex had under their clothing.

So, probably just like you, I did some exploring with girls through middle- and high school, finally getting to the real thing, need I say, even, when I was a sophomore in high school.

Her name was Marnie, she was a cute redhead with freckles everywhere. I got to see them all one afternoon when she asked me if I wanted to have sex, telling me that she was on the pill. Of course, I answered her right away and began my journey through the more interesting phase of life that included sex.

There were other girlfriends, of course, through college, even a fiancee. We didn't last through my senior year, then I was out.

I went into the workforce where I met Judy who became my fiancee and where this particular tale begins.

Judy was the most highly-sexed female I'd ever dated, she loved it in just about any form I could think of and she never seemed to get enough. Judy was also very relaxed about her body, which, by the way, was quite beautiful.

She was a conventionally-pretty young woman but naked, oh, man, she had it all. She was nicely put together with lots of curves, not pudgy at all, no, fairly slender with these lovely breasts that were slightly oversized for the rest of her. This added to her looks when she was in a bikini or naked. I tried to keep her naked as much as I could.

Her breasts were C-cup but on her they looked especially luscious with nipples that were pale pink and just wonderful to suck their hard centers.

I never asked her for any kind of sex, blow jobs, hand jobs, whatever, she always beat me to it. What a woman.

She had grown up with her Mom and Dad and a brother and a sister, both younger.

We had been dating for several months and getting pretty serious about each other so she suggested we go visit her family for a weekend. That seemed like a normal and expected next step in our relationship so we made plans to visit for the upcoming July Fourth weekend which was a long weekend as it turned out.

The Fourth was on a Friday so they had a cookout and we sat out after dark and watched the fireworks the town put on which were visible from their backyard.

They had given Judy and I the guest room which used to be her sister's room until she took over Judy's bedroom after she went off to college.

Her family was Ed and Anne, Danny, nineteen, and Melanie or Mel as she was called, fifteen. Her parents were an attractive couple in their forties and her siblings were also nice looking as was Judy, of course. In fact, Mel, the baby of the family was really a beautiful young woman.

The next morning as I was sleeping, I heard a soft knock on the door and saw that Judy was already up. So, I said to come in and it was Judy's Mom.

"I hope I'm not waking you up too early but there's something I wanted to talk with you about?"

"Um, yeah, sure," I told her as she closed the door. She stepped to the bed and sat down. "Is everything all right?" I asked.

"Oh, yes, don't worry, there's nothing wrong, I just wanted to have a chat."

Odd, I thought, but then she began, "I wanted you to know something about our family. I was hoping that Judy had told you about us but, now I find out she hasn't."

All I could think of is some genetic trait that might affect our children.

"Well, it turns out that she started to tell you about us several times and just never really did. So, I'm here to tell you myself.

"We are a very loving family and I mean that in the full sense of the term. We all love each other very much, Ed and me, Judy and Danny and Melanie."

"Yes, I've sensed that closeness, it's admirable."

"It may be much more than you expect. We each have sex together in the family. Judy and I and Mel with her father and Danny. That is something you need to know in case you want to change your mind about Judy."

"I ... I really don't quite know what to say. So, Judy's had sex with her dad and with brother?"

"I have sex with Ed and Danny as well. And if you want to be a part of our family, I'm here this morning to welcome you into our loving family. We're an incest family."

And with that, she opened her robe and slid it off her shoulders.

By any standards, Anne would be considered a MILF. My girlfriend got her looks directly from her mother, that was obvious, I thought, as she pulled back the covers and slid under.

"So, if you like the idea, I'll stay."

"I don't really know what to say. I suppose, well, every family is different and ... I don't guess this changes the way I feel about Judy. Maybe it even explains some things about her."

"Oh, like what?" her mother asked as I felt her fingers slide under the elastic of my boxers as she smiled at me.

"Well, she does love sex, I found that out about her early on. She's a tiger in bed."

"I think you'll find that runs in the family, Mike," she said as she rolled me over on my back, pulled off the boxers and swept away the covers, pulling my cock up straight to kneel over me slipping her wet lips over the crown.

She shifted around putting her butt up near my shoulder so I figured that was an invitation to play with her pussy which was framed so succulently between her thighs. I reached to touch her and when I did, she wiggled her butt so I began sliding my fingers around in the wetness of her crevice, then started pushing my finger inside.

I now knew exactly where Judy got not just her sexuality from but her talent sucking my cock. Yes, it was heavenly.

I laid there being sucked as I fingered my girlfriend's mother, wondering what this weekend was really going to be like now that I knew about her family.

"Mmm," she mumbled as she lifted up off my happy cock, "that should make you feel welcome, Mike," she said as she turned around and swung a leg up over me, reached under to steady me, then slowly slid down taking me inside as my hands went to her nice breasts.

"Judy really does look like you, Anne, she'd said she did but I really see the resemblance. And, she fucks just like you, if I can be so bold."

"Mmm, you can be as bold as you want. This is nice, Judy told me I'd love fucking you and I do. Welcome to the family, Mike. After we're finished, I'll have Melanie bring you breakfast in bed, if that's all right? She's all excited about sex with her sister's new boyfriend. I must say, Judy picked out a good man," she panted as she rocked up and down on me.

"So, I get Melanie next? I'm beginning to like this family a lot," I chuckled, adding, "What's Judy up to this morning?"

"Oh, she's in with Danny, I hope you understand, they've always been close, slept in the same bed most of their lives. We're kind of different in this family but, well, I hope Melanie and I can convince you that there's benefits."

"You're sure doing a good job of making your case, Anne, this is an unexpected pleasure," I told her as I rubbed her breasts while her tight pussy pulled on me each time she rocked forward.

"I was hoping I could convince you of the benefits. You get three women not just one. Most men would rather like that."

"This one sure would," I told her lying there being fucked so wonderfully.

"I was hoping you might. And so has Judy. She'll be happy that you seem to like the way our family operates. It's more fun this way, anyway."

"I guess so. I've just never known a family like this. It does have its benefits, that's for sure."

"Oh, wait until Melanie brings your breakfast. I think you'll never forget it," she chuckled as she rocked up and down, my hands enjoying her breasts. "She's such a pretty young girl."

"It's really a privilege to be so accepted into the family like this, with first you, then Melanie. And I agree, she's a beautiful young woman. I can see where your two daughters get it from."

"You're so sweet. Mmm, I'm feeling it now, yes, so good. Judy told me you were good. Yes, you're making me feel very good, Mike, you and I are going to get along very, very well."

I was sure hoping that would be the case. Judy's mom was just over forty, still quite pretty with a great figure. And she knew how to fuck for sure. She and I both got off that first time within seconds of each other.

As we laid there in each other's arms, she told me more about their family.

"We usually don't wear clothes when we're home together and if anyone wants sex they simply ask the person they want, I often ask Danny when I see him getting hard. And Ed often takes care of Judy or Melanie."

"Do you ever do a whole family get-together, all five of you?"

She laughed and said, "Oh, yeah, that's often how we spend our Sundays. It should be even more fun including you in our festivities, Mike. But, now, I should let Melanie bring you breakfast. And herself, she's really eager to have you. Judy's been telling her about you. So, don't go anywhere, she'll be up in a few minutes. I see you're up already," she snickered as her hand squeezed my hardening cock.

Judy's mom leaned over to kiss me, then got up and left the room. I just lay there, my head blitzed with all that was happening. I never had a clue that Judy's family might be anything out of the ordinary, now I'm finding out that I not only have a girlfriend, I have two other women to have sex with. And it seems as often as I wanted. Wow, what had I fallen into?

I soon found out when Melanie walked in carrying a tray. Naked.

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