Linda at Work

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Linda works for me. Her loser boyfriend does nothing special for Valentines Day for her. I get to treat her to a special tongue and cock time. (This story precedes Marooned with Gina)

Let me tell you about an incident involving Linda and myself. It happened about 10 years ago. Linda and I had been work-mates for approximately 2 years at the time. She was extremely intelligent and fast to pick up any new concepts. I hired her for her brains but I'd noted her looks more - well, at least since my wife had cut me off sexually. I'd had no wifey pussy for a while - and my eyes were straying lots.

Linda was a petite brunette with short curly hair. She had a beautiful smiling face; a nice figure with 36 B-cup tits; and a lovely ass.

On this particular day, I'd been testing potential new recruits for the company with an aptitude test. Linda had been supervising the test on my behalf. The day was Valentine's Day and Linda's loser boyfriend (James) had failed to do anything special for this special young lady - no flowers, no messages etc. She was looking extra good that day - her makeup was done to perfection and she was wearing a most intoxicating perfume.

It had been early afternoon when the testing had been completed. Linda and I were in a remote section of the building - an area not used for quite sometime. I'd noticed that she'd been a little distracted and I asked her why.

With tears in her eyes, she explained the lack of anything from James. It broke my heart to see her so sad. I stepped forward and put my arms around her - her head rested on my shoulder and her very firm left breast burrowed into my chest. She paused there for a few minutes before tilting her head upwards - leading with her lips as mine and hers collided into a passionate first kiss. Her arm slipped around my neck trapping me - pulling my lips harder to hers. Our tongues searched out the other - thrusting into each other's mouth.

My hand slipped down to her ass and pulled her tight against me. She couldn't miss feeling my rock-hard erection pushing into her tummy. I ground my cock against her as my hands grasped her ass cheeks and pulled her tight to me. Our passionate clinch seemed to go on and on for ages - in reality, it only lasted a few minutes.

We broke apart for a moment, and looked hestitantly at each other. We'd never been physical before - maybe a brief touch in passing, but certainly no suggestion of the hot and heavy kissing of a few minutes ago. Our eyes made contact - no words pass between us - we just hugged again and resumed kissing.

My hands wandered all over her back and down to her ass again - pulling her against me and my massive hardon. She pushed back at me this time - actively pushing against my cock.

My mind was turning somersaults - do I take it to the next level or not? The lack of pussy lately decided it for me - my hands grasped the side of her dress and pulled it upwards. Her dress was soon around her waist and my cock was pressing against her thong panties and bare skin. My hands grasped her bare ass - I loved the feel of her soft skin.

We stopped kissing for a moment - to mainly suck in some deep breathes. She looked up at me (I'm a bit taller than her) and said to me "Make my day special - I want you to fuck me!"

We should have be more sensible - she had a boyfriend and I was married (albeit to a bitch). But lust knows no bounds as we nodded to each other and started to strip naked. Linda was much faster than me - the dress, bra and thong were off her body in a flash. She kicked off her sandals and she was totally naked. I still had my trousers and undershorts to remove.

Linda knelt before me and helped me undo the trousers - pulling them and the undershorts down together until my cock sprang into view.

"Oh my god. You are so fucking huge. You're twice the size of James ... maybe a little bit more than twice."

As she continued to kneel, she grasped my cock and fed a couple of inches into her hot wet mouth before pausing. It was like having my cock into a hot liquid bath - her mouth was so wet and hot on my cock. She slid me in and out - sucking and licking me until my cock was covered in her wet saliva.

Linda then fed a little more cock in - now it was 5 inches in her mouth and 5 inches still outside. She looked up at me and made eye contact for a moment before sliding the rest of my cock into her mouth and throat. My hands went to her head, and I held her to me - my cock was in her throat for seconds before I let her come back up for air. She took a big gulp of air before she took me fully into her throat again. The ritual was repeated over and over for a few minutes before she stood up (still grasping my cock) and kissed me once again.

"I want to feel this big fat lovely cock deep inside my pussy now. You will be hitting virgin territory when you fuck me. James has only touched the first 4 to 5 inches of my pussy."

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